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12 Best Tourist Places In Palani

Palani is a little town in Tamilnadu's Dindigul district. Palani features various tourist attractions, including a waterfall, a hill, a temple, and a resort. The historic Murugan Temple is the main attraction here. For everyone who loves nature and ancient sculptures, Palani is a must-visit location. The following are some must-see locations in Palani:

1. Periyanayaki Amman Temple

Tourist Places In Palani

This is the best tourist attraction in Palani. The Periyanayaki Amman Temple is known as the Town Temple. This is situated in the heart of Palani's Devki Puram village. This is exactly located in Tamilnadu's Palani district. This temple was built in the 14 th century by the king of the Vijayanagara empire. This is the goddess Periyanayaki's temple. This temple also houses the Sanctorum for Natarajar, Kailasanathar, Muttu Kumaraswam, and Subramanya. At the bottom of the hill, the Shri Periyanayaki Amman Temple is located. The temple is open to tourists as well as devotees who enjoy hills, greenery, sculptures, and artistic collections of cravings.

2. Palani Hill Temple

Tourist Places In Palani

This place is located in Palani. This is 150 kilometres from southeast Coimbatore. This is the first of Murugan's six abodes or temples. It was also known as the Thiruavinangudi. Many devotees visit the temple each year. Here people wear mala and worship the god.

3. Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places In Palani

This is the best tourist attraction in Palani. If you love peaceful places, then Palani Hill Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place to go. Here several endangered species and about 26 waterfalls are available. It is one of the most beautiful wildlife preserves in today's day. The government has declared it a protected area.

4. Kuthiraiyar Falls

Tourist Places In Palani

One of the must-see locations in Palani's Dindigul district is Kuthiraiyar Falls. It is located in one of the well-known hill towns, Kodaikanal. Due to the rocky path leading to the waterfall, appropriate transportation is needed. Bathing under this waterfall is thought to be highly healthful because the water passes through several medicinal plants.

5. Bogar Samadhi

Tourist Places In Palani

This is the best tourist attraction in Palani. In the Dindigul area of Palani, Bogar Samadhi is housed within the Murugan Temple. A tiny structural tunnel leads into a cave. It's believed that Bogar established his own Samadhi here. The cave route leads to the Murugan hill Temple's bottom. He is one of the 18 siddhars who have ever been born in the world. He went to China to share information on siddanth and medicine.

6. Thirumoorthy Falls

Tourist Places In Palani

Panchalinga waterfalls is another name for Thirumoorthy Falls. It is situated on the Palani to Coimbatore highway. It is located 20 kilometres from Udumalaipettai. The Thirumoorthy dam receives the waterfall's flow. This is also a well-known picnic area. Thirumoorthy Hills surround the falls and provide a cool climate to the area. The path leading to Trimurti Falls is distinguished by its surrounding coconut trees, paddy fields, and sunflower gardens. Trekking to waterfalls offers visitors a pleasant experience.

7. Sirumalai

Tourist Places In Palani

This is the other best tourist attraction in Palani. This is a protected forest area with over 60,000 acres. It is located about 25 kilometres from the district of Dindigul. The region has high hills and a moderate climate throughout the year. It is known for its green slopes.

8. Kuthiraiyar Dam

Tourist Places In Palani

The Kuthiraiyar Dam is located in Palani's Dindigul district. Just on the opposite side of Kuthiraiyar Dam, there is the Kuthiraiyar Falls. This dam is about 60 km from the district of Dindigul and 65 kilometres from Kodaikanal, and 105 kilometres from Coimbatore. For those who enjoy hiking and trekking, it is one of the best locations. The area is attractive for bird viewing because it is home to numerous bird species, such as golden-backed woodpeckers.

9. Bison Wells

Tourist Places In Palani

This is a huge wildlife area, which covers about 8 acres. A large number of Bison, elephants, deer, tigers, Nilgiri langurs, Malabar giant squirrels, and numerous bird species can be seen here. The location is known as Bison Wells since a number of Bison in India come here just to drink water. The area is surrounded by lush greenery, making it an interesting destination for hikers and trekkers.

10. Varathamanathi Dam

Tourist Places In Palani

The Varathamanathi Dam is a well-known picnic spot. It is well known for the variety of outdoor entertainment options given, especially for children. Local buses departing from Kodaikanal make it simple to travel to the dam. If you are travelling in the region near Palani, particularly with children, you must visit here.

11. Thekkanthottam Fall

Tourist Places In Palani

This is the other best tourist attraction in Palani. This is situated in the Tamil Nadu village of Thekkanthottam. Buses departing from Palani can take you to the falls. The distance between Thekkanthottam's bus stop and the waterfall is 4 km. The water that fall is stored in tanks, which are also called water dams. The surrounding area is peaceful with a cool climate. Thekkanthottam waterfalls are accessible by climbing up very few small stones.

12. Thirumoorthy Hills

Tourist Places In Palani

This is also the best tourist attraction in Palani. On the Palani to Coimbatore highway, Thirumoorthy Hills is located. It is 50 kilometres from Pollachi and 20 kilometres from Udumalpet. Anybody who likes a beautiful environment must visit this place. It is a haven with a lot of lush greenery, waterfalls, and reservoirs that flow all year round. It provides the best trekking and hiking experience. Anyone who wants to go on a summer stop or picnic should go to Thirumoorthy Hills.

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