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23 Best Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Jodhpur the second largest city in the Rajasthan state of India is also known as the Blue City. The name is apt because the majority of the buildings - forts, palaces, temples, Havelis, and even residences - are constructed in vibrant blue hues. The fortifications that tower over this wonderful city put on a display that you won't want to miss. The panorama of Mehrangarh's massive, menacing stronghold, with its eight gates going out, dominates a steep ridge. The new city is located on the construction's edges. The Marwari or Malani Horses, which are a rare breed found only in Jodhpur, are also famous.

The city of Jodhpur has founded in the year 1459 AD. The Rathore clan is essential to the history of this rich city. Rao Jodha, the Rathore Clan's head, is credited with founding Jodhpur in India.

How to Reach?

By Air

Jodhpur has a domestic airport that is only 5 kilometers from the city center. Other important cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur, and Jaipur are all well-connected via this airport. When you get to the airport, you can book a cab for roughly Rs. 100. Autos can be hired if you're seeking a cost-effective choice. The nearest international airport to Jodhpur is New Delhi's IGI airport, which is well connected to places all over the world.

By Rail

Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata have good train connections to Jodhpur. The opulent 'Palace on Wheels' also makes a stop in the city of regal grandeur. Rajasthan Sampark Kranti, Howrah Jodhpur SF Express, Chennai Jodhpur Express, Suryanagari Express, Jaisalmer Delhi Express, and Yesvantpur Bangalore Jodhpur Express are some of the prominent trains that travel from Jodhpur railway station.

By Road

From Delhi, buses go frequently to Jodhpur. Throughout the day, multiple private buses, Volvo coaches, and premium buses go between Delhi and Jodhpur. You can also take a bus to Jaipur and then transfer to another government-run bus to Jodhpur. Buses operated by the government, such as the AC Goldline and Silver Line Express, also run between the two locations.

List of Various Tourist Places In and Near Jodhpur

1. Mehrangarh Fort

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

The Mehrangarh Fort rises perpendicular and impregnable from a height of 125 meters above Jodhpur's skyline. This old fort is one of India's most well-known, with a rich history and stories. The second gate of Mehrangarh Fort still exhibits the scars of cannonball raids by Jaipur's forces. The Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal, and Sheesh Mahal are famed for their magnificent latticed windows, carved panels, and artistically designed windows and walls.

2. Khejarla Fort

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

The 400-year-old Khejarla Fort is situated in a rural environment 85 kilometers from the major metropolis. Rajput architecture may be seen in the beautiful red sandstone structure, which is now a hotel. The fort's scenic settings, latticework friezes, and ornate Jharokas will captivate visitors.

3. Umaid Bhawan Palace

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Maharaja Umaid Singh erected Umaid Bhawan Palace in 1929 to combat a famine that had struck the state at the time. Because of the usage of stones from the Chittar hill, it was also known as the Chittar Palace while it was being built. HV Lanchester, a well-known British architect, designed the palace, which took 16 years to complete. The palace's architecture is a mix of Indo-Saracenic, Classical Revival, and Western Art Deco styles, built out of sandstone and marble. It is known as one of the world's largest private homes as well as one of the most stunning structures. It is the only palace constructed during the twentieth century.

4. Moti Mahal

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

It is the Pearl Hall which was the place where the royal families of Jodhpur held their audience. The hall is noted for having glass windows and five nooks that allowed the queens to hear what was going on in the Sringar Chowki, Jodhpur's Royal Throne.

5. Sheesh Mahal

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

The glass palace of Jodhpur, also known as Sheesh Mahal, is located within the Mehrangarh Fort compound. Mirror work runs from the ceilings to the ground, adorning the walls of this magnificent edifice. Overlaid on top of it is a mirror work with brightly painted religious figures made in plaster.

6. Phool Mahal

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

The Phool Mahal, or Flower Hall, is the most extravagant of all the palace halls, as the name suggests. The Maharajas' pleasure dome is reported to be this lovely chamber. The gold used to build the Taj Mahal comes from Gujarat's Ahmedabad.

7. Chamunda Mataji Temple

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Rao Jodha's favorite deity, Chamunda Mataji, was brought to the Mehrangarh Fort as an idol. As a result, the fort was converted into a temple and used as a place of worship. Since then, the Chamunda Mata has been worshipped by the villagers. In reality, the goddess has remained the Maharajas' and royal family's Isht Devi (adopted goddess) to this day.

8. Ranisar Padamsar

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

The Ranisar and Padmasar lakes, which are contiguous and located near the Fateh Pole in Mehrangarh, were built in 1459. Queen Jasmade Hadi, Rao Jodha's wife, ordered Ranisar Lake, while Queen Padmini of Rao Ganga, daughter of Rana Sanga of Mewar, ordered Padmasar Lake.

9. Jodhpur Government Museum

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Armory, textiles, local art and crafts, miniature paintings, ruler portraits, manuscripts, and representations of the Jain Tirthankaras are among the antiquities housed in the government museum in Umaid Garden. The nearby zoo is also a must-see for wildlife enthusiasts.

10. Jaswant Thada

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

This milky white memorial, created as a tribute to the leader Jaswant Singh at the end of the 19th century, is a popular tourist destination. Jaswant Singh, the ruler of Jodhpur, put a lot of money into his domain. He attempted to reduce crime, apprehend dacoits, construct railways, and generally endeavour to improve Marwar's economy. The Mehrangarh Museum Trust (MMT) manages and maintains Jaswant Thada, which is open to the public. The Trust runs a museum in Jaswant Thada that features portraits of Marwar kings as well as educational didactics - the information acts as an orientation area for learning about Marwar's history through the portraits. At the time of music festivals such as the Rajasthan International Folk Festival and the World Sacred Spirit Festival, its grounds provide a tranquil setting for morning concerts.

11. Ghanta Ghar

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

The Rajasthan clock tower, known as Ghanta Ghar, is constructed near the Sadar Bazaar, one of Jodhpur's busiest areas. Shri Sardar Singh Ji of Jodhpur designed and erected it. Tourists throng the Sadar Market's alleyways in search of Rajasthani textiles, clay sculptures, miniature camels and elephants, marble inlay work, and traditional silver jewelry.

12. Mahamandir Temple

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Mahamandir, which means "big temple," is a sacred site where peace reigns supreme. The temple, which is located on Mandore Road, is an architectural marvel. It is supported by 84 pillars and is embellished with intricate decorations and figures symbolizing various Yoga positions.

13. Mandaleshwar Mahadev

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Mandal Nath constructed the Mandaleshwar Mahadev in AD 923. It is thought to be one of the city's earliest shrines. Beautiful artwork of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati adorn the temple's walls.

14. Sardar Samand Lake and Palace

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

The Sardar Samand Lake Palace, constructed on the banks of the Sardar Samand Lake by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1933, is a magnificent hunting lodge. It is still the royal family's favorite getaway, with a large collection of African trophies and original watercolor paintings on display. The lake is a bird watcher's delight, attracting migratory and local birds like the yellow-legged green pigeon, Himalayan griffon, and Dalmatian pelican.

15. Masuria Hills

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Masuria Garden is one of Rajasthan's three most beautiful and well-known gardens. It is well-known among devotees because of a centuries-old temple dedicated to a local deity, Baba Ramdev, on top of the Masuria hill in Jodhpur's core. Here is a restaurant with a fantastic scenic view of the city.

16. Shastri Circle

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Shastri Circle is a traffic circle in the heart of Jodhpur. While it serves a use during the day, it is most impressive at night, when it is illuminated by lights and fountains. This attracts both locals and tourists to the area.

17. Mandore

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Mandore, the historical capital of Marwar, is located to the north of Jodhpur. The dewals or cenotaphs of Jodhpur's former kings can be found in this historically significant location. These cenotaphs, unlike the ancient chhatri-shaped cenotaphs that are distinctive of Rajasthani architecture, are modeled after Hindu temples.

18. Kailana Lake

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

This small artificial lake, located on Jaisalmer road, is a great site for a picnic. It's like a romantic painting with a dash of color. The beauty of the lake lingers in your mind long after you've seen it. Boating facilities are also accessible through R.T.D.C. for individuals who want to go out on the lake.

19. Machiya Safari Park

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

This park is roughly a kilometer from Kailana Lake on the road to Jaisalmer. It is home to deer, desert foxes, monitor lizards, blue bulls, hare, wild cats, mongoose, monkeys, and other creatures, including deer, desert foxes, monitor lizards, blue bulls, hare, wild cats, mongoose, and monkeys. The park also offers breathtaking sunset views that should not be missed.

20. Somnath Temple

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

The Somnath temple, located in the heart of Pali city, is noted for its historical significance and sculptures. It was established in 1920 by Gujarat's King, Kumarpal Solanki, and is home to a number of minor temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses.

21. Balsamand Lake

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

On the Jodhpur-Mandore Road, Balsamand Lake is around 5 kilometers from Jodhpur. It was constructed in 1159 AD as a water reservoir for Mandore. Later, as a vacation residence, the Balsamand Lake Palace was built on its beach. It is bordered by lovely green gardens with mango, papaya, pomegranate, guava, and plum tree groves. This area is also home to animals and birds such as the jackal and peacock. Tourists and locals alike flock to this lake for picnics.

22. Guda Village

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

A vibrant spectrum of exotic fauna and nature can be seen at Guda, a Bishnoi settlement. Thousands of migratory birds use the area as a home. The Demoiselle crane is frequently seen frolicking in the lake. The pond is also home to antelopes and blackbucks. For nature enthusiasts, this is a must-see location.

23. Chokhlao Bagh and International Center

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Visit the Chokhelao Bagh, which is located at the foot of the Mehrangarh Fort. By planting and in-situ displaying excellent endemically historic flora of the Marwar region, the Mehrangarh Museum Trust has converted an over 200-year-old garden, complete with the fragrances, sounds, and textures of an eighteenth-century Marwar garden, into a Botanical Museum.

The garden is a true celebration of nature today, as it depicts the changing hues of the seasons on the top terrace of flower beds, just as it was in the past. The Mehtab Bagh or moonlight garden, which is laid out on the lower terrace, comes alive at night with the white blooms of Chandni (Tabernaemontana coronaria) and the sweet-smelling Kamini (Maurya exotica). Visit this hidden treasure of a garden to relive the sensuality of an eighteenth-century Rajput garden.

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