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Tourist Places in Chandannagar

A small but significant town in West Bengal's central region is called Chandan Nagar in the Hooghly District. The location of this little village would have been where Kolkata is now if history had unfolded as planned. Chandan Nagar, which is around 50 km from Kolkata's central business district, is a pleasant weekend getaway with various activities to experience the apex of earlier cultures.

Tourist Places in Chandannagar

The Hooghly district of West Bengal's Chandannagar is renowned for its French connections, historic buildings, Jagaddhatri Pujo, Ganges Ghats, and famous Jalbhara sweets. Chandannagar was established as a French colony in 1673, as shown by the architectural design of the city's iconic Sacred Heart Church and the array of French relics in the regional museum. Just 44 kilometres from Kolkata, this charming small town offers a wonderful weekend vacation. It is alive with its history and heritage.

What Is the Story Behind the Name Chandannagar?

According to popular belief, Chandannagar got its name from the Ganges riverbank's half-moon appearance (in Bengali, Chand means moon, and Nagar means city). In certain historical sources that refer to Chandra Nagar, the name Chandannagar was written as Chandernagore. The Bengali name for the moon is Chandra.

Others think it came from the prosperous sandalwood (Bengali: Chandan) trade and industry. The name also refers to a shrine at Chandernagore honouring the goddess Chandi. It may thus start there. Because it was a French colony, the region was once known as Farasdanga (in Bengali, Faris is the word for France, and danga is the word for land).

Places to See around Chandannagar

  1. Chandannagar Museum
    Chandannagar Museum Situated in what was formerly a French colony, the Chandan Nagar Museum features a range of pre-independence French and British artefacts and Gupta-era archaeological treasures.
    Tourist Places in Chandannagar
    It features a remarkable collection of French artefacts, including guns used in the Anglo-French fight and wooden furniture from the eighteenth century, among other things. Overall, this one is a historian's dream come true!
  2. RR CAF Chandannagar
    Bengal's "Cafe Culture" is being changed by RR CAFE. The restaurant offers everything from Bangaliana to a modern setting, delicious food, and serene decor.
    Tourist Places in Chandannagar
    The area is fantastic since it is surrounded by tranquillity. It's the perfect place for socializing, networking, or catching up. The RR Cafe offers delicious food and peaceful surroundings. In Chandannagar, the RR caf is famous for its speedy service, delectable food, story-filled walls, and a perfect combination of food and adda.
    Delicious chicken, shellfish, and deviled eggs are served at this caf. Multiple reviewers have noticed that cold coffee is amazing. You may enjoy your favourite foods while reading books at the caf because it focuses on literature.
  3. The KMDA Park
    Tourist Places in Chandannagar
    A day with your loved ones might be spent at one of the Chandannagar excursion spots. The most well-known is KMDA Park, often called Wonderland Park. The recreation centre is spread over a sizable 33-acre parcel of land, making it the perfect site for expeditions, school field trips, and family get-togethers.
  4. Temple of Nandadulal
    Tourist Places in Chandannagar
    Nandadulal Temple, built in 1740 and designed by Indranarayan Roychoudhury, is a stunning example of traditional Indian art. The Nandadulal temple, constructed in 1740, has sculptures and gods adorning its walls. It is of the greatest significance to city individuals.
  5. Strand in Chandannagar
    Tourist Places in Chandannagar
    The Ganges River is the location of the lit-up, tree-lined strand. The most famous and well-liked pathway in Chandan Nagar is called the strand. It is believed to be the Ganges' longest and most elaborately ornamented portion, starting in the Himalayas.
  6. Patal Bari
    The Patal Bari, also a one-of-a-kind but equally stunning gift from Chandan Nagar, means "underground house." The Ganga River is buried under its lowest bottom. Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel winner, frequented the area and praised the structure highly.
    Tourist Places in Chandannagar
    In Chandan Nagar, this fantastic place is a must-see because it has so much important historical importance. The structure is another great illustration of how technical education has developed and the sophisticated understanding of the general public in earlier eras.
  7. Sacred Heart Church
    Tourist Places in Chandannagar
    The 200-year-old Sacred Heart church in Chandannagar is stunning from the inside out because of its French design. This tourist site is made much more alluring by a dazzling sunset.

How to Reach Chandannagar?

  1. By Air
    The closest airport is Kolkata's Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, 52 miles away. To get into the city, take a cab from the airport.
  2. By Train
    There is a train station in Chandannagar. Several taxis are waiting outside the station to take you to your accommodation.
  3. By Road
    Chandannagar has an extensive network of roads that connect it.

When to go to Chandannagar

Although the temperature in Chandannagar is similar to that in Kolkata, the ideal time to come is during the winter because of the pleasant weather. The five-day Jagadhatri Puja, held in Chandannagar every November with tremendous enthusiasm and splendour, is another popular event. Chandannagar is accessible at this time of year.

Local Cuisine and Food

Chandan Nagar is known for its incredibly famous desserts and sweets. A variety of stores provide a delicious range of sweets. Street food, seafood curries, and fast meals are well-liked here.

Chandannagar developed a distinctive French-Bengali cultural combination that affected gastronomy throughout the decades of French management. As a result, the town has a charming charm, and RR Caf is one such location you should visit. It keeps the wonder alive. And you should go if you want to sample all the delicious delicacies described above.

Books, Food, and Adda?

All of this is offered by RR cafe, along with a lot of love. Eat your favourite cuisine, read a great book, and express your heart's desire. RR cafs are a particular kind of caf that emphasizes the idea of reading and offers a relaxing environment. Additionally, a casual dining room with international food could be included.

Everything here is highlighted, including the hand-crafted furnishings and tasty food. An enjoyable evening with family and colleagues is best spent choosing this. So, while in town, stop by RR Caf and taste some Bengali food.


Chandannagar, a charming town in West Bengal, is known for its French connections, historic buildings, Jagaddhatri Pujo, Ganges Ghats, and Jalbhara sweets. Established as a French colony in 1673, Chandannagar Museum houses pre-independence French and British artefacts, while RR Caf offers delicious food and serene surroundings.

The KMDA Park is popular for excursions, school field trips, and family gatherings. The Nandadulal Temple, built in 1740, is a stunning example of traditional Indian art. Chandannagar is accessible by air, train, or road and offers local cuisine and food. Overall, it is a great place for the trip.

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