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Tourist Places in Ujjain

One of India's oldest cities, Ujjain, is in Madhya Pradesh. The old city of Ujjain is also one of India's holiest cities, situated on the Malwa region's eastern bank of the Shipra River and was formerly known as Ujjayini. Its name is also mentioned in the Mahabharata and several other historical accounts where it was the capital of the kingdom of Avanti. This location has the famous Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, and hosts the Kumbh Mela celebration. One of the most beautiful towns that have existed since ancient India is Ujjain, which serves as the academic hub for many Indian intellectuals. In terms of architecture, religious significance, and educational worth, Ujjain is incredibly rich, drawing tourists from across India.

In today's article, we will give you a list of the well-known tourist attractions in the city of Ujjain. Due to Ujjain's reputation as a religious destination, several temples exist to explore. It has the well-known Mahakaleshwar and Kaal Bhairav temples.

1. Kumbh Mela in

Tourist Places in Ujjain

Hindu devotees from all over the world and from India visit during the Kumbh Mela to take a dip in this holy river. This fair lasted only for twelve days and was organized once every twelve years. The primary locations for this vast carnival are the Ganges river banks in Haridwar, the Godavari river in Nashik, the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati in Allahabad, and the Shipra river in Ujjain. People are said to be cleansed of all their sins and set free after taking a holy dip in one of these rivers. The most recent Kumbh Mela took place in Ujjain in 2016. Ujjain will host the next Kumbh Mela in 2028.

2. Shri Kal Bhairav Temple

Tourist Places in Ujjain

One of Ujjain's most important religious sites is Shri Kal Bhairav Temple. It is the top attraction of Ujjain. Shri Kaal Bhairav is worshipped at this temple. It is believed that in this temple, Shri Kaal Bhairav receives alcohol as prasad from the visitors. Around the temple, there are a lot of liquor stores where alcohol is offered as prasad. This temple is quite old, and many people believe in it. This temple is located on the banks of the Shipra River in the city of Ujjain.

3. Chardham Temple

Tourist Places in Ujjain

The Char Dham Temple is a famous site in the city of Ujjain. You may enjoy the view of replicas of the main Char Dham of India in this temple. You may also see Vaishno Mata and the Vaishno Mata Temple's caves at this temple. You may also see a variety of scenes of the major event of Shri Krishna's life. They are presented to the public through different idols that have been placed in the temple. There are also several Ramayana scenes displayed here.

4. Bharat Mata Temple

Tourist Places in Ujjain

The city of Ujjain is home to the significant temple known as Bharat Mata Temple. Mother India is honored at this temple. In this temple, there is not a single idol that represents the god of any particular religion. You may view a 3D map of India, which shows the location of the 12 Jyotirlingas in our country. You can also get details on other well-known tourist destinations in India on this 3D map. Outside this temple, there is a lovely garden where you can enjoy it. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Ujjain.

5. Chintaman Ganesh Temple

Tourist Places in Ujjain

In the city of Ujjain, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh called Chintaman. The Lord Ganesha is the main deity of this temple. This temple is a short distance from the railway station of Ujjain. Three different idols of Ganapati are established here in this temple that are Chintaman Ganesh, Ichhaman Ganesh, and Siddhaman Ganesh. It is believed that just seeing the Chintaman Ganesh version of Lord Ganesha will ease all of your troubles. Having a darshan of Ganesh here solves all the issues of a person and makes them worry-free. Married couples also visit this location to seek Lord Ganapati's blessings.

6. Maharishi Sandipani Ashram

Tourist Places in Ujjain

The ashram of Maharishi Sandipani is a significant center of worship in Ujjain. According to legend, Shri Krishna obtained his schooling at this ashram, and he earned knowledge of 64 different fields of study. You may also view some of Shri Krishna's lovely paintings here. You may visit this place and learn a lot of new stuff. This ashram is also known as Ankpat. There is an ancient Shivaling at this ashram. This Shivling is believed to have been established here during the Dwapar Yuga.

7. Kaliadeh Palace

Tourist Places in Ujjain

A popular tourist attraction in the city of Ujjain is Kaliadeh Palace. It is an old palace that is a famous historical site in Ujjain. There is also the Sun Temple within this palace. The Sultan of Mandu constructed the Kaliadeh Palace. This palace's dome was designed in a Persian style. There are two famous kund - Brahma Kund and Surya Kund, close to the palace. It is believed that these kunds can cure all forms of bodily disease. You will also get a stunning view of the Shipra River from this place.

8. Statue of The Great King Vikramaditya

Tourist Places in Ujjain

One of the top tourist destinations in the city of Ujjain is the King Vikramaditya monument and statue. It is located in the center of the Vikram Talab. It is also close to the Mahakaleshwar temple. You may see a considerably large statue of King Vikramaditya sitting on a throne that is 30-foot-tall. You may also view the Navaratnas of King Vikramaditya here, as well as the idols of dancers performing in various poses. There is no entry charge here.

9. Jantar Mantar

Tourist Places in Ujjain

A popular tourist destination in the city of Ujjain is Jantar Mantar. This place is also known as Vedh Shala. The Maharaja of Jaipur Sawai Jai Singh constructed this observatory in the year 1711. Numerous time-calculating devices are showcased here. As the clock was not invented till the 18th century AD, it was determined by the sun's motion throughout the day by these tools. You may view a variety of instruments here. You will love exploring this place. If you wish to get more details about the place, you can hire a guide who will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of these instruments.

10. Nagchandreshwar Temple

Tourist Places in Ujjain

Within the Mahakaleshwar Shrine in Ujjain, there is a significant temple called Nagchandreshwar Temple. This temple is only accessible on the day of Nag Panchami and is dedicated to the Nag Devta. Only once a year does this temple opens its doors, and it witnesses a huge crowd that day. You will view a really beautiful Lord Shiva statue in this temple. This statue draws a lot of visitors who are devotees of Lord Shiva. The temple is on the third floor of the Mahakaleshwar temple.

11. Harsiddhi Temple

Tourist Places in Ujjain

In the city of Ujjain, there is another important temple site called Harsiddhi Temple. She is considered to be the Kuldevi of King Vikramaditya. This temple is quite old. You may view the historic lampstand in this temple, which is its main attraction. These lighthouses stand tall and are quite large. These ornamented lampposts seem beautiful when they light at night. This temple is located near the Mahakaleshwar temple.

12. Bada Ganesh Temple

Tourist Places in Ujjain

Another significant temple is Bada Ganesh Mandir in Ujjain. The Lord Ganesha is the main deity of this temple. The Mahakaleshwar Temple is located close to this temple. In Bada Ganesh Mandir, you can also get the blessing of Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji.

13. Angareshwar Mahadev Temple

Tourist Places in Ujjain

The Angareshwar Mahadev Temple is a revered site in the city of Ujjain. Lord Shiva is worshipped at this temple. This shrine is situated beside the Shipra River in the city of Ujjain. The Tropic of Cancer passes through the location of the temple. It is believed that people who worship here get rid of a lot of issues related to their kundali. You can also enjoy the view of the Shipra River. It is one of the most prominent and renowned temples in the city.

14. Gurdwara Shri Nanak Sahib and Ghat

Tourist Places in Ujjain

In the city of Ujjain, there is a famous holy site called Shri Nanak Sahib and Ghat. It is a center of worship for Sikhs, but anyone is welcome to visit. This Stunning Gurudwara is located on the bank of the Shipra river. You may see an old tamarind tree here, which is where Guru Nanak is claimed to have taught his followers while sitting beneath it.

15. Nagarkot Ki Rani Mandir

Tourist Places in Ujjain

A significant religious temple in the city of Ujjain is Nagarkot ki Rani Mandir. The location of this temple is in the center of Ujjain. You will witness a beautiful idol of a goddess in Nagarkot's Rani Mandir. According to legend, this temple is dedicated to the goddess who guards and serves as the Ujjain city's main deity.

16. Shri Khamba Mata Mandir

Tourist Places in Ujjain

This temple is dedicated to Mahalaya Mata and Mahamaya. The Shri Khamba Mata Mandir is a significant religious site in Ujjain. There are 24 pillars in this temple, and that is the reason that it is named 24 Khamba Temple. The temple is located in the center of the city of Ujjain.

17. Ram Janardan Mandir

Tourist Places in Ujjain

A renowned religious temple called Ram Janardan Mandir is situated here in Ujjain. It is a popular tourist destination in Ujjain. Lord Vishnu is the principal deity of this temple. This temple is quite old. Mirza Raja Jai Singh, the Maratha ruler, built this temple. This temple is built in Maratha-style architecture that is extremely well-built and attractive.

18. Ramghat

Tourist Places in Ujjain

A significant religious site in the city of Ujjain is Ramghat. Ramghat is a ghat constructed on the Shipra River. This is a must-visit site whenever you visit Ujjain. This ghat is one of the very old ones. It is believed that all types of sins can be washed away by taking a dip in this river at this ghat. Ramghat is also the venue of Maha Kumbh, which is held here after every 12 years, during which thousands of devotees visit and take a dip at this ghat.

19. Iskcon Temple

Tourist Places in Ujjain

The ISKCON Temple is a significant temple site in Ujjain. Shri Krishna is the principal deity of this temple. This temple contains different sculptures of Radha and Shri Krishna. White marble was used to build this magnificent temple which gives it a stunning appearance. This temple is situated in the center of Ujjain. There is also a garden in the temple where you can relax and enjoy the calmness and spirituality after your worship.

20. Shri Gadkalika Mandir

Tourist Places in Ujjain

One of the most important religious sites in Ujjain is Shri Gadkalika Temple. Kalika Mata is worshipped at this temple. This temple is very old. The god in which the renowned poet Kalidas put his faith was Kalika Mata. According to legend, Kalidas could only learn and develop as a poet with the blessings of Kalika Mata.

21. Navagraha Mandir

Tourist Places in Ujjain

In the city of Ujjain, there is a temple called Navagraha Mandir. Lord Shani is the principal deity at this temple. There are nine more significant gods that have also been placed in this temple in addition to Lord Shani. Each god in this place has its temple, and you can visit a different deity in each one. This temple is situated close to Triveni Sangam in the city of Ujjain. Triveni Sangam is the site where the Shipra and Gandak rivers converge. According to the legends, the Saraswati River is also believed to converge here along with the other two rivers.

How to Reach Ujjain

Traveling by car, train, or air makes it simple for tourists and devotees to reach the sacred city of Ujjain.

  • By Flight: The nearest airport is in Indore, which is 55 kilometers from Ujjain, which is the closest one. Since flights link Indore to every significant city in India, travelers may fly to Indore from any significant city and then arrange for a bus, taxi, or cab to transport them to Ujjain.
  • By Train: Ujjain Junction is a major railway station in and of itself and is well connected to all other significant stations around the nation. For this reason, travelers may board a train in any significant Indian city and go to Ujjain Junction.
  • By Road: Public buses operated by the state of India link Ujjain to most places. There are frequent bus connections between MP's major cities and Ujjain. These routes also have incredibly quick and comfortable air-conditioned buses.

Best Local Food of Ujjain

Tourist Places in Ujjain

Ujjain is a holy city. Hence all of the cuisines served there are vegetarian. Although there are non-vegetarian alternatives, most restaurants provide vegetarian meals. The dish has elements of Punjabi and Rajasthani flavors. Additionally, you may also enjoy a variety of South Indian dishes here.

Best Time to Visit Ujjain

The ideal time to visit Ujjain is from October to March because of the beautiful weather. Since the weather is comfortable and the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, it is the ideal time to visit this city. The city is shrouded in mist during the winter when mornings are frigid and evenings are dry. Similar to other regions of Madhya Pradesh, the temperature in the summertime reaches as high as 45 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is recommended to visit Ujjain in the winter.

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