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19 Best Tourist Places in Norway

Norway is a fantastic travel destination since it offers many unique cultural and natural attractions. There are many options available to tourists in Norway, ranging from the cosmopolitan capital city of Oslo to the country's infinite snow-capped mountain peaks and deep fjords.

It is surprisingly simple to get from one part of the nation to another, despite the country's several mountain ranges and rough shoreline. The nation's first-rate public transportation systems provide some of the finest possibilities for sightseeing, whether you're going by train or on one of the wonderful coastal steamers.

Norway, one of the world's wealthiest countries, appears to have a fascinating museum dedicated to every significant part of its long and illustrious cultural and social past. The landscape in Norway is quite breathtaking in many places. Norway is home to some of the greatest sites for thrilling outdoor experiences and activities, from its breathtaking fjords to its beautiful mountains and glaciers, freely accessible to travelers.

We have compiled a list of Norway's most popular tourist destinations so that you may start planning your vacation to one of the world's happiest countries and immerse yourself in the beautiful natural or artificial wonders Norway offers.

1. Roros

Tourist Places in Norway

The old mining town of Roros is situated in Trondelag County in the east of Norway on a high plateau with countless kinds of wood around it. It is home to several stunningly preserved ancient wooden structures, artifacts, and other traces of the region's mining history.

Exploring the village is a treat because of the numerous brightly colored buildings in their original state across the area. One of the most impressive aspects of Roros Church is its breathtaking architectural design. In addition, there is an abundance of quaint coffee shops, classic dining establishments, and a variety of little stores offering locally made arts and crafts. Olva's Mine, which prominently features Roros' mining background, is a popular attraction that draws a large number of visitors every day.

Even though it is one of the coldest areas in Norway, Roros is a wonderful spot to come to during the winter since it has a wonderful Christmas market. Dog sledding, skiing, and sleigh rides are just a few popular winter activities that can be enjoyed in the picturesque snow-covered landscapes surrounding the town.

2. Geiranger Fjord

Tourist Places in Norway

In all of Norway, the Geirangerfjord is perhaps one of the most well-known and often photographed fjords. It can be found in the Sunnmore area, in the western part of the nation. It is a destination that is frequented by a large number of tourists due to the stunning landscape that it offers, which includes towering cliffs, glistening waterfalls, and brilliantly blue seas.

It has a length of nearly 15 kilometers and is surrounded on each side by rugged terrain consisting of high mountains and pointed peaks. Several beautiful waterfalls cascade down the rock walls of this region, with Suitor and Seven Sisters, Falls being the most impressive of the group.

Especially during the warm months of summer, the fjord is visited by a great number of cruise ships and sightseeing tours because of the breathtaking beauty that it has. Even though taking in the sights from the comfort of your ship is a wonderful way to spend the day, it is well worth your time to climb to the top of some of the more notable peaks and plateaus in the area, such as Dalsnibba and Ornesvingen, to take in the breathtaking panoramas.

3. Drammen

Tourist Places in Norway

Drammen is one of the popular tourist destinations in Norway. It is located to the west of the Oslofjord, one of the locations that offer a variety of exciting adventures, such as bicycle tours, skiing trips, and ravine explorations. The city may be found on the banks of the pristine Drammenselva River, which is well-known for its salmon fishing opportunities.

This city, full of urban feelings, is a cluster of retail places, restaurants, cafes, and bars. It gives the city a bizarre atmosphere over the most renowned and bustling walkway across the Drammenselva River. A trip on the Krderbanen, the world's longest historical railway line, is beyond anyone's wildest idea, while a trip on the MS Drammen is an authentically romantic experience. At the Spiraltoppen Viewpoint, you may take magnificent views over the city in every direction while enjoying a drink or eating a meal in the beer garden or restaurant, or you can visit the open-air museum to get insight into the illustrious history of the city. On Blaafarvevaerket, there is a long lane that is popular among those who appreciate culture, and for those who like art, there is a museum and the Drammen Theatre.

4. Svalbard

Tourist Places in Norway

Even though it is not one of the easiest locations to visit in Norway, Svalbard is consistently ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in the country. This is because Svalbard is an island owned and controlled by Norway and situated in the Arctic. Because it is geographically distinct from the mainland, the weather there is quite different. Svalbard is an even colder and more severe version of what can be found in northern Norway, which experiences low temperatures and constant sunlight throughout the winter.

Svalbard is the location of a seed vault, which is used to preserve a variety of plant seeds if a worldwide catastrophe impacts the food supply. This is one of the most peculiar facts about Svalbard.

If you want a glimpse of the spectacular northern lights, the best location to travel to is Svalbard, where they can be seen dancing across the sky almost nightly throughout the winter. You may also come across a polar bear; nevertheless, you should maintain your distance and remain close to the camp at all times.

5. Tromso

Tourist Places in Norway

The city of Tromso is an important cultural center in Norway. It is renowned for its location in the middle of the Arctic Circle. Tourists go to Tromso all year long because it is often considered among the greatest places to see the Northern Lights. Tromso is famous for its traditional wooden buildings that date back hundreds of years and contribute to the city's charming, old-fashioned atmosphere. Most of the year, the greenish-blue colors of the aurora light up the sky here, but the famous Arctic Cathedral's stained glass steeple stands out the most.

The beautiful Arctic Cathedral is a must-see for anybody traveling to Tromso. The Cathedral, which opened its doors in 1965, has become one of the most recognizable landmarks in the area and is home to a number of community performances each year. The Polar Museum is another option for history lovers interested in learning more about Tromso's past, and they can find it in the city center. Hikers will find a haven in Tromso, another reason the city is so popular. There are more than 1200 peaks within its borders, making climbing and trekking popular pastimes.

6. Henningsvaer

Tourist Places in Norway

It should come as no surprise to anybody that the Lofoten Islands are one of the most incredible locations in Norway. This Lofoten fishing village is one of the best. It is spread over several islands and at the foot of a mountain wall.

In addition to the natural beauty of the area, Henningsvaer also has a small number of arts and crafts shops and a few art galleries, making the town a fascinating destination. Activities ranging from rock climbing to snorkeling are available for those who prefer being outside.

Henningsvr has a few options for overnight stays, although most visitors prefer to stay in Svolvaer, which is just a short distance away. To get the most out of your vacation in Lofoten, renting a vehicle is highly suggested since the region is so spread out.

7. Nordkapp

Tourist Places in Norway

Nordkapp is one of Norway's most well-known tourist destinations, rising majestically over the Arctic Ocean. The natural and isolated location of the towering hilltop, which provides visitors with stunning views over the water, has been drawing tourists there for decades. These days, tour busloads of visitors are the ones who go to the North Cape to gaze at its breathtaking vistas and take pictures. The natural beauty of the cliff makes it well worth seeing, even though it may get quite crowded at times, especially during the warmer months.

In addition to being a place name, Nordkapp is also the name of the nearby municipality. Honningsvag is where you can book trips to the island's breathtaking cliffs and hiking and birding excursions around the island's beautiful surroundings.

8. Kristiansand

Tourist Places in Norway

The city of Kristiansand, which is located in the southernmost part of Norway, is a lovely destination for tourists. This is the best spot in Norway to soak up some rays and enjoy pleasant weather.

The city is well known for its beautiful white beaches, some of which have palm trees, such as Bystranda, because of its position so far south in Norway, Kristiansand enjoys a greater number of sunny hours than the vast majority of other cities and towns in the country.

Your mind will be blown by the city's huge collection of street art, which can be seen all over the place. People like things like these since they enrich the culture of a city and make it a lot more enjoyable to wander around. In addition, the city of Kristiansand is home to several stunning parks. It would help if you didn't leave the city without having experienced Ravnedalen and Baneheia since they are two of the greatest in the area.

9. Preikestolen

Tourist Places in Norway

Preikestolen is one of the few locations in Norway that successfully combines the country's renowned natural beauty with an outdoor lifestyle. It is a massive rock structure that dominates the view from a cliff that looks out over a fjord, and it is also known as Pulpit Rock.

If you want to see the cliffside, the only way to do so is to trek the Preikestolen trail, and if you do so, you won't be let down by the experience. The whole nation of Norway is breathtaking, and the scenery in this region does not disappoint in any way.

The climb to the peak is not very challenging and should take around two hours to complete. Even if you are not in very good shape, you should be able to complete this trek without too much difficulty. You'll have much to do because of the beautiful surroundings! Breathtaking scenery may be enjoyed after you reach the peak. Even though it's a bit nerve-wracking to be that near to the edge with nothing protecting you from falling, it's definitely an amazing experience.

10. Fredrikstad

Tourist Places in Norway

Fredrikstad is blessed with a historic ambiance and contains the ancient town's allure and the Hvaler archipelago's coastal gems inside its walls. The town is the biggest in the south-eastern area of stfold, and it is widely regarded as one of the most well-preserved tourist destinations in all of Norway. Ancient buildings, cobblestone lanes crammed with attractive cafes, restaurants, and potters selling their wonderful crafts all contribute to the old town's remarkable appearance. The old town is enclosed by defensive walls that date back to the 17th century.

There is a wide variety of things to do and see in Fredrikstad, from activities such as fishing, scuba diving, cycling, and hiking to shopping and cultural experiences. The breathtaking Hvaler archipelago and the verdant Ytre Hvaler National Park are just a few hours' drives away, making them an ideal destination for those who like spending time in nature. It is highly recommended that you include this town in your vacation to Norway and take the time to appreciate its beauty, which will undoubtedly cause you to develop a deep affection for this location.

11. Molde

Tourist Places in Norway

Molde is a city in the Scandinavian area that has maintained a lot of its ancient charm while remaining relatively undiscovered. This fjord city takes immense pleasure in its almost ethereal beauty, which is largely due to the fact that its roses bloom throughout the larger portion of the year. The blooming rose gardens that surround the city have led the residents to affectionately refer to it as the "Town of Roses."

Heavenly beauty is added to the backdrop of Molde by the neighboring mountains covered with snow all year round. Visiting the Varden Viewpoint is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable ways to get a feel for the area's diverse and breathtaking scenery. This little peak, located more than 400 metres above sea level, provides spectacular views of the "Molde Panorama," the collective name for the 222 peaks surrounding the city. Another well-liked destination in this region is the Romsdal Museum, which is responsible for maintaining a number of historically significant monuments and housing cultural displays.

Discovering Molde may be accomplished in several different ways. You may opt to go on a walking tour of the city or a bike trip; either way, the sightseeing tours available here are many and in-depth.

12. Flam

Tourist Places in Norway

Even though it is not as well-known as some other destinations in Norway, Flam is nevertheless a fantastic vacation spot. This small fishing town is located in a stunning area with breathtaking views.

The town can be reached in a short amount of time from Bergen and is situated close to some of the fjords for which Norway is most well-known. With the Naeryfjord and the Aurlandsfjord being close by, hiking is an excellent opportunity to get a feel for the surrounding landscape.

Cycling is another activity you may participate in while in this area. The Rallarvegen is widely regarded as one of Norway's most beautiful bike routes. If that isn't enough for you, you may take a journey on the Flmsbana, which is consistently ranked as one of the greatest railway rides in the world by travelers. The trip starts in Flam and ends at the head of a fjord; along the way, you'll see the transformation of the surrounding area as you travel approximately 20 kilometers from the bottom to the top of the fjord.

13. Alesund

Tourist Places in Norway

A settlement known as Alesund can be found on the westernmost coast of Norway. A trip there will reward you with stunning scenery and a fascinating look into the region's history. In 1904, a fire raged across the town, destroying the town's central district completely. As a direct result, the proposal was taken to reconstruct the center using the Art Nouveau architectural style.

A result is a group of buildings that are not only stunningly beautiful but also stand out as having one of the highest quantities of Art Nouveau architecture seen anywhere in Europe. Alesund is located near the Geirangerfjord and outside the city center. Therefore it is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. A visit to Alesund is recommended as a destination in Norway if you want something new to explore.

14. Trondheim

Tourist Places in Norway

Trondheim, which can be found in the middle of Norway, is a city that is known for its happiness, cleanliness, and beautiful scenery. Trondheim is a well-known destination for travelers from all over the globe because of the Gothic churches that can be seen there. Because a river runs through the middle of the city, almost all well-known restaurants and gathering places are clustered near the water's edge. This provides an additional layer of charm to the overall eating and retail environments.

One of the most well-known spots in Trondheim is the stunning Kristiansen Fortress, which combines the look of an old fort with the modern aesthetic of a museum housed inside the structure itself. In contrast to the museum, which transports you to another time and place, the fortress's winding passageways allow visitors to capture several photographs that will live long in their memory. When the night sky is clear and dark, this location is where you have a good chance of seeing the aurora borealis.

15. Alta

Tourist Places in Norway

Alta, located in the Arctic Circle in northern Norway, is one of the northernmost cities in the world. It is located on the beaches of a picturesque fjord, but the main reason it is famous is that it is one of the greatest spots to see the Aurora Borealis.

The night sky is sometimes transformed into a stunning array of multicolored loops by the arrival of the polar lights. Although this natural light show is one of the primary reasons people go to Alta, the little city also has several other intriguing attractions that are well worth seeing during your time there. Among them are the beautiful museum, which is home to ancient rock sculptures, and the Northern Lights Cathedral, which has an ambitious and unusual architectural style.

In addition, the area around Alta is filled with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenery, which, when covered in snow, take on an even more breathtaking appearance. Activities such as cross-country skiing, kayaking, and bike riding are quite popular in Alta because of the area's natural beauty. However, a vacation to Alta is not considered a success until the magnificent Aurora Borealis is seen at least once.

16. Jotunheimen National Park

Tourist Places in Norway

The Jotunheimen National Park is located in the heart of Norway and covers a sizable portion of the country's central region. It is home to some of Norway's most breathtaking landscapes and scenery. It is commonly called "the Home of the Giants" since it is home to multiple mountain ranges, with endless valleys, glaciers, and lakes filling the landscape between them. The park is also home to Vettisfossen, which claims the title of Norway's largest waterfall at 275 meters in height.

Because of its breathtaking scenery and abundance of mountains, Jotunheimen is a favorite destination for climbers and hikers. The region is known for its "plethora of peaks."Galdhoppigen and Glittertind are the two mountains that stand out as the highest in Northern Europe, both of these mountains have an altitude that is more than 2,450 meters.

Visitors to the region have easy access to activities like skiing, mountain climbing, glacier hiking, and peak tours, thanks to the mountain lodges and well-marked paths in the area.

17. Stavanger

Tourist Places in Norway

Stavanger, Norway's oil capital, is the country's fourth-largest city and is located in the country's south-westernmost corner along the coast. Because of the enormous cash the flourishing sector has brought, it is currently one of the world's most expensive cities to reside in and visit.

Stavanger has been a major hub ever since the days of the Vikings, and that hasn't significantly changed the city's and its suburbs' continued expansion. Stavanger Cathedral, which dates back many centuries, and various museums showcasing a wide range of topics, such as art and archaeology, as well as the city's marine history and petroleum industry, can be found in this area.

Stavanger has grown to be a major stop for cruise ships in recent years. The city's pubs and eateries see significant visitors throughout the summer months. The area surrounding the city is also a wonderful place to visit, as it has some of the best opportunities for climbing, surfing, and hiking in the country because of its proximity to some beautiful mountains and beaches.

18. Oslo

Tourist Places in Norway

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is located in a beautiful setting at the end of the Oslofjord, with several lakes and islands in the immediate vicinity. The city has a rich history spanning over a thousand years and has been an important hub in various sectors, including the economy, culture, and politics.

There are remnants of older wooden structures scattered across the capital, even though most of the city is now dominated by innovative and modern design. In addition to its booming performing arts scene and jam-packed festival program, the city is home to several superb museums and art galleries. The Viking Ship Museum is an attraction that is especially intriguing to investigate.

The Folkemuseet is an outdoor museum with more than 150 ancient structures from all over Norway, including a Stave Church. Other attractions in Oslo include the Munch Museum, which exhibits "The Scream" and other works by Edvard Munch, and the National Gallery of Norway, which houses a collection of paintings by Munch and other Norwegian artists.

19. Reine

Tourist Places in Norway

The fishing village of Reine is located in a somewhat protected area at the mouth of Reinefjord in the western portion of Norway's Lofoten islands. Yet, this very beautiful area of the country still deserves special attention. You may discover delight in fishing with the locals in this mountainous village, and for those interested, kayaking is readily accessible and requires no preparation. Outside of Reine, in the mountains, under some of the clearest sky you'll ever see, you can rediscover a little bit by going on a hike and finding the right spot to relax and watch the aurora. This is the ultimate location for discovering a part of yourself that you had forgotten about.

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