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Tourist Places in Vasai

Vasai is a city surrounded by natural beauty and steeped in history, located on the western edge of Maharashtra, India.

Vasai provides a mesmerizing fusion of the ancient and the contemporary thanks to its rich cultural history and beautiful scenery, making it a must-visit location for tourists seeking an immersive experience.

The city has a rich historical heritage dating back to the early days when several kingdoms governed it, including the Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas, and Mauryas. Nevertheless, the traces of Portuguese colonial authority are its most notable historical sites.

The Vasai Fort also called the Bassein Fort, is a reminder of this period. Its massive walls, ramparts, and exquisite design beckon history buffs and fans of architecture alike with tales of a bygone period.

Vasai has a wide selection of historic churches and temples for people looking for spiritual peace. Vasai Creek is home to the Holy Cross Church and the majestic Vasai Creek Bridge, both of which provide expansive views of the waterways.

Another notable religious location that attracts people is the Our Lady of Grace Cathedral, which has neo-Gothic architecture. The natural beauty of Vasai is equally alluring. Papdy Beach and Rangaon Beach are just a couple of the immaculate beaches along the coastline and provide peaceful escapes from the bustle of the city.

Adventurers are invited to travel through the lush vegetation of Tungareshwar National Park and take nature hikes among various flora and animals.

Vasai's colorful culture is woven together from its multicultural populace's threads. Local marketplaces, such as the Bazaar Road, are bustling with activity and radiate a certain charm while presenting a fusion of traditional Maharashtrian and international influences. Foodies who enjoy street cuisine will enjoy discovering the regional specialties that offer a blend of flavors.

Be ready to enter a world where history reverberates off ancient walls, spirituality hugs your soul, the marvels of nature are revealed, and cultural variety thrives as you go to Vasai. Vasai has something unique to offer everyone, whether you're a history buff, spiritual seeker, nature lover, or curious traveler. It invites you to explore its compelling past and forge lifelong memories.

Let us have a look at top tourist places in Vasai

1. Vasai Fort

Bassein, known as Vasai, is located 45 km from Palghar City. It's in the Vasai Taluka. Next to Goa in prominence, the fort in the ancient city served as the Portuguese's northern headquarters. Vasai's coastal land-fort was surrounded by water on three sides, and to the landslip, it had a moat that received water from the sea.

Eleven bastions comprised the 4.5 km long, solid stone wall around it. The westward land gate was one of the fort's two gates. The fort included a small citadel and gardens for cultivating grains and vegetables. The fort also had water tanks, storehouses, an armory, etc.

Tourist Places in Vasai

All of the historic buildings inside the wall are currently in ruins. Vasai served as the Portuguese's primary naval station and type of shipbuilding hub. The Peshwa Bajirav signed the terrible "Treaty of Bassein" here in 1802 AD, dissolving the Maratha Confederacy. In 1817 A.D., Vasai's fort and city were finally given to the British.

Vasai is about two hours from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, the closest international airport. The drive-by vehicle from the center of Mumbai to Vasai is around 77 km and takes 1.30 hours. The fort may be reached by boarding a train from Churchgate to Virar Railway Station in Vasai, the closest railway station.

You may get to the fort from here via taxi or auto-rickshaw.

2. Kalamb Beach

The extremely long and lonely Kalamb Beach is near Nalasopara in the Thane district of Maharashtra.

The beach, a haven away from the bustle of the city, is lovely because of its peace, serenity, and all-around fascinating view.

Kalamb Beach offers a beautiful view of the land and sea, with relatively few shacks and the ideal quantity of restaurants. The beach is an exquisite joy to just lay about in a hammock or sunbathe under the open air.

Tourist Places in Vasai

It is hemmed with gorgeous palm trees, interspersed with resorts, and graciously graced with velvety black sand. After Arnala Beach, Navapura Beach, and Rajodi Beach in a row, Kalamb Beach is connected fourth.

It is significantly less busy and is said to be one of Bombay's cleanest beaches (primarily due to its position). One of the primary draws of the beach is the sunsets, made possible by the water current and tides, which are perfect for a quick dip during the day.

The stunning sunsets and the bizarre environment attract photographers and shutterbugs. This place is ideal for spending time in a close community. The beach also promotes camel rides, paragliding, and water sports. Riding horses, etc.

3. Suruchi Beach

The Suru (Casuriana) trees, which are numerous on the seaside and provide tourists with a great green cover, are the source of the name for this lovely beach.

The Australian Pine and She-Oak are other names for the Suru tree. Its many thin twigs provide a delightful singing sound when the wind blows across them, earning it the popular name Whistling Pine.

Suru trees offer a shoreline and a natural buffer zone and aid in reducing damage from cyclones and other natural catastrophes.

This vegetation aids in reducing coastal erosion and offers protection from strong winds. The Maharashtra government has already started several efforts to plant and conserve Suru trees along the coastline as part of the World Bank's National Cyclone Mitigation Project.

It is thought that a Suru Tree was used to make the fabled spear "Kaumaile," which is directly related to the history of Nanumea, an island in the Polynesian triangle. They still have this 1.8-meter sphere, which their hero Tefolaha utilized more than 880 years ago, in good condition.

Tourist Places in Vasai

Living at the epicenter of convenience has looked more groundbreaking than at Sunteck ForestWorld. You may create a home out of your house in the township thanks to the greenery, top connection, and municipal facilities. Suppose one is driving from the Mumbai end and wishes to access the beach.

In that case, they should turn left at the Vasai flyover on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway, proceed through Sativli, and then take the Vasai East-West railway overpass to Vasai.

The highway is close by. You may go by rail and get out at Vasai station on the west side by taking a Vasai or Virar local on the western line. The Vasai Fort is also close to the shore.

4. Sargam Waterpark

A quick weekend trip would be ideal at Sargam Water Park and Resort in Thane. This amusement park, which is surrounded by natural mango orchards, offers a lot to its tourists.

This water park guarantees guests a lavishly relaxing day with excellent water attractions, swimming pools, and a length of beautiful green mango field. This park is popular with adults and teens in East Vasai in Thane.

Its surroundings are scenic and beautiful. This location includes everything one might want in an amusement park, from a family gathering to hosting a birthday celebration. One of the most fascinating and alluring locations for people of all ages is the Water Park. Unlike many other water parks, this one regularly maintains the water rides to guarantee they are risk-free and upholds the highest standards of cleanliness.

Tourist Places in Vasai

To prevent pollution, the water in pools is filtered twice daily. In addition, this park features security personnel to ensure everyone's safety, particularly the youngsters.

Senior adults can receive a discounted rate at this park if they provide identification.
The park is worth the money because of the pool activities, gorgeous accommodations, lush green land, safety precautions implemented by the amusement park officials, welcoming personnel, and delectable meals.

Its main draws are the amazing water slides and other attractions of Sargam Water Park. Every day at the park, a D.J. night lets guests dance to their favorite tunes while relaxing poolside with loved ones or friends.

The park offers a variety of intriguing water attractions, including the Rain Dance, Family Slide, Mushroom Umbrella, and Tube Rides. There are also more amusement attractions such as the Mini Train, Break Dance, Duck Swing, Trampoline, Merry Go Round, Pendulum attractions, Tube Rides, Family Rides, Blackhole Rides, and Kids Rides.

Taking a local train to Bhayandar railway station, then a bus is the simplest method to get to the amusement park. There are some direct bus services to Sargam Water Park. To avoid crowds on public transportation, travelers can alternatively take a taxi.

5. Rajodi Beach

Rajodi Beach may be found in Virar & Nalasopara West, accessible through Virar, on the Vasai Virar coastal region, far north of Mumbai at Palghar District, on the western railway route.

Most locals visit this place, but as of 2023 the number of outside visitors has increased due to new water sports, adventure activities, and dolphin watching.

This beach is cleaner and one of the four interconnected beaches along the Vasai Virar coast, including Arnala, Rajodi, Kalamb, and Navapur Beach. More beachfront lodging alternatives exist than in the previous several years, attracting more people to this beach.

Tourist Places in Vasai

On this beach, a new water sports business called Mumbai Surf Club began offering water rides and other sports activities. About 8 to 12 dolphins, according to Blu Life Adventures employees, were seen swimming away from the beach area. A similar video has been featured on H.P. Live news. It is excellent news and evidence that dolphins may be found here and that Vasai Virar's seawater is significantly cleaner than other urban areas.

The entrance features an artificial rocky belt that makes a great area to sit and look at the sea. Although a fantastic beach for strolling or spending time with loved ones, friends, or family, we would not suggest using this beach for a picnic because there are so few resorts, especially ones with subpar cuisine.

6. Vajreshwari Temple

In Maharashtra's Palghar District, the goddess Vajreshwari temple is close to the ancient cities of Vasai and Sopara. The temple is located in the community of Vadavali, often called Vajreshwari after the god before it, and is built on the Tanasa River bank. It is thought that Yogini Vajreshwari Devi, who is worshipped at this temple, is a manifestation of the goddess Parvati. In the village of Gunj Kati, there formerly stood the historic Vajreshwari Yogini temple.

Due to Portuguese religious intolerance policies, this was relocated to its current position during the Portuguese era. On a little hillside, the current temple is reached by a short set of stairs.

The Vadavali area served as a camp for Chimaji Appa, Peshwa Bajirao I's younger brother and military leader, during the military war against the Portuguese in Vasai. If they succeed in this struggle, he prayed that they would be able to renovate the Vajreshwari goddess' temple.

Tourist Places in Vasai

After gaining control of Vasai, the Maratha Empire rebuilt the Vajreshwari temple. The temple has Maratha architectural characteristics. There are six idols in the sanctuary. The idol in saffron represents the Goddess Vajreshwari. To the goddess's left, Vajreshwari has two more images: Renuka, a tiger, goddess Vajreshwari's mount, and Saptashrungi Mahalakshmi of Vani.

The goddess has the statues of Kalika and Parshurama to her right. The temple's auxiliary shrine has statues of local deities such as Moraba Devi, Bhairava, and Ganesha. Devotees ring the bell in the gathering hall as they approach the shrine. Located outside the assembly hall is a Yajna Kunda. Several shrines are on the temple grounds, including those to Giri Gosavi sect saints, Datta, Hanuman, and Kapileshwar Mahadeva (Shiva).

This region is home to several revered natural hot springs. Pilgrims use it as a bath. These hot springs, colloquially referred to as Kundas, are named after Hindu deities. The Vajreshwari temple is mentioned in several Hindu Puranic traditions, including the Nirmal Mahatmya, Tungareshwar Mahatmya, and Vajreshwari Mahatmya. The legends surrounding this temple may also be found in the medieval manuscripts of a Shaiva sect known as Natha Sampradaya.

7. Tungareshwar Temple

One of the most well-known pilgrimage sites in the area is the Vasai Tungareshwar Shiva Temple.

This historic temple in Vasai in the Palghar district of Maharashtra was constructed to praise Lord Shiva, the shrine's presiding deity. One of the region's oldest temples, it is said to be older than 100 years. The temple features exquisitely constructed stone pillars, walls, sculptures, and wonderfully designed architecture.

It is a beautiful sight because of the rolling hills that surround it. A magnificent Shivalinga serves as the center of devotion for visitors from all over the world. The temple is renowned for hosting several religious events and rites. People throng the temple to participate in these celebrations and ask Lord Shiva for his blessings.

Tourist Places in Vasai

A trip to this magnificent temple will undoubtedly be inspiring. The sacred temples of Shiva, Kal Bhairav, Jagmata Temple (the incarnation of Parvati, the bride of Lord Shiva), and the Balyogi Sadanandh Maharaj Matth are all located in the region of Tungareshwar, which comprises five mountains.

A Demon by the name of "Tunga" was slain here, according to mythology, by Lord Parashurama.

Lord Parashurama was the subject of the temple's construction. This is the location where Lord Parashurama pondered. In the area of Shuparak, presently known as Sopara or Nalasopara, it is said that Adi Shankaracharya meditated there.

8. Chinchoti Waterfalls

The Chinchoti Waterfalls lies between Juchandra Village and Vasai, on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway. To reach the Chinchoti waterfalls, you must pass via the Kaman Village. During the monsoon season, this waterfall springs to life.

Tourist Places in Vasai

One of the most popular locations for day hikes and picnics in Thane and Mumbai is here. Numerous tiny waterfalls and a few large waterfalls with clear water are the primary draws of this location, surrounded by a thick forest and verdant vegetation. Occasionally, wild cats can be seen in the forest.

9. Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

In 2003, Tungareshwar was designated as a wildlife sanctuary. Its height is 665 meters above sea level, making it a highly well-liked trekking location. It was placed under the management of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park Division at Borivali, Mumbai, in 2003. Here, wildlife experts from the Mumbai and Vasai Taluka areas lead several bird walks and nature trails.

Tourist Places in Vasai

About 250 bird species, 600 plant species, 150 butterfly species, and 36 herpetofauna species are reported here, indicating a high level of biodiversity.

The Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a well-known location for trekking and hiking in addition to its natural beauty. To get a close-up look at the animals, the sanctuary offers several hiking paths that lead visitors through the forest's heart.

Beautiful views of the surroundings may be seen throughout the well-marked routes. Visitors are welcome in the Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary throughout the year. It is best to visit the sanctuary between November and February when the weather is favorable and your chances of seeing animals improve.


Vasai is a diverse tourist attraction that combines history, spirituality, and natural beauty. The ruins of Portuguese forts and churches provide a window into the country's rich heritage and colonial past.

Vasai's gorgeous beaches and natural surroundings are irresistible to tourists and nature lovers because of their attraction. The respected temples and shrines in the area, which reflect the spiritual resonance of the area, provide a significant element to the trip experience.

The town's attractions are as varied as they are alluring, from the serene sands of Vasai Beach to the majestic Vasai Fort. Travelers are encouraged to uncover this gem's history tales, get in touch with its spiritual heart, and take in its breathtaking natural beauty as they discover it. Vasai unquestionably serves as an example of how artfully history, culture, and beauty coexist.

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