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4 Best Tourist Places In Islampur


Uran Islampur, sometimes called Islampur, is a city in Maharashtra's Sangli district. Walwa, which is located 10 km away from Uran Islampur, is the Taluka location for Uran Islamur. But Uran Islampur is where the formalities and other related work, such as Panchayat, Tehsil, and judicial work, are carried out. The area is also a well-known tourist destination. The area around Uran Islampur is home to several stunning locations. On National Highway 4, often known as the Pune-Bangalore Highway, the city is situated 3 kilometers to the east. Sangli, Kohlapur, and Karad, the three largest adjacent cities, are relatively accessible from Uran Islampur.

The ancient inhabitants of Uran relied on two ponds: a rock pond inside the Fort and another a massive well on the town's limits to the north of Uran. The town has gained access to tap water, though.

Geography of Uran Islampur

Uran Islampus is located on a piece of ground that protrudes somewhat higher than the surrounding black soil plain that comprises the Krsna Valley. Uran Islampur is located at a latitude and longitude of 17.0500 N and 74.2670 E, respectively. Since Uran Islampur is a remarkably central location, all significant offices were moved from Perth to this area. Uran's historic center is located to the east.

The coordinates of Islampur are 24.15483N 88.46651E. The settlement is located along the Bhairab River. From Berhampur, you can enter the town by crossing the Bhairab Bridge. It is located on the State Highways of Berhampur-Domkal-Jalangi and Berhampur-Islampur-Seikhpara-Sagarpara, 25 km from the district center of Berhampur.

The months of December through April are ideal for visiting the town. Visiting Uran Islampur during the summer (May to September) is not advised because the town experiences significant rainfall.

Demographics of Uran Islampur

According to the 2011 India Census Report, Uran Islampur has 58830 residents in total. The town has a 52% male population compared to a 48% female population. The median literacy rate in Uran Islampur is 75%, significantly higher than the 59.5% national average. According to the census study, 12% of people are under the age of 6.

Places to See in Uran Islampur

A significant business hub in the Sangli district is Uran Islampur. The area, which is on NH 4, is well-known for its picturesque surroundings. Near the Fort, there are a lot of significant historical locations. Every year, thousands of tourists travel here in search of the heart-pounding exhilaration that comes from having access to everything?from religion to nature to culture?in one location.

1. Chandoli National Park

Tourist Places In Islampur

Chandoli National Park, which is situated in Maharashtra, is a well-known tourist destination. It has a 317 sq. km. total area and was formerly a wildlife sanctuary in 1985. Later, it was given the designation of National Park in 2007. It is a section of the southern Sahyadri Tiger Reserve and the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to 20 species of mammals, 122 species of birds, and about 20 types of amphibians and reptiles.

The monsoon season (October to February), when the park's plants and trees fully bloom, is the most fantastic time to visit. You are welcome to stay in the Forest Department's lodging. For visitors, there are rooms and dorms. Food costs will vary depending on your order. Additionally, the irrigation division runs a place of rest where guests can stay and eat.

2. Dreamland Amusement Park

Tourist Places In Islampur

On a steamy summer day, it's one of the most incredible places to find refuge. They offer a pool where you can unwind and swim with your friends. They also provide additional activities, making it an excellent place for small children and those looking for a relaxing environment. If corporate clients want to do a brief interactive outing and discussion session, they additionally have a small conference space.

It is open to all citizens. Children can enjoy activities like climbing structures, slides, bounce houses, and various little pools (with ready-made pumps). Adults can make use of big rides and slides. Snowaorld is accessible for 10 minutes (40 people can enter simultaneously). Also accessible to young couples is DJ World. It likely begins at 7 p.m. and lasts till midnight. There is a restaurant and a snack bar accessible.

Entry Tickets are available for Rs.350 on weekdays and Rs.400 on weekends.

The entry price includes all costs for attractions and activities. They stated that they are accessible until customers' businesses are established. 100 or so spaces are available for parking.

Two gates because of the terrain. Parking and a play area are also included.

Tourist Places In Islampur

3. Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places In Islampur

It is a created wildlife refuge that draws a sizable number of visitors. The sanctuary, which is 10.87 square kilometers and is primarily covered in woodland on grassy slopes, is one of Sangli's top tourist attractions.

Wild goats, hares, antelope, wolves, peafowl, blackbuck, chital, sambar, and howling animals such as deer, porcupine, and other animals inhabit the area, along with a wide range of other plants and animals. Insects, reptiles, and birds abound in abundance here as well.

Numerous sites are significant in archaeology, religion, and culture, including Shiva and Sagareshwar Temple. The site's expansive sight of the Krishna River & its neighboring sugarcane and vineyards is its most attractive feature.

4. Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places In Islampur

Mahananda wildlife sanctuary is a reserved forest area that initially started as a game sanctuary where children took rides. If you drive straight down the main forest road, you will reach the banks of Mahananda river on which the sanctuary has been so named.

Regular day safaris are offered in the sanctuary, both in the morning and evening. However, no vehicles are provided, one has to come with their own vehicle buy entry ticket and pay for camera and guide and get going. Small maybe difficult to roam around the jungle as the unpaved mountains. Petrol cars are preferred as they make less noise it takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to complete the circuit.

Elephants rides were earlier offered however they are not offered anymore. The reason is that two elephants might get into conflicts with each other while doing rides and chase each other. In couple of occasions, elephants with tourists on their back panicked and started to run creating huge risks for the tourists

The uncommon mountain goat, Cheetal, barking dear, fishing cat, sambar, tiger, elephant, Indian bison, and migratory birds may all be found in this massive area of forestlands, which is located between the Mahananda and Teesta Rivers. It has easy to moderate hiking difficulties at Deorali, Latpancher, and Golaghat Mana.

Tourist Places In Islampur

The Economy of Uran Islampur

Uran Islampur has recently become recognized as a significant commercial hub. The town is expanding quickly, and good highways are now connecting it to Karad, Sangli, and Kohlapur. Uran Islampur has a sizable number of cloth and grain traders. A few merchants also engage in the wholesale trade of grains and tobacco. To regions like Ratnagiri, Ciplum, etc., tobacco, gold, and raw sugar are shipped enormous amounts. In exchange, metals, nuts, spices, foodstuffs, dates, salt, and betel are imported for sale in the adjacent villages and local marketplaces. Because the soil in Uran Islampur is so fertile, groundnut grows there in profusion.

Because of government assistance, the textile sector in the town has been revived. There's a marketplace in the city every Sunday & Thursday, where the significant commodities for sale are cattle & grain. The town will shortly also have an industrial park built, making it the fourth real estate in the Sangli district. The others started at Tasganv, Miraj, and Sangli.

Uran Islampur is home to a sizable portion of the Maharashtra Industrial Development Centre (MIDC). The Deendayal Cooperative Spinning Mill & the Rajarambabu Group of Textile Industries are two of the town's most significant businesses. Rajaram Sugar Factory, Rajarambapu Solvex, Hutatma Sugar, Rajarambapu Doodh Sangh, Rajarambapu Institute of James and Jewellery, Sarvodaya Sugar, and others are examples of small-scale businesses.


Numerous sites in Islampur are significant in archaeology, religion, and culture, including Shiva and Sagareshwar Temple. The site's expansive sight of the Krishna River and the surrounding sugarcane & vineyards is its most attractive feature.

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