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Tourist Places in Raigad

You will love visiting the famous tourist spots of Raigad. You'll like exploring the nearby locations. You will go to some of Raigad's most desirable tourist destinations. There are many additional things to do around the city to enhance your experience. If you're visiting, you should visit the city's main attractions and some local spots.

Tourist Places in Raigad

Raigad is located in the Maharashtra Konkan area. The district's name is derived from the historic fort of Rairi, which served as the capital of the Maratha Empire. A list of Raigad's most popular tourist attractions is provided in the following article.

1. Takmak Tok

Tourist Places in Raigad

At a height of 1200 feet, Takmak Trek offers one of the best views you can see from the tourist places in Raigad. It is also known as the spot where criminals were put to death in the past.

The beautiful climate, with strong winds and low temperatures, attracts everyone. The spectacular view from the top of the mountain allows photographers to perfect their skills. However, as it may be dangerous for visitors, you should go up this slope cautiously. Winter is the ideal season to travel to Takmak Tok.

2. Jagadishwar Temple

Tourist Places in Raigad

Jagadishwar Temple is one of the most important shrines in Raigad. This temple was constructed during the reign of Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji. The temple's beautiful architecture and Lord Shiva's reverse devotion as 'Shri Jagadeshwar' symbolize harmony among Hindus and Muslims.

Despite the temple's poor condition, it attracts many Hindu pilgrims around Raigad. The temple is one of the city's most well-liked worship sites because of its distinctive Shivalinga. November to February are the ideal times to visit the Jagadishwar Temple.

3. Prabalgad Fort

Tourist Places in Raigad

In Maharashtra's Raigad district, you can find Prabalgad Fort. It is one of the grandest forts in the state of Maharashtra. It is situated along the ghats of western ghats in the mountain range of Sahyadri. The fort is situated on a plateau at 700m above sea level. The view from the fort is clear from Kalyan Fort and the forts of Irshalgad.

The fort was built as a guard tower for this purpose. It is also very valuable historically. During the rule of Shivaji, the fort was restored, and now it is a fascinating and unusual escape from city life.

Grassy thickets blanket the landscape of Prabalgad like a green blanket. The area is much more beautiful during monsoons as waterfalls spring up inside the thick undergrowth, and fog covers the mountains.

Trekking is best avoided while it is raining, though. You have a fantastic view of Konkan and the mountains from the summit. The path to the fort is winding through thick trees, and the terrain is hilly and rocky, with steps carved out of the rock in some places. The top of the fort is covered in a misty crown you can see as you go up.

4. Gangasagar Lake

Tourist Places in Raigad

One of Raigad's most popular tourist spots is Gangasagar Lake, an artificial lake near Raigad Fort. Gangasagar Lake is well-known for its beautiful surroundings, covered with snow-capped peaks. The lake was constructed to meet the royal family's water needs and supply water to the nearby villages.

The pond was believed to be made by transporting water from the river Ganges. The fort's queen apartments, where you can get a great view of the area, are located near the lake. Nowadays, the lake is a popular picnic spot in Raigad and is filled with visitors from all over the country. Traveling in all seasons is great fun.

5. Raj Bhawan

Tourist Places in Raigad

Raj Bhawan is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Raigad, where Shivaji used to rule his empire. Nowadays, it's seen as a grand palace where you can glimpse the past. It's full of beautiful rooms and corridors that sparkle with architectural beauty.

The royal family used a well-kept drainage system and two big tanks. You have to climb 1,450 steps to get here and experience this historical beauty. Some of the most famous features of the building are the Rameshwar Mandir, Wagh Darwaja, and TakmakTok.

  • The entrance fee is 25 INR
  • It's open from 8 am to 5:30 pm.

6. Sagargad Fort

Tourist Places in Raigad

Thick forests surround Alibaug's hill fort, which has amazing sea views. It was ruled for centuries by rulers like Shivaji and Bhivaji Gujar, but the British eventually took over. It's said that prisoners were thrown into the ocean at its monkey point, and there's a waterfall, temple, and water tank on the way to the fort. It's 33.2 km away from Alibaug. The best time to visit is during the monsoons (July-August) and winters (October-March).

7. Vikatgad Peb Fort

Tourist Places in Raigad

At a height of around 2,100 feet above sea level, Vikatgad Peb Fort may be found on the Matheran Hill Range. It is a well-liked location for hikers looking for a challenging path. Malang Gad, Tauli Hill, and Chanderi Fort are only a few forts in the Matheran Hill Range that continue to add forts.

Trekkers from both cities are drawn to the area on weekends since it is accessible to Pune and Mumbai, which have significant populations and well-developed train systems.

8. Raigad Museum

Tourist Places in Raigad

If you are fond of history, you must visit this place, one of the city's most sought-after tourist spots. Raigad Museum has put together a gallery of artifacts from the time of Shivaji, including his turbans, earrings, shoes, sword, and more. You'll also find rare pictures and handwritten documents which will take you back in time. The descendants of Shri Babasaheb Purandare and Ninadji Bedekar preserve these original items in the museum, which is why many tourists visit it.

9. Morbe Dam

Tourist Places in Raigad

Malshej's Morbe Dam is one of the best adventure spots in the area. Built on the Dhai River near Khalapur, this dam is a popular weekend spot and has been used as a backdrop for several Bollywood movies. The months of November through February are ideal for travel.

10. Queen's Palace

Tourist Places in Raigad

You'll love visiting the Queen's Palace if you're a history buff. It's also known as Rani Vasa, one of Raigad's most popular tourist spots. It's a six-room palace once home to Shivaji's queens, and the wood-built interior is still in great condition. It has modern amenities in each room and some amazing minarets.

  • The best time to go is from October through March
  • The entrance fee is only $25. The time is 8 am to 5 pm.

11. Mahad

Tourist Places in Raigad

Mahad is one of the top historical places in Raigad. It is located on the route between Mumbai and Goa. It has the well-known Raigad Fort. It is also known for being the focal point of the sociopolitical movement of Dalits Satyagraha, which Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar initiated.

Raigad is known as the land of freedom warriors, and many revolutionary battles have been fought here. It is also the capital of the Maratha kingdom. It was the capital of Shivaji Maharaj at the Raigad Fort and served as the seat of the Maratha empire.

Cultural visitors are drawn to the area as it hosts events like the Shimga Festival, Shimgotsav, and many more. Other places nearby are Pandav Leni caves, the Gandharpale caves, and the Raigad ropeway. The best time to travel in Raigad is all year round.

12. Diveagar Beach

Tourist Places in Raigad

Diveagar Beach is one of Raigad's best picnic spots for nature lovers. This beach is a nature lover's dream, with its pristine white beaches and crystal-clear seas. Diveagar Beach is surrounded by coconut trees and betel nuts, making it a beautiful sight. The beach stretches for about 6 kilometers and gives a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Diveagar Beach is a popular spot for tourists to spot many seagull migrations. You can also worship a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh. Diveagar Beach is one of Raigad's most famous retreat spots you can visit with friends and family. October to March are the ideal months to visit this beach.

13. Shivthar Ghal

Tourist Places in Raigad

One of Raigad's most popular tourist spots, Shivthar Ghal, is a beautiful landscape. It is where a famous Marathi poet, Samarth Ramadas, stayed for 22 years. He also wrote a poem called Dasbodh in this area and dictated it to Kalyan Swami. It is reported that Samarth Ramadas and the Maharajah Chhatrapati first met here. In Raigad, the monsoon season is the ideal time to travel.

14. Kondana Caves

Tourist Places in Raigad

Kondana Caves are close to Kondana Village in Maharashtra and are surrounded by dense, lush trees. The caves are renowned for their beautiful sculptures, many of which are believed to be Buddhist and originate from the first century BC. If you enjoy history, these caves will grab your interest with their superb exhibition of stone-cut architecture.

The caves manage to enthrall you with their current formations despite being severely damaged by an earthquake in 1900. If you want to witness their majestic attractiveness and combine a trip to the adjacent waterfalls with this, you should go during the monsoon season. For visits, September through February are the best months.

15. Matheran

Tourist Places in Raigad

Station on the Hill at Matheran in Raigad District is an amazing undulating hilltop surrounded by trees at an altitude of 800 m. You can take a two-hour ride on a toy train to get there or take a long road trip or an 11-kilometer hike through heavily wooded and shade-filled terrain.

As you make your way up the mountain, you'll get a stunning view of Panorama, King George, Echo, Lord, One Tree Hill, Paymasters Park, Porcupine, which is known as Sunset Point, Rambagh, Alexander, Luiosa, and more. You can ride horseback and explore the area for interesting leather and cane products.

16. Ballaleshwar Temple, Pali

Tourist Places in Raigad

The Ganesha Temple at Ballaleshwar is dedicated to Ganesha's deity. It is among the eight Ashtavinayak Temples. The temple is located in Pali village in Raigad district, about 60 km from Karjat. It is located near the fort of Sarasgad and the Amba River.

The temple has a bell, which was brought to the temple by Chimaji Appa after defeating the Portuguese at Vasai, Sasti. The earlier wooden temple was converted into a stone temple in 1760.

17. Varadvinayak Temple

Tourist Places in Raigad

Varadvinayak Temple is one of the many temples in Mahad that worship the Hindu God Ganesha. It was built around 1725 AD by the Peshwa General Ramji Mahadev Biwalkar. The temple has four elephant sculptures at each of its four corners. People come to this temple to worship Ganesha all year round, and you can see huge crowds of people visiting it during holidays, like Magha Chaturthi. It's located in the Khalapur Taluka of Raigad district in Maharashtra, India, near Khopoli.

18. Harihareshwar Temple

Tourist Places in Raigad

Harihareshwar in Maharashtra is a town in Raigad in Maharashtra. It's said to have been blessed by Lord Shiva. It's also known where the Peshwas 'Kuladaivat,' their family deity, was built in the 17th century. You can find other temples nearby, like the Kalbhairava Temple, the Mahalaxmi Temple, and many more. It's one of the top coastal vacation spots in Maharashtra, along with Shivarvan and Diveagar.

19. Kanakeshwar Temple

Tourist Places in Raigad

Kanakeshwar Temple is located 10 km from the town of Alibag. The temple has a historical Shiva temple and a beautiful ambiance. The temple is found on a tiny hill. The next town of 'Mapgaon' is 12 km from Alibag, and we must climb nearly 700 stairs to reach the temple. The temple is on the hill, over 370 m above sea level. Other nearby attractions are Nagobacha Tappa, Devachi Payari, Pushkarni, Gaymukh, and Vyaghreshwar.

20. Suvarn Ganesh Temple

Tourist Places in Raigad

The location of Alibag is about 75 km from Suvarn Ganesh temple, Diveagar. It is interesting to know about the history behind Suvarn Ganesh.

A copper box with a golden Ganesh idol and many Lord Ganesha accessories was discovered beneath the mud. Suvarn Ganesh is a gold statue that weighs over one kilogram. According to legend, the idols were created between 300 and 400 years ago.

21. Murud-Janjira Fort

Tourist Places in Raigad

Janjira is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea. One of India's most spectacular sea forts is this one. Sailboats depart towards the fort from the jetty of Rajapuri. You can see the coastal city of Rajapuri from the fort's main gate. A small postern gate can be used to escape and get to the sea. Many domestic and European-style cannons are on top of the fort's bastions.

The fort's three enormous cannons, known as the Landa Kasam, Chavri, and Kalalbangdi, are among its distinguishing features. You can also see the sea from the other entrance, 'Darya Darwaza,' on the fort's western side


22. Kolaba Fort

Tourist Places in Raigad

In the Maratha Empire, Kolaba Fort is among the most significant naval forts. The fort has two main gateways, one to Alibag and one to the sea. The fort is a unique example of a coastal forest with freshwater wells on the grounds.

23. Sudhagad Fort

Tourist Places in Raigad

India's Maharashtra state is home to the hill fort known as Sudhagad. It is situated in Maharashtra's Raigad District. It is about 50 km west of Pune, 25 km south of Lonavla, 10 km east from Pali. It is also known as another name for the fort. Shivaji Maharaja changed the name of Bhorapgad to Sudhagad fort. The caves of Thaanale and Khadsambale are near the fort.

There are three parts to the plateau of the Sudhagad fort. The first part consists of the old palace, a large tank and pond, Takmak Tok, and the area around the Bhorai Devi shrine. There are 4 large abandoned warehouses in the first part. East is where you'll find the third part. This part has a large bastion and forest where you can see the remains.

24. Alibag Beach

Tourist Places in Raigad

The main beach is a long hike on mostly level sand. It is relatively clean and attracts a small crowd during the working days. The sand is uneven and has a deep, black color. It is challenging to build sand castles.

25. Kashid Beach

Tourist Places in Raigad

It is one of the area's most gorgeous and pristine beaches, with nearly "white" sand, and is located 50 kilometers from Alibag along the Alibag-Murud highway. Price ranges for the various cottages and resorts range from INR 1500 to INR 20,000. Kashid is the perfect place for urban residents to unwind. A few small snack shops and water sports facilities are there.

26. Mandawa Beach

Tourist Places in Raigad

This beach is located on the north coast and is easy to reach from Mumbai. They are situated 10-15 miles north of the Alibag beach. One of the most gorgeous, uncrowded beaches in the region is Manadwa Beach. It has a long, panoramic view over the harbor that reaches up to the gateway of India in clear weather. The coconut plantation in Manadwa village adds to the beach's charm.

27. Kihim Beach

Tourist Places in Raigad

Kihim has many great things to do, like exploring the woods full of wildflowers and checking out the rare bugs and birds. If you're looking for a great place, visit Kolaba Fort, right along the coast. Another great spot to visit is Chaul. It's about 15 kilometers away in Alibag, and it's got all kinds of cool stuff, like Portuguese ruins and Buddhist caves, as well as a church, temple, and synagogue.

28. Akshi Beach

Tourist Places in Raigad

Akshi Beach is about 5 kilometers away from Alibag, full of white sand and pine trees. It's a popular spot because it's home to a variety of birds, as well as other plants and animals.

29. Nagaon Beach

Tourist Places in Raigad

On the highway between Alibag and Revdanda in Raigad, Maharashtra lies a stunning beach called Nagaon Beach. It's close to Alibag and about 7 km away from Revdanda. It's a popular spot for tourists, and the pine trees make it feel like you're surrounded by nature.

Swimming, kayaking, and boat tours are just a few of the beach's various activities. There are many places to stay, like cottages and holiday homes, so it's the perfect spot for a picnic or a weekend getaway. The Arabian Sea's tides and abundant coconuts and betel nuts make it a great tourist spot.

Ideal Season to Visit Raigad

The period from November to March is the most suitable for visiting the Raigad Fort.

How to Reach

  • By Road
    Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MRTC) buses provide transportation to all the important towns and tourist places in the Raigad district. The Sion Panvel expressway connects Mumbai and Raigad district. Along NH4 and the Maharashtra-Pune highway, Panvel, khalapur, and Khopoli are connected. Beginning from Panvel, NH 17 leads to Poladpur.
  • By Air
    Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, and Pune Lohegaon Airport are the closest airports.
  • By Train
    The closest railroad stations for people taking the train are on the main Indian railway lines, including Mumbai C. S. T. Terminus and L. S. T. Terminus at Kurla, Pune railway station, and Panvel railway station (in Raigad).
    Additionally, the nearest regional railway stations are Pen railway station, Roha railway station, Roha railway station, Veer railway station and other stations in Raigad. For those traveling by Konkan Train, the closest regional railway station is Pen railway station.
  • By Sea
    The region's primary seaport is the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) at Uran. You can also dock your catamaran and motorized boat at some of the smaller jetties in the area, like Mandava and Revas, as well as Murud and Uran. You can take a ferry or catamaran boat from the gateway of India to the Alibag port.

Alternatively, you can take a small boat ferry from Bhauchet Dhakka to Revas port, and then you can get a Maharashtra S. T. bus to take you there to Revas.

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