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Tourist Places in Nagaland

India's easternmost region corresponds to the country's northeast, which includes seven sisters and one brother (Sikkim). For the Asian superpower India, this geographical area has crucial geopolitical significance. It encompasses eight different states, each of which has its unique mountainous beauty that allows visitors to lose themselves in a completely different setting. Because the Siliguri corridor connects all seven of the states-Nagaland, Manipur, Assam, and others-they are collectively referred to as sisters. The seven sisters can only be reached in this manner. Sikkim is referred to as the brother state to those seven sisters state among all the northeastern states. It is a landlocked state that borders West Bengal, Nepal, Bhutan, and other countries. Sikkim is rather distant from the seven sister states, which are all connected by contiguous borders, earning Sikkim the nickname "one brother" to those states. Before choosing any of the northeastern states for a tourism excursion, having a general understanding of them is absolutely necessary.

In today's article, we are providing you with some of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Nagaland, one of its sibling states of seven sisters. Nagaland is a mysterious, far-flung region that offers a genuinely unique travel encounter in India. Perhaps the most colourful of all the Indian states, this one is home to over 15 tribes and a remarkable 36 local dialects. Some of its well-known tribes include the Changs, Kacharis, Lothas, and others. It is undeniable that Nagaland is a state with a diverse range of cultures, which is why it is known as the "Land of the Festivals." Each tribe has a separate space in this state to practice its own rites and traditions. And this is the reason why there are so many festivals planned throughout the entire year. In fact, the state government of Nagaland recently created the now-famous Hornbill Event, a kind of umbrella festival that aims to unite all the various cultures and tribes in Nagaland under a single category of the population. After learning so much about Nagaland, we can be certain that visiting this state, if it's on a traveller's bucket list, would be a colourful experience. Let's discover some of Nagaland's tourist attractions.

1. Dimapur

Tourist Places in Nagaland

The state of Nagaland welcomes you with an open heart and warm hospitality at Dimapur, which serves as its entry point. It is a town with beautiful scenery, well-maintained roads, and a well-planned layout. The town offers a wide range of options to history scholars and nature admirers. The 13th-century Kachari Ruins, which are said to be proof of the Ahom intrusion of the area, are one of Dimapur's most beautiful locations.

Dimapur will undoubtedly appeal to nature enthusiasts since it will lead them on a memorable journey. Seithekima village and Kuki Dolong village are some of the top locations in Dimapur that are well-known for tourist attractions since they are ideal for peace and serenity, and they are located in quiet places far away from the busy and hectic city life.

2. Kohima

Tourist Places in Nagaland

The highland capital of Nagaland, one of India's seven sister states, is Kohima. The anglicised name "Kohima" was given by the British; the original name, "Kewhira," was drawn from the Kewhi flowers that are seen in the area.

The capital city of Nagaland, Kohima, is among the most endearing locations to explore. Although Kohima was introduced to the contemporary world, it nonetheless managed to preserve its natural beauty and possess a unique, captivating grace. It is a place of tradition that has been transmitted down through the ages and is renowned for its dreamy setting and unspoiled charm.

It is 1500 metres above sea level and is surrounded by charming hills, lush trees, and a gorgeous setting that makes it the perfect location for trekking, camping, and hiking, making it the go-to spot for all adventure aficionados. The Naga and Kulkis tribes live in Kohima, which the British developed, and can astound one with their autonomy and the magical and vibrant culture that they follow.

As the scene of a bloody war with the Japanese that lasted 64 days during World War II, Kohima will go down in history as a significant event. The Commonwealth War Cemetery, which is among the most visited places in the area, is home to thousands of World War II veterans. The cemetery houses almost 1400 burials.

This location offers a window into the way of life of the native Angami tribe, which dominates this area. The city has far more to offer visitors than that, including a museum, zoo, sanctuary, valleys, autonomous communities, and so on. On the other part of Kohima, known as Tseminyu, there are numerous historic graveyards, ruins, and settlements that have been deserted to engage aficionados. Also, one can't simply afford to miss places like Japfu Peak and the Naga Heritage Village.

3. Mon

Tourist Places in Nagaland

Mon, one of Nagaland's top tourist destinations, is renowned for its pleasant setting. Perhaps the fascinating feature of this town is its inhabitants and their colourful and distinctive culture and clothing. There are many charming villages close by that may give you a better understanding of Naga life. Mon, the abode of the Konyaks Nagas, offers visitors singular and utterly enthralling view of tattooed faces donning feathered loincloths. Because they claim they are Noah's progeny, the Konyaks practise farming.

The district features challenging terrain with high slopes, excluding the foothills. Although Mon doesn't have many tourist attractions, it nonetheless draws lots of visitors from all over the world.

The well-known tourist destinations in this region are Veda Peak and Naganimora. Among the most unspoiled areas in the area is a waterfall that can be seen close to the Veda summit. Veda mountain is about 70 kilometres away from Mon. Chui, Longwa, and Shangynu are three of the few settlements in the area that are worthwhile stopping by.

Mon is home to many fascinating things, such as the possibility of having part of your body in India and another part in Myanmar, provided you choose to be in Longwa, the largest hamlet in the Mon district and a bordering village with Myanmar. A significant landmark in Longwa is the chief's residence, where he lives with his 60 spouses.

4. Mokokchung

Tourist Places in Nagaland

Mokokchung, which is home to the Ao tribe, is frequently referred to as Nagaland's brightest and most attractive area. Mokokchung, which is steadily growing in popularity as a tourist destination in Nagaland, is renowned for its rich customs, festive spirit, and warmth. Longkhum, one of its locations, is well acclaimed for being a heaven for those who love the outdoors. Since farming is the area's primary industry, festivals held around the planting and harvesting seasons are likely to improve the visitor's experience.

Visitors may fall in love with Mokokchung's gorgeous surroundings, which are covered in Rhododendron across the hills. This location is well-known for its cultural handicrafts and handloom as well as for the animist cult known as Limapur.

The District Museum, the Town Main Park, the Unman village (which is recognised as the oldest and largest), and the Ao village are some of the well-known tourist attractions in the area. Ungma, the first settlement established by the Ao when they arrived in Nagaland from Chungliyimti, is another popular destination in the Mokokchung district. Ungma is frequently referred to as the Ao tribe's living museum.

Chuchuyimlang, commonly known as the festival village, is a tourist destination that one can also explore. The Ao Nagas festivities are enthusiastically observed in this village. Besides these locations, tourists can also visit Changtongya, Mokokchung Park, and the Mokokchung District Museum.

5. Wokha

Tourist Places in Nagaland

The hills and lush terrain, which are characteristic of the state, get livelier and more beautiful when you enter Wokha. Numerous plants overflowing with colourful blooms, fresh and luscious fruits, and freely flowing rivers will allure guests with their loveliness. Additionally, you may purchase deliciously fresh fruit. The tribe known as the Lotha lives in this area. An important destination in the Wokha region is a touristic village near Riphyim, which is well-known for its breathtaking views of a dam on the Donyan River.

With a summit elevation of 1969 metres, Mountain Tiyi in the Wokha region is another well-liked tourist destination for the mesmerising scenery of Nagaland. Also, don't pass up the opportunity to observe the River Doyang from the mountaintop in a way that has never been seen before. The Nagas consider Mount Tiyi to be a sacred site because they think it is where the spirits of the dead reside. We may soothe our adventurous character by hiking to the impressive Mount Tiyi, which provides us with lush surroundings the entire way. As we hike up the mountain, we will learn more about the legends that are connected to it with the help of their famous folklore sung by them. Do not worry about getting there because the closest airport and train station are in Dimapur, from which we can take a taxi or a bus to Wokha.

6. Khonoma Green Village

Tourist Places in Nagaland

Khonoma Green Village, one of Nagaland's most undisturbed landscapes, is the product of consistent ethical living. This valley is a beautiful vacation location and a well-liked tourist attraction in Nagaland because of the tranquil scenery, clean air, and tranquil setting. Each home we will see here has been completely handmade using only crude ingredients that have been recycled or come from the earth. It is a place where the Angami community lives off of farming, spinning, and handlooms to provide for their daily needs. This place has flourished and is now a model and fantastic illustration of sustainable development for future generations.

The Damant Tomb, Naga Historical Village, and Dovipie Guesthouse are some of the greatest tourist attractions in this area. It is the location one should go to see what results from continuing to live responsibly and in harmony. It is a working illustration of what a group of people working together can accomplish. Experiencing this community can increase one's inspiration to build such habitat for ourselves and future generations back at home in this period of accelerating climate change. However, we must also tread cautiously and preserve the area's etiquette by refraining from hurling trash or plastic bags everywhere.

7. Benreu

Tourist Places in Nagaland

Benreu is completely quiet and isolated in the Peren town of Nagaland. It is an undiscovered community, 20% of its residents being animals and the natural world. It is one of the top traveller destinations in Nagaland to visit if one wants to travel completely off-road and experience ultimate seclusion.

It is the homeland of the Zeliang tribe. It is located over Mountain Pauna, which is regarded as Nagaland's third-highest peak and is 1950 metres high. Due to its elevated altitude, it is an area of cloudy skies and rainfall. Along with taking in the peace and splendour of nature, this place is a good place to spot the straightforward village life of the Naga people. According to the 2020 study, it is one of the least explored settlements, home to 180 households.

8. Meluri

Tourist Places in Nagaland

In the Kiphire region, Meluri is a little, charming village en route to Mount Saramati. This region is widely known for its hunters and their hunting expertise. The Pochury tribe, which is renowned for its superb hunting abilities, resides here as their homeland. In addition to its beauty, it is a must-see location due to its intriguing natural geological rock shaping.

One can explore the majestic rock formations and Zanibu Mountains along with a few lakes, such as Shilloi Lake and Dzudu Lake, all of which offer breathtaking views of Nagaland's far-reaching lowlands and the gigantic Mount Everest. Furniture made of wooden sticks and brine salt, a peculiarity of this community, is another intriguing item not to be missed. We can catch any vehicle like a bus or a taxi to get to Meluri from the nearest airport and train station, which is in Dimapur.

9. Phek

Tourist Places in Nagaland

Phek, which has the greatest tourist attractions in Nagaland, draws visitors with its mesmerising beauty in the shape of an unreal setting. Phek is a mountainous region with a diverse ecosystem. Shilloi Lake, in addition to the spellbinding hills, is a popular destination. Phek, which is filled with lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water, is the perfect place to find peace and quiet in the midst of nature.

Another noteworthy site in this area is the tourist village of Khezhakeno. Khezakeno, a traditional hamlet located in the neighbourhood, can be explored for a voyage through culture and ethnicity to learn more about the history of the area. Kapamodz and Zanibou are the district's significant and alluring hills, and Tizu, Lanye, and Sedzu are their principal rivers.

The Phek waterfall orchid vibes are the cherry on top of this unusual tourist destination. This out-of-the-way location in Nagaland is a riot of colour and celebration, which might enhance the visitor's pleasure. On a trip to Phek, tourists can partake in hobbies like birdwatching, hiking, and trekking because the less travelled area will give visitors something to think about.

10. Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Nagaland

The Intanki National Park, one of Nagaland's most well-liked tourist destinations, spans a total area of 202.02 kilometres square. In 1993, it was designated as a national park. The enormous tract of equatorial forest is renowned for its picturesque scenery and semi-tropical flora. The government designated the park as an elephant reserve in the year 2005.

The Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary in Nagaland provides thrills for those who enjoy wildlife and the outdoors. The wildlife reserve is home to unique creatures, including sloth bears, wild dogs, flying squirrels, barking deer, and black storks, among others.

Dense vegetation and semi-tropical trees fill the region. One can take part in exciting pursuits while visiting Nagaland's lush wonderland, such as camping, trekking, mountain climbing, and hiking. The park is frequented by hikers and outdoor enthusiasts and has beautiful valleys, mountains, and camping areas. Animal lovers can also enjoy the natural splendour of the park because of its stunning topography. One can observe much wildlife, including pheasants, kingfishers, kaleej, black storks, and white-breasted hornbills. Shilloi Lake, Japfu Peak, and Pulie Badze are a few of the additional locations nearby the national park that are worth seeing.

This Nagaland tourist destination is easily accessible from the airport and train station in Dimapur because of the frequent government and private buses that run between Kohima and Dimapur. From Kohima, one can also take a taxi to the national park. The airport in Dimapur is conveniently connected to several of India's largest cities, including Kolkata, Guwahati, Bengaluru, and Delhi. Furthermore, the railway station has connections to both Kolkata and Guwahati.

The period of November through February are the ideal times to travel to this region in the North East. To make the most of one's holiday, they can also make arrangements with the woodland rest house. The circuit house and the PWD Inspection Bungalow are a couple of the other lodgings.

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