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11 Best Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

One of Kerala's most well-known hill towns is Nelliyampathy. The closest significant city, Palakkad, is 52 kilometres distant. Mangrove forests, coffee, orange, tea, and spice farms abound in a beautiful location like Nelliyampathy. In addition, this kind is characterized by majestic valleys and misty mountains. Nelliyampathy sometimes referred to as "Poor man's Ooty," is well-known for its hiking trails, excellent climate, and the beauty that nature brings to the area. These factors all contribute to making the trip more enjoyable. Several tourist attractions in Nelliyampathy are worth visiting while you're there.

1. The Nelliyampathy Hills in Nelliampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

The feathery clouds blanket the Nelliyampathy hills in Kerala's Palakkad district, making them an exciting destination to explore. The beautiful natural beauty of this location makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations. These hills have a terrain that allows for constant fluctuations in temperature and landscape, and their heights range from 467 to 1572 meters. Along the ascent, you'll also pass by several magnificent resorts and homes against undulating hills. The highlight of your visit here will undoubtedly be the vista from the peak. You can view the uphill lanes dotted with tea and coffee vendors from that vantage point.

2. Nenmara Vallanghy Vela in Nelliampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

Nemmara celebrates the Vallangi Vela celebration every year on April 2nd or 3rd. It is a stunning display of beauty, explosions, and traditional performances. During the event, elephants in elaborate costumes participate in a presentation on the temple grounds. Additionally, the pandal is beautifully illuminated, allowing for miles-wide visibility of its brilliance. One of the most enthusiastic and vibrant celebrations is held along Kerala's seashore. Take a cab or a bus to Nenmara from the district's Palakkad or Trichur railway stations.

3. Kesavan Para in Nelliampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

Kesavan Para is a stunningly lovely location around 12 kilometres from Nelliyampathy. You may unwind and reenergize here while taking in the breathtaking scenery. To get to the viewpoint, one must first hike up the cliff and then down via climbing. You will get a spectacular view of the towering valleys and mountains from that vantage point. The water tank at Kesavanpara stays steady even during the hottest summer days. For the fauna that resides in the region, the watering well is a vital resource. You must travel around 500 meters of the jungle to get to Keshavan Para. Try to arrange your visit during the early morning or late evening to enjoy the finest view.

4. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Nelliyampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Kerala's Palakkad district, are renowned for their continuous efforts to save the tigers' declining numbers. Due to the neighbouring hills, river, and abundance of plant and animal life, the area is fantastic for hiking and wildlife viewing. The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve provides the Western Ghats' most significant level of ecological sustainability. The site is distinguished by its low habitation level and the existence of peninsular flora and animals. Among the most sought-after animals in the area are the lion-tailed macaque, wild boar, Indian panther, Bengal tiger, sloth, king cobra, and Travancore kukri snake.

5. Pothundi Dam in Nelliyampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

Jaggery and quick lime were combined in an unusual way to create the primary material for Pothundi Dam. The Pothundi Dam was built on two rivers by the names of Meenkadipuzha and Padipuzha to create the Aliyar river system. You will get a breathtaking view of the Nelliyampathy valley on one side and the verdant paddy fields on the other as you stroll along the route. This is the second Dam in all of Asia to be constructed without concrete mix?the Palakkad region heavily relies on irrigation and agricultural labour. Pothundi Dam is reachable by road from the Nenmara area, eight kilometres away, and Palakkad town, 48 kilometres away.

6. Seethargundu View Point in Nelliyampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

Sitharagund is a picturesque location around eight kilometres from Nelliyampathy. Seetharagundu, one of the important archaeological and historical sites of Nelliyampathy, is widely thought to have been the final resting place of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita during their banishment. The vantage point offers a spectacular view of Kollengod and the surrounding hills and valleys. You may see a stunning waterfall in its entire splendour from the Seetharagundu viewpoint. Only a vehicle can get to Nelliyampathy, and it is possible to take a bus from Palakkad to Nelliyanpathy. For the Seetharagundu picturesque area, the distances from Palakkad and Nenmara are 59 km and 33 km, respectively.

7. Meenwallam Water Falls in Nelliyampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

Take a warm bath in Meenwallam Falls, that stream from an altitude of 5 to 45 meters, for a genuine waterfall experience. This location provides a beautiful view of the outdoors. The Meenwallam waterfalls peak shortly after the rainy season's end, and tourists are not permitted within the park after 4:00 pm. This is unquestionably the finest time to visit. Meenwallam Falls is the location to see if you want to view actual waterfalls in their natural habitat. More than ten waterfalls may be found in this area. However, only two of them are open to the general public. Meenwallam Falls is situated 37 kilometres from Palakkad along the Mannarkkad route.

8. Silent Valley in Nelliyampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

Since it is one of the sites with the widest biological variety on Earth and is the residence of several rare species of plants and animals, it is appropriate to consider it a treasure trove. The Kunti River, which flows through this national park's boundaries, inspired its name. Due to its reputation for hosting glimpses of the almost extinct lion-tailed macaque, the tropical rain forest in Nelliyampathy makes for a fantastic tourist attraction. The government has well-maintained the area, maintaining its status as one of nature's most magnificent treasures. Explore Silent Valley around 6:45 am and 2:45 pm for the best experience. There is Rs. 50 per individual and Rs. 1600 per household entry charge.

9. Malampuzha Dam and Garden in Nelliyampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

Malampuzha Gardens are located in Malampuzha Township, close to Palakkad in Kerala, sometimes called God's Own Country. It is close to the reservoir of the Malampuzha Dam, constructed on the Malampuzha River, Kerala's largest river, and a branch of the Bharathapuzha River. There is a rock garden, a fun park, a stunning waterfall, an exhibition, and a lush green landscape. The region is filled with intriguing structures and sculptures of various forms. It also houses the famous Yakshi statue, made by the illustrious sculptor Kanai Kanhiraman. It would be the ideal picnic spot for anybody who enjoys art and nature. In addition, visitors may take a boat ride through the tranquil backwaters or go to the museum, which is home to various species. Around here, pedal boat excursions are extremely common. Families interact with one another in profound ways and make valuable experiences that will last a long.

10. Kachamkurissi Temple in Nelliyampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

Explore one of the districts of Palakkad's famous temples. Ancient temple Thiru-Kachamkurissi is located in Payyalur, close to Kollengode municipality. The temple is close to the state road between Pollachi and Nemara. Payyalur defines as a place with a lush environment. The Kachamkurissi temple was initially located in the middle of a forest, in an area known as Gnanaranyam, or "the Forest of Understanding," centuries ago. The temple's principal deity is Lord Vishnu, and Sage Kashyapa is credited with dedicating the statue when he was performing devotion on Govindamala Hill. Kachamkurissi comes from "Kashyapan-Kurissi," also known as "the Hill of Kashyapa." The Thiruvonam Nakshatra day of Onam is the ideal time to travel.

11. Raja's Cliff View in Nelliyampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

Picturesque views Welcome to Raja's Cliff Viewpoint, one of Nelliyampathy's top tourist attractions. The cliff, which rises to a height of about 5250 feet above sea level, provides breathtaking views of the mountains, lakes, cascades, and woodlands in and surrounding Nelliyampathy. Sambar, Giant squirrels, elephants, and leopards are just a few of the species that make the forest near Raja's Cliff Point home. Lovely coffee farms, tea gardens, and cardamom estates border the route to Cliff Point. It is a beautiful spot to be.

Best Time to Visit Nelliyampathy

The optimal time to visit Nelliyampathy is in January due to the great weather, lower travel costs, and the absence of the busiest holiday times. In the peak of summer, Nelliyampathy experiences its warmest temperatures, around 31C (88F). In the winter, temperatures at night can drop as low as 22C (72F). If you want to make the most of your daytime hours while visiting Nelliyampathy, schedule your trip around June when the days are typically the longest between dawn and dusk. In Nelliyampathy, the rainy season typically lasts from late August to early September. However, on some days, the temperature tends to stay excellent for the rest of the day, with only a few drops of rain dropping from a passing storm. It's not unusual to have some adequate rainfall or light showers around this period.

Famous food of Nelliyampathy

Tourist Places in Nelliyampathy

Nelliyampathy food combines vegetables, meats, and seafood with various spices. Vegetarian meals are typical in Nelliyampathy cuisine, which also uses beetroot, ginger, garlic, onions, and other root vegetables in addition to animal milk and a variety of tube and root vegetables. In rice, coconut, seafood, and non-vegetarian foods, spices, including black pepper, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and chile, are frequently used.

This balanced combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes is evident in the food served here. Almost all of the dishes made in Nelliyampathy use coconut and spices to flavour the native cuisine, and food is traditionally served there on a banana leaf. As a result, the traditionality evident in the food here is not found in the diet of any other state.

How to Reach Nelliyampathy

1. By Flight

Nelliyampathy is around two and a half hours drive from Coimbatore Airport, the closest airport. The Coimbatore Airport has excellent connections to cities like Bhubaneswar, Cochin, Bangkok, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Sharjah, Hyderabad, Singapore, and Ahmedabad, as well as other cities in India and abroad

2. By Train

The railway station closest to Nelliyampathy is Palakkad Railway Station, 54 kilometres away. The Ernakulum SF Express, Trivandrum Express, Kerala Express, and Kanyakumari Express provide convenient service to major destinations, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, and Delhi, from Palakkad Railway Station.

3. By Road

Through the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and some private travel services, Nelliyampathy is connected to Nemmara, 35 kilometres from Alathur, 53 kilometres from Palakkad, 55 kilometres from Nallepilly, 56 kilometres from Muthalamad, 71 kilometres from Thrissur, 88 kilometres from Cherpulassery, 149 kilometres from Kochi, 125 kilometres from Ponnani, and 347 kilometres from Thiruvananthapuram.

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