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12 Best Tourist Places in Alleppey

Alleppey is formally known as Alappuzha. Alleppey is a picturesque location renowned for its lovely backwaters and the houseboats that offer overnight lodging. It also offers a number of fascinating activities and attractions. A large number of travellers from all over the world are attracted to its palm-fringed interconnect network of canal backwaters. Alleppey is renowned for its ancient temples, serpentine canals that drain into the sea, colourful lagoons, rice paddies, and antique lighthouses, in addition to the backwaters and the sea. The beautiful visiting places in Alleppey are described below.

1. Marari Beach

Tourist Places in Alleppey

One of the great attractions of the Malabar Coast is the lovely, tranquil Marari Beach. It is around 11 kilometres from Alleppey. This beach is a popular site for fishing. Mararikulam is a nearby fishing village, and it is where this beach name originates. There is a snake boat race organized in August. So tourists have the unique opportunity to watch snake boat racing across the waterways in August. The peace and tranquility on the beach are unexplainable; in fact, Marari Beach is listed in the top 5 hammocks beaches in the world by National Geographic Survey.

Activities to Do at Marari Beach:

  1. The beach is the ideal place to unwind and relax. Visitors can read a book, enjoy the sunshine, and relax on the hammock on the beach.
  2. Visitors can try the local water sports, such as sea fishing, parasailing, sea surfing, water skiing, and more.
  3. You can buy fresh seafood from the neighbourhood fisherman, including prawns, fish, and other seafood, and you can also enjoy the local cuisine.
  4. Taste the fantastic local alcohol known as "kallu" at one of the toddy stores.

2. Alappuzha Beach

Tourist Places in Alleppey

Alappuzha beach's other name is Alleppey Beach. This beach is well known for local vacations, and people can rest under the palm trees and have a picnic on the beach. Numerous festivals like the sand art festival and Alappuzha beach festival are held at Alleppey Beach. Along with breathtaking scenery, it also offers several fascinating activities and attractions. There is a Nehru Trophy boat race organized in August; that boat race makes this beach Kerala's most well-known tourist destination.

Famous dishes at Alappuzha beach are semiyapayasam, shappumeen curry, kanji and payar, thalassery biryani, veg pulav, grilled shrimp, Malabar biryani, Kerala fish curry, idiyappam, elaada, and shappumeen curry.

3. AmbalapuzhaSree Krishna Temple

Tourist Places in Alleppey

This temple is devoted to Lord Krishna. This temple is referred to as "Dwarka of the South". Temple was constructed in Keralan traditional pattern. The shrine is well-known for its delectable rice pudding made with sweet milk, which is commonly referred to as Pal Payasam. This temple organizes the Ambalapuzha temple festival with much enthusiasm. The temple has a formal attire policy. According to the rule, male devotees have to take off their shirts and vests before entering the temple. The female devotees are supposed to wear formal attire, such as a saree or a suit.

4. Krishnapuram Palace

Tourist Places in Alleppey

It is one of Alleppey's most visited museums. Krishnapuram Palace is extremely well-known for its classic architecture and beautiful artwork. The largest mural in Kerala, the "Gajendra Moksha," is located in the palace. This mural painting spans approximately 53 kilometres, which makes this palace one of Alleppey's top-visited attractions. The palace was constructed in Kerala's traditional architectural pattern, including a gabled roof, curvy passageways, and dormer windows. Kayamkulam Vaal is a two-edged sword that is also present here.

The palace has a Buddha Mandapam, which houses one of the four beautiful old Buddha statues from the 10th century. The statue is placed in the middle of a well-kept and maintained garden, and the statue is surrounded by numerous flowering plants.

5. Karumadi

Tourist Places in Alleppey

Karumadi is one of the breathtaking tourist destinations in Alleppey that adventurers would like. The black granite monument of Sri Buddha is a big attraction of this location, and the left hand of the Buddha Statue is missing, which makes this statue more attractive. The area also features a large variety of regional eateries, which provides dishes made using regional spices and offers various South Indian meals & cuisines.

6. Pandavan Para

Tourist Places in Alleppey

Pandavas Rock is another name for Pandavan Para. It is believed that the Pandavas used this place to hide. Pandavas Para is situated in Urukunnu village, and it is a well-liked picnic location. On the Pandavas Para hilltop, an ancient temple is located.

The Pandavas Para boasts beautiful views of the forest and the surrounding Kallada dam, along with unique rock formations in the shapes of a thavalapara and maddalapara. The word "thavalapara" means frog, and a "maddalapara" is a musical instrument. Over time, Pandavan Para has also developed into a trekking haven.

7. Vembanad Lake

Tourist Places in Alleppey

This is the longest lake in Kerala. Due to its length, this lake covers several districts and is known by distinct names such as Punnamada Lake in Kuttanad and Kochi Lake in Kochi. Along its length, there are numerous little islands. The Kumarakom tourist village provides houseboat tours and vacation packages. Vallam Kali means snake boat race, which is organized in August at Vembanad Lake. So tourists have the unique opportunity to watch snake boat racing in August.

The Vembanad marsh offers an environment ideal for the local plants and wildlife. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is situated on the lake's edge. It is a popular destination for tourists looking for an amazing bird-watching experience. Here people can see birds, including cuckoos, owls, egrets, herons, parrots, flycatchers, larks, shadows, Siberian cranes, and brahminy kites.

The greatest way to experience the lake's waters is to stay in a houseboat, and it's also an ideal way to relax during a family holiday or on a business trip. Here three types of boats are available that are Kerala Houseboats, Canoe Boats, and Public Ferries by SWTD.

8. Kuttanad Backwaters

Tourist Places in Alleppey

Kuttanad Backwaters is one of Alleppey's top tourist destinations. This location is called the "Rice Bowl of Kerala" because it is home to huge, lush green rice fields split by dykes. It is an amazing lagoon surrounded by stunning lakes, rivers, canals, hazy mountains, and otherworldly scenery. It is preferable to visit Kuttanad between October and March when the weather is favourable.

9. Thottappally Beach

Tourist Places in Alleppey

One of the fascinating sites to visit in Alleppey is Thottappally Beach. This beach's sand has a high zirconia content, so the sand here is black in colour. Here you can take a walk on the sand with your loved one, or go swimming and picnic with your family. It is a busy fishing port that attracts locals daily, and many visitors come here to enjoy its preserved natural beauty and calming atmosphere.

10. Thumpoly Beach

Tourist Places in Alleppey

Thumpoly's lovely beach has golden sand and palm trees. This place offers beautiful views of the Indian Ocean, clean air, brilliant blue skies, and breathtaking, all-encompassing panoramas. The Thumpoly beach is a centre for fishermen, and the beach is home to various fishing villages.

Things to do at Thumpoly Beach:

  1. Relax and observe the lovely birds that are residing there or migrating through.
  2. Visit the local fishing villages.
  3. Try the mouthwatering cuisine provided in the beachside shacks.
  4. Try the local water sports, such as sea fishing, diving, water skiing, swimming and more.

11. Alappuzha Lighthouse

Tourist Places in Alleppey

It is one of the most interesting places to see in Alleppey. It is renowned for its stunning 360° views. The Alleppey lighthouse is visible from long distances, and the Alappuzha lighthouse is also known as Alleppey Lighthouse. The incredible tower was 1st installed in March 1862, or nearly 148 years ago. This lighthouse was built using laterite stone and teak. This lighthouse can hold up to 25 persons at once. This lighthouse provides a breathtaking view of Allepey Beach and its surroundings.

12. Mannarasala Temple

Tourist Places in Alleppey

This is one of Alleppey's notable tourist attractions. This shrine is dedicated to snakes, and it is an important place of worship for the followers of the Nagaraja. This temple's main festival is MannarsalaAyilyam, and after celebrating the festival, Nurul Palam, kuruthi, and rice are given as prasad to the devotees. It is said that several snakes crawl around the unique shrine, including on the steps, in the bushes, and on creepers.

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