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Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is one of Uttarakhand's most famous romantic hill stations, recognised for its natural beauty. Mussoorie is located in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas Mountains and is also known as the "Queen of Hills." Mussoorie is 35 kilometres from the main city of Dehradun and is located at an elevation of 7000 feet above sea level. Mussoorie is the ideal destination if you want to experience the breathtaking views of the lush green slopes and the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Mussoorie's natural beauty makes it a favourite honeymoon destination.

During the period of British India, this lovely hill station was a popular place for them to stay during summers. Mussoorie is well-known for its breathtaking vistas of the Shivalik Mountains and Doon Valley. It is also regarded as the entry point to the religious sites of Yamunotri and Gangotri.

1. Municipal Garden

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

The Municipal Garden is a lovely place to visit in Mussoorie's Happy Valley. The Garden Welfare Association of Mussoorie looks for this Garden, also known as Company Bagh. This park is 3 kilometres from Library Point and closes to the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration.

This location is perfect for nature lovers because it is home to a diverse range of flowers and birds. Famous flowers such as Petunia, Dahlia, Pansy, and Begonia are more common here. Approximately 800 flowers in this garden are used in the nursery. A big China tree may also be seen here. Tourists may also go boating on the Garden's artificial lake. This location also has a fountain and a beautiful meadow. Visitors can also engage in adventures by hiring vehicles, rickshaws, horses, and bicycles.

2. Kempty Falls

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Kempty Falls, located between the Dehradun and Mussoorie highways, is a lovely waterfall that falls from the height of 40 feet. Kempty Falls is located around 4500 feet above sea level, surrounded by high rock cliffs. John McKinnon created this site as a picnic spot because of its attractive surroundings and natural beauty.

Kempty Falls, one of Uttarakhand's most famous waterfalls, provides a panoramic view as the water falls from the mountains. Kempty Falls is well-known among visitors as a picnic destination for people visiting Mussoorie; its perrenial waterfall. Kempty Falls comes from "Camping and Tea," which relates to the traditional tea parties. The lagoon at the base of Kempty Falls is ideal for swimming.

3. Mussoorie Lake

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Mussoorie Lake is around 5 kilometres from the city of Mussoorie. It is located in the highlands, some 500 meters below the initial Dehradun-Mussoorie road, and offers amazing views of the Doon Valley. There are facilities such as a 3D theatre, a haunted house, and bicycling, while for the youth, there are adventurous sports such as boating, paragliding, and a cable car. There are also arrangements for hotels and restaurants and food and drink near the lake.

4. Cloud End

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

The cloud end is the place where the clouds are most visible. This location is around 7.5 kilometres from Mussoorie Library Road. While other parts of Mussoorie are usually bustling with visitors, coming to Cloud End will offer you a sense of perfect calm away from the city's hustle and bustle. It is also a popular spot for newlyweds. Cloud End also has a hotel with the same name, surrounded by deep woodlands. Every couple is drawn here by the greenery and natural beauty of the woodlands. Tourists can arrive by car or take the scenic route from Happy Valley to Hathipaon Road.

5. Jwala Temple

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Jwala Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. In this temple, the goddess is revered in nine different forms. This temple is located around 8 kilometres from Mussoorie. The beautiful Jwala Temple is on a mountain that rises 2100 meters above sea level. Forested areas surround Jwala Mandir. This temple is located in the Himalayas, with Dehradun and the Yamuna valleys on one side. Devotees come to this temple not only to view the mother but also to admire the beautiful countryside that surrounds the temple.

6. Lal Tibba

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Regarding Mussoorie's tallest mountain, Lal Tibba is the first name that springs to mind. Let us inform you that the peak here was named Lal Tibba because of its red colouration. Depot Hill is another name for it. When the British governed India, the Britishers used to keep an eye on the whole region from there. The Indian Army team has arrived in force on Lal Tibba. Today, the Doordarshan transmitting station and the All India Radio tower may be found here. With the help of binoculars on Lal Tibba's elevation, you can see the Gangotri, Badrinath, Nanda Devi, and Srikanta peaks.

7. Sir George Everest House

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Sir George Everest House was Sir George Everest's house in the 18th century when he was Surveyor-General of India. While residing here, George found and mapped several of India's high peaks. Sir George also found the highest peak of Mount Everest, and the mountain was named after him. Sir George Everest House, located approximately 6 kilometres from Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie, has been transformed into a tourist place. Many people refer to it as the 'Park Estate.' Tourists may get breathtaking views of the Alps from here.

8. Santala Devi temple in Mussoorie

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

This temple is located on the Santaur Citadel's high hill. Mata Santala and her brother lived here many centuries ago. He believed in Hinduism and inspired others to devote themselves to God. The Mughals unexpectedly attacked here and forced everyone to alter their religion. Still, before the Mughals could attack Mata Santala, she worshipped God with her brother and transformed this place into a stone idol. Today, worshippers visit this temple in big numbers every year to view Mata Santala.

9. Christ Church

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Christ Church is a historic church at Kasmanda Palace in Mussoorie, 0.6 miles from the Library Bus Stand. Christ Church was established in 1836 and is said to be the Himalayan range's oldest existing church. The Britishers constructed the church for the population that originally resided on the site. This church is built in the spectacular Gothic style. The church's stained glass windows depict episodes from Jesus Christ's life. The church's exterior and interiors are beautifully designed to attract visitors' attention.

10. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Benog Animals Sanctuary is appealing to individuals who enjoy the view of wildlife. Many endangered birds may be found at the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary, surrounded by deep forests. Aside from birds, you may also see leopards, deer, bears, and Himalayan goats. This location is around 15 kilometres from Mussoorie. Before you come here, please be aware that this location is only open from 5 a.m. to 4 p.m. and that dogs are prohibited.

11. Jhari Pani

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Jharipani Lake's view is inherently beautiful and exciting. The Shivalik mountains' peaks may be seen from Jharipani. The beautiful view of the amazing waterfalls and untamed slopes fills the mind with scenic beauty. The visitors are also drawn by the sight of the sun rise and sun setting over the shrub water. Jharipani Lake is situated near Barlow Ganj. If you enjoy visiting aquatic locations, you must take your family to Jharipani Lake.

12. Camel's Back Road

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Camel's Back Road in Mussoorie is 3 kilometres from Library Bus Stand, and the road stretches from Kulri Bazar to Library Chowk. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mussoorie. The road gets its name from a rock that looks like a camel's back. Camel's Back Road was built in 1845. This route has a historic Hawa Ghar where tourists may sit and admire the beautiful hills. Scandal Point was the previous name for this Hawa Ghar. Telescopes are provided for individuals who want to look at the Himalayan peaks closely. You can see the peaks of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Chaukhamba, and Nanda Devi.

13. Nag Tibba

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Nag Tibba is also known as Serpent Mountain. This location is located at an elevation of 3022 meters above sea level. Nag Tibba is primarily a hiking destination located around 75 kilometres from Mussoorie. You can view the snow-capped slopes of Kedarnath from Nag Tibba. The attraction centre of Nag Tibba is also Gangotri Peak. Trekkers may enjoy themselves to the maximum by visiting Nag Tibba.

14. Gun Hill

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Gun Hill is Mussoorie's second-highest mountain. Gunhill is 2024 feet above sea level. Gun Hill offers a beautiful view of the sun. When viewed from here, the snow-capped trees are really attractive. The history of the gun hill reveals the popular description of the gunhill. When there was no clock, a cannon was placed on the Gun Hilltop. As a result, the dwellers here used to be aware of the passage of time.

15. Dhanaulti

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Dhanaulti is a hill station 24 kilometres from Mussoorie. The breathtaking panorama of the snow-capped mountains and the distinctive charm of the long wooded slopes can be seen here. There are several sites to visit around Dhanaulti, including Kanatal, Sukanda Devi Temple, and Deogarh. The best part is that there is also a hotel available here. Visiting here, the couple may spend a few days alone and spend quality time in nature.

16. Van Chetana Kendra

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Van Chetna Kendra is a wonderful picnic area surrounded by deodar trees and beautiful flowers. This location is 2 kilometres from Tehri Road in Mussoorie. Many wild animals, including peacocks, ghurars, etc can be seen in the Van Chetna Kendra. There is a Ghana forest all around here, and the forest's wild creatures captivate both children and adults. Every year, thousands of travellers visit Van Chetna Kendra.

17. The Mall Road

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

It is one of Mussoorie's most important marketplaces is Mall Road. Mall Road is home to the majority of Mussoorie's prominent primary retailers. Everything from clothing to electronics is available here. This is why there are usually a large number of tourists here. In the evening, the view of this road warms the heart. This market extends from Library Point to the Picture Palace. This market covers an area of around 2 kilometres.

18. Landour Market

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Landour Market is one of Mussoorie's largest retail malls. Many of Landour Bazar's businesses retain the architectural style of the British era. This market has some very nice antique stuff. The Landour market is also well-known for its Roman shoes. Tourists visit Landor Market to observe recreations of Mussoorie's past.

19. Bhatta Fall

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Bhatta Falls is one of the greatest picnic spots in Mussoorie. Bhatta Falls is a waterfall in Bhatta village, around 7 kilometres from Mussoorie. Bhatta Falls is a magnificent water-filled location. People gather here to participate in water activities. Tourists come here to swim in the waterfall and pond.

20. Company Garden in Mussoorie

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Company Garden, known as "Nirspal Garden," is Mussoorie's oldest Garden. This Garden has many little flowers, greenery, boats, various adventurous activities for children, a haunted house, a wax museum, 3D cinema, and an artificial waterfall, after which you do not want to leave. In addition, there are restaurants and retail facilities in this Garden. Company Garden is a popular picnic location in Mussoorie because of its great achievement.

How to reach Mussoorie

  • By Flight: By Plane, Mussoorie's nearest airport is Joli Airport in Dehradun. This airport has direct flights from New Delhi Indra Gandhi International Airport.
  • By Train: The nearest railway station to Mussoorie is Dehradun, around 30 kilometres away. This railway station serves numerous areas of India. Mussoorie is easily accessible by train from Delhi or Mumbai to Dehradun.
  • By Bus: Mussoorie may also be accessed by bus; both government and private buses travel here, and the bus ride from Delhi to Nainital is rather short.

Local Food in Mussoorie

Mussoorie, a popular tourist location, provides a wide variety of foods. It serves Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, Thai, Moroccan, and Italian foods. There are several cafés and hookah bars here, as well as sweets and muffins.

Tourist Places in Mussoorie

Tibetan dishes look really delicious, which can make you greedy to have more. Don't forget to try the momos while you're here. Local foods from Uttarakhand include Kappa (green curry), Sisunak Saag (a meal made with green leafy vegetables and various local ingredients), and Aloo Sabzi (a Kumaoni potato dish).

Best Time to Visit Mussoorie

Mussoorie is best visited in the summer. Mussoorie is visited by most tourists during the summer season to escape the scorching heat experienced in other parts of the nation. Going here during the rainy season is a bit dangerous. Due to heavy rainfall, Mussoorie's mountain routes become so slick that cars frequently slip, and the incident of landslides also makes it quite dangerous.

Mussoorie is also worth a visit in the winter to enjoy the snowfall. However, please be aware that highways are sometimes closed due to heavy snowfall. So, if you want to visit Mussoorie without having to deal with crowds, the months of March to June are ideal.

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