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Tourist Places in Muthanga


Muthanga is a prominent tourist spot in Kerala's Wayanad district. It is well known for the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, both of which are wildlife preserves. This sanctuary is abundant in biodiversity. It is an essential part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Muthanga actively encourages ecotourism and environmentally sound activities to preserve its wildlife and natural beauty. Bamboo plantations, dense forests, and wet deciduous and semi-evergreen woods might all be found in the Muthanga range.

The Muthanga forest, which borders Coorg and Wayanad, is home to several rare and imperiled plant and animal species. It is a Project Elephant location with a significant number of jumbos. Wildlife photographers and environment enthusiasts are also eager to explore the sanctuary, which offers excellent opportunities for photography. On a vehicle safari in the forest, you may get a close-up look at animals and birds. The daring atmosphere that Wayanad sightseeing gives excites the majority of visitors. The followings are the tourist places where visitors can visit:

1. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Muthanga

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is a well-known wildlife sanctuary in the Kerala district of Wayanad. It was established in 1973 and is a crucial component of India's biggest contiguous protected area, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The sanctuary covers an area of roughly 344 sq km and is home to a rich diversity of vegetation and wildlife. A wide range of animal species call it home. A variety of species can find adequate homes in the sanctuary's diverse ecology, which includes moist deciduous woods, dry deciduous forests, and evergreen forests.

One of the sanctuary's biggest draws is its large number of wild elephants. Visitors to the area can see one of the area's famous elephant herds while they are there. Visitors may enjoy guided vehicle safaris to explore the animal reserve. The Forest Department runs these safaris, the ideal way to travel far into the forest and get close to various species. Tourists can anticipate a safe and educational trip thanks to knowledgeable guides.

The ideal time to visit here is between October & February when the weather is favorable and wildlife sightings are more prevalent. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary has an entrance fee. Entry fees may differ between Indian and foreign visitors.

2. Sree Seetha Devi Temple

Tourist Places in Muthanga

"Sree Seetha Devi Temple," also known as "Seetha Devi Kovil," is a well-known temple. The temple is near the hamlet of Pulpally in Kerala's Wayanad district. The temple is unique since it is the only one in the state to honor Sita's children, Lava and Khusha. Goddess Sita is the temple's primary goddess, and the shrine and temple deeply connect to Ramayana mythology. According to tradition, one of the biggest is the temple pond, which is also where Sita is said to have gone into the earth.

The temple was built in the eighteenth century by Sri Pazhassi Raja. Later, the temple was administered by the Kuppathode and Nair families of Wayanad. Currently, a family member serves as a temple trustee.

The most significant time to go to the shrine is during the temple festival, which is held in January. Since the weather is moderate in January and February, these months are also the finest times to travel. While Kerala's monsoon season, which lasts from July to September, brings substantial rains, the summers may be scorching from March to June.

3. Shree Rama Temple

Tourist Places in Muthanga

The Shree Rama temple is located approximately 4 kilometers from the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, in a calm and peaceful setting by the banks of the Ponkuzhi River. Bhagavan Sri Ram is honored at the temple. It's a fascinating belief that Sita's tears created the temple pond. The temple has a tiled roof and is built in the conventional Keralan style. The temple's yearly celebration is conducted in Kumbham month (February), including flag hoisting. The festival is well-known for its Thira ritual.


By Air- The nearest airport to Muthanga is Calicut International Airport, commonly known as Karipur Airport. The distance between it and Muthanga is around 100 kilometers. To get to Muthanga from the airport, use a taxi or one of the various available local modes of transportation.

By Train- Muthanga is around 110 kilometers from the nearest major railway station, Calicut Railway Station (Kozhikode). Major Indian cities are easily accessible from Kozhikode with frequent rail service. You may take a cab or a local bus to go to Muthanga from the railway station.

By Road- Muthanga has good road access to neighboring towns and cities. If you have a car, you may drive to Muthanga or hail a cab from one of the adjacent towns, such as Kalpetta or Sulthan Bathery.

By Local Transport- You may hire local transportation after you are in Wayanad to travel to Muthanga, situated inside the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, including taxis, auto-rickshaws, and jeeps.


Muthanga is an outstanding example of the splendor and diversity of nature. As part of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, this beautiful area provides an enthralling peek into the region's rich flora and animals. Because Muthanga is a protected area, there may not be many choices for accommodation there, but there are enough in the nearby towns to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Every nature enthusiast can expect a rewarding and soul-stirring experience from a trip to Muthanga, whether they want to explore the animal refuge, enjoy the warmth of the local hospitality, or take in the peace of the surroundings.

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