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16 Best Tourist Places in France

There is a reason why France is the most visited country in the world. It offers some of the most beautiful sites and the best meals and wines in the world. Even though you are in L'Hexagone, many scenes will take your breath away. Deep gorges, rolling vineyards, soaring dunes, and charming villages are more than enough to attract the curiosity of tourists.

Tourist places in France

France has many sites, including Mediterranean beaches, mediaeval towns, and Alpine villages. International fans of fashion and cuisine flock to the nation. Because of its advantageous location in Europe, it also has a fairly extensive history. During their visit, tourists can choose from among the many hundreds of tourist destinations in France. With so much to explore and try, choosing which destinations to visit in France may seem difficult. Here are our best picks for your wish list of tourist destinations to help you decide.

1. Eiffel Tower in France

Tourist places in France

The Eiffel Tower sometimes referred to as the "Iron Lady," is a famous landmark around the globe and serves as a representation of Paris. Gustave Eiffel created this work of different engineering with 8,000 metallic components as a temporary exhibit for the 1889 World's Fair. One may view this architectural masterpiece from any location in Paris since it is decked with almost five billion lights. It should be no surprise that the Eiffel Tower is the 4th most visited structure in the world, with nearly 7 million tourists annually. Although critics first disliked it, the 320-meter skyscraper has come to represent the Parisian skyline.

2. Louvre Museum in France

Tourist places in France

The Louvre Museum, a former royal palace, houses more than 3,000 works of art, including some of the best paintings in the western canon, including the Venus De Milo sculpture from the first century BC, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, and Veronese's Wedding Feast at Cana. Additionally, many artworks on display are from Napoleon the First's loot. The Louvre Museum of Paris is not only the largest art museum in the world but also one of the oldest buildings to ever exist on earth. The Louvre Museum is a place everyone should see at least once in their lives. Its history spans more than 300 years, and it has witnessed some significant changes that western civilization has undergone.

3. Tuileries Garden in France

Tourist places in France

The Tuileries Garden is a public garden in the first Paris arrondissement between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde. The garden of the Tuileries Palace was designed in 1564 by Catherine de Medici, and it was made public in 1667. The Tuileries Castle was destroyed by fire in 1871 by Parisians as part of the city's uprising and the last French Revolution. The garden, however, retained its 17th-century style and developed into a well-liked location that was constantly busy in the summer. It was turned into a public park following the French Revolution.

4. Champagne in Russia

Tourist places in France

The birthplace of champagne must be included in any list of the top destinations in France. The Champagne area in northeastern France is a must-visit for everyone who enjoys drinking sparkling wine, and it is about 1.5 hours by car from Paris. Visit the site only to enjoy the lovely sunset over the rolling vineyards and picturesque surroundings. Individuals who want to taste the country's product might go on a tour of a renowned Champagne house.

Among the well-known places that welcome visitors are Mot & Chandon, Taittinger, Veuve Cliquot, and Dom Pérignon. The latter is most notable for its namesake, a Benedictine monk who had a significant role in developing Champagne wine's excellence. But in contrast to popular opinion, the world-famous wine was not created by Dom Pérignon.

5. Provence in France

Tourist places in France

Provence is one of the most picturesque and aromatic areas to visit in France during the summer because of the reportedly limitless sea of lavender farms. During this season, the region's heavenly-scented crop may be found practically everywhere. The Luberon Valley, the Sault Plateau, and the Valensole Plateau are some of the most picturesque places to take in their beauty. But nothing tops the floral meadows surrounding the Notre-Dame de Sénanque Abbey for the perfect postcard image. Every June and July, the magnificent 12th-century church, located in the quiet countryside next to the town of Gordes, is immersed in a sea of purple. These lovely lavender fields are carefully cultivated by the monks who reside in the monastery, together with the neighbourhood beekeepers. Guests are welcome to stay and experience a peaceful spiritual holiday.

6. Mont Saint-Michel in France

Tourist places in France

There are numerous picturesque villages in France. However, few places can match Mont Saint-spectacular Michel's monastery for allure and otherworldliness. The stunning mediaeval monastery is perched high on the rocky island of Mont Saint-Michel, around 600 metres off the coast of Normandy, and appears to have been plucked right out of a children's storybook. The lovely timber-framed homes and twisting, winding streets that lead up to it add to its allure. The stunning landscape inspired Rapunzel's Tower and the Kingdom of Corona in the Disney film Tangled.

The picturesque island hamlet was a significant Christian pilgrimage destination in the eighth century. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that welcomes over three million visitors annually, and it is still among France's most well-liked tourist destinations outside of Paris.

7. Dune du Pilat in France

Tourist places in France

The Dune du Pilat, the highest sand mound in Europe, offers stunning 360-degree vistas that nature enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate. One of France's most famous tourist destinations is the stunning natural marvel in La Teste-de-Buch in the Arcachon Bay region. Almost a million people visit each year to hike along the ridge's 2.7 km length and climb the 154 wooden stairs to the top. The effort is worthwhile because of the brilliant Atlantic Ocean on one side and the lush, green pine trees on the other. The high mound offers some of Europe's most breathtaking natural scenery. Paragliders and other lovers of outdoor activities frequent Dune du Pilat.

8. Saint-Tropez in France

Tourist places in France

A trip to Saint-Tropez is undoubtedly in the attempt if you're hunting for a luxurious life or at least want to dip your toes into it. After all, this stunning, sun-drenched seaside town on the French Riviera is well known for its fancy shops, perfect sandy beaches, and yacht-hitting celebs. Thanks to French painter Paul Signac and other famous painters like Henri Matisse and Albert Marquet, the little town on the Côte d'Azur transformed from a peaceful fishing community to a paradise of splendour in the late 19th century.

9. The Loire Valley in France

Tourist places in France

The Loire Valley sometimes referred to as "the garden of France," was formerly home to French nobles and the monarchy. However, it is now one of France's most famous tourist destinations and is accessible to anyone. This results from the region's 300 magnificent chateaux, some dating back to the ninth century. Many of these have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Even if each one is well-kept and has a unique history, a few are more treasured than others.

Château of Chambord, for instance, is regarded as one of the most attractive in the valley due to its exquisite French design and an accompanying park full of deer. While the Château de Chenonceau, which stands over the Cher River, is admired for its distinctive fusion of Gothic and Renaissance structures.

10. Auvergne in France

Tourist places in France

The Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park, the most outstanding volcanic opera in Europe and remains of the ancient era, lies hidden away in the centre of France. The park has an area of 395,000 hectares and is home to four volcanic plateaus. The Puy de Dôme is the tallest volcano in the room, with a height of 1,465 metres. World travellers flock to see these inert sleeping giants that have been inactive for hundreds of years. The summits are also well-liked for hot-air ballooning, biking, and trekking.

The ancient volcanoes are well known for their mineral waters and natural hot springs, which make them a desirable location for thermal spas. In reality, here is where the water for Volvic, Badoit, and Vichy originates from. Aside from all this, the area provides many ancient villages, old churches, and fortress remains to discover, making it a fantastic choice for a peaceful vacation in France.

11. Corsica in France

Tourist places in France

As soon as you step onto the stunning island of Corsica in the Mediterranean, you will quickly forget where you are. Since it is positioned between France and Italy, it benefits from having the best of both cultures. The renowned birthplace of Napoleon certainly deserves the term "the island of beauty." It has a gorgeous yet untamed charm due to its fashionable seaside cities, steep granite peaks, and unspoiled woods. It is a popular location for scuba diving and snorkelling, with 1,000 kilometres of lovely blue shoreline to explore. On the other hand, there are several beautiful beaches on the island where people may relax.

12. Arles in France

Tourist places in France

Arles, one of the top tourist destinations in France, is officially recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. A historic city positioned on a hilltop where the Rhône River splits in two to meet the sea. This landmark city's vivid, sun-baked homes, alleys, and roadways make for a magnificent cityscape. The city, populated with stores and eateries, has an old-world charm. The historic town of Arles also inspired the renowned painter Vincent van Gogh, who depicted the locale in several of his well-known paintings.

13. Chambord in France

Tourist places in France

The city's focal point is the renowned Chateau at Chambord, a spectacular masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. One of the famous places in France, Chambord is renowned for its superb architecture, old-world structural engineering, paintings, vibrant style, and magnificent interior decorations. The primary residences of the King and his Queen are located on the first floor. The rooftop is reached through the double-helix stairway in the centre, where you can admire the breathtaking atmosphere.

14. Burgundy in France

Tourist places in France

One of France's most beautiful and well-known tourist attractions is Burgundy, formerly part of east-central France. Burgundy is recognized for its profusion of wine, castles, galleries, crisscrossing, winding canals, beautiful grasslands, historic villages, and gently sloping slopes. This stunning French countryside is one of the best places to get complete tranquillity and peace since it provides a unique and captivating view.

15. Lascaux Cave Paintings in France

Tourist places in France

Impressive prehistoric monuments may be found in France's Dordogne area, making them the ideal tourist destination for history fans and researchers who want to go beyond the chapters of their historical record. This location, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to exquisite Ancient paintings that rank among the best in the world. An identical cave replica can be seen in the nearby Lascaux II site, even though the cave has been closed to tourists to prevent damage. In addition, you may also go to the Grotte de Rouffignac in the Vézère Valley, which is covered in artwork depicting deer, cattle, horses, buffalo, goats, and Mammoths.

16. Rocamadour in France

Tourist places in France

A place called Rocamadour has the appearance of attempting to reach paradise. It was the third-most-popular destination for Christians after Rome and Jerusalem in the eleventh century. It served as a significant rest point on the road taken by Saint James to the Spanish city of Santiago de la Compostela. Seven shrines in the village date back to the Middle Ages. The Chapelle Notre-Dame, which housed an image of the "Black Virgin" made of walnut wood and reputed to work miracles, is the most well-known.

Famous Food of France

Tourist places in France

The history of France cannot be reduced to a list of attractions. It also has a distinctive language, and food specialities are occasionally passed down from generation to generation and are frequently associated with specific geographic locations. Eateries, pubs, roadside cafés, and restaurants may be found everywhere you go because the French like dining out. There are several traditional foods in France, among which you may be familiar since they are well-known worldwide. Here are a few conventional French dishes you should try while visiting.

  1. Foie Gras
  2. Oysters (Huîtres)
  3. Cassoulet
  4. Basque-Style Chicken
  5. Herb Buttered Snails
  6. Charente Mouclade
  7. Breton Buckwheat Pancakes
  8. Flemish Carbonnade

Best Time to Visit France

Tourist places in France

Travellers are drawn to France in all four seasons. The most significant times to travel are springtime, summertime, and early autumn, according to most travellers. Due to school breaks and pleasant weather, summer is the most preferred season. But, the ideal times to visit France, and particularly Paris, are in the spring and summer if you like gardens.

Way to Reach France

1. By Air

Tourist places in France

France has a large number of International airports, but only the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle in Paris accepts operations from all nations. Most foreign flights land in France, and all of these are supported by Air France. However, the airport also serves other significant aircraft, primarily the SkyTeam Alliance members, including Aeromexico, Korean Air, Dutch KLM, Alitalia, and Delta Air Lines.

Additionally, there is a different terminal at the airport for charter aircraft. France is a well-liked travel location. Finding direct flights from important Indian cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore shouldn't be difficult. Additionally, if you have adequate money, you can select flights with stops and decide to overspend in France rather than paying for the tickets. Typically, it takes 9 to 10 hours to go from India to France. However, the time may change depending on delayed flights or challenges encountered.

2. By Sea

Tourist places in France

Boat excursions and cruises are typically entertaining activities. Do you want your trip to have more adventure? If so, you ought to travel by ship to France. Keep in mind that several cruises leave from Mumbai. These cruises take you to France and several of its neighbouring countries. On the other hand, if you're travelling within Europe, you may also board a boat and get to France. You only need to contact one of the following boat transportation companies.

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