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20 Best Tourist Places in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful beachside haven. Thailand is a nation that, despite being a very popular tourist spot, beautifully maintains its traditions and culture. Thailand has everything for visitors to visit, including crystal-clear beaches, lush forests, old monasteries, coral reefs, Buddhist monks, and floating markets. Thailand is a modern centre for a wide range of cultures, beliefs, and experiences. Thailand's best tourist places are described below.

1. Bangkok

Tourist Places in Thailand

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. Bangkok is a modern city with various cultures and religions. Bangkok has many shopping malls, floating markets, and street bazaars. Thai and international cuisines are exhibited on all their streets and in rooftop restaurants. It is renowned for the activities like Cabaret performances, Muay Thai exhibitions, dance shows, and even guided cultural tours. Wat Pho, The Grand Palace, and Wat Phra Kaew are a few locations that represent the city's extensive history.

The famous dishes in Bangkok are pad thai, mamma tom yum seafood, deep-fried omelette, tom yum lobster and crispy pork.

2. Grand Palace

Tourist Places in Thailand

The Grand Palace has served as the royal's home for many generations. It is the ideal starting point for your historical tour of Bangkok. The palace is built in a rectangular area. The Grand palace is a collection of a large number of buildings, halls, grounds, lawns, pavilion sets, and courtyards. The palace also hosts numerous major ceremonies and governmental events. Aside from the magnificent complex's eclectic and distinctive architectural design, it also has the stunning shrine of the Emerald Buddha. The Grand palace is a masterpiece of architecture that represents Thailand's glorious past and culture. The temple of the Emerald Buddha, the outer court, the inner court, and the middle court are the four main areas of the Grand palace.

3. Wat Pho

Tourist Places in Thailand

A well-known temple named Wat Pho is close to the Grand palace. Wat Chetuphon is another name for Wat Pho. It is well known for serving as the centre for teaching and conserving traditional Thai medicine. Wat Pho is a Buddhist temple that King Rama I constructed.

It is recognized as the first "university" in Thailand, and the temple is still regarded as a place of recovery. Tourists now visit this location to see the temple of the reclining Buddha. The major chapel for Buddhist rituals is Phra Ubosot.

4. Chao Phraya River

Tourist Places in Thailand

This river is also known as "the river of kings". It is Thailand's most important river and waterway. The boat rides, which thousands of people use each day to go from their homes to work, are highly well-liked among tourists. It offers the opportunity to visit some of Bangkok's famous tourist attractions, like Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Wat Arun, etc. Tourists can choose to ride the ferries, which often run throughout the day and are inexpensive and enjoyable, or they can also enjoy opulent dinners and romantic cruises on magnificent ships at night, providing a rich, distinctively Thai cultural experience.

5. Safari World

Tourist Places in Thailand

Safari world is the most popular location in Bangkok. Locals and visitors come to the Safari world to spend time amongst the wildlife. Safari world opened as a zoo in 1988 with plans to add a bird park. Safari World in Bangkok is one of the most popular locations where tourists can get up close and personal with wild creatures from all over the world. It is a zoo with a difference that offers a variety of entertainment alternatives, such as animal feeding and petting. The entertainment shows organized in the zoo are the sea lion show, dolphin show, jungle cruise, orangutan boxing, and birds show. In Safari world, there is a marine park also. In the marine park, several animals and their trainers perform shows for the public.

Shows Time:

  1. Elephant show: 2:15 PM
  2. Orangutan show: 11:10 AM, 3:40 PM
  3. Sea lion show: 3:00 PM
  4. Spy war: 1:30 PM onwards
  5. Cowboy stunt: 11:45 AM
  6. Dolphin show: 10:20 AM, 3:40 PM
  7. Bird show: 11:45 AM, 2:30 PM

6. Jim Thompson House

Tourist Places in Thailand

Jim Thompson House is a must-see place for history fans and art enthusiasts, with a fine selection of artwork from Burma, China, Cambodia, and Thailand. It was previously the home of a former American citizen named James H. W. Thompson. A lovely green garden surrounds the Jim Thompson House, which is tucked away on the Saen Saeb Canal's banks.

The Jim Thompson home was built using traditional Thai architecture. The six homes were constructed on elevated platforms, which is a common Thai flood prevention technique. The roofs of the house are designed like the old temple designs that were common in Thailand's Ayutthaya Kingdom.

7. Phuket

Tourist Places in Thailand

Phuket is Thailand's biggest island. Phuket is known for its pristine beaches, offshore islands, vibrant markets, fast-paced nightlife, and exhilarating watersports. Kata and Surin beaches are ideal for families and anyone with unusual interests. Phuket also provides a variety of traditional activities and experiences. Phuket has picturesque areas like the Phi Phi Islands and Similan Islands, which are good for day trips by speedboat; here, people can also engage in activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. The famous dishes at Phuket are Tom yum goong, green curry chicken, Pad Thai, noodle soup, Tom Kha Gai, Som tam, stir-fried chicken, and Kao phad.

8. Patong Beach

Tourist Places in Thailand

It is frequently referred to as Asia's party capital. Patong Beach is Phuket's well-known beach. Patong Beach offers swimming, parasailing, and other water activities throughout the day and is well-known for its clear sandy shoreline, vibrant nightlife, and colourful attractions. With various dining options, bars, and nightclubs, including Go-Go establishments, you may party till late at night on this beach any time of year. Despite not being a remote, exotic beach like many other Thai beaches, this one is nevertheless rather gorgeous because of the surrounding thick forests and crystal-clear waters.

9. Phi Phi Islands

Tourist Places in Thailand

Phi Phi Islands are located just 40 kilometres from Phuket. There are six islands in this Islands group. These islands are a great place to spend a couple of days in Thailand because of their crystal clear water and wonderful events. It looks like a tropical paradise with its beaches, cliffs, jungles, and crystal-clear waters. The Phi Phi Islands are one of the few remaining unspoiled natural landscapes in the world because none of the islands has roads, and the majority of them are inhabited by people.

10. Karon Beach

Tourist Places in Thailand

In Phuket, Karon Beach is the third-longest beach. Excellent snorkelling areas are found at Karon Beach, and the crystal clear blue water is delightful to swim in. The majority of the large resorts are situated on Karon Beach road.

Visitors can go swimming, snorkelling, building sandcastles with their children, or just relaxing on a beach bed with an umbrella. Karon Beach is the ideal spot to spend the day at the beach because of its fine white sands, lack of pebbles, clear blue sea, and breathtaking horizon view. There are volleyball nets set up daily for public use on this beach only in Phuket. The Karon Bazar is an ideal market to purchase daily necessities, including clothes, cosmetics, and baby care items. The famous dishes at Karon beach are pad Thai, tom yam goong, deep-fried fish, and green curry.

11. Green Elephant Sanctuary Park

Tourist Places in Thailand

This is a large park that spans 40,000 metres. Many rescued elephants from Asia are kept in this Sanctuary park, and the park provides them with a cruelty-free environment and healthy life. This park provides two types of tours that are morning tour and an afternoon tour. Both tours have the same fees, which are THB 1900 for children and THB 2500 for adults. This tour includes sightseeing, education about the mistreatment of elephants and their enslavement, a delicious buffet lunch, and photos with these lovely creatures.

12. Pattaya

Tourist Places in Thailand

It is known as the 'Sex Capital' and 'Party Capital' of Thailand. Pattaya's beaches and islands offer a wide range of watersports, snorkelling opportunities, restaurants, cafes, and gift shops, making it the perfect destination for families, groups of friends, and couples. Pattaya's nightlife is well known for being loud, luxurious, and handsy. Walking street in Pattaya is renowned for its bright streetlights, signs over open bars and go-go clubs, and ladies loitering on the sidewalks.

13. Jomtien Beach

Tourist Places in Thailand

Jomtien Beach boasts a stunning 6 kilometres of clear sea coastline that is surrounded by pine forests. This beach is the ideal location for relaxing. There are many water activities available, such as banana boats, jet skiing, kite surfing, parasailing, windsurfing, and others. There are many entertainment options available in the beachside nightlife & has a variety of cafes and eateries lining up to sell delectable seafood and beverages.

14. Koh Larn

Tourist Places in Thailand

Coral Island is another name for Koh Larn. This beautiful island is located about 7 kilometres off Pattaya Beach's coast. Koh Larn is known as "heaven on earth" and is a must-see location during your trip to Pattaya. Visitors can engage in a variety of activities like jet skiing and parachuting. In addition, numerous mouthwatering seafood meals are offered in restaurants and other locations. The famous dishes at Koh Larn are papaya salad, grilled chicken, fried rice with crab, and noodle soup.

15. The Sanctuary of Truth

Tourist Places in Thailand

It is Pattaya's most iconic building. One of the most well-known tourist destinations near the sea is the Sanctuary of Truth. The teak wood was used exclusively in its construction and was adorned with beautiful carvings. A local business tycoon built it with the intention of establishing a centre for philosophy, art, and culture.

16. Mimosa Pattaya

Tourist Places in Thailand

If you want to enjoy Pattaya's exotic European flair, then you must visit Mimosa Pattaya. It is the mall that is decorated with bright, vibrant colours. It is a stunning outdoor shopping mall which has stores that sell a lovely and varied range of products spread all over a vast area. The art gallery and aquarium are two main draws at Mimosa Pattaya. This shopping centre is regarded as a recreation of Colmar. There are over 300 stores throughout the area, including boutiques and eateries, that offer a wide variety of products, including toys and handicrafts, souvenirs of all types, apparel, and jewellery.

17. Koh Chang

Tourist Places in Thailand

Koh Chang is one of Thailand's most stunning islands that features pure white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters that are excellent for diving and snorkelling. Hiking is extremely popular in stunning hills and rainforests. Overall, Koh Chang is the perfect place for a traveller looking for both adventure and parties. Elephant Island is another name for Koh Chang. Beautiful birds, snakes, deer, and giant elephants are just a few of the diverse animals that are seen in Koh Chang. This island offers activities like snorkelling, fishing, hiking, diving, and parties.

18. Klong Prao Beach

Tourist Places in Thailand

A popular beach in Koh Chang is Klong Prao Beach. The picturesque Klong Prao Beach is a beach situated in the middle of the west coast. This beach is a popular venue for single tourists, couples, families, and groups. There are numerous hotels, eateries, and bars scattered along this sandy beach.

19. Pai

Tourist Places in Thailand

Pai is a picturesque small city encircled by mountains and is a traveller's dream location. The beautiful river Pai passes through this town, and it makes rafting a well-liked activity here. For those seeking either a peaceful or an exciting holiday, Pai is a beautiful destination. It is one of Thailand's most attractive landscapes, with boundless mountains for hiking and the lovely Pai river for relaxing. Pai also has Burma-style shrines, waterfalls, and hot springs.

20. Khao Sok National Park

Tourist Places in Thailand

It is known as the oldest rainforest in the world. The park welcomes visitors with vast limestone mountains, deep valleys, lakes, and caves in this national park. This National park is one of the most popular places for vacation, and visitors can enjoy boat tours, foot jungle treks, elephant interactions, bamboo rafting, canoeing, and much more. There are also thrilling tour alternatives that will undoubtedly give you a lifetime memory.

Activities in Khao Sok National Park:

1. Jungle Trek:

Walking through the tropical forest provides a unique opportunity to explore the National park. People of any age can go on treks through the park.

2. Jungle Safari:

There are four days, three days, and two days tour options available for individuals who love to take a jungle safari. A jungle safari is the best way to experience this park's amazing features.

3. Canoeing:

A canoe ride is the best relaxation activity here. During your canoe ride, you may see snakes, herons, frogs, kingfishers, monitor lizards, and wild monkeys.

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