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12 Best Tourist Places in Vasai

Vasai is a city located in the Palghar district, on the north of Mumbai. The Palghar district was split from the Thane district around 2014. Now, if we talk about Mumbai, we can easily expect beautiful beaches and sunset points. But apart from this, Vasai also includes many forts, temples, and other beautiful structures and places that domestic and foreign tourists would not like to miss. Here are the various locations from Vasai that you can visit if you plan a trip to Vasai:

1. Bassein Fort

Tourist Places in Vasai

Also known as Vasai Fort, this marvelous monument was established by the Gujrat King, Bahadur Shah. After the Portuguese troops set their eyes on the fort, they knew they had found a perfect base to expand the naval forces. It was developed into a military base for Portuguese soldiers during the Invasion of India. Spread over 110 acres, the fort is surrounded by seawater, so the view would be nothing less than picturesque once you step inside.

After the Portuguese forces were chased away, the fort came under the jurisdiction of the Marathas. However, when the British Raj came along, the fort was again lost to the invaders in 1817 AD. Overall, there is a long history behind this old but remarkable stone fortress. It consists of 11 buttresses and is about 4500m high.

It includes an armory, ammunition, and depositories. You would also find three chapels inside, similar to those in Portuguese churches. History lovers will have a good day at this place.

2. Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Vasai

A mountain plateau is located between Vasai and Virar and is known as Tungareshwar. It is a beautiful location if you want to escape your hectic life for some hours and experience nature's beauty closely. There are lush green tropical forests, and the soothing sounds of waterfalls can relax you in no time. Tungareshwar is a perfect destination for trekking as the mountain is 2,117 feet high.

In 2003, Tungareshwar was announced to be a Wildlife sanctuary to protect the exotic animal and bird species present in the region. Different species of birds, such as the Emerald Dove, Crested Serpent Eagle, Yellow Footed Green Pigeon, and White-Eyed Bazzard, can all be found here. So, if you are a regular bird watcher, you now know your next destination.

Moreover, if you start from the sanctuary's main gate, you can reach the Shiv Mandir by foot as it is located at a distance of 3 km. It is a famous spot you can worship the majestic statue of Lord Shiva and look around the temple. Later, you can continue the remaining trek (7 km) to the top of the mountain.

It is to be noted that there are no other alternatives to reach the mountain top except walking. So, the individual with breathing problems and heart patients should start trekking only after getting approval from specialists. After you reach the top, you can gaze at the soul-soothing beauty that could hardly be found in noise-induced cities.

A waterfall by the name of Tungareshwar Falls is also located inside the Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located near Thane. The clean white water of the waterfall is breathtaking, and it is a good place for sightseeing. Many tourists and visitors from the neighboring towns come to the wildlife sanctuary, particularly to see the waterfall. The area surrounding it is adorned by the name 'monsoon spot' as it is the best to visit during the rainy season, and the flora and fauna look much more beautiful.

3. Suruchi Beach

Tourist Places in Vasai

The journey to Mumbai is always considered incomplete if you don't visit a beach. One of the beautiful beaches located in Vasai is Suruchi Beach. The beach is not overcrowded, and the sounds of waves make you believe that there is no place you want to be but here. You can take a walk on the beach and then sit beside the sea listening to soothing melodies on your mobile.

It's even better if you know how to swim. However, keep away from the deep side and don't go swimming without supervision if inexperienced. There are also small shops and coconut vendors on Suruchi Beach. Moreover, the Bassien Fort is at a distance of almost 3.5km from the beach, so tourists can plan their trip accordingly.

4. Bhuigaon Beach

Tourist Places in Vasai

Another good beach to visit in Vasai is Bhuigaon Beach. It is mainly known for its cleanliness and the black sand on the beach. You can go there with your loved ones to relax and enjoy the sunset. You can never be too old to make sand castles on the beach.

5. Rangaon Beach

Tourist Places in Vasai

Rangaon Beach is another good beach to visit in Vasai that is frequented visited by people. The beauty of the Arabian Sea hits you with full force once you reach Rangaon Beach. It is one of the cleanest beaches in India. It is located in Rangaon village in Vasai. According to reviews by the tourists, the place offers a beautiful sunset, and the beach is not overcrowded, so feel free to visit anytime with your family.

6. Panju Island

Tourist Places in Vasai

Panju Island connects the Vasai mainland with another Island, Salsette. Panju Island appears to be cut out from the rest of the world as it has scenic beauty that is a mixture of history and nature. The ancient structures, dense forests, and customs on the island are the main attractions for tourists. Panju village is situated between the Naigaon and Bhayandar Railway stations, so you can reach the village by passing through Naigaon, which is the closest village.

The agricultural fields and simple village life, away from the modern developments, are spread over 600 acres of land where almost 1500 people work endlessly. The small box houses, narrow roads, salt pans, and murky forests are worth experiencing once in a lifetime. The main occupations of the people in the village are fishing, salt farming, and agricultural farming. There are over 100 boats that are occasionally used and owned by the villagers.

7. Chandrika Devi Temple

Tourist Places in Vasai

The temple is devoted to Kuldevi, who the residents of Juchandra village worship. The temple is located at the hilltop in the east direction of the village. Goddess Chandrika is known as the destroyer of demons, and her idol is a symbol of hope for the villagers who worship her. It is at a distance of 4 km from the Naigaon Railway station towards the east. If you are traveling by road, you can also reach the temple by Mumbai Ahmedabad National Highway. The national event called Big Yatra of the Goddess is organized every year in the village.

The exact location of the temple is 400 ft above sea level. In 2002, the government decided to redesign the temple so the devotees of the goddess could easily enter it because it used to be surrounded by dense forests. The temple consists of five floors, and for the disabled and elderly worshippers, there is also a lift facility. Tourists who wish to experience true devotion to the goddess can also take the western route, which has more than 200 steps, but please do not forget to carry a sufficient amount of water.

8. Pelhar Dam

Tourist Places in Vasai

The Pelhar Dam was constructed in 1975. The interesting fact about the dam is that if seen from the sky, the dam looks like a heart. The height of the dam is almost approximately 500 m, and the surface area is about 700×700m. The waterfall flows on the other side across the dam. The level of water goes down during the summers, but during the monsoon season, the water flows directly from the waterfall to the lake, and the gates of the dam are opened to collect the rainwater. As it is an embankment dam, there is a large amount of rocks all around it.

The hilly area is surrounded by beautiful green forests, so it is a perfect place for trekking. The unsurmountable serenity that this place holds can hardly be found anywhere else in the hustle and bustle of the town.

9. Lodha Dham

Tourist Places in Vasai

Lodha Dham is the Jain temple that offers solace to visitors. It was constructed for the Jain preachers traveling from far away so they could use it as a stop-off. The worshippers can meditate peacefully, and there is also a catering facility so you can get access to healthy food. The library on the premises consists of books about history, religion, and society.

10. Bena Beach

Tourist Places in Vasai

Also known by the name Merces Beach, it is also one of the alluring beaches in Mumbai. If you want to spend some quiet moments alone, be sure to visit this location, as the place is free of vendors, horse cart riders, and beggars. You can visit Bena Beach in the morning and evening because sunrise and sunset are always exhilarating with the chirping birds and shining waves. Children often play football in the sand in the evening, and people take long walks barefoot on the sandy seashore.

Some Attractive Locations near Vasai (Vasai - Virar)

1. Jivdani Mandir in Virar

Tourist Places in Vasai

The Jivdani Temple is situated at the top of the Jivdani hill in Virar. It is known to be the must-visit tourist attraction as it is the only temple dedicated to goddess Jivdani in the whole country. It is located on the eastern side of the city and has 1375 steps. The temple is almost 150 years old, and people often visit this temple during festivals and weekends to worship the goddess. At the edge of the hill, the Papad Khind dam is located, which is the only source of water in the area.

2. Sargam Water Park in Virar

Tourist Places in Vasai

The amusement parks and water parks are the best destinations to visit for people of all age groups. In Virar, Sargam Water Park is an attractive place to visit. Individuals come here with their families to enjoy pool slides or just to swim. The surrounding is family-friendly, which makes it a good picnic spot. Also, the abundance of natural beauty is admirable. The best part is that you are allowed to bring homemade food inside if you are planning a picnic. There is also a cafeteria if you want to buy snacks there. Do add this place to your list for a fun-filled weekend.

So, now you know all the popular places to visit if you are in Vasai. We wish you a pleasant journey and a safe journey.

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