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15 Best Tourist Places In Hosanagara

Hosanagara is a panchayat town. It is located in the Shimoga district of the Indian state of Karnataka. It can be found among the western ghats of India. The town of Hosanagar is divided into 30 Gram Panchayats. The majority of the Hosanagar Subdivision is covered in forests. This area encounters significant rainfall from June to October, which is the monsoon season.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Hosanagara are listed below-

1. Nagara Fort

Shimoga's Nagara Fort was built on a small hill and offers a stunning view of a lake. The fort has a developed, working water system. While visiting the fort, you can find a tank called the Akka Thangi Kola and a Darbar Hall. If one wants to see the best sights in Shimoga while on vacation, one must visit Nagara Fort.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

Visitors can see the ruins of the palace, guard quarters, wells, storage areas, watch towers, and cannons at Nagara Fort. The Nagara fort's main entrance and exterior walls are still completely intact, allowing visitors to truly understand and appreciate the rich heritage.

2. Humcha

Humcha or Hombuja is a small village located near Ripponpet in the Shimoga district in the Indian state of Karnataka's Hosanagara area. In the village of Humcha, there is a collection of temples known as the Humcha Jain temples or Humchabasis. They were constructed in the seventh century CE, during the reign of the Santara dynasty, and are recognized as one of the most significant Jain temples in Karnataka. The Most well-known among these temples is the Padmavati Basadi.

The Humcha Jain Temples get a large number of visitors and worshippers throughout the year, especially on Jain holidays like Mahavir Jayanti and Paryushan. These celebrations include elaborate rituals, processions, and religious teachings that heighten the spirituality of the environment.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

Along with its religious significance, Humcha is well known for its stunning surroundings and natural beauty. The town is surrounded by rich nature, making it the perfect place for observation and meditation.

Visitors can enjoy the blend of religious beliefs, history, and natural beauty of the Humcha Jain Temples. The temples serve as a visible reminder of Jain history and offer devotees a chance to get to know their religion better and find inner calm.

3. Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls is one of India's highest waterfalls. Visitors may have to cross the dense jungle before viewing the waterfall, which falls down the rocks and is around 455 meters high. The visitors will be captivated as soon as they see the waterfall hidden among the lush vegetation.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

A hydroelectric plant has been constructed here, which uses the force of the flowing rivers to generate energy. This flowing beauty is unquestionably one of Shimoga's top tourist attractions.

4. Agumbe Village

Agumbe, a small, captivating village in Shimoga, is surrounded by beautiful hills and a dense jungle. Agumbe village is well known for its most beautiful sunset, Barkana waterfalls, and Gopalakrishna Temple.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

It is considered one of the most incredible spots to visit in Shimoga for peace seekers and environment enthusiasts. The region is referred to as the "Cherrapunji of the South" because it receives the heaviest rainfall in southern India. This village is undoubtedly one of the loveliest places in Shimoga.

5. Onake Abbi Falls

Agumbe in the Shimoga area is well-known for its tourist destinations, including Onake Abbi Falls, and is a trekking and environmental lover's paradise. To reach this stunning spot, guests must walk around 4-5 kilometers, but the path is pleasant, making the distance manageable.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

While walking the path, hikers will have the chance to observe Shimoga's diverse flora and fauna. When they get there, they will be amazed to see water falling from a height of 500 feet, which will leave the visitors speechless.

6. Kavaledurga Fort

A beautiful fort called Kavaledurga is located on a hill at a height of 1541 meters. One of the many forts in Karnataka that must be seen is Kavaledurga, which is located in the Shimoga district.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

This fort is the subject of intriguing myths and mythology and is home to multiple temples devoted to various deities.

7. Barkana Falls

Barkana Falls is one of Shimoga's most famous tourist attractions. The word "barka," which means "mouse deer," refers to a shy animal found alone in this region. The name of these falls is derived from this animal.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

To reach the falls, visitors must go for a quick walk through a dense forest. It is attractively designed and located in one of Shimoga's most charming neighborhoods. After the monsoon season, when the region is buzzing with life, it is the ideal time to explore this site.

8. Kundadri

The next attraction on the list of Shimoga must-see attractions is Kundadri. This 3200-foot-high viewpoint offers a magnificent view of the valley and woods. Kundadri is a popular destination for hikers, adventurers, and environment lovers and is great for picnics and day trips.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

Since a centuries-old Jain temple is located there, Kundadri is considered sacred by Jainism followers. It is known for its beautiful valley views.

9. Sri SigandurChowdeshwari Temple

Sri SigandurChowdeshwari temple is located in one of the holiest temple towns in Hinduism. This Sri Chowdeshwari Devi is the town's biggest attraction. Chowdeshwari is a strong and powerful goddess.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

It is considered that honestly praying will always result in a favorable response. Frequently, problems are settled without the necessity to enter the courts of law.

10. Kodachadri

The most significant location to view the majestic beauty of the lovely rolling hills and valleys and the variety of flora and fauna is Kodachadri, one of the most undisturbed places to visit in Shimoga. This serene area offers breathtaking views of the surroundings, is ideal for hiking and trekking, and is relatively peaceful.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

The Malabar Langur, Indian Rock Python, and Pied Hornbill are just a few rare and exotic animals and bird species that may be discovered at the Kodachadri walk, which is located behind the Mookambika Devi temple.

11. Jog Falls

The tallest and second-highest un-tiered waterfall in the country is Jog Falls. It is a fantastic sight. Also known as Jogada Gundi or Gerusoppa Falls, it is a waterfall located close to the Uttar Kannada/Shimoga boundary. It falls from a height of 253 meters and is enclosed by dense trees and cliffs.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

It is divided into four halves by the Sharavathi River, which created Jog Falls: Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Roarer. This massive waterfall is one of the most beautiful sights to see in Shimoga, and it is complemented by bubbly water and a roaring sound. In addition, visitors can spend time exploring many nearby tourist attractions while visiting Jog Falls.

12. Sri Mookambika Temple

In the valley of the Kodachadri Peak is the Sri Mookimba Temple, dedicated to the goddess Mookimba. People come here from all around South India.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

The Mookambika Temple, one of the seven holiest locations on earth, honors the goddess of emotional endurance and power. The temple has gold-plated peaks and copper roofs.

13. Linganamakki Dam

Linganamakki Dam is an essential dam for the Shimoga community. It aids them in meeting their water requirements. This region possesses stunning views of densely forested slopes and forested islands.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

The islands are home to a broad diversity of species, and traveling on a boat between the islands can be a lot of fun.

14. Dabbe Falls

To leave out Dabbe Falls from a discussion of Shimoga's most popular tourist destinations would be unfair. Hosagadde Village's Dabbe Falls, a raging stream that plunges from a height of 110 meters, is a popular destination.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

Many people visit the location throughout the year, notably during the monsoon season, to enjoy the lush green surroundings, the sound of the rain, and a peaceful climb up to the top of the stream. Dabbe Falls is one of Shimoga's best waterfalls because of its gorgeous surroundings and captivating views.

15. Keladi

Keladi, a well-known tourist site in Shimoga, is an absolute heaven for people who value peacefulness and spirituality. This area is ideal for a relaxing getaway because of the magnificent Rameshwara Temple.

Tourist Places In Hosanagara

The Hoysala and Dravida architectural styles were used to build the temple dedicated to Lord Rameswara, Lord Veerabhadra, and Lord Ganesh. Some of Karnataka's most well-known temples are located in this region. So, you know where to go if you need some peaceful time for meditation and soul-searching.


Overall, the majority of these locations are in the Shimoga district rather than the Hosanagara taluk. Visitors must travel in order to visit these places. Each place exhibits breathtaking beauty, abundant vegetation, and a vast variety of flora and fauna. These places are a must-see and shouldn't be missed by anyone who appreciates nature, peaceful surroundings, and hiking.

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