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12 Best Tourist Places in Yelagiri

One of the popular destinations for trekkers in India is Yelagiri. At 1,700,20 metres above sea level, the hill station is situated. It is made up of 14 hamlets and numerous temples dispersed across various hills. Yelagiri was put under government control in the early 1950s because the Yelagiri zamindar family owned it. In addition, Yelagiri is well known for its summer festival, which is held at the end of May and is organized by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Board. The inhabitants of Yelagiri are descendants of the combative soldiers who made up Tippu Sultan's army in the seventeenth century. These individuals are known as "Vellala Gounder".

Optimal Season to Visit Yelagiri

Yelagiri is a hill station with a healthy climate that prevails all year round. Although visitors can come at any time of the year, the peak travel season is from mid-November to mid-February. Regarding the climate, Yelagiri experiences more rain in the summer than in the winter, and winter is the best time to visit a hill station to appreciate its splendour. Yelagiri's typical temperature ranges from 18°C to 30°C. Because Yelagiri never gets too hot in the summer, visiting during any month of the year can be a terrific experience.

Following are some of the most liked tourist places in Yelagiri to visit. This list of the top Yelagiri attractions can aid in your travel planning if you intend to visit it this year.

1. Jalagamparai Waterfalls

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

One of Yelagiri's biggest tourist destinations is these lovely and alluring waterfalls. The waterfall is 5 kilometres from Yelagiri downhill on the opposite side of the hill area. This location is mainly recognized for its gorgeous waterfalls and various fauna. The months of November through January are ideal for waterfall viewing.

You would have to travel farther to climb the hill on the other side after travelling down the mountain to reach the plains to reach your destination. Even though it could take an hour to travel by foot, the journey is enjoyable.

Early November through mid-February are the greatest times to see the waterfall because there is an abundance of flowing water compared to the other months of the year. In reality, compared to a few years ago, the water flow from the falls is significantly reduced throughout the summer. The scenic beauty makes up for the lack of water, though.

Location: Tamil Nadu, 635853, Nagalathu Extension R.F.

Time: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Cost: Free entry.

2. Punganoor Lake Park

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

One of the well-known tourist destinations in Yelagiri that receives visitors all year round is the Punganoor Lake-cum-Park.

Since the locals will give you directions, finding this lake-cum-park is not too difficult. The area is a favourite among visitors due to its calm environment and Park, which is surrounded by lush flora. Boating is this location's main attraction.

People of all ages visit this location to take in the view. The Pungannoor Lake Park's beauty and peace make the entire experience captivating.

Both inexpensive and expensive hotels can be found nearby. The majority of visitors prefer to take a stroll from their hotel to the lake instead of taking a boat excursion. You will need to pay a small entrance fee in order to visit the Park.

In order to keep the Park clean and well-maintained, it should be emphasized that the park management does not permit picnicking.

Location: Punganur, Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu 635853, No. 256, Borad House St.

Timing: From 8:00 am until 7:00 pm.

Cost: About $3 per person is the entry cost (INR 75 for boating).

3. Telescope Observatory

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

One of the top locations to visit in Yelagiri is the Vainu Bappu Observatory, also known as the Telescope Observatory. It is one of the key tourist attractions in this area. This observatory gives visitors a stunning view of how the celestial bodies in our solar system move.

It is located in Kavalar, a neighbourhood close to Yelagiri. It should be mentioned that you require prior authorization to enter the observatory. The largest telescope in Asia is located there and is also managed and maintained by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore.

The person for whom the observatory is named, Dr Vaini Bappu, built the observatory. The telescope in this room has a diameter of around 93 inches.

Location: Tamil Nadu (635701), Javadi Hills, Alangayam, Kavalur.T.

Time: 7 pm to 10 pm.

Cost: Entrance is free.

4. Swamimalai Hills

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

The Swamimalai Hills are one of the lovely Yelagiri tourist destinations and the highest point in the region. They provide some of the most picturesque vistas in the entire hill resort. Tourists come to these hills all seasons of the year, except the monsoon season when it is riskier to travel due to landslides and torrential downpours.

These hills are fashioned like a cake, with a solid base at the bottom and a lofty summit that offers magnificent vistas. This is what makes them so fascinating. Due to the elevation at which the hills are situated, trekking is a key draw.

One of the most well-known treks that visitors do in this region ascends to a relatively low mountain from where they may enjoy a stunning view of the entire valley below. It's not difficult to make the long journey to Swamimalai, which typically begins with a muddy trail. The hilltop view is definitely worth the ascent.

Even if you are near the sky, the breathtaking panorama that surrounds you on all sides with mountains and lush vegetation will enthral you.

Location: 635853 Swamimalai Trekking Rte, Mangalam, Mangalam R.F., Tamil Nadu.

Time: Anytime.

Cost: Free Of charge.

5. Jalagandeeshwarar Temple

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

One must visit the renowned Jalagandeeswarar Temple, which is located in the centre of the Vellore Fort. It is another famous yelagiri tourist place that is visited and loved by tourists from India and abroad.

Tourists are drawn to this specific site of worship because of its rich history and fascinating mythical backdrop. The finely carved sculptures made of stone that beautifully capture the soul of the god inside are one of the primary attractions here. The temple is a beautiful illustration of the superb craftsmanship of the regional craftspeople.

Each sculpture in the temple is a work of art in its own right. Tourists from all across India and the world admire these sculpture for their aesthetic merit and maintenance.

The temple features a sizable open area that worshippers can use for prayer and other holy rites that may occasionally take place. Additionally, marriages can be solemnized right in front of the temple. As one of the most auspicious places to have a marriage ceremony, many locals choose to have their marriages here.

Location: 632004 Balaji Nagar, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

Time: 6: 30 a.m. to 9: 30 p.m. (the temple is closed in the afternoon session from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm).

Cost: Free.

6. Nilavoor Lakes

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

The Nilavoor village in Yelagiri is home to Nilavoor Lake, a man-made body of water with a garden bordering each of its banks. It is a well-known Yelagiri tourism destination that is frequented by boating enthusiasts.

Visitors can take pedal and motorboat rides while taking in the idyllic scenery of the steep terrains, calm seas, fine weather, and healthy air. Nature lovers can rest, enjoy the peace, and wander along the riverbank.

Visitors are treated to an exciting sight as dawn and sunset reflect various vibrant colours on the lake's waters. The Velavan Temple, Punganur Lake, Murugan Temple, Jalagamparai Falls, Thambiran Lotus Pond, etc., are some of the main attractions in and around Nilavoor Lake.

Location: Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu; Nilavoor village.

Time: Anytime (24 hours).

Cost: Rs 50 per Person.

7. Amirtha Zoological Waterfalls

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

In the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, Amirthi Falls is situated in the middle of Amirthi Zoological Park. The crystal-clear water cascades through Amrithi trees, narrow gorges, and breathtaking highlands.

To see the breathtaking vista, a 1.5-kilometre hike is required from the waterfall's point of access. Visitors are in awe of the floods that gushed downward during the post-monsoon season between June and November.

The audience will be entertained by exotic plants and animals, particularly the monkey tribe. Despite the fact that the Amrithi forests are home to a variety of wild species, hunting is not permitted there because it is a protected area.

Location: Yelagiri, Tiruvannamalai, and Vellore , Tamil Nadu.

Time: 8 am To 5 pm and Closed on Tuesday.

Cost: No Entry fee.

8. Yelagiri Adventure Camp

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

In addition to relaxation, fun and exciting sports are an essential component of a holiday. You need to look no further than Yelagiri Adventure Camp if you are a daring person seeking heart-pounding outdoor activities.

The Tamil Nadu government has launched the camp to infuse more enthusiasm into tourists visiting Yelagiri Hill Station and make their experiences more unforgettable. Activities like hiking, mountain climbing, paragliding, Bungee, trampolining, parallel zip lines, shooting, archery, ATV rides, and others guarantee delight, fun, and satisfaction.

In addition to this, the misty mountains, attractive landscape, and healthy atmosphere are main attractions. Additional attractions at this location include stargazing, campfires, musical nights, environmental speeches and debates, and real-life adventure stories.

Location: Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu.

Time of Check-In: 11:00 am (Day 1)

Time of Check-Out: 2:00 pm (Day 2)

Cost: Rs. 1650 in a nearby bazaar overview.

9. Perumal Temple

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

The Perumal temple is one of the biggest temples in all of Yelagiri. It is clean, well-maintained, and crowded with worshippers from all over the nation. The temple, a genuine sacred site, is cut between rocks higher up a hill, from which the scenery appears amusingly spectacular.

One of the many attractions in Yelagiri is the Perumal temple, which is highly recommended for tourists and devotees who simply wish to spend some quiet time on a hilltop. The "Rangoli" work that is paved throughout the entrance to the temple is one example of how effectively local artistry is promoted in the temple. The Perumal Temple is active with local devotees, and the atmosphere of the temple gives a glimpse of their devotion to their gods and local customs.

Location: Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu (635853), Perumal Temple

Time: 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Cost: There is no entry cost.

10. Government Herbal Farm

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

One of the other things to do in Yelagiri is to go to the Government Herbal Farm. The lovely Puganoor Lake is not distant from the farm.

The Forest Department of Tamil Nadu is in charge of managing and maintaining it. It is the natural habitat of some of the rarest herbs and plants that are heavily utilized in Sidda and Ayurvedic treatments.

The plants are produced for therapeutic use and commercial sale because they have advantageous medicinal characteristics.

Athanavur and Nilavur, two nearby locations, are home to government fruit farms. These botanical gardens are among the best locations to visit in Yelagiri since they have many plants and trees that produce lovely flowers and fruits.

Location: Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu, 635853, Mangalam Road.

Time: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Cost: $100 per person as the entry fee.

11. Moksha Vimochana Temple

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

The Vimochana Temple is one of several fascinating attractions in Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu, and is conveniently close to the well-known Nilavoor lake. The temple has been the subject of many different stories as well. One of them claims that if a devotee prays at the Moksha Vimochana temple for 42 straight days, he would be freed of all his problems. The temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu, and its name actually means "to gain Moksh" in Sanskrit.

One of the Yelagiri tourist destinations that visitors praise for its serene and heavenly ambience is the Moksha Vimochana Temple. It is particularly praised for its eerie depiction of regional customs and civilizations that have coexisted in Yelagiri for centuries.

Location: Moksha Vimochana Temple, Yelgiri, Tamil Nadu.

Time: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Cost: There is no entry cost.

12. Fundera Park

Tourist Places in Yelagiri

The unique Fundera Park in Yelagiri is home to more than 300 unusual non-Indian birds. The birds are confined and meant to be observed from a distance in most of the zoo. However, at this location, the birds can fly freely in sizable aviaries, where guests may enter, view them up close, feed them, and interact with them.

The birds may come and sit on your hands, head, or shoulders if you are fortunate and patient. The friendly staff tries their best to place the birds on your hands and shoulders. Children and adults can interact with and feed guinea pigs, fancy fowl, bunnies, cows, goats, and other animals at Park's petting farm. Visitors, especially children, will find the 7D cinema, fish spa, pony rides, and enormous ostrich birds fascinating.

Location: Near the Yelagiri Hills, Mangalam Village, and Sivan Temple.

Time: Opens from Sunday- Saturday (9:30 am to 5:30 pm).

Cost: Rs.250 Per Adult person.

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