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15 Best Tourist Places in Patna

Patna or Pataliputra has a long and storied past, ruled by mighty kingdoms at different times in history, coveted for its fertile lands (the city lies on the south bank of the iconic Ganges), and revered for its learning centers like Nalanda. One of the oldest continuously inhabited places on the planet, Patna was once a thriving center of international and agricultural trade. It was home to many scholars of ancient India. Let us know about some of the most famous tourist places in Patna, which makes Patna even more special.

1. Shrikrishna Scientific Centre

Tourist Places in Patna

This wonderful and well-equipped scientific center, which was constructed in 1978, is considered one of the essential locations to visit in Patna. This location is well-known for presenting many remarkable exhibits that depict scientific ideas. Whether you're a youngster or an adult, this site offers a diverse range of activities to participate in, including an innovative instructional tour. It is one of the most well-known attractions in Patna.

The Shrikrishna Scientific Centre is a science museum in Patna, named after Shri Krishna Sinha, the first Chief Minister of Bihar. It was established in 1989 and is the largest science museum in the country. On April 14, 1978, it was officially opened by Shri Thakur Prasad Singh. As a section of the National Council of Science Museums, an independent entity under the Ministry of Culture in India, the Srikrishna Science Centre is a part of the country's scientific heritage. The scientific center has benefited the general public, particularly schoolchildren. In addition, an innovation center has been established to stimulate critical thinking via scientific activities. There are a variety of facilities accessible, including 3D printing, high-speed internet access, and specialized laboratories.

2. Bihar Museum

Tourist Places in Patna

The Bihar Museum is one of the most interesting places to visit in Patna if you are interested in history. This location provides insight into the history of the state and the ancient culture of the region. Artifacts from the Patna Museum, which has been in operation for more than a century, are housed within the museum. Along with that, there are artifacts and information about human history that have been installed. The museum, spread across 5.6 hectares of land, has a dispersed scheme of buildings, including galleries, educational, and administrative areas. The museum is divided into three sections: the main building, the educational area, and the administrative area.

The Bihar Museum is a museum in the city of Patna. It was partially completed and opened in August of 2015. The only parts of the museum that were open to the public in August 2015 were the children's museum, the main entrance area, and an orientation theatre. Later, in October 2017, the remaining galleries were also made available for viewing. More than 100 artifacts were relocated from the Patna Museum to this location. A history museum for the state of Bihar, it began construction in October 2013 in Bailey Road, Patna, with an estimated budget of ?498 crores (US$65 million).

3. Patna Planetarium

Tourist Places in Patna

The Indira Gandhi Planetarium, commonly known as the Patna Planetarium, is situated in Patna's Indira Gandhi Science Complex, home to the Indira Gandhi Science Complex. The planetarium was built by the Bihar Council on Science and Technology at a total cost of around ?110 million (equivalent to US$13 million in 2020) and took approximately two years to complete. Bihar Chief Minister Shri Satyendra Narayan Sinha conceptualized the project in 1989, with building beginning the following year. It was completed and officially opened to the public on April 1, 1993.

The Indira Gandhi Planetarium is one of the biggest planetariums in Asia, and it is located in New Delhi. It draws a large number of local and international visitors. The planetarium hosts regular film screenings on a variety of astronomy-related themes. It also hosts exhibits, which draw a large number of people. The planetarium employs the classic optomechanical projection of celluloid film as its projection medium.

The Patna Planetarium, which is located in the city of Patna, is regarded to be one of the oldest and biggest planetariums in Asia, as well as one of the most impressive. An elegant theatre is housed in a contemporary building with state-of-the-art projection technology. The whole complex is extremely well-designed. Inside the theatre, there is a diverse selection of film shows that are pertinent to the field of astronomy on exhibit. It is one of the most well-known attractions in Patna.

4. Patna Museum

Tourist Places in Patna

The Patna Museum, also known as the Jadu Ghar in the local dialect, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bihar. This location is well-known for housing around 50,000 unique art artifacts that are well-worth seeing. In addition to that, Indian artifacts dating back to the Middle Ages, the British Colonial Era, and even the ancient past are on display. This site, which was built in 1917, contains many artifacts that illustrate Indian history and the state's splendor. Many galleries are housed inside the tower, with Mughal and Rajput architectural elements. It is one of the most well-known attractions in Patna.

The Patna Museum is the state museum of the Indian state of Bihar and is located in the city of Patna. It was built in the form of Mughal and Rajput architecture on April 3, 1917, under the British Raj to hold ancient artifacts discovered in the neighborhood of Patna. It is known locally as the Jadu Ghar and was inaugurated on that day. The Bihar Museum currently has most of the early collections formerly housed there. The KP Jayaswal Study Institute (KPJRI), which conducts research in the fields of history and archaeology and is based in the Patna Museum, was founded by the Bihar government to complement the work of the Patna Museum.

5. Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan Botanical Garden

Tourist Places in Patna

The Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan Botanical Garden, also known as the Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan, was established in 1969. One of the greatest places to visit in Patna for couples, this park is home to a diverse range of flora and wildlife, making it one of the best places to visit. Patna Zoo is another name for the botanical park, and visitors come here with their children to enjoy thrilling activities such as an elephant ride and a toy train.

The Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan (also known as the Sanjay Gandhi Botanical and Zoological Garden or the Patna Zoo) is a zoological garden in Patna, Bihar, India, situated off Bailey Road. The zoo portion of the park first opened its doors to the public in 1973. According to statistics from 2011, the park was the most visited picnic location in Patna, with more than 36,000 people on New Year's Day alone.

6. Lauria Nandangarh

Tourist Places in Patna

With its magnificently constructed Ashokan Pillar as its most notable attraction, this town is 28 kilometers northwest of Bettiah in a weird landscape. A pillar (Laur) built by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka inspired the name "Laurita," which means "pillar of Ashoka." There are also around 20 archaeological banks on this site, arranged in three rows. Although Emperor Ashoka initially constructed roughly 40 pillars at this location, only one of them remains now, and it is well worth your time to see it. One of the most prominent tourist destinations in Patna is the Patna Palace Museum.

Lauria Nandangarh, also known as Laurita Navandgarh, is a city or town in the West Champaran district of Bihar state in northern India, about 14 kilometers from Narkatiaganj (or Shikarpur) and 28 kilometers from Bettiah. It is located close to the banks of the Burhi Gandak River, which flows through the area. The settlement derives its name from a pillar of Ashoka that stands nearby and the stupa mound Nandangarh (variant Nanadgarh), located approximately 2 kilometers southwest of the pillar and has the same name. Laurita Nandangarh is a historical monument in Bihar's West Champaran district in the 15th century. The site has been discovered to have remnants of the Mauryan era.

7. Golghar

Tourist Places in Patna

Golghar, a storehouse built by Captain John Garstin in 1786 in the center of Patna, was originally intended to serve as a warehouse. Atop this massive tower, which is nestled among the natural splendor of Patna, you may enjoy panoramic views of the whole city and its surrounding areas. It is undoubtedly a fascinating spot to visit in Patna if you are looking for calm.

The Golghar, also known as Gol Ghar, is a vast granary in Patna, India's capital of Bihar state. It is situated to the west of the Gandhi Maidan. According to an inscription found at the site's base that dates from the early twentieth century, it was meant to be the first in a succession of massive grain storage facilities. In the end, however, no more structures were ever constructed. According to the mission statement, the granary was "part of a broader scheme for the everlasting avoidance of hunger in these districts," according to the mission statement.

John Garstin of the Bengal Engineers served as a component of the East India Company's Bengal Army, who developed the beehive-shaped construction. The building's construction was finished on July 20, 1786. In 2002, they launched a campaign to enhance the overall look of the building.

8. Gandhi Sangrahalaya

Tourist Places in Patna

In Patna, there is another great museum to visit, the Gandhi Sangrahalaya. This museum has a lot of interest among visitors since it presents a visual biography of Mahatma Gandhi's life via photographs depicting his life journey. There are also many books and an audio library that include special information about that period.

Located in Patna, Bihar, the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya (Gandhi Memorial Organization) is both a museum and a public service institution dedicated to preserving the life and ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, as well as his involvement in the Indian independence fight. It is one of the eleven Gandhi Sangrahalaya (Gandhi Museums) in the nation, and it is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi.

Years after Mahatma Gandhi's murder in 1948, they sent a call to the residents of India around the country to erect monuments to the leader of the Indian independence movement. Using the donations of India's poor and wealthy individuals, a trust with the name Mahatma Gandhi National Memorial Trust was founded to preserve Gandhi's memory. The Patna Sangrahalaya was erected in 1967 in the north-western corner of Gandhi Maidan, in the heart of the city's cultural district. Until July 1971, it was a part of the Central Gandhi Sangrahalaya Samiti, which was disbanded, and the five museums (Ahmadabad; Madurai; Bairakpore; Mumbai; and Patna) were granted independence. Since then, Gandhi Sangrahalaya in Patna has operated as a self-governing institution.

9. Jalan Museum

Tourist Places in Patna

If you are a history buff on vacation in Patna, you should visit the Japan Museum while you are there. The museum, known as Quila House, is located in Agamkuan and is open to the public. It is private property, and you must obtain permission from the owner before visiting the location. The museum contains a collection of rare artifacts from the British Raj in India. Additionally, there are other rare collections, such as the wooden bed of Napoleon III, which makes this one of the most popular places to visit near Patna. Quila House is a private residence located on the banks of the Ganga river in the old town of Patna, in the Indian state of Bihar, in the northern Indian region of northern India. Originally constructed in 1919, the house is notable for its collection of art objects and antiques, which was the personal achievement of Diwan Bahadur Radha Krishna Jalan (R.K. Jalan) (1882-1954), who was a businessman as well as a collector of fine arts.

The building, known as the Quila House in the local community, is designed in the styles of English and Dutch. The objects in the collection, which totals approximately 10,000 pieces and are primarily from the modern period, are made of stone, metal, terra cotta, ivory, glass, and porcelain. Many of the art objects are from Europe, with a few from Asia's far and near eastern countries rounding out the collection. A portion of the structure is still used as a private residence for the Jalan family. On Mondays to Saturdays, the museum is open from 9-11 am and on Sundays from 10 am - to 4 pm; however, visitors must make an appointment at least 48 hours in advance of their visit.

10. Eco Park

Tourist Places in Patna

Rajdhani Vatika, also known as Ecological Park or Eco Park, is a park in Patna, Bihar, situated on Strand Road. It was established in 1992. In October 2011, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar dedicated this park to the state's people after an effort by the Department of Environment and Forest (Department of Environment and Forest). In addition to the 1,445 meters of the footpath, a children's corner, and a 1,191-meter jogging track, the facility offers a playground. It has been created to reduce the workload at Patna Zoo. 9.18 hectares of land is dedicated to the park, including two lakes.

Every month, around 90,000 to 100,000 individuals come to the site. Regular daytime visitor counts are 3,000 and 5,000 visitors per day. Sundays and other special days are when the most people come out (6,000 to 9,000). On January 1, 2014, the park had 42,350 visitors, the highest number of visitors ever recorded.

Eco Park, also known as Rajdhani Vatika, is located near Strand Road in Patna and is a great area to spend the weekend or for an impromptu picnic lunch with friends and family. As you take in the sights and sounds of Patna's various attractions, these gardens provide a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether traveling alone or with a group, there are large expanses of wilderness to explore and a park close to this place where children may have a good time running about.

11. Buddha Smriti Park

Tourist Places in Patna

This urban park, also known as the Buddha Memorial Park, was constructed to commemorate the life of Lord Buddha. The Dalai Lama dedicated the park on the 2554th anniversary of the Buddha's birth, which was the Buddha's birthday. The park, which covered an area of 22 acres and was constructed at the cost of INR 125 crores, is the largest in India.

Don't forget to take in the breathtaking laser and sound show while you're here and the meditation center that's conveniently located nearby. The lush foliage and wonderfully landscaped gardens will assist you in relaxing and enjoying a sense of tranquillity. They constructed the park to mark the 2554th anniversary of Gautama Buddha's birth. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, dedicated the park on the eve of Buddha Purnima, the harvest moon festival. On this occasion, a tree in the park was planted as a commemorative seedling by the Dalai Lama.

12. Hungama World

Tourist Places in Patna

In Patna, Hungama World is one of the largest water-cum-amusement parks in northern India and is synonymous with excitement and enjoyment. In the years after its construction and opening in 2014, it has established itself as the most popular themed water park in the city of Patna. It offers a variety of breathtaking thrills and attractions that will get your heart racing and provide you with the excitement you've been yearning for. The park's land and water rides have been thoughtfully designed to provide a fun-filled experience for visitors.

The water park consists of several pools, which serve as the park's primary attractions. Aside from these features, the park also boasts beautiful, lush green grass to stroll about on. Its grounds include a children's play area and an amusement park, which draws visitors from all walks of life. As a water-cum-amusement park with all the bells and whistles you could want, this is the perfect place for any occasion, whether a weekend trip or a last-minute picnic site. With its tower slides and attractions such as a roller coaster, this park promises to be fun for the whole family. Furthermore, it is also close to several noteworthy attractions that you will undoubtedly want to explore because of its prominent position.

13. Rajendra Smriti Sangrahalaya

Tourist Places in Patna

If you are interested in history and politics, the Rajendra Smriti Sangrahalaya is one of the tourist attractions in Patna that you should visit. It is dedicated to the works and life of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, India's first President of the Republic of India. You may study Dr. Rajendra Prasad's life and experience it here. Since the founding of Bihar Vidyapeeth on February 6, 1921, he has resided and worked in this location.

This gallery, which is devoted to the life and work of Dr Rajendra Prasad, has an assortment of his things, including pens, clothing, books, watches, and other items. An exhibition hall is located inside the gallery, and it has a variety of things and artifacts associated with him.

14. Khuda Baksh Oriental Library

Tourist Places in Patna

The ancient Khuda Baksh Oriental Library, also known as the Khuda Baksh Library, is located approximately 5 kilometers away from the Patna Railway Station and quite near to the banks of the Ganga. This wonderful library has a vast collection of over 2,000 antique Mughal and Rajput paintings and 18,000 Persian and Arabic manuscripts, among other things. In addition, the collection comprises around 550 video and 850 audio cassettes created by a variety of well-known individuals.

As part of its mission to serve the community, the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library has published a quarterly periodical since 1977. The library also has texts that have been written on palm leaves, paper, fabric, and deerskin that have been preserved. It also offers a large collection of printed literature in various languages, including Persian, Hindi, English, German, Russian, Japanese, French, Urdu, and Arabic. The Khuda Baksh Library, a must-see tourist attraction in Patna, draws academicians, history lovers, and literary fans worldwide to its hallowed halls.

The Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library is located in Patna, close to the banks of the Ganges. It is a one-of-a-kind repository housing over 21000 Oriental manuscripts and 2.5 lakh printed volumes. It was introduced to the public in October 1891 by the distinguished son of Bihar Khan Bahadur Khuda Bakhsh. He possessed 4,000 manuscripts, of which he received 1,400 from his father, Maulvi Mohammed Bakhsh, even though they had been established earlier.

15. Chhoti Dargah

Tourist Places in Patna

At a distance of 30 kilometers from the heart of Patna city, the three-story Chhoti Dargah serves as the last resting place of Muslim saint Makhdum Shah Daulat, who was buried here in 1616, according to tradition. Ibrahim Khan built this tomb in 1619, and it is a work of art in terms of architectural design. The top of the Dargah is topped by a massive dome, the roof of which is adorned with many carved verses from the Islamic holy book of the Quran. In addition, there is a massive tank in front of the Chhoti Dargah. Currently, there are many graves with cloth coverings in the vicinity of the Dargah.

According to certain accounts, the location has been described as a regional center of learning, where they studied the Sanskrit grammarian Panini. When Ibrahim Khan erected the Dargah in 1619, he was commemorating the burial of the Muslim Saint Mahmud Khan, who died there in 1616.

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