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Tourist Places in Bagalkot

Bagalkot is a beautiful city in the region of Northern Karnataka, India. This place is popularly known as Bagalkote. It is a part of the administrative headquarters of the Bagalkot district. It covers an area of 6,593 km^2 at the banks of river Ghataprabha. According to ancient history, it's been said that in the 6th century CE, some Hindu chalukya rulers ruled over this area. The Chalukyan king Pulakeshin l established Bagalkot as his administrative headquarters. However, according to a few, it is believed that this Bagalkot district of Karnataka was gifted to a musician by the mythological Ravan, the lord of Lanka. So, we can say there are several stories behind the origin of Bagalkot. According to another legend, the sultan of Bijapur gifted this town in Bangle Money to one of his daughters. The old name of Bagalkot was "Bagadige '', which later became "Bagdikot '' and later Bagalkot. The stone inscriptions in the old temples of the present Bagalkot can identify this.

Top Tourist Places in Bagalkot

  1. Aihole
    Tourist Places in Bagalkot
    Also famous by the name Aivalli, Ahivolal, or Aryapuram. Aihole has a group of Hindu temples and is also called the birthplace of Indian architecture. In the medieval era, the regional artisans and architects of the Aihole region created prototypes of 16 types of free-standing temples and 4 types of rock shrines to represent the theory and ideology of Hinduism. The rulers of the Chalukya Dynasty built it and later made Aihole its capital.
  2. Pattadakallu
    Tourist Places in Bagalkot
    Pattadakal, also famous by the name 'Raktapura'. It is one of the most well-known heritage towns in Karnataka. It is located on the banks of the river Malaprabha. Its beautiful design and architecture made it one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This magnificent monument is a protected site under Indian law managed by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI). The architecture displays a blend of Vedic and Puranic concepts. Also showcases the stories of the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the Bhagavata Geeta. These Hindu and Jain Temples reflect the blend of northern and southern styles.
  3. Badami Caves Temples
    Tourist Places in Bagalkot
    23 km away from Pattadakal in Badami, there are very important historical places that are an important part of the heritage history of Karnataka state. The cave temples are very famous and prominent religious places. They are the perfect representation of the Badami Chalukyan architecture. The Badami caves temples, the Bhutanatha temples, Badami Shivalaya, and Jambukeshwara temples are also famous as rock-cut monuments.
  4. Almatti Dam
    Tourist Places in Bagalkot
    This dam is located on the edge of Vijaypura and Bagalkot district. This was introduced as a hydroelectric project on the river Krishna. The water from the same is diverted and used for irrigation projects. Moreover, it also helps the government expand tourism activities like boating, musical fountain rock gardens, and many more leisure activities.
  5. Kudala Sangama
    Tourist Places in Bagalkot
    This place is well known for the samadhi of Basavanna, who was a social reformer. He was an influential reformer who fought against the caste system, racial discrimination, and exploitation.
  6. Yadahalli Chinkara Wildlife Sanctuary
    Tourist Places in Bagalkot
    The sanctuary is located in the forests of Bilagi and Mudhol taluks in the Bagalkot district. The construction of the Wildlife Sanctuary aims to protect the Indian Gazelle, i.e., Chinkaras. Established in 2016, this park covers an overall area of 96.3691 km^2. It is the state's first Wildlife Sanctuary for Chinkaras at the Yadahalli village. Hence, it is also named after it.

Art and Festival

Tourist Places in Bagalkot
  • Pattadakallu Dance Festival: Every year, a Pattadakallu Dance Festival is organized under the government's sponsorship of Karnataka. Many artists are invited to attend and showcase their talent. Moreover, it is just like a festival where many people from different places gather and represent their culture and heritage. It is called the Pattadakallu Dance Festival because this is all done in the backdrop of the famous temples of Pattadakal. It is delightful to watch it and celebrate their heritage.
  • Chalukya Utsav is another cultural and heritage festival celebrated annually in the historical cities of Badami and Aihole in the northern part of Karnataka. It is a two or three-day event that is generally celebrated in February. While visiting Badami and Aihole, it's wonderful to attend this festival as it is one of the eye-catching events of Bagalkot district. Exploring and learning more about their culture and heritage is an amazing experience.

Popular Things

  • According to the 2011 census of Bagalkot district, the population was over 100,000.
  • Kannada is the primary language of the district. It is spoken by 86.07% of the population. Urdu is the second language that is spoken by 9.30%.
  • Hindu, with 86.48%, is the main religion, followed by Muslim (11.64%), Christian (0.18%), and Sikh (0.02%).
  • Sambar, samosas, Vada pav, dosas, chili chicken, and chicken tikka are special tasty dishes in Bagalkot.
  • The dress of Bagalkot is an Ilkal saree. It is named after the name of Ilkal town in the Bagalkot district. These sarees are woven using cotton warp on the body and art silk wrap for the border and pallu portion.
  • Holi Jabba is one of Bagalkot district's oldest and most significant cultural traditions. The festival involves a bonfire ceremony called Kama Dahanam, representing the burning of lust and other evils in the people's hearts, followed by playing with colors for a couple of days.
  • The major crops of this district are sorghum, maize, wheat, ground nut, sunflower, green gram, red gram, Bengal gram, sugarcane, and cotton. Besides this, horticultural crops like Banana, grapes, pomegranate, lime, and grapes are also grown there.

Best Time for Visiting Bagalkot

Bagalkot district is in north Karnataka. Compared to the short, dry, and humid Summers, winters are warmer, oppressive, and a good time for tourists visiting the Bagalkot district. The climate is likely to moderate from October to February. So, this is the time to visit Bagalkot district.

Ways to Reach Bagalkot

First, you must reach Bangalore by any medium that suits your comfort and budget. Then, you would be heading to Bagalkot. The distance between Bangalore and Bagalkot is 485 km, and it will take around 10 hours to drive to Bagalkot from Bangalore and vice-versa. Buses facilities are also available with choices in AC and non-AC buses.


Bagalkot, a prominent city of Karnataka, is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to explore the natural, historical, and cultural heritage of South India. The variety of tourist spots gives tourists an extraordinary experience. The people of Bagalkot are amazing and show great warmth and hospitality. The most suitable time to visit this place is winter. The scenes from the Hampi are mesmerizing, and the cultural festival is a beautiful combination of art, culture, and heritage. The Hindu and Jain temples in Pattadakal display a variety of stories. The Papanatha and Virupaksha temples depict art, culture, and tradition. The dressing is beautiful. The artwork is amazing. Overall, Bagalkot is where you find peace and enjoy life with your family while being in your roots and understanding the importance of Indian culture and traditions.

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