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17 Best Tourist places in Karur

India's Tamil Nadu state includes the area of the city of Karur, which is situated along the Amravati River. This area is well-liked because of its richness and extensive, wealthy background. Karur is covered with lush, evergreen plants overflowing.

Tourist places in Karur

Some illustrious poets whose contributions to Tamil history have had a significant impact reside in Karur. Karur is renowned for having many ancient temples, and one of the seven sacred Shivalayams is located in the area.

About Karur

In Tamil history and culture, Karur has carved out a significant spot for it. Its history spans over 2000 years, and from the very start of the Sangam era, it was a flourishing commercial centre.

Karur was hailed as the birthplace of the early Chera monarchs of the Sangam era in the inscriptions, coins, and scripts of that period. The Sangam era gave Karur the name Karuvoor or Vanji.

Following the collapse of Cheras, the Pandyas, the Pallavas, and the Cholas all captured and ruled over Karur. Karur was under Chola rule for a very long time. After a short period, the Naickers Tipu Sultan gained possession of Karur.

Following the Anglo-Mysore wars, the British took control of Karur. Karur was first placed as a region in the Tiruchirapalli District under the British rule of India, but it was later declared a division of the Coimbatore District. This article refers to some interesting and best places in Karur.

1. Ponnaniyar Dam

Tourist places in Karur

In Karur district's Kadavoor hill region, Ponnaniar Dam is a picnic spot close to Pooncholai village. It is a dam built at the base of the Semmalai. The surrounding beautiful area enjoys irrigation because of this dam. The public works department maintains the dam site.

2. Arulmigu Sadasiva Brahmendral Adhistanam, Nerur

Tourist places in Karur

The Arulmigu Kashi Vishwanatha temple and the Arulmigu Sadasiva Brahmendra Adhishtanam are located in the Karur district's Nerur Village. On the bank of the Cauvery River, this Jeeva Samadhi is situated inside a location. A distinctive feature is the Cauvery River, which begins here and travels south. It is a beautiful location that invites visitors from all around the nation.

3. Arulmigu Kalyana Pasupatheswarar Temple

Tourist places in Karur

The Pasupatheeswarar Temple is a notable structure in Karur. Numerous sculptures, such as a milk-oozing cow, a Rangamatha, and Pasupatheeswarar Lingam, add to the temple's attractiveness.

4. Arulmigu Mariamman Temple

Tourist places in Karur

The heart of Karur is home to a renowned Sri Mariamman temple. The Kumbum Festival, celebrated in May each year and is open to all groups of people, regardless of caste or religion, is attended by everyone. One of the spectacular occasions is when each devotee takes to this famous temple holy water from the river Amaravathi for worship.

5. Erode

Tourist places in Karur

Erode is a historical city on the Cauvery River's banks, ruled by several monarchs over the years. Erode is situated in the centre of South India.

There are many exciting places to visit in Erode, including the Kodumudi Brahma Vishnu Shiva Temple, the Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple (Mukkoodal), the Sivanmalai, the Vattamalai, the Natadreeswarar Temple, the Thindalmalai, the Chennimalai, etc.

6. Arulmigu Kalyana Venkataramana Swamy Temple, Thanthonimalai

Tourist places in Karur

Five kilometres from Karur, on a top of a hill, sits a temple dedicated to Lord Kalyana Venkataramana Swamy. Then Thirupathi is another name for this temple (South Thirupathi).

7. Dindigul

Tourist places in Karur

The Early Pandyan Kingdom is when the long history of the ancient city of Dindigul began. Due to its extensive historical background, Dindigul is home to various significant historical sites, such as the well-known Rock Fort.

Dindigul's must-see sights are the Dindigul Rock Fort, A Sirumalai, Periya Avudaiyar Temple, Thiru Avinankudi, Periyanayaki Amman Temple,rulmigu Soundarraja Perumal Temple, Kannadi Perumal Temple, Pada Vinayakar Temple, and others.

8. Vennamalai

Tourist places in Karur

On the Karur-Salem highway, this area is well-known for its Lord Murugan temple, which is 5 kilometres from Karur. Arunagirinathar and Avaiyar, two Hindu enthusiasts, chanted mantras praising this Lord.

9. Namakkal

Tourist places in Karur

Namakkal is a well-known temple town. Numerous religious sites can find across the pilgrimage site, and they often draw tourists from the local community and other countries and regions.

The majority of the city's attractions include the Namakkal Botanical Garden, Kollimalai Ettukai Amman Temple, Kollimalai Boat House, Namakkal Fort, Kollimalai Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Sri Ranganathar Temple, and Namakkal Sri Anjaneyar Temple.

10. Government Museum

Tourist places in Karur

It is situated in Jawahar Bajar, Karur, on Old Dindigul Road. In the year 2000, the museum began welcoming visitors. Among the items are sculptures made of bronze, coins, metalworking tools, musical instruments, rocks and fossils, minerals, molluscan shells, botanical specimens, and some other marine specimens. Guide services, well-attended seminars, and other activities are part of the museum's educational programs.

11. Puhazhimalai

Tourist places in Karur

On a small hill next to Pugalur, there is a temple with sculptures dedicated to Lord Subramania. It is situated on the Cauvery River's banks in the western suburbs of Karur.

12. Temple of Arulmigu Kadambaneswarar

Tourist places in Karur

This temple, which honours Lord Kadambaneswarar, is situated in Kulithalai town. The extraordinary event known as Thaipoosam is celebrated here each year in the Tamil month of Thai (January).

13. Ayyermalai

Tourist places in Karur

Ayyermalai is 8 km from Kulithalai in the Karur District. Arulmigu Rathinagreeswarar is worshipped at a shrine. Here, several festivals, including the 15-day Bramotchavam Festival, the Panguni Uthiram Festival, the Thaipoosam Festival, the Teppam Festival, and others are annually celebrated in magnificent style.

14. Thirumukkoodalur

Tourist places in Karur

The HR&CE division is in charge of the Arulmigu Agatheeswarar temple, which is situated nearby. It is where the Amaravathi, Cauvery, and Manimuthharu rivers confluence.

As a result, Thirumukoodal became the name of the place. Rajendra Chola-I of the Chola Dynasty constructed this temple, and Lord Shiva is believed to have been worshipped in this temple by Agathiya Munivar.

15. Mayanur Barrage

Tourist places in Karur

Here is where the picnic spot for Karur. The Mayanur Barrage is one of Karur District's most popular tourist attractions located 21 kilometres from Kulithalai and 23 kilometres from Karur District, on the shores of the Cauvery River.

16. Thirukkampuliyur Sellandiamman Temple

Tourist places in Karur

One of the village's main draws and an important pilgrimage site for Hindus from nearby communities is Sellandiyamman Temple. Sellandiamman is the name of the deity worshipped in this temple. It is 21 km from Kulithalai, situated on the banks of the Cauvery River, and 23 kilometres from the Karur District.

17. Tiruchirappalli

Tourist places in Karur

Tiruchirappalli, also known as Trichy, is the physical centre of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. There are tourist attractions for all types of travellers at the well-known tourist destination of Trichy. The area is filled with fascinating tourist sites along its length and width.

The Ideal Season to Visit Karur

Karur is best visited from October to March. The summer months may get relatively warm and can be even higher. Significant rainfall falls during the monsoon season, and the winter months are chilly.

How to reach

1. By Road

Private and public transportation providers offer many buses connecting Karur with the major towns in and around Tamil Nadu.

2. By rail

Trains across Tamil Nadu arrive at the railhead in the centre of Karur. Additionally, it links Karur to the country's northern and southern regions.

3. y Air

Trichy, the closest airport, is only 82 kilometres from the city. Karur is about 126 kilometres from Coimbatore Airport.

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