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Tourist Places In ECR

We all enjoy touring Chennai, a city that never sleeps. This city never fails to enthrall us with its wide variety of locations. ECR (East Coast Road), also known as SH 49, is one such location. It is a four-lane Tamil Nadu highway connecting the state's capital, Chennai, with Cuddalore via Pondicherry.

East Coast Road in Chennai is one of the most beautiful roads in the city and has long been a favorite for late-night road trips. ECR is more than another lovely route to drive down; it is a destination in and of itself, with several worthwhile attractions. The East Coast Road, or ECR as it is also called, begins in Adyar and travels a considerable distance along the Bay of Bengal; however, most of its major attractions are located close to Chennai. You can bike or cycle and go a lot of distances with your family or on the weekends. This article will mention more than enough ECR gateways situated along the east coast route that runs from Chennai to Mahabalipuram.

To tour the towns and cities in and around Tamil Nadu, residents of Chennai create complex itineraries. These excursions can occasionally include visits to other states across the nation, but many who choose Pondicherry also need to consider the tourist attractions along the East Coast Road! Traveling over a long weekend is simple by choosing ECR as your destination. Either rent a resort and spend two or three days exploring the tourist attractions or embark on a one-day road trip. Usually, the journey to ECR begins in Thiruvanmiyur and heads in the direction of Pondicherry. Here is your comprehensive guide to the top 10 locations in ECR. If you need clarification on the attractions you must see there. Here are some locations along the route that you can visit.

1. Cholamandal Artists' Village

Tourist Places In ECR

Cholamandal Artists' Village in ECR should be your first stop if you enjoy art and paintings. Its founders founded it in 1966 and are credited with launching the Madras Movement of Art between the 1950s and 1980s. To learn about and appreciate the artwork of Tamil Nadu and local Chennai artists, you should also pay this site a visit. It teaches you about the modern art of the area.

The Artists Handicrafts Association oversees the shop's sales and is administered by the local artists who live there. To do this, a permanent exhibition is held inside the complex. It features paintings, sketches, and sculptures made of wood, metal, stone, terracotta, handicrafts, batik, pottery, and other materials. You can browse the book and craft store or stroll through the gallery's halls to soak in the region's artistic grandeur. This community has a low entrance cost of just 20 rupees, because of the village's greenery-filled architectural style, you'll want to take longer strides through the creative walkways. If you're lucky, the Amphitheatre may also allow you to see theatrical productions and dance recitals.

2. VGP Marine Kingdom

Tourist Places In ECR

The VGP group's recreational facilities and locations can be found along the ECR. There are hotels, theme parks, and amusement parks there. The VGP Marine Kingdom, which is fast becoming Chennai's favorite weekend getaway, is the most recent addition to the list. The first and largest walk-through aquarium in India, Marine Kingdom is home to a wide variety of aquatic creatures, small and huge. You can enter the Marine Kingdom for a day of fun and entertainment with a ticket costing Rs. 650. At the Marina Kingdom, you may go scuba diving in addition to admiring the vibrant fish and other sea life. Of course, this is provided in conjunction with some prior education.

In addition to the Marine Kingdom, there is the Snow Kingdom and the Universal Kingdom of VGP, both of which are rather near the Marine Kingdom. The finest spot to escape the heat in Chennai is the Snow Kingdom, an indoor fake snow environment. Once more, the ticket has a time-limited price of Rs. 650. Another VGP amusement park, The Universal Kingdom, offers exciting and entertaining rides for people of all ages. The admission fee to the Universal Kingdom is identical to that of the preceding two locations. Children's tickets cost Rs. 550 for each of the three locations.

3. Iskcon Temple, Chennai

Tourist Places In ECR

A global religious organization dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna is known as ISKCON. One of Chennai's largest shrines to the deity and one of the largest ISKCON temples worldwide is in ECR, Chennai. Inside three unique teak-wood alters, the temple is home to the god's Lord Krishna, Radharani, and their pals Lalita, Lord Chaitanya, Lord Jagannath, Baladeva, and Subhadra.

The serene and holy ambiance of the temple visits there is refreshing. You can also go to the neighboring tiny Matsyanarayana Temple in addition to this temple. The Chinmaya Mission recently inaugurated and maintained the Matsyanarayana temple. An image of Lord Vishnu's Matsya avatar made of marble stone is housed in the temple's entire façade. The temple has a stringent no-sound rule to promote peace and relaxation among guests. The temple, which lies by the beach's edge, is the ideal location to meditate after a difficult day.

4. MGM Dizzee World

Tourist Places In ECR

What could be more enjoyable than spending the day at an amusement park with loved ones? The adrenaline rush that we wish we could experience every day of the year is made possible by amusement parks. Additionally, the excitement and fun help you forget your concerns and issues. MGM Dizzee World is the ideal location if you enjoy amusement parks. The park offers activities for people of all ages. The park has many family-friendly activities and kids' rides dispersed throughout the entire area. If you become exhausted from the rides, there is a food court where you may replenish your energy before returning to additional coasters. The adult entrance fee is Rs. 700, while child entrance costs Rs. 550.

It is about 35 kilometres from Chennai's centre. It is located directly on the well-known East Coast Road. So, using public transportation, you can get there. However, you can also use vehicles or cabs if that is more comfortable for you. You can obtain a discount on your entry ticket if you use a Fast Track taxi.

There are also many facilities available like:

  • Car Parking: The MGM Dizzee World parking lot is directly across from the main entrance. It can hold 750 two-wheelers, 50 buses, and 500 autos simultaneously. Security is always present, restrooms are available, and water is available in the parking lot.
  • Eateries: The theme park offers a Forty Yellow vegetarian food court. It can accommodate 500 people at a time and serves delectable vegetarian food. A themed multi-cuisine restaurant is also available; it has a 300-person capacity.
  • Cab Service: MGM Dizzee World's traveling companion is Fast Track. Therefore, you will receive a 20% reduction on the entry fee if you use a Fast Track taxi to travel to the event. In the park, there is also a taxi stand where you can order a ride back to your hotel or place of abode. In addition, MGM Dizzee World offers standard customer service and first aid kiosks around the park. Separate restrooms and change areas are available at the water park.

5. Dakshinachitra

Tourist Places In ECR

Not everyone enjoys visiting museums, but Dakshinachitra is more than just a museum; it's a fun spot to spend some time. The area contains outstanding examples of South Indian architecture, crafts, performing arts, and cultures. It represents the traditional way of life of South Indians by being constructed in the shape of a hamlet. It consists of 18 residences, each containing a contextual exhibition.

Dakshinachitra is the place to go if you want to explore this Southern state's history, culture, and traditions. These homes are acquired, disassembled, relocated, and then rebuilt by skilled craftspeople or Stapathis who are native to the locations where the homes are purchased. Adults can visit with Rs. One hundred tickets, while minors need to pay Rs. 30 to enter.

6. Muttukadu Boat House

Tourist Places In ECR

What is a vacation without a tranquil trip to a body of water? Sailing is the finest way to spend a vacation with loved ones. The Muttukadu Boat House, a lake with boats for riding, is located in your own ECR. You can take pictures in the lake's centre and take boats out on the water. And boating is only the beginning. Rowing, water skiing, windsurfing, and other water sports are available here. If none of these water activities appeal to you, you can stroll along the lake's bank and breathe fresh air. On a day when it is not sunny, it is one of the most beautiful sites to visit.

Rowboats, motorboats, pedal boats, speed boats, and even water scooters are available in Muttukadu. The most affordable boats per person are row, pedal, and standard motorboats. If you wish to take a 30-minute self-guided pedal boat excursion for two people, it would cost you INR 120. However, speedboats and water scooters are slightly more expensive, costing INR 550 for a 2-seater water scooter for 5 minutes.

From sunrise to six o'clock in the evening, they provide boating amenities. During your visit, you have various options, including motorized boats, rowboats, pedal boats, and water scooters. The state of Tamil Nadu's tourist department, TTDC, looks after the boat club.

A little bit of nature surrounds the body of water, yet the city skyline can be seen in several locations. The Muttukadu lake has many birds, including storks, pelicans, kingfishers, common terns, and many others. Bird enthusiasts will like the boat ride. As you can see from the photo, sunset is a particularly spectacular time to view the world from Muttukadu.

7. Covelong Beach

Tourist Places In ECR

How is it fair to go along a beach's coastline without going to the beach? The beaches of Chennai are well-known. On ECR, however, you have Covelong Beach, also known as Kovalam Beach. This beach is well-known for fishing, boating, parasailing, and surfing. It was first built by the Saadat Ali as a harbor for the Carnatic Nawabs, and it was later seized by the French in 1746 and destroyed by the British in 1752. It is a must-see if you want to be mesmerized by its crystalline blue water, serene atmosphere, and surreal beauty. Guests can rent a motor boat to enjoy the stunning beach.

Surf Turf, a surfing school that simultaneously functions as a restaurant and hostel, teaches surfing. The surf school provides everything you need to learn to surf, including surfboards and basic surfing equipment for rent or purchase. There are numerous sea sports available. Try your hand at windsurfing, kayaking, catamaran trips, or even fishing. You can also relax in their lovely café or stay in one of their rooms that double as Bed & Breakfast accommodations.

8. Crocodile Bank

Tourist Places In ECR

One of Chennai's most popular tourist attractions is the Crocodile Bank. With a total area of more than 8.5 acres, it is also one of the biggest reptile zoos in the world. The government declared all three of the Indian crocodile species protected under the Wildlife Act in the mid-20th century after the country's crocodile population had been overexploited to extinction. Rom and Zai Whittaker founded the Madras Crocodile Bank in 1976 to safeguard India's declining crocodile population and maintain the traditional practice of crocodile collecting.

The bank is a good place to see uncommon reptiles in addition to crocodiles. The centre is home to several rare avian species that bird enthusiasts and nature lovers can see. A gorgeous gharial can also be seen in an aquarium flowing amid fish and freshwater turtles. Some people could find it to be a spine-chilling experience! The Crocodile Bank entrance fee is Rs. 100 for adults and Rs. 50 for kids under the age of ten.

It is a trust for the preservation of the environment and herpetology. With volunteers coming in from Chennai's metropolis and the assistance of regional specialists, it has recently received multiple prizes and has been acknowledged as a non-profit organization. There are numerous crocodiles, turtles, and snakes on the bank. You will undoubtedly adore this location if you enjoy animals and aquatic life.

The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust is situated along the lovely Bay of Bengal, about 45 kilometres south of Chennai. You can use any bus, taxi, or auto-rickshaw that travels along the East Coast Road to get there. You can also rent a car if you plan to go on a night safari. You won't need to be concerned about getting home.

9. Nettukuppam Beach

Tourist Places In ECR

Nettukuppam, virtually at the northernmost point of Chennai, enjoys the solo symphony of the clear sea and fresh breezes. This location is ideal for photographers because it is largely desolate and rarely frequented by anyone other than locals.

The seashore provides a vantage point from which one can take the city's recent and past history. In addition to providing historical context, it allows one to see geographic changes throughout time.

The famous location for locals to sit and enjoy the spray of the water waves that smash the bridge's piers is Nettukuppam Pier, or the shattered bridge. When compared to other beaches in Chennai, this one is pristine, and the water is cleaner due to the lack of fast-food sellers and only heavy weekend traffic. It provides a good view of the Ennore Thermal Power Station, Ennore Creek, and other natural views, such as contemporary city structures and subsidence. Going there to view the sunrise is not advised because the tides are typically very high.

10. Royapuram Fishing Harbour

Tourist Places In ECR

One of Chennai's most well-liked fishing spots is Royapuram Fishing Harbour, which Chennai Port Trust runs. This harbor, which is situated in an area known for its seafood, is undoubtedly one of Tamil Nadu's busiest fishing centres. You will nearly always find the Royapuram Fishing Harbour busy with various fishing boats if you go there. You will see every type of boat, including the smallest catamarans and full-length, 45-foot boats.

The harbor has a daily sale capacity of 200 tonnes and is primarily run by the nearby fishing community. The auction hall, where most of the day's catch is sold off for additional retail sales, is a distinctive feature of the Royapuram Fishing Harbour. Every day, more than 30,000 people pass through the hall. To stock premium sea fish, wholesale traders from nearby states like Kerala and Karnataka travel in addition to local fishmongers. A little under 30% of the catch is distributed to other states, with the remainder going to local vendors. You must visit this location if you are a lover of the Fishes.

Numerous dazzling, silvery saltwater fish that have just been caught and will shortly be auctioned off to the highest bidder may be found here and there. You cannot receive a share from this location, but you are more than welcome to walk around and take as many photos as you like of the fisherman going about their everyday business. Also, visit the Kasimedu Fishing Harbour Market, next to the harbor, where about 90 stalls offer all kinds of seafood, including seer, Pomfret, prawns, lobsters, sharks, sardines, crabs, silver bellies, carangids, and even snails, oysters, and mussels.

If shipbuilding piques your curiosity, you can peek at it at the pier, where fishing boats are constructed to serve the harbor's fishermen. In the coastal village of Kasimedu sits the Royapuram Fishing House. You can drive or rent a car and get to the Beach station or Parry's Corner since public transportation is scarce in the early morning.

The fishing harbor was developed in 1984 after the harbor was built in 1975. However, the area has been used for fishing since the 1700s, when a group of women and fishermen moved here from the village of Chepauk under the reign of the British East India Company. Even though the harbor was severely damaged by the tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean in 2004, both to the wharf area and numerous trawlers stationed there, it quickly recovered to resume regular operations. Approximately 1400 boats are housed at the harbor, exceeding the intended number.

Adventurous Activities Available in ECR

1. Camping

Tourist Places In ECR

Chennai is surrounded by numerous hills and is very close to some magnificent natural areas. Every soul in a big city occasionally yearns for something new, and Chennai doesn't fall short in satisfying this demand for its citizens. There are many spots to camp in Chennai for a change from the ordinary. There are always more areas to get close to the natural world.

Where: After a strenuous hike, you may set up camp in Nagalapuram while listening to the sound of free-falling water, or you might choose from several locations like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Coonoor, Meghamalai, etc.

2. Paragliding

Tourist Places In ECR

Everybody dreams of flying to the skies in something like a flying bird. One of the most thrilling experiences that one must have in life is paragliding. Your adventurous passion is satisfied by the Adventure Aero Sports Association in Palavakkam. They offer paramotoring through their business, fly2day, which is like paragliding but better because we don't have to land on a hill. It is possible to enjoy paragliding in a tandem (rider and expert) configuration over the Bay of Bengal while viewing Chennai's coastline.

3. Scuba Diving

Tourist Places In ECR

Chennai, off the Coromandel Coast and borders the Bay of Bengal, has a long, uninterrupted beachfront that makes it possible to discover all the wonders of the underwater world. Scuba diving enthusiasts are drawn to dive and explore Chennai's magnificent marine life because of this expansive and alluring coastline and its clear water.

The only adventurous activity in Chennai that lets you interact with marine life is possibly this one. Covelong Beach is renowned among scuba diving hotspots for its clear, peaceful waters that provide the ideal setting for shallow sea diving. When scuba diving, the diver often wears a wet suit, fins, and an oxygen mask linked to his body.

4. Parasailing

Tourist Places In ECR

Chennai is home to many adventurers and adventurous activities, so if you think the city is exclusively about historic landmarks and ancient temples, think otherwise. This city, located along India's coast, provides adventurous visitors with fantastic opportunities for water sports, including parasailing.

Parasailing is a sport that involves sailing through the air while being towed by a powerful speed boat and attached to a safety parachute. The participant can take off on a steady flight over the azure sea as the boat moves forward and pulls the parachute high in the sky. Take this flight of your dreams and experience Chennai's spellbinding sights while flirting with the air!

5. Off-Roading

Tourist Places In ECR

There is always a road for thrill seekers; no matter the circumstances, they can always find a way to slake their craving for adrenaline rushes! And to reach this goal, they even travel over the most difficult terrain. To be precise, they always use off-roading routes to navigate when all highways are blocked.

Being in the middle of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is connected to many other areas of the state. Although most of the city's surroundings are easily accessible, some of its outskirts present extremely difficult terrain to navigate. These are the locations where the adrenaline addicts who crave a lot of excitement and adventure frequently flock.

6. Rock Climbing

Tourist Places In ECR

The hippest method to stay in shape and regularly ingest adrenaline is to climb. Rock climbing and bouldering have replaced traditional gyms as the preferred forms of exercise for Chennai residents. However, rock climbing does not require constant exposure to the hot sun! You can also choose indoor climbing and resume your everyday activities after the session.

Additionally, Kambakkam is appropriate for all levels of climbers because it offers everything from tiny outcrops to huge boulders. Rappelling, the exact opposite of rock climbing, is generally available when rock climbing is organized. Ropes and hooks must be used to scale the cliff to descend.

7. Obstacle Course

Tourist Places In ECR

Have you ever grown up watching Takeshi's Castle or other television labyrinth challenges? In Chennai, where one must navigate a number of challenging obstacles in order to complete the course, obstacle courses are quite popular. So, it would help if you always wanted to try it.

At Adventure Zone, there are many obstacles that, when overcome, give you a sense of accomplishment. Imagine doing all your wall climbing, slush sliding, hanging from ropes, tire crawling, and other activities under one roof. Overcoming each of them will be a tonne of fun!

8. Paintball

Tourist Places In ECR

Paintball is for you if you enjoy playing combat games but feel that none capture the realism and impact of being hit. You can get into action at any of these Arenas in Chennai. Get outside, get a few paintball guns, and challenge your pals to some intense combat. You never know when you might get hit, so keep your skills in check and your friends in your line of sight.

How to Reach ECR?

This city has everything: cabs, buses, a robust suburban rail network, and taxis. You can even walk around the city if you have the necessary time, patience, and strength. Uber and Ola are also available in the city.

Best Time to Visit ECR

ECR It is not safe to travel throughout the months of March through early July. The summer heat in ECR is almost unpleasant due to the tropical climate. It is not encouraged to go outside in the afternoon because it is hot and humid. Visits to locations close to ECR are likewise not advised at this time.

The best time to plan your holiday is when the weather in ECR cools off after the monsoon. The weather is pleasant between October and early February, making this an excellent time to see the best tourist attractions in the ECR and plan trips to nearby places like Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry.

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