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25 Best Tourist Places in Assam

Assam, which is a gift-wrapped with thick jungles with the most bizarre wildlife, canoes sailing down the Brahmaputra river, or rolling fields of aromatic tea, is one of the most charming states in the Northeastern part of India. There are many popular tourist places in this state that are lying in the wait to be explored, and one who is planning a trip to Assam would love to have a visit to all these places. Assam is not only home to some of the best wildlife sanctuaries of India and a grower of the country's maximum share of tea but is also home to some of the most amazing tourist places in India, and it never fails to overwhelm the tourists and visitors with its tranquility and beauty. This article provides a complete list of all major tourist places in Assam that one cannot afford to miss during their trip to this state.

1. Darang

Tourist Places in Assam

If one loves to explore locations rich with fauna & flora, and traditions, then one must visit Darang. Visitors can spot numerous mythological and religious sites in the town, as this place is mentioned in Mahabharata as well. Darang has much more to offer visitors, along with its health-giving weather.

Popular for - Mythological and religious spots

Best time for visiting the location - All over the year

2. Hailakandi

Tourist Places in Assam

For visitors who are in search of tranquility and peace, then Hailakandi is the best location for them. This place is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Assam, which deserves every second and every cent of a person. Visitors can wander around the tea gardens and orchids, meditate whilst listening to the river's burbling sound, and learn about various sagas related to the town. Undoubtedly, one can have a very pleasant time in Hailakandi.

Popular for - Orchards and Scenery

Best time for visiting the location - October to March

3. Bongaigaon

Tourist Places in Assam

Bongaigaon possesses vivid culture, and this is the reason it is counted among the best tourist attractions in Assam. It is one of Assam's most important cities, as it is Kamatpur Kingdom's last capital. Visitors can learn about the enchanting traditions of Assam and the community during their visit to Bongaigaon. The pristine and unspoiled nature will tempt visitors to take a roundabout way to this place, and its picturesque beauty will blow one's mind.

Popular for - Assamese customs

Best time for visiting the location - March to May

4. Karimganj

Tourist Places in Assam

Karimganj is placed in Assam's southernmost corner and is distinguished by lush farms and wetlands. This place offers visitors a perfect breakout from hectic city life and finds themselves retreating to the sleepy hamlet. The livelihood of people living in Karimganj depends upon agriculture. Kushiara and Longai are the two main rivers the town is bejeweled with, which offer acoustic views of the water places, and also it shares its borderline with Bangladesh. If one has a fondness for animals and crops aside from a dramatic outlook, then this is a great place to explore during their trip to Assam.

Popular for - Lush farms and wetlands

Best time for visiting the location - March to May

5. Lilabari

Tourist Places in Assam

Lilabari is situated in North Lakhimpur and is listed amongst the most magnificent places to explore in Assam if one is willing to take the route less traveled. It is a small town that excites one with the beautiful Dirang Valley and waterfront scenes which is an absolute delight for nature admirers. This tourist attraction is like heaven for adventurous people, where they can enjoy a number of activities like trekking, fishing, and rafting in their spare time.

Popular for - Waterfront scenes and Dirang Valley

Best time for visiting the location - March to June

6. Sualkuchi

Tourist Places in Assam

Sualkuchi, also popular as the wearer's village, is the best location to acquire knowledge about Assamese traditions and cultures. This place is also known as Manchester of East as the best kind of silk in Assam is manufactured here. One can be elated by watching houses made of mud and bamboo. The unrefined beauty and ethnicity of this place make it a popular destination in the state amongst visitors who love to go eccentric.

Popular for - Weaver's village

Best time for visiting the location - November to March

7. Tinsukia

Tourist Places in Assam

Visitors shouldn't miss traveling to Tinsukia if they are nature admires which is known for its lush wildlife sanctuaries and attractive villages. For people who want to abstract with the world and establish a kinship with Mother Nature for a short break, this location is a haven for them. It is one of the beautiful locations to visit in Assam if one loves to explore small villages and towns and never mind going into exclusion for a few days.

Popular for - landscapes

Best time for visiting the location - October to March

8. Dibrugarh

Tourist Places in Assam

Dibrugarh, named after the Dibru River, has emerged as a city that has become the industrial and communication hub of North East India and is speedily gaining fame amongst travelers. It is the "Tea City of India" and the largest city in the state, and it is well connected with other towns and cities. Additionally, this tourist attraction is rich in culture and bountiful flora - fauna which makes it a beautiful spot to explore. A large number of migratory birds take shelter in Dibrugarh during its season. Joypur Rainforest, Naharkatia, Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary, and Namphake Village are some of the places to visit in Dibrugarh. Considering everything, this is a worth watching location in the state to visit on a northeastern vacation.

Popular for - Bounteous flora and fauna

Best time for visiting the location - October to January

9. Goalpara

Tourist Places in Assam

Goalpara provides lush landscapes and is amongst the best tourist attraction in the state to sit - back and wind down unpaid to its peaceful surroundings. This picturesque town is known for its evergreen forest lands and is situated by the edge of the Brahmaputra River. Additionally, it is the spiritual capital of the state as it possesses pilgrimage spots and some of the best temples in Assam.

Popular for - Pilgrimage spots and temples

Best time for visiting the location - October to February

10. Silchar

Tourist Places in Assam

Silchar is situated by the edges of Barak River, alive with nature's grandeur which can blow one's mind with its alluring landscapes. It is the second-largest town in the state that shares its borderline with Manipur, Bangladesh, Barai Hills, and Mizoram, and this is the reason why Silchar is rich in traditions. The tranquil ambiance and captivating landscapes make it a must-visit location to explore in Assam.

Popular for - Alluring Landscapes

Best time for visiting the location - April to June

11. Sivasagar

Tourist Places in Assam

The Sivasagar is deemed to be the abode of a centuries-old society that has continually lived here. From 1699 to 1788 AD, it was the dominion of Ahom Kings and is amongst the most surprising tourist attraction in Assam. This age-old city reveals sagas of its majestic grandeur by its magnificent architectonics and its eminent features such as grand Vishnu, Shiva, and Durga Maa shrines, besides one of the largest artificial tanks is placed here, such as Gaurisagar, Rudrasagar, and Joysagar.

Popular for - An ancient civilization

Best time for visiting the location - Throughout the year

12. Dibru Saikhowa National Park

Tourist Places in Assam

The Assam's Tinsukia district's marshlands are what compose this national park. Dibru Saikhowa National Park is a peaceful and unblemished area and an astounding wildlife sanctuary in the state, which is an abode of some of the uncommon creatures living on this planet. The marshes and wetlands of this place captivate numerous birds, due to which over 500 species of native and migratory aviaries are experienced by this park. Apart from birdwatching and wildlife safaris, it is a great place to travel in Assam in May, drawing visitors from throughout India as this place provides an exceptional chance to go on a boat safari and see the Gangetic River Dolphins.

Popular for - Boat safaris

Best time for visiting the location - October to March

13. Dima Hasao

Tourist Places in Assam

Dima Hisao, also known as Cachar Hills in Assam, is a sensational area and is an abode of major and minor Assamese tribes such as Zeme Nagas, Kukis, Dimasa Kachauris, and Hmars; all these tribes occupy a little area in Dima Hasao but immense importance in developing and conserving the cultures of Assam. It is amongst the best tourist attraction in Assam, where people who come to visit this place lose themselves in nature's serenity wishing they could live here permanently.

Popular for - Unaltered natural beauty

Best time for visiting the location - October to March

14. Panimoor Falls

Tourist Places in Assam

Panimoor Falls is located over a 100 km Haflong town and is the major tourist attraction of the town. For a movie addict person who finds movies more attractive than nature, it is exciting for them to know that some shots of the Rangoon movie were shot in this place. One should pick their camera undoubtedly stopped by here to capture all the special moments spent here.

Popular for - Natural beauty

Best time for visiting the location - During the autumn and early spring, and winter

15. Haflong Hill

Tourist Places in Assam

Haflong Hill is amongst the most popular sites to explore in Assam as it offers exciting activities such as trekking and paragliding. It is the only hill station in Assam that is also called White Ant Hillock. Fenced with a bewitching aura, this is a pleasing hillock that will make you fall in love with the place. The glimpse of the hills around and the profuse greenery offers a perfect treat for the photographers.

Popular for - Rich traditions and scenic views

Best time for visiting the location - October and February

16. Haflong Lake

Tourist Places in Assam

Situated in the heart of Assam, Haflong Lake is doubtlessly one of the best lakes and tourist attractions in the state. This lake is an ideal tripper spot that provides them an opportunity to yield to the desire for boating, waterworks, and fishing. One can do bird watching unpaid to the number of migratory birds that migrate to this lake during winters. Lake is clean and properly maintained and falls under the safeguard of the Dima Autonomous Council and Dima Hasao Tourist - Forest Department.

Popular for - It's a large population of hill terrapin range of tortoises

17. Padam Pukhuri

Tourist Places in Assam

Located in the vicinity of the Bamuni Hills, Padam Pukhuri, which is located in Tezpur, Assam, forms a pair of tanks along with Hazara Pakhuri. This tourist place of Assam is popular for lotuses and known as an island park, whereas Hazara Pakhuri is famous as the third-largest man-made lake in Tezpur. The Padam Pakhuri pond, which was created in the early 19th century during an archaeological excavation, is counted among the most popular historical places in Assam, and it contributes to the mind-freezing, breezy, and cool atmosphere of Tezpur city. While planning a trip to Assam, one should definitely include this tourist attraction in their list, and while visiting this place, they cannot afford not to witness the park's iron bridge, toy trains, and musical fountains, and should not miss out on the refreshing and heart -touching experience of walking on the bank of this man-made island pond.

Popularly Known for - famous as a lake with an island in Tezpur

Best time to Visit the place - Throughout the year

18. Nameri National Park

Tourist Places in Assam

The Nameri National park, which is located in the Tezpur city of Assam, is one of the major tourist attractions of Assam that tourists want to visit throughout the year, and this national park is popular for Elephants, Royal Bengal Tigers, and other popular animals, including Sambars, Wild Pigs, Gaurs, Leopards, and many more. This national park is counted among the most adventure-packed places located in Assam, and that's why it is one of the major tourist attractions for wildlife fanatics and thrill-seekers. Nameri National Park also has a large population of Avifauna apart from the popular fauna species located here, and this large population of Avifauna species makes it a major attraction and paradise for bird watchers. One can embark on a dauntless safari down its dirt tracks and lush thickets, and this is one of the best things one can do while visiting the Nameri National Park. Other than being a place as a wildlife attraction and having a variety of animal species, one can also find the view of evergreen vegetation and rich fauna varieties, and this also makes this national park a tourist place that tends to enchant visitors. One can also spot a variety of fishes while having a stop in the Nameri river, including the Golden Masheer (a specie of fish which is popularly known as the 'Tiger of the Himalayan Rivers'). All these combinations of rich fauna varieties found here make this national park one of the most loved and popular tourist places in Assam.

Popularly Known for - famous for royal Bengal tigers, elephants, other popular fauna varieties, and activity spots for activities, such as river rafting, fishing & safari

Best time to Visit the place - November to March

19. Hajo

Tourist Places in Assam

Hajo, which is a very ancient pilgrimage site, is the next tourist attraction of Assam on the list. This tourist spot, which is tucked on the banks of Brahmaputra, is positioned 24 km northwest of the capital city of Guwahati, and one can go very smoothly here as it is easily accessible by roads. The entire area of this place is gorgeously embellished with some of the most popular and beautiful temples of Assam, and one more reason to say that this place is an unmissable and very distinct part of Assam because the arts and temples of this place attract travelers from all over the country. Hajo is also very popular for sacred artifacts, which one love to see when they visit this place, and while visiting this place, one cannot afford to miss Hajo Powa Mecca and Hayagriva Madhava Mandir.

Popularly Known for - the famous confluence of three major religions of India - Hindu, Muslims, and Buddhists

Best time to Visit the place - October to March

20. Guwahati Planetarium

Tourist Places in Assam

Any Astronomy lover, who is planning a trip to Assam, will fall in love with Guwahati Planetarium for sure, as this place attracts a large number of tourists (especially Astronomy lovers) every year with its myriad avenues for performing multiple astronomical activities and space exploration. This popular astronomical research center of Assam hosts many exhibitions and seminars related to Astronomy, and these seminars and exhibitions allow visitors to witness many rare natural phenomena, such as meteor showers, solar eclipses, and many more.

Popularly Known for - astronomical wonders and exhibitions and seminars related to Astronomy

Best time to Visit the place - Throughout the year

21. Dipor Bil

Tourist Places in Assam

In Assamese, the Bil word is loosely referred to as 'Lake', and this place is a perfect example of this translation. Dipor Bil, which is located in the capital city of Assam, is formed as an extension of the Brahmaputra River and is positioned 13 km southwest of Guwahati. This place, where one can find different types of water lilies, aquatic grass, water hyacinths, and other rare species of flora, is the perfect spot for birdwatching and basking in the sun. Dipor Bil is a perfect spot for photographers as well as couples, and rare species of flora and fauna add a magical touch to this place.

Popularly Known for - Rare species of flora, and refreshing natural beauty

Best time to Visit the place - October to April

22. Umananda Island

Tourist Places in Assam

Every traveler, who is planning a trip to Assam, should have this religious island on their bucket list, and it is counted among one of the best tourist places in Assam to visit in June. One thing which makes this tourist place more popular as it is easily accessible from Guwahati, and Umananda Island owes its fame to its location positioned in the middle of the river Brahmaputra. The houses of this popular tourist place are dedicated to Lord Shiva, and Umananda Island is counted among the smallest islands in the world.

Popularly Known for - Lord Shiva's dedicated houses, and small & scenic splendor

Best time to Visit the place - October to April

23. Orang National Park

Tourist Places in Assam

Orang National Park is placed quietly on the Brahmaputra's northern shores and is also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park. This park is one of the peculiar destinations in the state as it is the famous home of the one-horned rhinos of Assam. This park is remarkably rich in fauna, such as Hog deer, Otters, Bengal Porcupine, Indian Civet, Indian Fox, Rhesus Macaque, and Indian Pangolin, and provides a home to over 50 species of fishes that add to its alluring landscapes and picturesque charm. Visitors can do a lot of activities here like Cruise rides, spotting wildlife, elephant ride, and bird watching.

Popular for - uncommon species of fish

Best time for visiting the location - October to March

24. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Assam

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Sonitpur, Guwahati, on the Eastern Himalayan hillock. This park not only gives the visitor an opportunity to witness some of the uncommon birds and animal species of the country, but it also offers them to spot mesmerizing views of the countless orchid fields and snowy Himalayan peaks. This wildlife sanctuary shares its borderline with Arunachal Pradesh, and a little bit merges with Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, offering tourists to enjoy both places simultaneously. Here is an Elephant reserve where elephants who are abandoned and orphaned are cared and nourished.

Popularly Known for - famous for bird watching and different species of fauna (Indian Giant Squirrels, Wild Boars, Himalayan Black Bear, Royal Bengal Tigers), and Avifauna (Rufous Necked Hornbill, Black Stork, Wreathed Hornbill, Ibis Bill)

Best time to Visit the place - October to February

25. Assam State Zoo And Botanical Garden

Tourist Places in Assam

Assam State Botanical Garden and Zoo, which is located in the capital city of Guwahati, is positioned deep inside the Hengrabari Reserved Forest of the capital of Assam, and it is counted among one of the fascinating places to visit during a trip to the Assam. This tourist place is a perfect spot for all wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers who want to meet more than 900 species of reptiles, birds, and animals and spend time amidst the green zones of this state. Assam State Botanical Garden and Zoo, which was set up in the year 1957, has turned into the home of leopards, elephants, clouded leopards, tigers, one-horned rhinoceros, and many more species and expanded over the years.

Popularly Known for - famous for nature lovers & wildlife enthusiasts and different and rare species of fauna (leopards, elephants, clouded leopard, tigers, one-horned rhinoceros, and many more), and flora

Best time to Visit the place - October to April

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