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Tourist Places in North Bengal

North Bengal emerges as a fascinating destination that offers a great combination of natural beauty and cultural richness. This region, decorated with the beautiful Himalayas, huge tea farms, pure rivers, and peaceful villages, offers a one-of-a-kind and unusual travel experience for those looking to escape the routine of city life. North Bengal attracts travellers with its diverse terrain, which includes the Himalayan foothills and the beautiful hills of Darjeeling and Kalimpong.

North Bengal provides a number of strange escapes, from the calm of the village of Dooars, where time seems to stand still amidst beautiful tea gardens and untouched forests, to the timeless beauty of Darjeeling's tea plantations and the serene appeal of Kalimpong's hillside settlements. Visitors can embark on trips through peaceful hamlets, partake in tea tourism, and interact with wildlife in the centre of nature's embrace. North Bengal reveals a side of India that urges travellers to reconnect with nature and immerse themselves in the peaceful pace of life away from the hectic cityscapes, thanks to its unique combination of clean scenery and friendly local hospitality.

1. Rongo

Rongo is a silent shelter in North Bengal, situated in the hills that border Bhutan, calling out travellers to take in its peaceful beauty. Rongo, located around 33 kilometres from New Mal Junction, provides a calm respite from the stresses of everyday life. The peaceful environment of the village is enhanced by slow village walks and conversations with friendly residents, providing an authentic peek into local culture. With its undulating hills, rich leaves, and distant mist-covered mountains, the amazing scenery provides a lovely setting for relaxation and photography.

Visitors can add a spiritual touch by exploring a neighbouring church and marvelling at the beauty of a nearby waterfall. Rongo is an outstanding weekend getaway destination, offering a great blend of peace, natural appeal, and local flavour.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

2. Lepchakha

Lepchakha, located on Buxa Hill in the heart of North Bengal's Dooars district, provides a sense of calm for nature lovers and tired travellers. Its rising summit rewards tourists with stunning views of the landscape's twelve rivers, the vast Buxa Tiger Reserve, and distant Bhutanese peaks. The journey to Lepchakha begins with a trek from Santalabari to Buxa Fort, followed by a 3-kilometre walk, which adds an element of adventure to the experience.

The attraction of Lepchakha extends beyond its breathtaking views. The diverse plant and animal life of the region, including oak, pine, and fir trees, create an inviting backdrop for relaxation and meditation. Homestays provided by the local Lepcha people create an authentic and welcoming environment in which guests may immerse themselves in local customs and flavours. Away from the constant hustle and bustle of modern life, Lepchakha invites visitors to isolate, refresh and rediscover the beauty of simplicity amidst the tranquillity of nature.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

3. Chilapata

Chilapata, located in North Bengal's Eastern Dooars, emerges as an unexplored sanctuary for those seeking a unique blend of nature and wildlife. Chilapata's appeal lies in its wild beauty and outstanding biodiversity, despite its lack of official classification as a Wildlife Sanctuary or National Park. Chilapata, an essential migration corridor for beautiful wildlife such as one-horned rhinoceroses and Asiatic elephants, offers exhilarating jungle excursions that put guests face to face with the forest. The rivers Torsha and Bania serenade the area, giving a tranquil setting for riverside strolls and picnics. Chilapata, being a gateway to neighbouring sites such as Neora Valley National Park and Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, appeals as a perfect destination for visitors looking to discover the natural beauties of North Bengal.

Chilapata's doors open during the non-monsoon months (October to May), allowing visitors to gaze at its splendour. Travellers can take the train to New Alipurduar Junction or Hasimara Junction and then hire a vehicle to explore Chilapata's core. Chilapata's appeal comes not just from its wildlife encounters but also from the sense of connection and calm it provides. Chilapata provides a realistic representation of nature's peaceful interaction with its inhabitants for those seeking the unusual, leaving a permanent mark on those fortunate enough to explore its depths.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

4. Dalgaon

Dalgaon, situated among the beautiful landscape of North Bengal, is a hidden treasure for people seeking peaceful vacations. This beautiful community, surrounded by beautiful tea gardens and magnificent mountain views, provides a refreshing getaway from city life. Aside from its scenic splendour, Dalgaon's natural beauty and friendly warmth create a pleasant atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy the right blend of relaxation and adventure with relaxing village walks, magnificent overlooks, and exploring neighbouring sites. Dalgaon, located 125 km from Siliguri, is an ideal weekend vacation for families, friends, or lone travellers. Dalgaon welcomes visitors to rest, connect with nature, and appreciate its peace of life with its closeness, beautiful roads, and a setting that epitomizes North Bengal's odd allure.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

5. Raimatang

Raimatang, located in the heart of the beautiful Buxa Tiger Reserve, is an excellent resort for travellers seeking an escape into nature. The village provides breathtaking views that attract every tourist. This place is surrounded by the lovely tea gardens of North Bengal and sheltered by the imposing hills. Raimatang, which is rich in plant and animal life, provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see a variety of wildlife and bird species, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. Trekking options through deep forests and hills are available for those with an adventurous attitude, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in the natural splendour of the surroundings.

Raimatang, which serves as an entrance to the Buxa Forest, also offers jungle safaris that allow for up-close interactions with the region's wildlife, adding an element of excitement to any visit. The crystal-clear rivers that run through Raimatang offer a peaceful backdrop for picnics, meditation, or simply unwinding while taking in the natural splendour. Furthermore, Raimatang's reputation as a bird-watching holy city assures that observing a broad array of bird species against the backdrop of the magnificent terrain is a wonderful experience, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned birdwatcher. Overall, Raimatang promises an enlightening and reviving experience, whether you seek adventure, wildlife encounters, or a peaceful getaway from the mundane.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

6. Paren

Paren, located in North Bengal's Dooars district, is a peaceful hideaway that encourages visitors with its beautiful surroundings, thick woods, and flowing rivers. Its peaceful beauty and gorgeous environment make it a perfect hiding place for nature lovers, adventurers, and those seeking calm. The Relli River's steady flow enhances the rolling hills, creating an arrangement of nature's sounds.

Nature walks and journeys encourage inquiry, while nearby villages like Todey and Tangta provide a taste of the local culture. Paren welcomes tourists to enjoy the serenity with a variety of accommodations that preserve its rustic beauty, making it an unforgettable escape amidst nature's wealth.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

Darjeeling's Delights: Tea Estates and Mountains

The Darjeeling region of North Bengal, nestled in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas, offers a unique blend of beautiful scenery, attractive hill settlements, and, of course, the famed tea farms that have made this place associated with the finest tea in the world. Far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, this location provides a calm retreat for travellers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and legacy that Darjeeling has to offer.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

1. Singtom Tea Estate

Singtom Tea Estate and Resort, located 6 kilometres from Darjeeling, offers visitors a tour of the world of tea manufacturing. This estate, whose history goes back to the 1800s, offers both historical charm and tranquillity. Guests can tour the tea factory, go on tea-tasting trips, and even help pluck tea leaves. The gorgeous setting, hidden among hills and tea gardens, offers a relaxing respite. Furthermore, the ability to hike to the 360-degree point and enjoy a picnic increases the experience, making it an ideal place for tea enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

2. Bunkulung

Bunkulung, about 15 kilometres from Mirik, is a nature lover's paradise, offering an idyllic escape from the busy world. It provides an ideal location for relaxation and renewal, with rich tea gardens, meandering rivers, and long expanses of stunning scenery. The calm of this tiny community, surrounded by rice and spice fields, provides an ambience that speaks to nature enthusiasts' emotions.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

3. Tabakoshi

Tabakoshi, located about 8 kilometres downhill from the Gopaldhara Tea Estate, provides an enchanting experience amidst the green tea gardens and verdant hills. This area not only welcomes travellers with the enchanting beauty of tea plantations but also offers the opportunity to experience friendly hospitality. Tabakoshi is a refuge for anyone seeking leisure and an intensive connection with nature, whether staying at Sunakhari Homestay, camping by the river, or exploring the green environs.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

4. Singell

Singell, situated among tea gardens, attracts visitors with its unique appeal, providing a chance to see the iconic Darjeeling toy railway moving over the terrain. The peaceful surroundings offer an enjoyable getaway, enabling tourists to appreciate the peace and quiet of the tea estates. With trekking possibilities and the opportunity to explore the Singell Tea Estate, this venue allows visitors to bask in the majesty of the highlands while also immersing themselves in tea history.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

5. Rangaroon

Rangaroon, only 16 kilometres from Darjeeling, is known for its peace and beautiful scenery of hills and woods. Those seeking relief from city chaos will find peace in their surroundings. Apart from the stunning vistas of Darjeeling and the awe-inspiring Kanchenjunga peaks, Rangaroon is also known for its wonderful hospitality. A vacation in this tranquil hamlet combines adventure, nature, and a relaxing break from the hectic pace of urban life.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

6. Bagora

Bagora, located at an elevation of 7150 feet above sea level, greets visitors with its old-world beauty and slow-paced life. Bagora, known for its pure natural beauty, welcomes visitors to enjoy the basic pleasures of life, such as travelling around the village, breathing in the misty air, and looking out at the magnificent views of the Kalimpong hills. Bagora, with its blanket of green grass and breathtaking landscapes, provides a peaceful refuge in harmony with nature.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

7. Tumsong Tea Estate

Tumsong Tea Estate, located near Ghoom, reveals a beautiful tea resort surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges. The colonial-style Managers' Bungalow offers accommodations that reflect the estate's history. The large tea gardens and breathtaking views of the mountain provide an idyllic atmosphere for exploring and relaxation. Aside from its tea tradition, Tumsong has a calm ambience that is ideal for immersing oneself in the serenity of the hills.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

Kalimpong: Quiet Villages and Beautiful Hills

Kalimpong, situated in the rolling hills of the Eastern Himalayas in North Bengal, is a pleasant and beautiful tourist resort that perfectly blends natural splendour with cultural richness. With its rich tea plantations, magnificent views of the Kanchenjunga range, and the peaceful Teesta River running through its valleys, this tranquil village welcomes travellers. Kalimpong, known for its calm monasteries, bustling markets selling local products, and exuberant festivals, offers a unique blend of peace and energy that captivates travellers seeking an out-of-the-way Himalayan hideaway.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

1. Bidyang

Bidyang, a peaceful village around 15 kilometres from Kalimpong, welcomes visitors with its calm atmosphere. Bidyang is an area of calm and quiet, situated among greenery and sheltered by the soothing flow of the Relli River. The only sounds that break the peace here are the peaceful sounds of nature, which help tourists escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

2. Triveni

Triveni, only 53 kilometres from Siliguri, reveals itself as an environmental lover's heaven. This wonderful location includes camping, fishing, and thrilling whitewater rafting excursions, immersing tourists in the natural splendour. Triveni, where both the Teesta and Rangeet Rivers meet, offers a stunning setting where the harmony of water and mountains forms an ideal backdrop for nature lovers.

Tourist Places in North Bengal

3. Bhalukhop

Bhalukhop, set amidst stunning mountains and beautiful tea plantations, offers a view of nature's beauty. The village attracts visitors with its tranquil atmosphere and offers a haven of solitude and renewal. The covering of green grass and sweeping panoramas of the Kalimpong hills immerse visitors in a calm mood as they investigate the surroundings. Bhalukhop, with its old-world charm, offers an opportunity to escape the mundane and bask in nature's beauty.

Tourist Places in North Bengal


North Bengal is a special place with incredible natural beauty. It boasts numerous one-of-a-kind and peaceful places to visit, such as villages surrounded by tea gardens and foggy mountains. Exploring North Bengal allows you to see nature's beauty while getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This hidden gem encourages visitors to enjoy its peaceful customs, regional customs, and breathtaking scenery. It's an ideal location for taking in the natural beauty and creating memorable memories.

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