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Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur


Are you in search of an ideal destination to relax and refresh yourself surrounded by the peacefulness of the natural world? If so, you can only search for the charming Jamunamarathur in Tamil Nadu. This stunning hill range is situated within the grand Eastern Ghats and provides a remarkable opportunity to escape the noise and commotion of urban life. The Jamunamarathur presents a wonderful chance to unwind with its abundant green landscapes, flowing waterfalls, and tranquil scenery. Tops 10s Only presents a compilation of the finest ten locations to explore within the area and nearby area of Jamunamarathur in Tamil Nadu, each offering visitors a distinctive and memorable encounter. Whether trekking or observing wildlife, the Jamunamarathur caters to diverse interests. Prepare yourself to immerse in the lap of nature and encounter the serene ambiance of the Jamunamarathur.

1. Bheemanmadavu Falls

Bheemanmadavu Falls stands as one of the finest attractions near Jamunamarathur. This seasonal waterfall, also occasionally referred to as "Bheema Falls," can be found at the heart of a protected forest area, approximately 5 km from the settlement of Jamunamarathur. Positioned within the confines of the reserve forest, this waterfall is situated amidst a reforested region abundant with fruit-bearing and sandalwood trees. According to local belief, Bhima, the mightiest among the Pancha Pandavas, is said to have offered reverence to the Sun God at this very spot. This historical connection with Bhima is why the terminology "Beemanmadavu Falls." As one embarks on the journey to this picturesque location within the Jamunamarathur, the lush expanse of the dense forest and the rustic allure of the hillscapes unfold before you.

Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur

Best Time to Visit: The timing is important if you intend to explore waterfalls. To witness the complete grandeur of the falls, the optimal period extends from September to May, characterized by agreeable and moderate weather conditions. The most suitable time to visit Bheemanmadavu Falls is 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

How To Reach: Beemanmadavu Falls is positioned around 80 kilometers away from Thiruvannamalai and 5 KM from Jamunamarathur. You have the option to travel by train or opt for a road trip from Thiruvannamalai.

2. Vainu Bappu Observatory

If you are interested in astronomy or are simply seeking an unforgettable encounter near Jamunamarathur, visit the Indian Institute of Astrophysics Observatory. This destination is an essential inclusion in the itinerary of any traveler. This observatory, acclaimed as the largest in Asia, showcases a cutting-edge computer-controlled telescope bound to leave you in awe. Ever since its establishment in 1967, the observatory has functioned as a central hub for both astronomical research and the observation of celestial bodies. Moreover, it has gained renown for facilitating interactions between the public and the scientific community, rendering it one of the most sought-after attractions in the Javadi Hills region. Ensure you notice this remarkable site, often featured in lists of the top 10 places to explore during a journey to the Jamunamarathur.

Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur

Best Time To Visit: You can explore the observatory on a Saturday night from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., offering optimal conditions for observing the stars.

How To Reach: Vaniyambadi, situated at a distance of 29 kilometers from the Vainu Bappu Observatory, and Jolarpettai, located 46 kilometers away from the observatory, serve as the nearest train station. These stations offer convenient connections to major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and New Delhi. To reach the Vainu Bappu Observatory from Bangalore, you can take the route via Hosur-Krishnagiri-Vaniyambadi-Alangayam-Kavalur. The observatory is closely located in the village of Kavalur.

3. Komutteri Lake

Komutteri Lake, known as Kollappan Lake, stands out as one of the most captivating destinations near Jamunamarathur. Holding the distinction of being the largest body of water in the area, this tranquil lake is encircled by verdant foliage and a profusion of diverse plants and animals. These elements create a serene and soothing atmosphere, offering a wonderful retreat for visitors seeking relaxation. One of the primary attractions of the lake is the artificially constructed island situated at its center, accessible by boat. This island serves as an idyllic location for picnics with loved ones, all the while appreciating the magnificent vistas of the lake and its environs. It is no surprise that the Komutteri Lake is positioned among the top 10 favored tourist destinations in the Jamunamarathur, making it an indispensable stop for anyone venturing through Tamil Nadu.

Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur

Best Time To Visit: The optimal period to explore Komutteri Lake falls from October to March.

How To Reach: You can access Komutteri Lake via road, approximately 79 kilometers from Thiruvannamalai.

4. Keezhanur Neolithic Site

For history enthusiasts, the Keezhanur Neolithic Site near Javadi Hills is a destination of utmost importance. This archaeological site has unearthed refined stone artifacts originating from 5,000 years ago. Among the findings is a bedrock in Pathari marked with grooves, employed during the Neolithic era for honing polished stone axes. These grooves, known as "kuuzhieruthu paarai," can be located on the village's western side and represent shallow channels utilized for refining the edges of stone axes. Additionally, the site showcases more than 75 polished stone axes, kept for religious purposes near the Ganesha Temple (Pillaiyar Koil), positioned around a kilometer to the east of the village. Recognized as one of the top 10 tourist attractions near Jamunamarathur, the Keezhanur Neolithic Site provides a captivating insight into the lifestyles and cultures of our forebears. Seize the opportunity to experience this fragment of history personally.

Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur

How To Reach: Pathari village, where the Keezhanur Neolithic Site is situated, is positioned around 15 kilometers to the west of Athipattu village in the Kalasapakkam taluk of the Tiruvannamalai district. To access the Keezanur hamlet within the Javadi hills, an extension of the Eastern Ghats, travel approximately 5 kilometers northward from Pudurnadu in the Tiruppattur taluk of the Vellore District. The prominent village of Pudurnadu is 21 kilometers east of Thanneerpandal, located along the Tiruppattur-Chengam main road, about 7 kilometers south of Tiruppattur. Armed with these directions, travelers can effortlessly navigate to the breathtaking natural allure of the Javadi hills and partake in the rich history and culture of the region.

5. Anguththi Sunai Waterfalls

Nestled within the enchanting natural beauty of the Javadi Hills lies a concealed treasure named Anguththi Sunai, also recognized as Angudhi Sunai or Anguthai Jonai. This waterfall presents a perfect opportunity for a family day trip, offering a serene escapade amidst nature's splendor, particularly well-suited for children. The location remains relatively undiscovered, ensuring a secure and tranquil environment for exploration. The forest department is responsible for maintaining this area. Comprising four distinctive tiers, each waterfall layer possesses its distinct characteristics. The ultimate layer features a sliding pool, allowing adept swimmers to slide down from a towering height of 100 feet.

Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur

Nonetheless, this activity entails risk. The water is pristine and pure, although it's advisable to carry your provisions, as nearby eateries are absent. Make sure to notice this underappreciated natural marvel as you traverse the hills and woodlands of the Jamunamarathur.

How To Reach: To access the Anguththi Sunai Waterfalls, a drive of 1 kilometer is required until reaching a small stream. Following a hike of 1 kilometer, the initial tier of this waterfall becomes accessible.

6. Melpattu Neermathi Tree

Nestled in the peaceful embrace of the Javadi Hills, a natural wonder awaits - the awe-inspiring Melpattu Neermathi Tree, affectionately known as Neer Madhi Tree among the locals. This remarkable tree, a true testament to the marvels of nature, has graced the landscape for over a millennium, evoking wonder and reverence from all who have the privilege of beholding it. Travelers exploring the vicinity of the Javadi Hills often find themselves captivated by the sight of this tree. Families from distant places gather at this cherished tourist attraction, seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Amidst the tranquil environs, they revel in the shade of the majestic tree, creating cherished moments of togetherness with their dear ones. Among the local beliefs is that the Melpattu Neermathi Tree stores water during the monsoon season, allowing it to endure the arid summers. It is also thought that standing beneath this tree imparts a cooling sensation, attributed to this unique characteristic. Undoubtedly, the Melpattu Neermathi Tree is the premier destination for a rejuvenating day trip near the Javadi Hills.

Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur

Best Time To Visit: It is open all day to visitors.

How To Reach: To access this remarkable ancient tree in the Javadi Hills, you can opt for road travel, using either a car or a bus departing from Vellore, Polur, or Villipuram.

7. Amrithi Forest And Zoological Park

Discover the perfect addition to your Jamunamarathur, Tamil Nadu tour. Include the enchanting Amrithi Forest and Zoological Park in your travel plans. This lush area has diverse trees, medicinal flora, and various bird and animal species. The forest trekking offers an enjoyable experience while promoting ecological awareness. Spanning 25 acres, Amirthi Zoological Park is nestled within Amrithi forest. It's a picturesque spot for picnics, hosting an array of birds and animals like deer, parrots, peacocks, and crocodiles. The park also showcases abundant herbal and sandalwood-producing trees. Complete with a kids' area, two cottages, and a meditation hall for the public, it's among the top 10 must-visit places near Jamunamarathur. It is an adventure lover's paradise, perfect for hiking and exploration.

Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur

Best Time To Visit: From October to February, the attraction remains accessible daily. This extended timeframe allows tourists to immerse themselves in the location's beauty and experiences. Whether planning a weekend getaway, a holiday vacation, or a leisurely weekday exploration, October to February ensures you can schedule your visit at your convenience. This openness underscores the destination's commitment to accommodating a wide range of travelers, from those seeking a brief escape to those looking for a more extensive and leisurely experience.

How To Reach: Vellore stands as the nearest point, offering the option to embark on a self-driven journey from this location.

8. Parvathamalai Hill

Explorers of Jamunamarathur have an unmissable opportunity to witness the renowned Parvathamalai Hill, situated nearby. About 20 kilometers from Polur, this hill is conveniently located near Thenmadimangalam Village. It can be reached via Thenmadimangalam or the Kadaladi hamlet, which lies 25 kilometers north of Tiruvannamalai. Parvathamalai uses alternative names such as Mallikarjunamalai, Thenkailayam, Kanthamalai, Naviramalai, and Parvathagiri. Parvathamalai Hill showcases eight distinctive facets, each presenting a unique form from different angles. Crowned atop Parvathamalai Hill is the exquisite Shri Malligarjuna Shivan Temple, a true gem. The ascent to this hill presents a challenging and exhilarating climb, making it an adventurous escapade tailored for hiking enthusiasts. Upon conquering the summit, trekkers are rewarded with abundant opportunities to indulge in the awe-inspiring panoramic views encompassing Tiruvannamalai and the sprawling landscapes of Javadi Hills.

Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur

Best Time To Visit: The ideal period for embarking on the Parvathamalai trek is from September to February.

How To Reach: Numerous buses operate between Thiruvannamalai and the starting point of Parvathamalai. Beyond this, you'll need to hike either via the Kadaladi path or the Thenmathimangalam route.

9. Valiyamparai Caves

Valiyamparai, nestled in Javadi Hills, hosts impressive 4000-year-old stone caves, most standing about two feet tall. These resilient caves have been constructed with robust stone blocks and tiles for centuries. Inside, you'll be captivated by neatly arranged small stones, believed to be offerings from ancient cave inhabitants. While many caves are semicircular, some are rectangular, with the largest being around six feet long and four feet wide and high. Local lore suggests that Valiyamparai Caves (Kullar Caves) once sheltered early hunters or perhaps short-statured tribes. Explore this historic site firsthand to witness the wonders of these ancient caves. A definite must-see on your journey to Javadi Hills, particularly for trekking and hiking enthusiasts.

Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur

Best Time To Visit: Visiting during daylight hours is recommended for the optimal experience at Valiyamparai Caves due to the extensive trekking involved. Additionally, it's advisable to verify whether prior permission is necessary, considering the caves' classification as a historical site.

How To Reach: To access the caves, hikers must initially reach Keel Cheppali, a compact tribal village. Following that, a roughly 7 kilometers through the vibrant jungle awaits them. This pathway also leads through another tribal settlement known as Mel Cheppali.

10. Moorajan Falls

Explore the serene charm of Moorajan Falls, listed among Tamil Nadu's top 10 must-see destinations, nestled close to the breathtaking Jamunamarathur. Enjoy the cool waters for a revitalizing swim or relish the verdant surroundings. Whether you prefer a tranquil picnic or an energizing trek, this picturesque spot caters to your choice. It's worth noting that water is available only during the rainy season, but the reward is a peaceful and unspoiled atmosphere. Round up your loved ones for a group outing or on a solitary trekking escapade. Moorjan Falls is an essential attraction near Tamil Nadu's Jamunamarathur.

Tourist Places in Jamunamarathur

Best Time To Visit: The optimal period to explore Moorajan Waterfalls near Jamunamarathur is June to November.

How to Reach Jamunamarathur

  • The nearest airport is Chennai Airport, which is 225 km away.
  • The nearest convenient railway station is Polur, which is 45 km away.
  • The nearest major city is Polur Bus Stand, which is 45 km away.

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