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Tourist Places in Mizoram

One of India's smallest states, Mizoram, is referred to as the "Songbird of India" and is located in the northeast. All tourists find Mizoram attractive because of its mild climate, which is comfortable even in the summer. The state's extensive culture and great festivals have an absolute, alluring beauty that cannot be described or read; it can only be experienced when you are in the tranquil, quiet land of Mizoram. You will undoubtedly be transported to a new world by Mizoram's 21 different hill ranges and its lush greenery. For entry into Mizoram, a valid Inner Line Pass is needed.

Tourist Places in Mizoram

Visitors can enjoy exciting outdoor activities in Mizoram's stunning, verdant surroundings, which brings you close to the tranquil environment. The state is calm and pleasant. Mizoram invites tourists to enjoy its beauty and richness with huge festivals and joyful people dressed in colourful traditional clothing. Don't forget to visit the tribal artists, be inspired by their exceptional talent, and choose a traditional shawl for yourself as a memory.

While vegetarians must pick carefully from the menu, non-vegetarians will find the state's cuisine a fantastic treat. Mizoram is the destination for you if you enjoy being surrounded by nature. Indians need an Inner Line Permit to enter the state (ILP). The price for a 15-day pass is INR 170, and it can be a little challenging to obtain an extension. At the Lengpui Airport in Aizwal, one can complete an ILP documentation. Here is the list of popular tourist places in Mizoram.

1. Aizawl:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

Northeastern India's Mizoram region's picturesque capital city of Aizawl is 1132 meters above sea level. The Mizo Tribe makes up most of the population in Aizawl and the area's stunning hills and forests. Like most states, the city is renowned for its agricultural goods, ethnic handicrafts, and textiles. From Aizawl, key hubs of northeast India, such as Silchar and Guwahati in Assam, are easily reachable by air and land. It's essential to remember that an Inner Line Pass, or ILP, is required for admission into Mizoram and is available from Guwahati, Silchar, Shillong, New Delhi, and Kolkata.

Aizawl, pronounced eye-zole and one of the oldest cities in India's northeast, is the ideal location to relax while taking in the cuisine and culture of the area. Few options are available for tourists to take a sightseeing tour of the city, which is home to the Mizoram State Museum and a few other tourist structures. A journey to the nearby hilly regions of Hmuifang, Tamdil Lake, and Chanmari is another optional addition to these.

What season is ideal for travelling to Aizawl?

The entire year can be spent travelling to Aizawl. The winters are freezing, with temperatures occasionally falling to 3 to 4 degrees Celsius, while the summers are pleasant, with maximum temperatures reaching 25 degrees Celsius. To truly experience the celebrations associated with the winter holiday season, Aizawl should be visited during the winter.

1-2 days is the ideal duration.

2. Serchhip:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

Serchhip in Mizoram is a location that may provide you with a distinctive and colourful experience. It is most renowned for having the highest rate of literacy in India. One may experience a little village in this town, complete with all its daily life, activities, and colours.

The Neihloh and Buangpuri villages are two of the well-liked ones that one can visit. With locations like the Vantawng Khawhltha waterfall, nature also contributes to tourism. The Chhingpui Thlan and the Hriantrengna lung are more locations nearby.

3. Lunglei:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

Lunglei, which means "The bridge of rock" in the literal sense, is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and natural surroundings. It is a little town around 170 kilometres south of Aizawl whose name comes from a bridge-shaped rock that can be found near Nghasih, a river Tlawng tributary. For individuals who enjoy both natural sightseeing and adventure activities together, Lunglei is the perfect unconventional vacation spot. Travellers to Lunglei frequently choose to go hiking, bird viewing, or camping.

In the biodiverse area of Lunglei are the Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary and Saza Wildlife Sanctuary. Various animal species, including leopards, tigers, porcupines, and leaf monkeys, may be found in the Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary. At the same time, Saza Wildlife Sanctuary is well known for housing migratory and unique bird species. Another well-liked thing to do in this area is to go to the Lunglei Rock Bridge at the Nghasih stream. The Saikuti Hall is a must-see for everyone interested in learning about the local traditions and culture.

Which time of year would be best to visit Lunglei?

The best time to visit Lunglei is from October to March. The evenings might grow cold, but the days are mild and sunny. Due to its convenient elevation of 722 meters above sea level, Lunglei enjoys a calm environment all year round. Winters are not excessively cold, and neither are summers overly warm. While usually a good time to travel, the monsoon season can occasionally result in landslides that make moving around the state challenging.

Best duration: one day.

4. Champhai:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

The administrative centre of the Champhai district is located in the town of Champhai, which is close to the Indo-Myanmar border on Mizoram's eastern border. It is strategically and commercially significant for both India and the state of Mizoram, which is located 188 kilometres away from the capital city of Aizawl. Champhai and its environs are famous for their stunning natural scenery and extensive valleys of rice fields. Due to having a significant area for rice growing, it is referred to as the "Rice Bowl of Mizoram." Additionally, it has a certain romanticism and attractive appearance thanks to its colourful seasonal flowers.

There are several tourist attractions in Champhai, most of which are found in natural surroundings. These destinations include the Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang, the Tiau Lui river, the Kungawrhi Puk cave, and many others. Another well-known natural landmark in Champhai and the state of Mizoram is Rih Dil Lake. At the Thasiama Seno Neihna, 83 kilometres south of Champhai, adventure seekers can engage in some hiking.

What season is ideal for visiting Champhai?

Champhai has a warm, temperate climate of 18 degrees Celcius annually. This location may be visited all year round because of the peaceful environment; although it is best to avoid the monsoon months (June to September), it could delay your journey when it rains hard.

Best duration: one day.

5. Mamit:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

The fourth-largest district in the state of Mizoram is Mamit. Mamit, the district's administrative centre, is located approximately 95 kilometres west of Aizawl. Don't forget to include this location in your journey while visiting Mizoram; it is famous for its magnificent scenery. A well-liked tourist destination in this area is the Dampa Tiger Reserve, one of India's well-known natural protected areas.

Adventure seekers would also enjoy exploring Pukzing's extensive cave system in Mizoram. This region is known as the "Orange Garden of Mizoram" since oranges are one of the leading agricultural products. The town of Mamit and the area around it are predominantly agricultural areas in Mizoram.

This area has a thriving cultural scene, with several festivals held throughout the year with the ceremony. The ethnic festivals of Chapchar Kut and Mim Kut, which honour the annual agricultural harvests, are also quite significant here, even though Christmas and New Year's Day are the most well-known yearly celebrations.

What time of year is ideal for visiting Mamit?

November through March is the perfect season to visit Mamit. The winters are cool and sunny because of the area's temperate climate, and it doesn't get too cold at night. The summers experience an increase in temperature up to the late 20s and modest rainfall beginning in May. Since monsoons are typically somewhat rainy, they are not the best time to travel, particularly if one wants to go caving.

Best duration: one day.

6. Saiha:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

Saiha's population has increased dramatically over the past ten years, making it the Mizoram town with the quickest growth. The Saiha district of Mizoram has the census town of Saiha, which is 729 meters above sea level on average. This community is regarded as a sanctuary for anglers.

The town's original name was Siaha, revealing its enigmatic name's secret. "Sia" and "Ha," represent elephants and teeth, respectively. The Mizos, however, refer to it as Saiha.

What season is ideal for travelling to Saiha?

The months of November by May are the ideal ones to visit. Saiha's climate is mild and not particularly extreme. Compared to other regions of the country, the summers are not as hot, and the winters are not extremely cold. However, the monsoon season brings a lot of rain to the area. Therefore, it would be best to travel between November and May.

Best duration: one day.

7. Kolasib:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

The smallest and one of Mizoram's eleven newest districts, Kolasib has a border with the Cachar district of Assam. Kolasib is located in northern Mizoram, and it is located 79 kilometres north of Aizawl. Kolasib, like most other Mizoram districts, is rich in culture and scenic beauty.

The Tlawng River, with its lovely river banks and surrounding trees, is Kolasib's top tourist destination. By asking some locals who would be ready to ferry visitors about, one can go boating leisurely. In addition to sightseeing, visitors can enjoy traditional cuisine tasting and craft learning.

What season is ideal for travelling to Kolasib?

The ideal time to visit Kolasib is from November to March. All year round, Kolasib has a relatively mild climate. The winters are not extremely cold, and the summers are not as hot as in other regions of the nation. The area experiences heavy rain during the monsoon, occasionally making travel challenging.

Best duration: one day.

8. Reiek:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

One of the highest hills in Mizoram is Reiek Tlang, also known as Reiek, which rises to a height of 1465 meters. Reiek Tlang is a beautiful viewpoint that offers panoramic views of Aizawl and the surrounding valley against a backdrop of Mizo Hills' beauty. It is located 29 kilometres from the city of Aizawl.

The ascent to the summit offers superb trekking opportunities, typically saved for calm, sunny days. The peak of Reiek is similarly comparatively undiscovered and lies like a pearl in the hills, as is the case with other destinations in India's North East. A little Mizo village recognized as a heritage site can be found in the Reiek Hills.

The hill is a haven for birdwatchers and a place for tourism. The Peregrine Falcon, known for making nests along rocky edges, is one of the local birds whose nests can be found while climbing the hill.

  • Entry is free.

9. Vantawng Falls:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

The Vantawng Waterfalls, the tallest waterfall in the state and the thirteenth tallest in the nation, is one of the North East's most fascinating waterfalls. The Vantawng Falls are Mizoram's pride and a top tourist destination. The waterfall is stunning, and it's located 137 kilometres from Aizawl, the nation's capital.

The waterfall is hidden amid lush valleys, and from a distance, the surrounding area looks like a river of milky white. People swarm to the state from all sides to view its might and beauty. A thick forest surrounds the waterfall, making it only visible from a distance. It is located near Thenzawl in the renownedly swift-moving Vanva River.

The outstanding natural beauty hidden in the North-East is evidenced by the Vantawng Falls.

How to Get to Vantawng Falls

  • Air:
    The only airport in the state is Lingui Airport in Aizawl, which connects to Guwahati and Kolkata. You can take a taxi to Serchhip from Lingui.
  • Rail:
    The closest rail station to Aizawl is Silchar, located 158 kilometres away and has good connections to the Guwahati Railway Station.
    You can take a bus or rent a Tata Sumo from Silchar to Aizawl.
  • Road:
    Guwahati and Aizawl are distanced by 450 kilometres (km), and national highways connect Aizawl to the capital cities of the other North-Eastern states.
    Rental Tata Sumo and connected buses offer connectivity to the city. Once in Aizawl, you can hire a Tata Sumo or auto rickshaw to take you to Serchhip or Vantawng Falls, 137 kilometres away.

Vantawang Falls' Best Season to Visit

The most excellent time to visit Vantawng Falls is from September to January because of the increased clarity. The waterfall may be seen roaring through the lush Mizo Hills with all its strength. During these times of the year, the waterfall's greenery is likewise enhanced and abundant. Due to the high altitude, the winter months will be cold, and protection from the cold is needed, especially at night. Therefore, pack plenty of sweaters.

  • Times: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • The time needed: two to three hours.
  • Entry Fee: 5 INR.

10. Hmuifang:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

Hmuifang, also known as Hmuifang Tlang, is one of Mizoram's most stunning locations and an incredible hill station with a lot to offer the discerning traveller. Hmuifang is a mountainous town in the centre of the Mizoram state, approximately 50 kilometres from Aizawl, the state's capital. The hill resort attracts a lot of fans to its hills because of its reputation for adventure and wildlife-related activities.

It is a place of pristine green hills and forests that has not yet been impacted by human habitation. The Thalfavang Kut festival, sponsored by the Tourism Development of Mizoram, is another reason why Hmuifang is well-known. At this festival, dances such as the Cheraw, Sawlakai, Siktuithiang lam, and Chheihlam are performed to provide an insight into the Mizo culture.

It is a destination with opportunities for tourism and related ventures and a utopia for thrill seekers. The Mizoram government organizes the Thalfavang Kut annual cultural festival in November to highlight the region's potential as a significant tourist destination.

  • Entry is free.

Where to find Hmuifang

  • Air:
    Lingui Airport in Aizawl, which has connections to Guwahati and Kolkata, is the only airport in the state. Taxis are available from Lingui to Hmuifang Tlang.
  • Rail:
    The closest rail station to Aizawl is Silchar, located 158 kilometres away and has good connections to the Guwahati Railway Station. From Silchar to Aizawl, you can take a bus or hire a Tata Sumo.
  • Road:
    Guwahati and Aizawl are distanced by 450 kilometres (km), and national highways connect Aizawl to the capital cities of the other North-Eastern states. Rental Tata Sumo and connected buses offer connectivity to the city. You can take a state bus or rent a Tata Sumo from Aizawl to Hmuifang Tlang.

Ideal Season to Visit Hmuifang

Any year's season is suitable for visiting Tiang Hmuifang. Due to the foggy hills and cool air, the winters should be favoured, although any time of the year is a great time to visit because of the great weather. When visiting Hmuifang Tlang in the winter, it is lovely to see the verdant hills and foggy sky together. In the winter, one would need to bring some wool clothing, although, in the summer, cotton clothing would be fine.

11. Dampa Tiger Reserve:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

A magnificent wildlife sanctuary called Dampa Tiger Reserve is situated in Mizoram, India's deep, dark jungles. The forests, around 125 kilometres from Aizawl and home to a massive variety of flora and animals, attract visitors and nature enthusiasts from all over the world to the north-eastern state of India.

The name Dampa came from the lonely bachelors (Dam Pa means Lonely Men) who remained in the area after most of the female population died. Over 500 square kilometres of the western portion of Mizoram are taken up by the vast Dampa wildlife sanctuary, which also reaches Bangladesh's international borders.

As part of Project Tiger, supported by the Indian government, plants and animals have been protected. In 1994, the sanctuary received the designation of a tiger reserve. Today, it is home to several creatures, including tigers, leopards, Indian pythons, sloth bears, barking deer, and a wide range of birds. It is well known that the hills around the wildlife sanctuary serve as a bio-geographic highway connecting India to parts of Malaya and China.

Activities at the Dampa Tiger Reserve

  • Forest Safari:
    The Jungle Safari at Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary is well-known. Making excursions into the reserve's thick, dark forests is a safaris feature. You can see the majestic cats, such as leopards and tigers, during the wildlife safari in Dampa. Around the national park, a wide variety of deer and bears can frequently be seen.
    In addition, Dampa is home to a beautiful array of bird species. Safari tours can be arranged in advance to reduce problems when travelling. One of the guesthouses close to the Dampa Hills is an option for visitors.
  • Bird Observation:
    Many different bird species can be found in the forest. Bird watchers purchase binoculars and spend the entire day observing birds in their natural environment.

Visitor advise for the Dampa Tiger Reserve

  • Entry into Mizoram requires a permit from the Inner Line.
  • People who are not government employees must receive it through the Government of Mizoram's Liaison Officer in Silchar or Kolkata.
  • Avoid throwing food at animals or causing them to become distracted.
  • To avoid last-minute snarls, schedule your jungle safari far in advance.
  • Due to the sanctuary's secluded location, it is best to drive by personal vehicle or by using a private taxi.
  • Avoid leaving trash in the wild.
  • Constantly travel through the reserve in groups and follow the directions of the safari leader or guide.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and carry sufficient water.
  • Dress appropriately for a jungle safari.
  • The perfect colours to wear are olive green, brown, and khaki.

Directions to the Dampa Tiger Reserve

Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, is 127 kilometres from the Dampa wildlife reserve. Due to its location, only private cars can transport visitors to the sanctuary, and it is now road access due to the recent development in the area. The best way to get to Dampa from Aizawl is to take a private cab.

  • 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM is the time.
  • Entry fee: 5 INR.

12. Tamdil (Tam Lake):

Tourist Places in Mizoram

Tamdil Lake, the largest lake in the state of Mizoram, was deliberately made to serve as a natural tourist destination for the area. Tamdil Lake, also known as the "Lake of Mustard" in Mizo, is a stunning lake with breathtaking scenery, pure blue water, and a peaceful atmosphere. The lake lies hidden in the Mizoram hills, around 100 kilometres east of Aizawl, between hills and evergreen trees.

The location is well-liked for relaxing and offers the chance to spend some time in the middle of nature, away from the crowds. Tamdil Lake is not only a popular tourist site, but it is also essential to the local anglers. There are just too many ways to spend pleasurable time at the lake, including boating, walking along its shores, or simply spreading a carpet, lying down, and reading a book.

Where to find Tamdil (Tam Lake)

  • Air:
    Aizawl's airport, which serves the entire state, offers flights to Guwahati and Kolkata. You can hire a taxi directly from Lingui to Tamdil Lake, which will take you between three and four hours.
  • Rail:
    Silchar, which is 158 km away and has good connections to Guwahati Railway Station, is the closest railhead to Aizawl. From Silchar to Aizawl, you can take a bus or hire a Tata Sumo.
  • Road:
    The route is 450 kilometres (km) from Guwahati and connects Aizawl to the capital cities of other North-Eastern states. Rental Tata Sumo and connected buses offer connectivity to the city.
  • Time: During the day.
  • Entry Fee: There is no entry fee.
  • Ideal Season to Visit Tamdil (Tam Lake)
  • September to November is Tamdil Lake's busiest season.

13. Falkawn Village:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

Falkawn village, a model village illustrating the way of life of the Mizo people, offers first-time tourists to Mizoram an exceptional cultural experience. The Mizo people, who make up the state's largest tribe, are represented by their way of life and culture in Falkawn Village. Falkawn village, 22 kilometres from Aizawl, the nation's capital, is an innovative idea and an attempt to give visitors a glimpse into one of our region's most influential tribal cultures.

Falkawn village should be one of the sites you visit while in Aizawl to discover more about this beautiful state in one of the most outlying areas of the country.

The Ideal Season to Visit Falkawn Village

Falkawn Village is a year-round vacation spot that is open to tourists.

Finding Falkawn Village

  • Air:
    Lingui Airport in Aizawl, which has connections to Guwahati and Kolkata, is the only airport in the state. You can take a taxi or a bus to Falkawn village from Lingui.
  • Rail:
    Silchar, which is 158 km away and has good connections to Guwahati Railway Station, is the closest railhead to Aizawl. From Silchar to Aizawl, you can take a bus or hire a Tata Sumo.
  • Road:
    Aizawl is 450 miles (km) from Guwahati and connected by road to the capital cities of other North-Eastern states. Rental Tata Sumo and connecting buses border the town. You can get a taxi or an auto rickshaw from Aizawl to Falkawn Village.
  • Time: During the day.
  • Entry Fee: There is no entry fee.

14. Phawngpui Peak:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

Phawngpui Peak, the state's highest point, is highly respected by the local tribes. The stunning blue mountain, around 300 kilometres south of Aizawl, is a beautiful destination to visit and inspire your spirit of adventure. The hill, part of Phawngpui National Park, looks out over spectacular terrain with many deep cracks and towering cliffs. No adventure lover can let go of the experience of hiking to Phawngpui's top of the mountain.

Phawngpui Peak, the state's tallest mountain at 2100 meters, is believed to be the home of the Mizo tribe's goddess. The hill, part of Phawngpui National Park, looks out over magnificent terrain with stunning cliffs and deep crevices. Adventure lovers cannot let go of the experience of climbing Phawngpui. Visitors feel at the very least refreshed, joyful, and serene being here, surrounded by the great mountains and the sky.

Phawngpui Peak's Best Season to Visit

To avoid overcrowding it with human footprints, the state of Mizoram only makes the summit open from November to April. The period is ideal for hikers because the path is often dry and clearly defined because of animal movements. Visitors should wear several layers because the winter months can be chilly. During this time, the mountain's sights and noises are enhanced, giving you a fantastic experience.

How to get to Phawngpui Peak

  • Air:
    Lingui Airport in Aizawl, which has connections to Guwahati and Kolkata, is the only airport in the state. Phawngpui Peak is 300 km from the airport and may be reached via a hired cab.
  • Rail:
    The closest rail station to Aizawl is Silchar, located 158 kilometres away and has good connections to the Guwahati Railway Station. From Silchar to Aizawl, you can take a bus or hire a Tata Sumo.
  • Road:
    Guwahati is 450 kilometres (km) from Aizawl, and national highways connect it to the capital cities of the other North-Eastern states. Rental Tata Sumo and connected buses offer connectivity to the city. You can rent a cab for a day to take you to Phawngpui National Park once you arrive in Aizawl.
  • Time: 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Visitors and cameras must pay a small entrance fee to the national park.

15. Phawngpui:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

A charming and tranquil village called Phawngpui can be found in the Mizoram state. This location, 2157 meters above sea level, offers beautiful views. The place around this site is gorgeous due to its dense forests and tall mountains. The area is abundant in flora, fauna, and lush, dense forests. Make sure Visitors climb Blue Mountain and enjoy the hike with stunning panoramic beauty if Visitors want to add a little adventure to your vacation. Visitors will love the entire area as you climb the mountain and experience the feeling of being in heaven.

Phawngpui's Best Time to Visit

Between November and April is the best time of year to visit Phawngpui. This location is pleasant because of the nice weather and cool breeze this year.

How to Get to Phawngpui

  • By Air:
    Aizawl Airport, connected to all the major Indian cities, is the closest airport to Phawngpui. Aizawl Airport is 118 kilometres away from Phawngpui. You can easily find a rental car at the airport that will transport you to Phawngpui.
  • By Rail:
    Silchar Railway Station, located approximately 185 km from Phawngpui, is the closest rail centre. From the train station, various rental cars are available to drive you to Phawngpui.
  • By Road:
    Phawngpui is located 118 kilometres from Aizawl. The route that connects the two locations is smooth and convenient to drive on. From here, you may either take your vehicle or rent one. Buses operated by the government and the commercial sector frequently depart for Phawngpui.
  • Time: 24 hours.
  • Duration: 1 to 2 days
  • Entry Fee: Free

16. Phawngpui National Park:

Tourist Places in Mizoram

The Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park, also known as Phawngpui National Park, is a stunning conservatory in Mizoram covered with tropical forests and home to many unusual animals and birds. The park's natural beauty and attraction are further enhanced by its views of rivers and mountain ranges. Additionally, it is home to various bird and animal species, including the black eagle and the Asiatic black bear.

Tourists may genuinely enjoy the park's tranquillity and all it offers, thanks to the excellent weather. Given its reasonable size, this park should be on your agenda because it is the ideal hike for trekkers, hikers, and adventure enthusiasts. The park's beautiful beauty and the possibility of spotting unusual animals, birds, and plants on the trail serve as incentives for the challenging climb. One must see Blue Mountain believe in its lovely, spectacular scenery.

How to get there

The park is open to visitors by air, rail, and road. Aizawl Airport, roughly 300 kilometres from Phawngpui Blue Mountain Park, is the closest; the streets are well-connected. The park is approximately 185 kilometres from the nearest rail stop, Silchar Railway Station. The major towns close by, including Hyderabad (193 km), Chennai (530 km), and Nagpur, are well connected to the Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park (560 km).

Several private and public transportation choices commonly accommodate this road trip. Accommodations are available in the rest houses in Saiha city, which is near to the park.

  • Duration: from November until April

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