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Tourist Places in Nashik

Nashik is a holy place for Ramayana devotees as it provides brief sightings that are extremely important in the Ramayana. Many tourists come here to enjoy the calm and cool climate of Nashik. The city is referred to as the "Wine Capital of India". Tourists can also enjoy the famous dish "Misal Pav" here. The tourist places in Nashik are described below.

1. Sula Vineyard

Tourist Places in Nashik

It is a well-known winery situated in Nashik, and it is 180 km from northeast of Mumbai. It is known for the variety of grape wines produced here, like Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chenin Blanc, and Zinfandel. It is open to everyone for a wine tasting and a vineyard tour. The SulaFest is a live music event that takes place among the vineyards. It is held at the winery each year. Those who attend the festival can participate in grape stomping, and they can also do camping here.

This vineyard also has a fantastic gift and bottle shop which sells a few premium brands of wine that are only available from the winery. The Vine Yard has 2 restaurants named Soma and Little Italy. These restaurants provide delectable Indian and Italian cuisine. The vineyard remains open every day from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Entrance Fee:

  1. The entrance fee for the tour & tasting of 4 wines is 150 rupees per person.
  2. The entrance fee for the tour & tasting of 6 wines is 250 rupees per person.
  3. The entrance fee for the tour is 100 rupees per person.

2. Saptashrungi

Tourist Places in Nashik

It is a Hindu pilgrimage site. Saptashrungi is about 60 kilometers from Nasik. The half-Shaktipeeth among the 3 Shaktipeeths in Maharashtra is this shrine. This shrine is dedicated to Saptashrungi Nivasin. It is claimed that one of Sati's right arm's parts dropped here. The Devi's idol is adorned with a silver nose ring, neckless, and a tall, beautiful crown. On festivals, the deity is adorned with expensive and luxurious jewels that would normally be kept in the temple's safe custody.

One must have to climb 510 steps to reach the temple's peak. There is a ropeway also available, which takes you to the temple's peak within 2 minutes. A large number of tourists and pilgrims visit Saptshrungi every year. The name Saptshrungi means "seven mountain pinnacles." There are approximately 108 Kundas, or water reservoirs, on this mountain.

The Chaitrotsav festival is the main festival of the Saptashrungi temple. At this time of year, thousands of devotees visit the temple, especially those who want the baby and seek Devi's blessings. There are many monkeys on the temple premises, so beware of monkeys.

Cost of Saptashrungi Ropeway:

  1. The ropeway for adults is INR 90.
  2. The ropeway for children is INR 45.

3. Trimbakeshwar

Tourist Places in Nashik

The Trimbakeshwar Shrine is among India's twelve Jyotirlingas. This shrine is situated in Trimbak, which is 28 kilometers from Nashik. This Shaiva shrine is found at the Brahmagiri Hill's foot. This shrine is designed in a traditional style. On the premises of the shrine, there is the holy Kunda, and the name is Kusavarta. It is reputed to be the river Godavari's source.

The Jyotirlinga's three faces, which stand for Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Rudra, are a remarkable feature of this shrine. In the garbhgriha of the shrine, only male worshipers are permitted. Rituals like Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja, Narayan Nagbali, Laghu Rudrabhishek, Tripindi Shardh, Maha mrityunjaya puja, and Rudra Abhishek are performed at the Trimbakeshwar Temple. Devotees have to wear silk dhoti or sovala to perform these rituals. If worshippers want to perform rituals, then they have to book pandits.

Indians from all around the country travel to Trimbakeshwar to express their dedication and faith. Rath Poornima, Tripuri Purnima, and the Kumbh Mela are the main festivals of Trimbakeshwar Shrine.

4. Pandavleni Caves

Tourist Places in Nashik

The Nasik caves or Pandu caves are the monikers of this cave. These caves are located on the Trivashmi Hills tableland. These ancient rock-cut caverns date back thousands of years. This series of 24 caves is a representation of Hinayana Buddhism. The mysterious caves also have musical fountains, museums, and a variety of dining options. There are numerous monasteries, shrines, water tanks, pillars, and carvings inside the cave. Famous kings from that era, like the Satavahanas and Kshaharatas, constructed the Pandavleni Caves for the Hinayana Buddhist monks.

The 3rd and 10th caves are the most stunning of that twenty-four caves. These caves have distinctive and magnificent architecture. An inscription describing the King of Western Maharashtra is found in cave number 15. At the foot of the Pandavleni caves, there is a smarak that displays Dadasaheb Phalke's artistic creations.

5. Anjaneri Hills

Tourist Places in Nashik

It is a place where Lord Hanuman was born. The name Anjaneri comes from Anjani, who was the mother of Lord Hanuman. It is situated in the beautiful Nashik-Trimbakeshwar mountain range. Anjaneri is a well-liked hiking destination.

6. Dudhsagar Falls

Tourist Places in Nashik

This waterfall is regarded as one of the most beautiful falls in sight. Dudhsagar Fall's other name is Someshwar Falls. The falls provide a broad view with breathtaking scenery. During the rainy season, the cascade is in full verve and is a sight to behold.

7. Muktidham Temple

Tourist Places in Nashik

Nashik's Muktidham Temple has many Hindu gods. It is constructed from real Rajasthani marble. There are replicas of 12 Jyotirlingams present in this temple. There is a Krishna temple as well. The 18 chapters of the Bhagwat Geeta that have been carved on the temple's walls enhance this temple's beauty and distinguish it.

8. Balaji Devsthan

Tourist Places in Nashik

On the Gangapur dam road in Nashik, the Balaji Devsthan is located. It contains a replica of the idol god Tirupati and is a haven for people who cannot travel to the main shrine of Balaji. The Godavari river and the nearby waterfall provide an amazing atmosphere of serenity and spirituality. There are regular religious celebrations held here, but the Lakshadeep Utsav on Kojagari Pournima is particularly notable.

9. Deolali Camp

Tourist Places in Nashik

Small hill town Deolali Camp is situated apart from the bustle of the surrounding urban areas. It has been an important military hub since the time of the British. It is actually one of the nation's oldest army cantonments. Due to its medicinal properties, it is a major attraction for visitors.

The town is renowned for its fresh, clean air and has many health resorts and sanatoriums, which are suggested for relaxation and rehabilitation. Deolali Camp and its surroundings are the ideal places to heal for anyone going through a mental phase or recovering from an illness.

10. Nashik flower park

Tourist Places in Nashik

This flower park is the most popular tourist destination in Nashik nowadays. Previously it was a waterpark that was converted into a flower park. There are more than 5 million flowers in this flower park. The walkway in the flower park is decorated with 10 big hearts. That hearts are made from flowers. The Rides at the waterpark are also decorated with flowers. There are three huge peacocks in the park that is fully covered in flowers. For the selfie, there are 30+ selfie points in different shapes available in the garden. This flower park provides a beautiful view of the mountains, as there are mountains behind the flower park.

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