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Tourist Places in Yercaud

A Brief About Yercaud

The mountainous town of Yercaud is located in Tamil Nadu's Salem district. It is situated in the mountain range of Shevaroy Mountain in the Eastern Ghats. Sarvarayana Temple, which rises 5326 feet above sea level and is located at 1515 meters above sea level, is the highest point in Yercaud. It is one of Yercaud's most popular tourist attractions. The climate is ideal, and Yercaud is home to several coffee fields. Yercaud Lake is the area's main attraction. One of the region's major attractions is the May summer festival. It is devoted to Lord Sarvarayana, the supreme God of the mountains, and gives visitors a glimpse of the area's rich history.

Tourist Places in Yercaud

The "Land of the Seven Forests" is another name for Yercaud. The woodlands surrounding Yercaud are made of coffee plantations, banana, citrus groves, jackfruit, and pear trees. Trekking amid all of this is, therefore, a beautiful experience. With coffee as the primary crop, agriculture is the country's other source of revenue. The "Grange Estate" began growing coffee in 1820 when Cockburn brought Mr M.D. Coffee seedlings to Yercaud from Africa. The people of Tamil Nadu believe feeding any other creature, whether human or animal, to be a tribute to God. Apart from all these traditions, many tourist destinations are available here, and this article will be dedicated to them only. Here, we'll provide all your details about Yercaud tourist tours.

1. Emerald Lake in Italy

Tourist Places in Yercaud

The most significant and beautiful landmark in Yercaud is Emerald Lake, a sizable natural lake. It is located 1.5 kilometres from Yercaud Bus Stand. The pool offers an enjoyable and soothing experience bordered by gardens and trees. A location where visitors may enjoy what Yercaud and its hills have to offer. This Lake is a popular picnic location in Yercaud and is renowned for its beautiful views of Emerald Lake and lush vegetation.

A floating fountain adorns the Lake, and boating amenities are affordably priced. You may choose between self-propelled and rowing boats based on your preferences and interests. Before departing the boats, a small charge is collected as a caution fee, and the authorities undertake tight security procedures. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Yercaud.

2. Botanical Garden in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

To learn about the unique flora and many plant species, stop by the Green House in the Botanical Garden. The famed Kurinji flower grows freely in Yercaud, and it is unique in that it only blossoms once every twelve years. It is one of Yercaud's most breathtakingly beautiful locations, with 3000 trees and 18000 shrubs distributed across 18 hectares of ground. Many flowers exist, including 30 kinds only found at the National Orchidarium, which is 2 kilometres from Emerald Lake. This orchidarium, the third biggest of all orchidaria in India, is home to several endangered orchid species. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Yercaud.

3. Bear Cave in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Yercaud is Bear Cave, located around 7 feet below. The cave is next to the Norton Bungalow on a gated coffee farm. On the route to the Severoyan Temple is a private property that the owner has kindly allowed visitors access. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Yercaud. The cave is thought to have been created by bears, and according to the adobe inhabitants nearby, Tipu Sultan used it as covert hiding and escape route. So, enjoy this place while visiting Yercaud.

4. Lady's Seat in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

The Ladies Seat is one vantage point that offers a stunning view of the Mettur Dam and Salem while viewing the tangled Ghat Road. Due to the breathtaking views of Salem City and the magnificent sunsets, it is the perfect addition to your list of the spot to explore. The majesty of this rock grows incredibly more breathtaking as night falls. The most suitable place to watch the sunset in the evening is from the ladies' seat. The venue also has an observation tower with telescopes so visitors can take the breathtaking views more deeply. This observation tower is open to visitors all day.

5. Anna Park in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

Anna Park, which is close to the Lake, is another significant attraction in Yercaud. Various native flora and trees in the Shevaroy hills are housed in the park. Take a walk while appreciating the scenery and taking photographs of the enormous natural biodiversity. Inhale some good, cool air. Children are drawn to Anna Park by its swings and slides, but its welcoming environment also draws adults to enjoy their time.

Throughout the summer, there are flower exhibitions in the park. A central Japanese garden with everything planted and constructed in the Japanese manner may be found inside this park. The traditional Japanese gardening technique is displayed inside the vibrant Anna Park complex in a Japanese garden. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Yercaud, and it is the perfect place to stop when taking a picnic in one of Tamil Nadu's highest spots.

6. Pagoda Point in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

Breathtaking Point, Pagoda Point, located on the eastern slope of the Yercaud Hills, is a stunning prime location to view the whole of Salem and the nearby town of Kakambadi. This location gets its unusual name from the puzzling stone mounds stacked in the shape of a pagoda-like pyramid, and the nearby tribes are said to have erected these stones. Once you have explored Pagoda Point in its entirety, your trip to Yercaud will be complete.

Tourists may enjoy the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets here and the fascinating panoramic view of Salem in the late evening. An attractive tourist destination where visitors are brought a quiet atmosphere. There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Rama at the top of the hills in the centre of the pagoda. One may take in the breathtaking natural beauty of the area, glimpses of the Eastern Ghats, and the lush vegetation blooming inside the rocky hill environment.

7. Killiyur Falls in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

The waterfall known as Kiliyur Falls is located in Tamil Nadu's Eastern Ghats' Shervaroyen hill range. Kiliyur Valley's water drains from Yercaud Lake fall 91 meters. Swimming and boating are additional activities available nearby. To reach the falls, travellers must descend 200-250 stairs. Elderly visitors to the location have enough room to sit and rest close to the steps.

Those looking for a quiet place to feel refreshed and decompress from the stresses of everyday life will find it at the waterfall's tranquil setting. A fantastic destination for group or friend vacations is Kiliyur, and it's a charming vacation thanks to the clear seas and calm weather. After the monsoons, when the waterfalls are most exciting to see, it is the ideal time to visit Kiliyur Falls. Hiring a private vehicle or taking your car would be the best way to go to these waterfalls.

8. Annamalaiyar Temple in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

A beautiful Shiva temple with a single tower that resembles a collection of vibrant artworks is the Annamalaiyar Temple. The Temple View Sarvarayana provides a stunning view of the hills in the area, as well as coffee and spice farms. A light tower in the shape of a pyramid can be seen here. It is painted brilliant red and appears even more stunning when it is lit up at night on full moon days.

9. Yercaud Lake in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

Unquestionably, one of the top attractions of Yercaud is this Lake. This Lake stands out as one of the most popular spots in Yercaud due to its breathtaking, incredible views of the hills and luscious, green grass. The pool offers a calming and peaceful experience because gardens and densely covered trees surround it. Travellers may enjoy all that Yercaud and its hills have to offer here. The area in the centre of Yercaud is well-known for its stores and restaurants, providing an authentic Tamil Nadu taste. Travellers may have a fantastic time learning about Tamil Nadu's culture and gastronomy by eating meals made with creative spices. As a result, Yercaud Lake is a popular destination for foodies too.

10. Servaroyan Temple in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

Servaroyan Temple, one of the tallest temples in the area and a cave temple, is 5326 feet tall. The sacred site, which is presided over by the local God Lord Servaroyan, also has an idol of Goddess Kaveri. While Goddess Kaveri is regarded as the Goddess of the Cauvery River, Lord Seraroyan is said to be the God of the mountains. There is an ancient well next to the temple that is said to be at least 2000 years old. In addition, the primary celebration at the temple is observed every May, and many of the local tribes attend.

11. Kottachedu Teak Forest in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

The Kottachedu Teak Forest is one of the must-see tourist attractions in Yercaud if you're interested in learning more about how life was throughout the Stone-Age period or how evolution has transformed the earth. Although there are just a few bamboo trees in the hill station of Yercaud, this place will surprise you. The teak forest will transport you back in time by showing you the flora and animals that existed before any contemporary advancements were incorporated.

The Kottachedu Teak Forest is home to various indigenous plants and animals, such as deer, ant-eaters, rabbits, hares, squirrels, mongooses, bison, and foxes. The wildlife in the dense forest is also abundant; flycatchers, kites, swallows, paradise and sparrows are all readily visible there. Make sure to include a visit here on your list of things to do in Tamil Nadu if you are on the south coast.

12. Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

The Sri Raja Rajeshwari temple, located in the southwest part of the city, is among the most tranquil destinations in Yercaud. This is one of the area's most beautifully constructed sacred monuments, known locally as Kalyanagari. The Goddess of Sri Rajarajeshwari, housed in the Shakti Peeth, adorns the temple and adds to its attractiveness. Many devas and rishis travelled here in the past to achieve siddhi.

13. Norton's Bungalow in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

For a long time, British officers and commanders who resided in India used Yercaud as a summer vacation or resort. They returned yearly to have a lovely holiday while avoiding the sweltering heat of the Indian summers. One of those officers, Norton, a well-known criminal lawyer in Chennai, constructed a stunning European bungalow that is now a well-liked tourist attraction in Yercaud. The bungalow is a private residence to which no one is permitted entry without prior authorization. Therefore, it would be advisable to ensure you have obtained the necessary approval before visiting this ancient home.

14. Sri Chakra Mahameru in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

This location is noteworthy because it is known as the world's largest Shri Chakra Maha Mehru temple. When seen from the top, a three-dimensional pyramid represents the Sri Chakra. The believers in the area think honouring the Sri Chakra is comparable to celebrating the supreme power. People flock to the temple to seek blessings because of its calming atmosphere, which draws visitors around. You can toss a coin into a pit and create a wish for yourself there. Additionally, if you are travelling with your family to this area for a holiday, this is one of the most tranquil spots to visit in Yercaud.

15. Deer Park in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

This park is a must-visit tourism destination in Yercaud for all environment and wildlife enthusiasts and families with children, especially those with young children who have a positive attitude toward animals. In the park, visitors may enjoy the mesmerizing views of the hills as their children engage in various sports, including volleyball, cricket, baseball, football, and other associated sports. The park offers verdant green areas where visitors may take in the lovely valley vistas and the splendour of nature. Since the park shuts at 5 o'clock, it is possible to explore other neighbouring attractions after visiting the park. In addition, nights are the perfect time to see Lady's Rock and Yercaud Lake, which are adjacent locations that are easily accessible from the park.

16. Tipperary View Point in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

Include this location on your list of must-see attractions while in Yercaud to enjoy a variety of breathtaking viewpoints. Travel down the Tipperary road as you explore Yercaud's southernmost end. You may see lush green paths and forests along the way, pleasing your eyes. Elephant rocks, which are brilliant white in hue and created by meteorite deposits, are visible here. Graphite rocks are prevalent throughout the area, and the contrast between these two colours is remarkable.

Food to Try Out in Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

Since a large portion of the population enjoys eating, we naturally look for the best restaurants whenever we visit a new location. The little mountain town of Yercaud features a modest selection of excellent restaurants and lodging options where visitors may sample the local cuisine. Most hotels have restaurants to provide visitors with various veggie and non-vegetarian dishes. Despite being a South Indian region, Yercaud's restaurants feature mouthwatering south Indian meals, but some of them also offer north Indian and western food. Grange Restaurant, Sterling Days Inn, Hotel Select, etc. are a few of the well-liked places to eat in Yercaud.

Best Time to Visit Yercaud

Tourist Places in Yercaud

The best time to visit Yercaud is from October to June since the weather is dry and cool. Monsoons should be avoided since rain might interfere with your plans for touring, but it also enhances the area's beauty. A seven-day summer celebration that features boat races, local fairs, and flower and dog exhibits take place in May.

Way to Reach Yercaud

The natural beauty of Yercaud is delightful. It has pleasant weather and fantastic, heartwarming sceneries. Fun activities and outdoors take a stroll through the Yercaud coffee and spice farms are excellent activities. The Yercaud Lake is a well-known attraction in this area and offers stunning views. So, here is all the information on how to go to Yercaud by road, rail, and flight if you're searching for a bit out-of-the-way yet lovely spot to visit in Tamil Nadu.

1. By Road

Tourist Places in Yercaud

Tamil Nadu's central regions and neighbouring states like Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are well connected by road from Yercaud. In reality, Yercaud is situated 4 hours and 30 minutes closer to Bangalore in Karnataka than Chennai in Tamil Nadu. However, Salem in Tamil Nadu is barely 30 km distant and is the city nearest Yercaud. Between Yercaud to Salem, several buses and private vehicles operate.

2. By Train

Tourist Places in Yercaud

The train station that is closest to Yercaud is Salem Junction. South India's significant rail hubs are easily accessible from Salem Junction. Salem Junction is where the Yercaud Express from Chennai stops before continuing to Yercaud in several buses and taxis.

3. By Flight

Tourist Places in Yercaud

The Tiruchirappalli International Airport in Tamil Nadu is the airport closest to Yercaud, and it is approximately 203 kilometres away from Yercaud. From this airport, you may take a taxi to Yercaud. The drive from Tiruchirappalli airport to Yercaud would take about 4 hours. The airport has excellent connections to major global cities, although it solely has domestic links to Chennai.

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