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Tourist Places in Balasore

Odisha's beachfront town of Balasore is well-known for Chandipur Seashore and several magnificent temples. Due to Balasore's proximity to a vacation area, the seashore is frequently connected with this neighborhood.

Balasore's locals engage in agriculture, fishing, and travel as means of subsistence. Balasore, a city of sand, is home to many temples, most historically significant and beautifully designed.

Tourist Places in Balasore

Balasore's top tourist attractions are temples, and historical sites, including tombs, palaces, hills, and beaches. There are several ancient temples in Balasore, some of which are well-known, including the Gopinatha Temple, the Lagula Narasimha Dev Temple, and the Biranchinarayan Temple. These three temples form a triad and can be reached from Baleshewar in three routes. They are thought to be Balasore's all-encompassing protector.

Travelers may stay in one of the many hotels or motels along the Chandipur beachfront while using the area's vacation amenities.

Additionally, Balasore is home to the famed and famous Sufi Saint's Tomb, which draws pilgrims from all across India. Due to Balasore's proximity to the seaside, the area frequently experiences windy weather. The best time to visit this location is between September and March.

Balasore's Tourist Attractions

1. Beaches of Balasore

  • Chandipur Beach: Chandipur Beach is a beachfront in the Bay of Bengal. Due to its incredibly long, pointless beaches, Chandipur is a popular marine resort. According to popular belief, Chandipur Beach is perhaps the only coastline where tides occur just a few times each year, and these times are set.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
    Panchalingeshwar is a stunning Temple located on the summit of a hill about thirty kilometers southwest of Chandipur. It is a sacred site with a tale that says Lord Shiva cannot be seen there but must be felt by touching the bronze statue submerged in the sea. Many people travel to Chandipur to unwind and take a break from their busy lives. Chandipur is bordered by coconut, pine, and pine trees, enhancing the beach's beauty.
    Visitors to this location come from all over the nation to unwind and rest on the serene beach. Coconut and pine trees flank the beach, adding to the beauty of the surrounding green coastline. Many people are drawn to Chandipur's beach because of its sparkling sand. Visitors may get beautiful meals served by Several food booths. A tourist engrossed in watching the tide's play will experience a wonderful moment when the dunes are covered in wild creepers and casuarinas are whistling.
  • Kharasahapur Beach: One of Balasore's seaside villages, Kharasahapur is situated around 36 kilometers away from the main Balasore town. The sea beach, close to the Mangla temple, is fantastic. Visitors to the beach are supposedly required to stop at the temple.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
    Numerous visitors from all over the state are drawn to the beautiful vista of the Bay of Bengal's turquoise waters and serene environment throughout the year. One kilometer from Kharasahpur's beach is another popular tourist destination called the Fishing Jetty. One of the locals of Balasore's favorite places for picnics, it also offers motorboat services.
  • Chawmukh and Dagara: The Chawmukh and Dagara beaches, both in the Balasore district's villages in the Baliapal block, are the two most well-known Balasore beaches. Some of the unique features of these beautiful beaches are the red crabs and the long curls of white sand. The use of motor and speed boats is also permitted for fishing. Many visitors come back repeatedly because of the beach's peaceful atmosphere.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
  • Talasari Beach: Talsari Beach, which can be found in the Balasore region of India and is about three kilometers from Chandanswar, is another destination for visitors. The dawn and the sunset are prime times to see the beach in dazzling splendor. From Baleswar's central city, Talsari is situated 92 kilometers away. Casuarina woods encircle Talsari's picturesque scenery, soothing visitors' thoughts and transporting them to a beautiful place. One of the pleasant experiences is reportedly driving a Jeep down the Talsari beach until you reach the city of Digha, which is located in West Bengal.
    Tourist Places in Balasore

2. Temples of Balasore

  • Khirochora Gopinath Temple at Remuna: Balasore is 9 kilometers away from the little town of Remuna. The Khirochora Gopinath Temple still served as the Vaishnawite Culture's center for many centuries. It is thought that Madhabendra Puri, Shri Chaitanya's guru, traveled to Remuna with his sister Shri Chaitanya, and the two of them revered Khirochora Gopinath.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
    Thousands of followers congregate daily to receive Lord Khirochora Gopinath's holy darshan. Because it is the most delectable Prasad of the temple, the carefully prepared milk is given out to the worshippers. In Odisha, Remuna is a section of Brindaban. Remuna gets her name from the term Ramaniya, which indicates she is exceedingly attractive.
  • Sajanagarh: One of Balasore's most significant historical sites, it is thought to have served as the ex-rulers of Nilgiri state's military base and is situated about 30 kilometers from Balasore. The primary draw of Sajangarh is the temple dedicated to the goddess "Barachandi." The goddess, Barachandi's temple has stunning stone carvings representing the faces of gods and goddesses on its walls and perimeter, which have been done attractively.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
  • Pancha Lingeswar: Pancha Lingeswar, one of Balasore's sacred sites, is well-known for its associations with mythology. For Saivas, Pancha Lingeswar is a well-known temple. Due to the surrounding little hills, this location draws many visitors and devotees all year round.
    The five holy stones known as lingams, which are revered by countless devotees and said to be a garb for Lord Shiva, are reached by a permanent stream of natural springs that run directly beneath these hillocks. Numerous visitors and pilgrims from nearby towns travel to this location to view the sacred stones.
    The location's name is Panchlingeshwar, the name of the five lingams. The temple's position next to the Parvati River also offers a picturesque setting and adds to the area's appeal. The five lingams of Panchalingeswar, a treasured location for many devotees and tucked away in the lush surroundings of Nilagiri, are bathed in the iridescent and shimmering waters of a recurring stream.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
    According to legend, King Banasura erected these lingams in this lovely home. It's on a hilltop 32 kilometers from Balasore, surrounded by gorgeous trees, and popular with those who enjoy the outdoors and have profound minds. Additionally, lodging is offered here by the Orissa Tourism Department.

3. Balasore's Historical Sites

  • Chandaneswar: There is a sacred shrine dedicated to Lord Chandaneshwar in Chandaneshwar, which is 93 kilometers away from Balasore. Devotees travel from all across the state to this sacred location because of its unique appearance. Many pilgrims and travelers to the area attend the Chandaka Mela celebrations, one of the region's most well-known events.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
  • Inchudi: Located 22 kilometers apart from Balasore, Inchudi is well-known for the Labana Satyagraha, which was led by Dr. H.K. Mahatab, Rama Devi, Jeebramjee Kothari, and Binod Kanungo in 1930. The Smruti Sthambha in Incudi commemorates the sacrifices made by the local freedom warriors during the time.
  • Srijang: Srijang, one of Balasore's large villages, is a short 20 kilometers away from the Inchudi and is situated close to it. The civil disobedience action against British authority in 1921 is known as the "Srijang Uprising," it took place in the hamlet. The people of this village's ancestors are thought to have actively participated in both the salt movement and the movement led by Gurucharan Dash.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
    The campaign spearheaded by Gurucharan Das and Bidyadhar Ratha was founded by residents of this hamlet, who were among the first in the nation to reject the Choukidari levies. The residents of this village were subjected to several forms of torture by Britishers as part of the campaign, which sparked nationwide outrage. The villagers built the Smruti Sthambha, and a museum honoring the battle for liberation is currently being developed.
  • Bhubaneswar: One of the spiritual Gods revered by the inhabitants of northern Balasore is thought to be Shri Shri Bhusendesear Mahadev. Bhubaneswar is one of Balasore's most well-known pilgrimage sites and a popular tourist destination.
    A massive lingam of Lord Shiva had been built there. The town of Bhusendeswar is located alongside the Subarnarekha River in Balasore. The lingam's construction is around 12 feet, 6 inches long, and 14 feet wide. The lingam's coverage area measures roughly 36 feet. People need to visit the temple to believe in the lingam's construction.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
  • Niligiri: One of the breathtaking vistas in Balasore is the Nilgiri region, which is 22 kilometers away. It is one of the historical locations that previously housed a monarchy with multiple provinces. At Nilgiri, a sizable palace is thought to be 400 years old. The Lord Jagannath temple and the well-known Kuldhia elephant sanctuary are more of Nilgiri's top tourist destinations. About 10 kilometers away from Nilgiri lies the renowned Panchalingeshwar.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
  • Similipal: Similipal, one of the most well-known wildlife refuges in the world, is located 97 kilometers from Balasore. A total of 2750 square kilometers make up its area. It is a sizable, extensive green forest that has served as a haven for several international species.
    Here, several tiger initiatives have been started with the Odisha government. It is among India's most well-known tiger reservoirs. Not only does the sanctuary feature tigers, but it also has many other species of wild creatures, including elephants, leopards, deer, crocodiles, and many others.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
    The talking myna, peacocks, and other exquisite examples of nature's beauty are among the more than 240 breeds that may be viewed in Similipal. Sal trees, which have a significant spread across the entire territory of Similiap, are another feature of the forest in Similiap. The Similipal Wildlife Sanctuary's main features also include a number of waterfalls and exotic orchids.
  • Deokund: A Sakti temple and a number of waterfalls make it a beautiful location. Hills and lush woodlands surround it. The location has a sweeping perspective of the surrounding landscape and is excellent for picnickers.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
  • Aradi: Approximately 53 kilometers from Bhadrak and 110 kilometers from Balasore separate Aradi from the holy sanctuary of Lord Akhandalamani (Shive). One of the most magnificent tourist attractions is situated directly on the Baitarani River's bank.
    Numerous tourists and pilgrims come to this revered site to worship. The area has become a favorite picnic destination for Balasore and Bhadrak since it is thought to provide spiritual calmness and a respite from the daily grind.
    Tourist Places in Balasore
  • Kuldiha Wild Life Sanctuary: Kulidha Wildlife Sanctuary spans 300 sq km and is situated in the heart of the Kulidha woodlands. It is home to many endangered bird and mammal species and reptiles. Here, it is common to observe Indian wild dogs, or "Dholes," one of the wildest and most endangered animals. The best way to travel inside the refuge is reportedly a vehicle safari. Tourist Places in Balasore


Every year, thousands of visitors nationwide go to Balasore to experience the city's attractions and beautiful beauty. According to reports, Balasore has a humid environment with consistently high temperatures.

Tourist Places in Balasore

The warmest and coldest months on the calendar, respectively, are stated to be May and December, respectively. In May and December, the temperature ranges from a peak of over 38C to a low of approximately 17C. Every year, in June, the monsoon moves toward Balasore. The average amount of precipitation is reportedly 321 mm. Additionally, it is stated that June through December sees most of the year's total precipitation.

One of India's oldest cities, Balasore, is home to many historic buildings still operating today. The city and neighboring villages produce much of the country's handicraft and artistic production. In Balasore, there are several well-known markets where you may get high-quality goods at meager costs. The Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, and other malls, along with the shifting fashion trends, have begun to appear in Balasore.

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