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16 Best Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal is a waterfall in Tamil Nadu's Dharmapuri district, where the Kaveri River divides it into several streams. Hogenakkal is surrounded by water all year round.

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

Occasionally named the "Niagara Falls of India," it is also well-known for its therapeutic baths. Hoge, also called Marikottayam, is the Tamil word for smoke, while Kal is the word for rock.

1. Mettur Dam

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

One of the giant dams in India is the Mettur Dam, located in a small village called Mettur, 30 km from Salem. In 1943, the Mettur Dam, a work of breathtaking beauty, was constructed across the River Cauvery (Kaveri) at the canyon. The dam, surrounded by lush hills and exquisite natural beauties, is well-liked by tourists.

The dam's remarkable design, the monument to the nation's engineering ability, is one of its most unique aspects. An extraordinary work of human technology, the 1700-meter-long Mettur Dam is a popular destination for visitors from all over the nation seeking to relax and be quiet.

The dam is an attraction for tourists and an irrigation system for the 2,71,000 acres of nearby agricultural area. A water reservoir surrounded by hilly ranges is another significant draw of the region.

The area, formerly Stanley Reservoir, is next to a hydroelectric power station that generates 240MW. The water in this area supports various unique fish and is used for power generation.

The Mettur dam, along with Ellis Park and the hydroelectric power station, is a visitor favourite. One must first get authorization from the proper authorities before visiting this site.

2. Hogenakkal Falls

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

A stunning waterfall called Hogenakkal Falls can be seen in Tamil Nadu's Dharmapuri district on the Kaveri River. Hogenakkal, which refers to "smoking rocks," is the name given to the area in recognition of its fantastic rock formations. It is sometimes referred to as the "Niagara falls of India" because of the flowing splendour of this unique waterfall.

The Kaveri River divides into several streams and flows down numerous stairs, creating a fascinating picture to see. These falls are surrounded by carbonatite rocks, among the world's most ancient in South Asia.

The falls also provide drinking water, which is interestingly said to have therapeutic qualities due to the various herbs that grow along its path. The Hogenakkal Falls are the main draw in the area because of their pure attractiveness.

Visitors can also choose to take a coracle boat trip from one end of the river to the other or locate a charming area to sit in and take in the wonders of Hogenakkal Falls' captivating scenery.

3. Melagiri Hills

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

After viewing the beautiful waterfall, the Melagiri Hills are Hogenakkal's second most alluring location. The excitement of finally viewing the ranges is increased by the near the Hills and the variety of trekking routes up the hill.

The connection between the Eastern and Western Ghats is where the hills are located. The scenery is breathtaking, with two mountain ranges coming together on either side and thick forests all around. Also present in these valleys are one-horned antelopes.

4. Pennagram Village

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

The village, about 20 km from Hogenakkal, is well-known for its fair, which it performs monthly to draw tourists. The town is especially famous for its Aiyanars, which are brightly coloured significant clay figures.

5. Theerthamalai Temple

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

A well-known religious site adjacent to Hogenakkal is Theerthamalai. Theerthamalai Temple is one of its most well-liked attractions. Lord Theerthagireeswar, a manifestation of Lord Shiva, is worshipped as a god.

It is claimed that after defeating Ravana, Lord Ram worshipped Lord Shiva in this temple to apologize for the guilt of killing so many demons. Therefore, it is said that a bath in these holy waters might support man in apologizing for his sins and reducing them.

6. Hanuman Theertham Temple

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

A temple to Lord Hanuman called Hanuman Theertham is located about a kilometre from the main temple. According to an ancient myth, Lord Ram ordered Lord Hanuman to gather water from the Ganga to serve Lord Shiva. When Lord Hanuman did not return, Lord Ram shot an arrow into the hill's rough slope, and water flowed.

7. Boating

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

There are several boating opportunities in the area. This place offers an extraordinary kind of boat. The round craft known as Coracles is frequently referred to as basket boats. They're coated in black plastic and feature circular bamboo frames, and black mushrooms are sometimes used as comparisons.

8. Krishnagiri Dam

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

In Hogenakkal, there is a dam named Krishnagiri. Krishnagiri Dam has a lovely picnic location. The region around has been beautifully maintained and developed into parks and gardens. The park offers lush greenery and a variety of floral species. It's energizing to spend some time here.

9. Kaveri River

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

The Kaveri River passes parallel to the main road leading to the Hogenekkal Falls. The Kaveri (Cauvery) River enters Tamilnadu through Hogenakkal in Karnataka. Beautiful scenery may be seen along the river and its bank. Along the bank, there are various rocks available. Visitors enjoy a swim in the river.

10. Crocodile Rehabilitation Centre

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

Hoggenekkal, part of the Dharmapuri district, is famous for its waterfalls, but it also has a crocodile rescue centre founded in 1975 to save and preserve the species. This facility, administered by the Tamil Nadu government, features hundreds of crocodiles.

The area is well-maintained, although the enclosures are tiny. After minimal entry costs, visitors can visit it and look around if they wish. You can witness crocodiles missing a portion of their tail, leg, snout, or teeth.

There are crocodiles of various sizes there, and if visitors ever want to learn more about these stunning and magnificent creatures, there is a lot of information on the walls.

11. Parameshwari Temple

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

The Parameshwari temple is situated in Pennagram Village, approximately 20 kilometres from Hogenakkal. There are several tales associated with the stunning temple. It is claimed that the pregnant goddess Parameshwari protects all expectant mothers and satisfies infertile women's desires.

12. Dharmapuri

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

The city of Dharmapuri is located in Tamil Nadu, India. It is widely recognized for its scenic beauty and nearby locations, and the city is well known for its many tourist attractions.

Dharmapuri is also frequently visited by many tourists from Bangalore and Chennai since it is nearly midway between those two cities. Dharmapuri was ruled by several dynasties in the past, including the Cholas, Rashtrakutas, and Pandyas.

13. Cini Waterfalls

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

The Cini Waterfalls near Hogenakkal, Dharmapuri, are a prominent tourist attraction in the region. It is a beautiful location, and visitors may enjoy a peaceful day with family or friends.

14. Panchapalli Dam

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

A tiny village in Tamilnadu's Dharmapuri district is called Panchapall. The dam was built in 1977 and served as one of the district's primary drinking water sources for locals. It is picturesque since hills surround it on two sides. People go down to the lakeshore because it has a good spot there for their picnic.

Green grass and a refreshing wind will revive you. The location is made much more beautiful by the excellent outlook on top of it. Visitors appreciate the magnificent scenery surrounding the dam. It's a beautiful area to visit for a single day with friends and family.

15. Vathalmalai

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

One of the most well-known hill stations is Vathalmalai, a 3,000-foot peak with distinctive vegetation and a good climate. The area's appeal has been improved by rains since the rain-fed water bodies in the hills, supplied by numerous streams, attracted many people.

One of the most picturesque areas is Vathalmalai, especially during the rainy season when dozens of lakes and streams flow. Hogenakkal is typically the destination for family vacations because there are more activities.

Vathalmalai, however, is very different. The environment and travel encourage a soulful sense of peace. Most visitors typically come here to relax, and families may enjoy the water flow because the area is not crowded.

16. Kalabairavar Temple

Tourist Places in Hogenakkal

During the special and festival seasons, worshippers go from diverse locations to this temple to pay their respects. The special poojas take place on Sundays and Pournami days.

How to reach

1. By air

Bangalore International Airport, located around 150 kilometres away, is the closest airport. You might need to immediately go to the main bus stop to take a direct bus to Hogenakkal. Alternatively, you may hire a cab outside the station. Hogenakka is 121 kilometres from the closest airport, Kempegowda International Airport.

2. By Road

If you prefer to go by road, good transport services are available. The closest bus stops are located at the Dharmapuri and Salem bus stands.

3. By Train

The nearest railway station to Hogenakkal is the Dharmapuri Railway Station; it is around 47 kilometres away, and buses are widely available.

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