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17 Best Tourist Places in Secunderabad

The Secunderabad is referred to as the "Twin City of Hyderabad". Secunderabad has a more English feel because it was governed by the British until 1948. This city is situated in the northern portion of the Deccan Plateau. The famous tourist spots in Secunderabad are described below.

1. Secunderabad Clock Tower

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

One of the fascinating tourist attractions in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad is the Secunderabad clock tower. At Secunderabad's Shivaji Nagar, the clock tower is situated. It contributes significantly to Secunderabad's tourism because of its history and aesthetics. The clock tower was designed by the Nizam of Hyderabad and enhanced the illustrious history of Secunderabad.

Attractions Nearby:

  1. The Ujjaini Mahakali temple, which is located two kilometres from the clock tower, is the most sacred tourist destination.
  2. Yapral lake is also near the clock tower, and it is the next significant tourist destination. For tourists, this lake is the ideal location for nighttime relaxation.

People should enjoy the local cuisine along with roaming here. Some of the well-known foods from Secunderabad are Kacchi Biriyani, Boti Kebab, Dil Khush, Gongura Pickle, Pesarattu, Chilli Salan, Kali Mirch Pasandey, Baghara Baingan, and Thotakura Pulusu Koora. The majority of the food in Secunderabad is hot, spicy, and uses a lot of green chillies.

2. Shamirpet Lake

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

This lake is situated in the centre of Secunderabad. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Secunderabad is Shamirpet lake. This man-made lake was constructed during the rule of the Nizam of Hyderabad.

This is often the perfect spot for tourists who want a peaceful evening instead of visiting the local crowd's sightseeing spots. Visitors should come here between November to February since it is said to be the most fantastic time to see a variety of migratory birds, and also, flamingos and pelicans flock to the trees surrounding the lake in the winter. This lake is constantly populated with birds throughout the year, especially in the winter, including hornbills, pelicans, flamingos, herons, and kingfishers.

3. Hussain Sagar Lake

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

This lake is well-known as the biggest man-made lake in Asia. Lake is well known for having a Lord Buddha standing statue in the middle of it. Hussain Sagar Lake, commonly known as Tank Bund, is located on a branch of the River Musi. However, Hussain Sagar lake is well-known for activities like fishing, boating, & water sports.

Attraction in the Hussain Sagar Lake:

1. Light and Sound Show at Hussain Sagar Lake:

The Hussain Sagar Lake is close to Lumbini Park, which hosts one of Hyderabad's most vibrant light and sound shows. The city's history is told through captivating, three-dimensional images made by laser lights.

Timing and fees:

  1. The show starts at 7:15 PM on weekdays.
  2. Weekend show times are 7:15 and 8:30.
  3. Ticket Cost: INR 50 per person
  4. Parking Fee: INR 10 per person

2. Boating:

Take a boat ride around the lake to spend a peaceful and enjoyable evening. The boats start from the nearby Lumbini park, which is next to the lake. Different costs apply to boating, and it depends on the kind of boat ride you choose.

  1. Mechanical Boat: Rupees. 55 for each Adult
  2. Jet Ski Boat - Rs. 250 Per Person
  3. Rajahamsa Boat (minimum five people): Rupees. 100 each person
  4. Jet Ski Boat- Rs. 300 per Couple

3. Parasailing:

The lake is well-known for yachting and parasailing. Parasailing fee for per person is Rs. 400.

4. Peddamma temple

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

This temple is among the oldest in Secunderabad. This temple is devoted to Lakshmi, who is depicted in a unique position. In addition to its religious significance, this temple has always been popular among tourists due to its stunning surroundings and architecture.

The word "peddamma" is made up of two different words, which are 'peda' and 'amma', and their meaning is mother. Festivals like Ugadi, Rathotsavam, Ratha Saptami, Banali, and Durgotsavam are celebrated in the temple with majesty and splendour.

5. Paigah Palace:

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

Paigah palace is located in Secunderabad, and the palace represents Indo-European culture. This magnificent palace was constructed in 1900 by Sir Vicar-ul-Umra as a present for the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Mahbub Ali Khan.

This is a beautiful lavish neo-classical structure. Paigah was a title that indicated magnificence and high rank. The palace is situated on a four-acre plot of land and features European design. Numerous festivities, including weddings, engagement parties, religious rituals, birthday celebrations, and others, are held in Paigah palace. Paigah has three lovely windows in its arches. You may see the exquisite craftsmanship of Indian craftsmen fusing with European culture by visiting the Paigah palace.

6. All Saints Church

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

This is situated in Trimulgherry, Secunderabad. All the saints are honoured in this cathedral. The cathedral is renowned for its lavish Christmas celebrations, and it is also well known for celebrating other festivals, including Easter, Good Friday, and Palm Sunday. On these days, special prayers are offered, and other events are organized. The church is encircled by lovely gardens. You can relax by taking a stroll around the pleasant, serene environment with your family and other loved ones.

Sunday prayer sessions are held at the following times:

  1. Holy communion prayer in English at 7:30 AM.
  2. Holy communion prayer in Tamil at 9 AM.
  3. English evensong holy communion prayer at 7:00 PM.

7. Wargal Saraswati Temple

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

This temple is also known as the Sri Vidya Saraswati temple. The temple's construction work started in 1998. The principal goddess of the shrine is Saraswati, and many local families and people around the country visit the shrine to pray for their kids' futures in education and employment. The temple's grounds also have a Veda paatshala. The rituals performed in the shrine include Archana, Arthi, and Abhishekam.

Temple's dress code:

Women should wear salwar, sarees, or other acceptable attire. Men are expected to dress in pants or veshti, and jeans are not permitted inside the temple's premises.

8. Sri Ganesh Temple

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

The Sri Ganesh temple is almost 200 years old. This is the most well-known temples in Telangana. Lord Ganesha is the primary god, and the shrine's big attraction is his idol. Lord Shiva, Sri Navagraha, Sri Subramanya Swamy, Sri Anjaneya, Sri Uma Maheshwari, Rahu Ketu, and Maha Ganapathi Mandapam are the six other sannathis here.

About Ganesha Idol:

The Ganesha idol is a lovely structure that poses with his right arm on his thigh, another hand holding the Ankusham, his left hand resting on the trunk, and his fourth hand carrying a Damarakam with a serpent (Nagumpamu). The Agama Shastras were heavily considered throughout the temple's construction.

Temple's dress code:

Women should wear salwar, sarees, or other acceptable attire. Men are expected to dress in pants or veshti, and jeans are not permitted inside the temple's premises.

9. Ujjaini Mahakali Temple

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

The 191-year-old Ujjaini Mahakali temple is situated in Secunderabad, Telangana. Visitors come here to seek the blessings of the goddess Mahakali. For the Mahakali Ammari Jathra celebration, the temple is lit by light and festooned with garlands and buntings.

This is the oldest temple in Secunderabad and is well-known among both locals and visitors. The temple is devoted to Goddess Nagamma and features intricately carved sculptures and historic architecture. Goddess Nagamma is a Hindu serpent goddess. The Naag Panchami is the main festival celebrated at the Nagamma shrine. Nagamma temple is encircled by a number of minor temples.


  1. Before entering the temple, take off your shoes.
  2. Wear suitable attire; avoid wearing shorts, dresses or short skirts, etc.

Best Period to Visit Nagamma Temple:

Fridays, full moon days, and holidays like Karthika Poornima, Kumkum Abhishekam, Telugu New Year, and Naag Panchami are the best times to visit the Nagamma temple.

10. Fox Sagar Lake

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

Fox Sagar Lake is also known as Jeedimetla Chevuru or Kolla Chevuru. In Secunderabad, Fox Sagar lake is the second-largest lake. This artificial lake was constructed 120 years ago. This lake was connected to the Hussain Sagar lake by a Musi river tributary. Before being impacted by encroachment and becoming unsafe for consumption, the lake water was originally used for irrigation and consumption by the town.

A spectacular lake view is offered between sunset and sunrise when the air is mild and pleasant. The weather is cold and lovely during the winter because of the fall in temperature. Hyderabad's summers are extremely hot, so it's not advised to visit there during this season. Also, there is not much place for shelter in the lake, which would make the journey and sightseeing exhausting and unpleasant. Visitors should come here between November to February since it is said to be the most fantastic time to see a variety of migratory birds.

11. Kandalokya Oxygen Park

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

This park is situated in Kandlakoya village. Hundreds of fruit trees and medicinal plants, including Indian gooseberry, tamarind, peepal, and banyan, are spread throughout the 75-acre of land. It serves as a gathering place for yoga classes, picnics, occasional or regular meetings, and school visits. Early risers come here to walk and run as a part of their exercise regimen in the natural environment. Many people come to the Kandalokya oxygen park to find peace and meditation.

Entrance Fee:

The entry fee at Kandlakoya oxygen park is 15 rupees for adults and 10 rupees for kids. The following membership passes are available:

  1. Monthly Fee: 100 Rupees
  2. Six Months: 400 Rupees
  3. 12 Months: 800 Rupees

Attraction in the Kandlakoya oxygen park:

Kandlakoya oxygen park has a butterfly garden, yoga sessions, a tortoise lake, a play area, a tree monster, a canopy walk, a gazebo, a ride to the tree top, a zipline rope, outdoor classrooms, and a picnic spot.

  1. Butterfly Garden: The Butterfly garden is a popular photography location and is encircled by greenery like the rest of the park. People who want to record their memories can take selfies here.
  2. Canopy Walk: Canopy park has a lot of trees, which attract singing birds and butterflies as well as delight those who appreciate the splendour of nature.
  3. Gazebo: There is a table-shaped seating arrangement in the gazebo.
  4. Ride to the tree top: Here is the spiral staircase that leads to a treehouse.
  5. Play area: The play area is intended to provide kids some time to themselves. Children's play areas have a small rock climbing wall, slides, and swings.

12. Kapra Lake

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

Oora Cheruvu is another name for Kapra lake. Kapra Lake is situated in Secunderabad's northeastern section. The lake's natural splendour increase the area's scenic charm. Anyone who likes nature and wants to spend time outside of the city should visit the lake. The ideal time of year to visit Kapra Lake is in the autumn.

13. Moula Ali Dargah

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

Moula Ali Dargah is situated in Greater Hyderabad, and it is perched atop the Moula Ali mountain. There are roughly 500 steps on the hill that go to the summit of the hill, where the dargah is situated. A pavilion and a space designated specifically for drumming are present at the dargah.

14. Shamirpet Deer Park

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

The park is commonly referred to as Jawahar Deer park. People of all ages who are interested in the botanical elements of nature are frequent visitors to the park. There are many different creatures living in the park, and this park is famous for chital deer and Blackbuck.

15. Alwal Lake

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

One of the most beautiful man-made lakes in India is Alwal Lake, which is situated in the state of Telangana. It is only nine kilometres from Secunderabad. For those who want to do fishing as a hobby, Alwal Lake is a well-liked place. Alwal lake is just a ten-minute walk from Alwal Railway Station.

16. Safilguda Lake

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

This lake is a favourite location for locals to go for morning walks, hikes, and other activities. There is a tiny island in the middle of the lake known as Nadimi Bird Island. The lake's border resembles Secunderabad's renowned Tank Bund, and as a result, the Mini tank Bund is another name for it. The lake has the ideal vacation spot typically for visitors who want to enjoy tranquilly and beautiful nature. The lake features high vegetation, a variety of migratory birds, and significant biodiversity. The lake's water level drops in the summer, so the best time to visit Safilguda Lake is in winter for a memorable experience.

17. Edulabad Lake

Tourist Places in Secunderabad

Edulabad Lake is situated 6.8 kilometres away from Ghatsekar. It was built in the 16th century and is frequently called the Lakshminarayana Cheruvu. The lake is popular for bird watching, camping, sunrise and sunset views, and as a beautiful picnic spot.

A spectacular lake view is offered between sunset and sunrise when the air is mild and pleasant. Visitors should come here between November to February since it is said to be the most fantastic time to see a variety of migratory birds.

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