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10 Best Tourist Places in Dakshina Kannada District


The seaside city of Mangalore serves as the administrative center for the Indian district of Dakshina Kannada. The district encompasses a region between the Arabian Sea to the west and the Western Ghats to the east.

Dakshina Kannada is a region blessed with abundant rainfall, fertile soil, and lush foliage. It is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountain ranges, temples, and vibrant culture. Yakshagana, a magnificently costumed dance theatre form; Kambala, the farmer pastime of racing buffaloes, Kori-katta (cockfighting); and Bootha Kola (spirit worship) are all well-known in Dakshina Kannada. Some of the popular tourist places in Dakshina Kannada are as follows:

1. The Kukke Subrahmanya Temple

India's Karnataka state is home to the well-known Hindu temple Kukke Subrahmanya Temple. Here, Lord Kartikeya?the lord of all snakes?is revered as Lord Subrahmanya, and the Temple offers tranquility and peace unlike any other. It is positioned in the center of the Subrahmanya village in Dakshina Kannada and is encircled on all sides by lush vegetation.

Tourist Places in Dakshina Kannada District

The mountain Kumara Parvatha overlooks the Temple, giving it a magical allure. Geographically speaking, the mountain Shesha Parvatha, which is next to Kumara Parvatha and has the appearance of a six-headed cobra, appears to guard the Temple.

Lord Subrahmanya and the serpent king Vasuki are worshipped in the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, considered the residence of "nagas." Additionally, devotees think that the holy baths at Madesnana and the Kumaradhara Thirtha eliminate terrible illnesses like leprosy. Devotees claim that even skin-related illnesses are treated here. The Temple also has a reputation as the only location where anyone with any form of "naga dosha" might find salvation. Sarpa Samskara Pooja, Ashlesha Pooja, and similar rituals can be performed here as a Naga Dosha Pariharam (remedy). Many devotees from all over the nation come to the Temple for this reason.

2. Kudroli Gokarnanatha Temple

Tourist Places in Dakshina Kannada District

In 1912, Sri Narayana Guru dedicated this Temple to the Billava community, whose members were not allowed to enter any other nearby temples. The God worshipped in this Temple is Lord Shiva, Gokarnanatheshwara. The main Temple and the surrounding temples are constructed in the Tamil Nadu architectural style, and they are both adorned with murals that depict numerous mythical tales. The Temple has a sizable property with marble floors throughout and several air-conditioned wedding halls that are completely furnished. During Dasera, the Temple is magnificently illuminated, and the entire Kudroli road is lined with booths offering food and trinkets.

3. Kadri Manjunath Temple

As an ancient historical temple from around 1068 AD, Kadri Manjunatheshwara Temple is fascinating. The Vijayanagara architectural style is shown by the Manjunatha temple at Kadri. Its current form suggests that a solid structure was added sometime in the 15th or 16th century A.D. The Kadri hills' picturesque appeal enchants this center, as the presence of ancient caverns carved into laterite mounds and the historical and spiritual significance of the Manjunatha temple. The largest Natha Pantha (cult) center in South India is located on Kadri Hill. An archaeological investigation of the Kadri Hill caverns is required.

Tourist Places in Dakshina Kannada District

There are a series of elevated water reservoirs in front of the Temple. A garden surrounds the ponds. As one descends from there, a sizable light pole is in front of the Temple. Karthika maasa is when this deepothsava is held. The Temple contains Buddha, Manjushri, Lokeshwara, Gorakanath, Shringinath, and Machendranath statues.

The Temple's principal deity nowadays is Manjunatha that looks like linga and The Lokeshwara statue made of bronze which has six arms and three faces, and1.5 meters tall.

A natural spring may be seen raised towards the back of the structure. It is known as Gomukha. It is said that the water comes from the river Bhageerathi in Kashi, from which it receives its name, Kashi Bhageerathi theertha. Nine adjacent ponds of various sizes receive water from this spring. The tourists bathe in those pools after arriving at the main shrine.

4. Kateel Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple

The Durga Parameshwari Temple, situated on an island in the Nandini River, is situated at Kateel, east of Mangaluru. The Goddess Durga Parameshwari temple is organically shaped like an Udhbhava Moorthi. Beautiful carvings may be seen on the Temple's pillars as well.

Tourist Places in Dakshina Kannada District


The demon Arunasura obtains extraordinary abilities from Lord Brahma such that neither two-legged nor four-legged creatures can kill him. Thanks to this power, no one can stop Arunasura from wreaking destruction on Earth. Goddess Durga confronts Arunasura by descending to Earth. When Goddess Durga is pursued, she transforms into a rock. When Arunasura tries to shatter the rock, a swarm of bees appears and stings him to death. Since bees do not have two legs or four legs, they can negate Arunasura's particular abilities. Saints and sages on Earth held special pujas to commemorate this victory and built the Durga Parameshwari Temple at Kateelu.

The Kateelu Durgaparameshwari Temple has an annual celebration called Brahmakalashotsava. This holiday usually comes between January and February.

Sasihithlu Beach (17 km), Udupi Srikrishna Temple (40 km), Malpe Beach (47 km), and Kapu Lighthouse (30 km) are a few attractions close to Kateelu Temple.

Kateelu Temple is located 25 kilometers from Mangaluru and 370 kilometers from Bengaluru. The closest airport and train station are at Mangaluru.

5. Tannirbhavi Beach

Bengaluru is 340 kilometers away, while the airport at Mangaluru is 9 kilometers from the Beach. All areas of Karnataka can reach Mangaluru by air, rail, and road. To go to Tannirbhavi Beach from Mangaluru, you can take an auto or a cab. The Gurupur River can be crossed via ferry for a quicker trip.

Tourist Places in Dakshina Kannada District

One of the city's well-known beaches is Tannirbhavi Beach. Tourists are attracted to the area because of its natural beauty, which includes the coastline's golden sand and refreshingly cool air. The Beach is a popular destination since it has comfortable seating and other amenities; weekends and holidays are hectic. While swimming in the ocean is not advised, beachgoers can try out one of the water activities available. Visitors are urged to use caution when entering the water, even though there are lifeguards on duty to keep an eye out and perform rescues in the event of an accident.

With the introduction of contemporary amenities, including appropriate restrooms, parking spaces, lifeguards, and several food vendors, the Beach has recently experienced significant popularity growth. For the safety and comfort of the tourists, a few benches and sheds were additionally set up, along with a few towering light towers.

6. Sri Mangaladevi Temple

In Bolar, 3 kilometers from Mangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka, there is a historic temple called Sri Mangaladevi Temple. The natives hold that the goddess Mangaladevi, who embellished this Temple in Mangalore, is the source of the name Mangalore. The tenth century saw the construction of this Temple in honor of the illustrious Rajmata of Malabar, who is supposed to have traveled with Yogi Matsyendranath, a revered Guru in the Nath faith.

Tourist Places in Dakshina Kannada District

The oldest Durga sculpture produced in the South Kanra District is that of Lord Managaladvi. This Temple is a well-known sacred site in India, and during special occasions, many Indians come here to seek God's blessings. This Temple's stunning architectural design, built-in 986 AD, can astound anyone. It does demonstrate the architects' labor of love in creating the Temple. This Temple is a popular tourist destination in Mangalore and receives many visitors yearly.

During this day, which marks the killing of the evil demons by the Goddess Durga, all tools and weapons are worshipped. Numerous devotees take part in the Rathothsava celebration on the ninth day. Mahanavami, or the ninth day of Navarathri, is another name for it. The God is nicely ornamented, and they maintain him atop a magnificent chariot. Thick ropes can be used to draw the chariot. The procession moves toward the Marnamikatte, where worshippers worship God.

7. Southadka Shree Mahaganapathi Kshetra

One of the several Siddhi kshetras in the Dakshina Kannada district is the Southadka Maha GanapathI temple, three km from Kolkata. Lord Maha Ganapathi is located outside a field without a "Garbha Gudi," the Temple's architecture is exceptional. Greenery surrounds it, and it is accessible for prayer at all times.

Tourist Places in Dakshina Kannada District

Southadka Shree Mahaganapathi Kshetra is around 16 km from Dharmasthala and roughly 35 km from Kukke Subramanya Temple.

Most bells used to ornament the temple were donated by worshippers with specific wishes (Harake). Every year in January, the Mahapuja is performed. All visitors to the Temple receive food in the form of prasadam. Belthangady's hidden gem is a unique temple with large swaths of greenery where one can locate many monkeys. In such a serene setting, Lord Ganapati is relaxing in the lap of nature.

8. Panambur Beach

It is regarded as one of India's most well-kept and spotless beaches and draws many visitors. This Beach, which borders the Arabian Sea, is regarded as one of India's safest and finest-kept beaches. It is the most well-known, accessible, and frequented Beach in coastal Karnataka.

Tourist Places in Dakshina Kannada District

The Beach is 10 kilometers north of the city center in Panambur, managed by the Mangalore City Corporation. It is the first Beach in the nation that the Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project, a private company, wholly owns. The goal is to raise public awareness of how effective beach cleaning is.

Additionally, various events, advertising activities, weddings, parties, etc., are permitted on the lovely Beach. The area is renowned for its highly qualified and qualified lifeguards who monitor the Beach to ensure tourist safety. Activities include jet ski rides, boats, dolphin viewing, snack stands, and food stalls.

This Beach is well-known for its stunning sunsets, lovely port area, and picnic spots for visitors and residents. It also provides excellent sunset views. Many people visit the Beach because it is close to the city. From the Beach, one can view the ships anchored in the sea while they wait to berth in the harbor, which makes for a lovely scene.

Panambur Beach hosts the International Kite Festival every two years, which draws visitors from across the nation. During the final week of April, a funfair featuring additional regional kite festivals takes place at the Beach. The Beach is a crucial landmark for locating the Kudremukh Iron Ore Factory and the Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilisers Factory.

9. Dharmasthala Sri Manjunatha Swamy Temple

Tourist Places in Dakshina Kannada District

One of the well-known holy sites in South India, Sri Manjunatha Temple is a spiritual and religious significance symbol. The holy city of Dharmasthala in the Indian state of Karnataka is home to this Shiva temple. Majunatheshwara, the Temple's main deity, has assumed the Shiva linga form. The Temple has other idols, such as Dharma Daevas and Shakti, and the main deity. It is also the residence of Kanyakumari, Kalarkayi, Kalarahu, and Kumaraswamy, the four Guardian Spirits of Lord Dharma.

While Vaishnava priests pray at the Temple, Jain ancestors handle the administration. Despite cultural and religious divides, this 800-year-old institution captures the essence of spirituality. Known as "the place of Dharma," Dharmasthala is a revered location that attracts people worldwide.

On the grounds of the Temple, numerous festivals and yearly events are organized, drawing pilgrims from all around. Among the essential holidays observed in the Temple are Laksha Deepotsava, the Festival of Lights, and Pattanajae Jatre. In addition, essential holidays like Ganesha Chaturthi, Navratri, and Diwali are celebrated with great zeal.

Visitors visiting the Shri Manjunatha Temple in Dharmasthala must abide by guidelines. Before entering the temple, men must take off their shirts and vests and are not permitted to wear half-pants. However, wearing nightgowns inside the shrine is not permitted for women. The Sanctum Sanctorum is not accessible to children under the age of two.

With ascending Badinede Betta Hill, your pilgrimage to the Temple can be considered complete. On top are a shrine and the homes of the four Dharma. You can also go to the Manjusha Museum if you love history. Next to the Manjunath Temple, the museum includes an outstanding collection of swords, vintage cameras, and armor. Vintage automobiles from Sri Veerendra Heggade's collection are also available.

10. St Aloysius Chapel

In Mangaluru, a coastal city in Karnataka, St. Aloysius church, constructed in 1885, is a significant church for Christians. An arched ceiling is supported above by a row of round pillars. Aloysius Gonzaga, to whom the Chapel is dedicated, is shown in oil paintings on canvas attached to the ceiling. The Chapel also houses lovely artwork created by Italian artist Br. Anthony Moschemi.

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