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19 Best Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

One of the most significant cities in Assam state is Dibrugarh. It is home to the well-known Radha Krishna Mandir, a marble temple on the Brahmaputra River banks. Other temples and significant locations in Dibrugarh also draw tourists from all over the world. Many visitors include it on their itinerary when they travel to this region of India because it is one of the "seven sisters," as the North Eastern states of the country are known. The city is quite culturally diverse; you may eat wonderful regional cuisine, dress in regional attire, and hear practically everyone speaking their native tongue. It's interesting to note, though, that English and Hindi are spoken well by the majority of people in this region of the nation.

This lovely city, known as Dibrugarh, is situated on the shoulder of the formidable Assam. This mountain range will appear like a location straight out of your imagination with its lush green fields and adventurous deep forests. Dibrugarh has a climate of the subtropical monsoon type and is situated in the North Eastern region of the world-famous tea-producing state of India. Therefore, these locations to visit in Dibrugarh can come to your aid the next time you need a vacation from your hectic city life.

Dibrugarh has traits similar to those of Assam, its parent state. You will see how magnificent Assam is if you take the time to explore this area's secluded woods. Here, you can see how wildlife and culture coexist harmoniously. If you want to have a wonderful experience, you must do it at least once in your lifetime travel to this small town. So, turn off your laptops, get your bags, and head out! but first, have a look at the list of attractions in Dibrugarh.

1. Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

While some wildlife refuges are in Dibrugarh, others extend into the Tinsukia district. In Assam, a lovely rainforest called Dehing Patkai covers an area of about 111 sq. km. The Dirok Rainforest, Upper Dihing River, and Jeypore comprise the three main sections of the Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary. The Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve and Dibru-Deomali Elephant Reserve are two further elephant reserves in Dehing Patkai.

As it is home to a great diversity of flora and wildlife, the rainforest is one of the most popular destinations in Dibrugarh. Visitors can enjoy the stunning orchid blossoms and wild bananas in this location. More than 293 different bird species, approximately 50 different animal and reptile species, and about 30 different butterfly species are thought to exist here. You might also see Hoolock Gibbons, Capped Langurs, Pig-tailed Macaques, Asiatic Elephants, Black Panthers, Tigers, Clouded Leopards, and Black Bears in this jungle. As a result, there is a good probability that tourists may interact with forest dwellers, but don't worry?as long as you respect them, they will reciprocate!

2. Joypur Rainforest

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

The well-known Joypur Rainforest covers 108 square kilometers of land. The forest is a popular destination for tourists because of its rich biodiversity. Look forward to studying the 102 species of orchids grown here when you are a visitor, in addition to the 50-meter-tall Hollong tree. Here, you can also find the trees Ajae, Segun, Nahar, Bohot, and Sam. The natural habitat is suitable for many creatures, including elephants, hornbills, leopards, flying squirrels, pythons, spotted deer, and langurs. Renting a vehicle from Naharkatia is the best way to go to this location. The most affordable option is to take a bus from Guwahati or Naharkati, which is another option.

When the rainforest festival takes place in mid-February, it's one of the greatest times to visit since you can take part in various adventure activities like elephant rides, bird watching, camping, hiking, and rafting.

3. Radha Krishna Temple

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

It is one of Dibrugarh's most well-liked tourist destinations, particularly among Hindus. Aside from the temple's distinctive ambience, it is well-known for its noteworthy architecture. This location is so quiet that one is likely to find spiritual serenity. The temple's grounds are also very green, which adds to the relaxation of the body and mind. because Assam Medical College is so close to Radha Krishna Shrine, the area around the temple is quite active, both personal cabs and public transportation are good ways to get to the temple.

4. Naharkatia

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

In Assam, Naharkatia is the center of the tea plantations, making a trip there a once-in-a-lifetime experience for travelers. The location earned its name because Kalia, an Ahom noble, beheaded Prince Nahar. At the moment, the location is easily accessible and acts as a hub for people travelling to other locations in the area, such as Namphake, Sasoni Gojpuria, Gobhuro Dolong, etc. This town's namesake's terrible but fascinating story is worth reading.

The town of Naharkatia also has the state's oldest oil pool. Naharkatia has a train station, making it easy to go here and back by train. In addition, one may decide to travel to Naharkatia by bus from Dibrugarh, Namrup, Moran, Sibsagar, or Jorhat.

5. Shri Jagannath Temple

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

The Shri Jagannath Temple is another center of devotion and a well-known tourist attraction in Dibrugarh. The temple in question is thought to be an exact duplicate of the one in Puri. Shikshetra Dham is another name and is situated adjacent to Khanikar's Mahatma Gandhi Park. In addition to this, the city is home to a large number of additional temples. One of the city's most important shrines is Raidongia Dol. Only 14 of the original 24 statues are still standing today. The statues are each roughly 45 feet tall. Notably, Lord Vishnu was the temple's original devotee. However, Shiva Dol became its new name over time.

6. Namphake Village

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

This settlement is situated adjacent to the Burhi Dihing river, 37 kilometers from the capital of Dibrugarh. The settlement, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, is where many Tai Phakey families call home. Most villagers practice Buddhism. Thus it's typical to run into a stunning monastery when exploring the area.

This is a major factor in Namphake's popularity as a tourist destination in Dibrugarh. A gold-plated statue of Lord Buddha may be found in the main temple. The Ashokan Pillar and the Buddhist Pagoda it houses are two more well-known features of the monastery. Here, one can also locate Mucalinda Tank, a holy water reservoir.

7. Brahmaputra River

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

This river, one of the longest in the world, is also one of the most respected in India. However, its abundance of activities makes it a must-visit during your time in Dibrugarh. In a region known as Tuting, the rafting excursion begins at the higher Brahmaputra (Siang) river. This section of the river is perfect for rafting because it is not overly congested and has fantastic waves that are sure to pump up your excitement. The rafting course spans 180 kilometres, and there are various canyons and dense tropical rainforests to explore along the way.

You can opt to go to any section of the rafting field based on your preferences and experience level. However long you decide to go rafting, it will undoubtedly be a life-changing experience.

8. Bogibeel Bridge

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

The longest railroad bridge in India is located in Dibrugarh and spans the Brahmaputra River. Its length is 4.94 kilometers, and it has a 3-lane highway on the upper deck and a double rail line on the bottom. Only 20 kilometers separate Bogibeel Bridge from the state of Arunachal Pradesh. As a result, it is crucial from a strategic perspective for India since it makes it much easier for India to send soldiers and ammunition to Arunachal Pradesh, which China borders.

It is an amazing experience to see such a wonderful phenomenon from the middle of the river. The sky presented an amazing array of colors as the sunset. In the pitch-blackness, Bogibeel Bridge comes to life with vibrant lights, and all of this light is mirrored in the river below. The sunset cruise is ideal for everyone, whether they are photographers, families, couples, or kids.

9. Tea Estates

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

The united districts of Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, and Sivasagar produce 50% of India's Assamese tea crop. You will be amazed by the numerous colors of tea you will see in a single tea farm as you travel throughout Dibrugarh. Tea gardens encompass miles and miles of lush terrain. Dibrugarh's terrain is primarily fertile alluvial soil because the Brahmaputra River further facilitates successful tea planting.

Regarding the growth method, Darjeeling and Assam tea gardens are highly dissimilar. Tea is produced in Darjeeling on hills between 700 and 2000 meters above sea level. Unlike Assam, where tea is produced on flat land (30-40 meters above sea level). Black pepper trees are cultivated between the tea plants to give shade and maintain a suitable temperature, preventing harm to the tea estates from the intense summer heat.

You'll be shocked to learn that there are more than 250 registered tea enterprises in Dibrugarh alone, and each one has countless acres of land dedicated to tea cultivation! The small-scale tea growers are excluded from this. One of the reasons people travel to Dibrugarh is to go on a tea tour. This includes a tour of tea estates and a supervised visit to a tea estate where you can learn about the growing, picking, manufacturing, and trade processes for tea.

Living close to a tea estate is the ideal opportunity to enjoy Dibrugarh's tea culture. The Jalans, the oldest tea growers in Assam, have renovated and upgraded Chang Bungalows, which were constructed during the British colonial era and are surrounded by tea gardens on all sides so that tourists can stay there and experience what it's like to live in a historic building in the middle of a tea estate.

10. Jokai Botanical Garden

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

The Jokai Botanical Garden, 12 kilometers from the center of Dibrugarh, serves as a repository for plant ancestry and endangered species. There are many sections of the garden, such as ones with an orchid house, a rainforest, medicinal plants, etc. You can stroll among tall trees and get the impression that you are in a tropical rainforest by visiting Jokai Botanical Garden. Visitors who enjoy the outdoors should go there.

The botanical garden is a must-see for families and tourists on a nice day! The garden also contains a pond, which draws visitors for boat rides. Additionally, visitors can take elephant rides in the beautiful Jokai Reserve Forest, which is famous for the migratory species that frequent the region.

11. Raidonga Dol

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

The Raidongia Dol is a significant landmark regarded as one of the oldest in the Kalakhowa region. The Dol is roughly 45 feet tall and contains 14 statues and other artifacts from the Ahom Kingdom. The 14 remaining statues serve as a reminder of the ancient Ahom customs and culture for those who visit this location today. According to historical records, Swargadeo Pramatta Singha gave Raidnogia Barua the Dol as a dowry for his sister's wedding. The area is made more attractive and charming by the nearby pond.

12. Dinjoy Satra

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

Aniruddha Dev founded the Dinjoy Satra, 5 kilometers north of Chabua. Later, this was moved to Khutiaputa. It was afterward transported to Dinjan, where Dinjoy Satra was given a new name. It has remained in its current location ever since the move. Like all the other Satras, the Dinjoy Satra offers a unique opportunity to learn about Assamese history and culture via art. One of the most well-liked tourist locations, the center is renowned for its historical significance.

13. Dehing Namti Satra

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

Dehing Namti Satra, situated on the Disang River banks, is 8 miles from Naharkatiya Town. These Satras were significant sociocultural sites during the reign of the Ahom kingdom, whose Dehing Satra is especially well-known. Here, in the center, are the antiquities from the Ahom era, and the surrounding nature allows visitors to breathe fresh air away from the city. The Satra is a must-see while in town because of its rich history!

14. Bormechow and Sarumechlow

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

The Bormechow and Sarumechlow Maidams, situated in the Lengeri Mouza in Dibrugarh City, were constructed as cemeteries to honour two of King Sukhampha's Queens during the Ahom rule (1552-1611). These maidams are well-known for their beautiful surroundings, drawing visitors who typically look for downtime, photo opportunities, and quiet introspection. When visiting Dibrugarh, you shouldn't skip this attraction, especially if you love learning about the history and culture of old cities.

It is well known for its beautiful and tranquil environs that Sarumechlow and Bormechow Maidams. People frequently go to these locations to pass some time leisurely. These locations are also excellent for picture shoots. There are also adjacent tea plantations that tourists frequently view. The Sarumechlow and Bormechow Maidam are best visited at any time of year. The local transportation system commonly serves these wonderful locations in Assam.

15. Koli Aai Thaan

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

The Koli Aai Thaan, one of the earliest thaans from the Ahom Kingdom, is notable because it is a holy site treasured by the residents of the Dibrugarh District. The Head Priest of the Dibaru Satra's daughter was Koli Aai. The Satra progressively dissolved without a male heir, but Koli Aai preserved the spirit with Divine abilities before vanishing from the location. The Thaan strongly influences the religious beliefs of the Assamese people, and many visit the place out of respect.

16. Barbarua Maidam

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

The Barbarua Maidam, a popular tourist destination that is an ancient cemetery with two burial mounds dedicated to the higher officials of the Ahom Dynasty, is located 14 kilometres outside the city. The Barbarua Maidam amply illustrates the significance the martyrs hold in the hearts of the locals, as do several other maidams that also honor lower authorities. The sophisticated engineering and beautiful details of the ancient age are demonstrated by the structural patterns utilized in the maidam, a vast edifice with an architectural style that reflects aristocracy and monarchy.

17. Moderkhat Satra

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

In Dibrugarh, Moderkhat Satra is a significant religious and tourism destination. Chandrakant Deva, the brother of Dinjoy Satra's head priest, founded this location as an outpost of the renowned Dinjoy Satra. It is a wonderfully designed place of worship that both residents and tourists frequent.

The entire year is the ideal time to visit Moderkhat Satra, both residents and visitors can frequently be seen at the location learning about the Ahom dynasty's accomplishments, including the battles it fought and won, its illustrious kings and queens, the advancements made during the Ahom era, and other things.

The inscriptions from the Ahoms era are reported to be located in Moderkhat Satra. Like other Satras in the area, Moderkhat Satra aims to inform the general public about sociocultural standards. Anyone is welcome to travel to Moderkhat Satra and relax in a calm environment.

18. DU Park

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

A notable park in Assam is DU Park or Dibrugarh University Park. It is located on the university grounds and is widely used by locals, students, and guests. DU Park is a fantastic place to spend quality time with your loved ones. Dibrugarh University Park is open daily to everyone. University teachers and students can enter at no cost. Others demand a little entrance fee to visit the park. Additionally, the park has trash cans to guarantee its cleanliness. A fine is assessed when the park is littered.

The natural environment and leisure opportunities in DU Park are well-known. For every age group, there is a tonne of games and rides. People can participate in leisure activities at a small cost. People can walk conveniently on the well-paved walkway that is there. The visitors at DU Park are also entertained with knowledge. In the park, various still-operational models have been set up.

19. Lekai Chetia Maidam

Tourist Places in Dibrugarh

Chetia Lekai one of the well-known locations in the Assamese city of Dibrugarh. Lekai Chetia's grave is located in Maidam, which is well-known for it. From 1228 to 1826 AD, the Ahom Kingdom, which reigned over Assam's Brahmaputra Valley, employed Lekai Chetia as an officer. Lekai Chetia acted as a special server during Swragodeo Pratapsingha's rule in the Ahom Kingdom.

Lekai Chetia Maidam along the Mankota road is a must-visit spot for those who enjoy the outdoors. Nowadays, the region is mostly known as a tea garden because it is completely covered in vegetation. Visitors are drawn to this location because of its tranquility, given that it is removed from the bustle of the metropolis. The summer, beginning in April and May, is the finest time to visit Lekai Chetia Maidam (Dibrugarh). Even if the temperature hovers anywhere between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius at this time, the weather is still comfortable.

Top Things to Do in Dibrugarh

The city of Dibrugarh offers visitors many options to partake in various activities. There are many incredible things to do in Dibrugarh, from wildlife exploration and adventure expeditions to cultural tours.


Kayaking is among the most interesting activities for visitors on an exciting vacation in Dibrugarh. Kayaking is an activity that adventure seekers can take advantage of on the Lohit and Subansiri rivers.

Cultural Tour

Dibrugarh's culture is a fusion of traditional and contemporary ways of living. The people of Dibrugarh are devoted to their heritage, customs, and religious beliefs. Festivals, cuisine, dancing, and music, are just a few examples of how Dibrugarh's culture is present in practically everything. One of Dibrugarh's well-known festivals, Bihu, gives visitors a chance to learn more about the local way of life.

River Rafting

Tourists can enjoy the excitement of various water sports in Dibrugarh, with river rafting being the most popular activity. Adventure seekers can get the rush they crave by confronting the Brahmaputra River's waves. It is undoubtedly the greatest approach to having a Dibrugarh adventurous tour.

A once-in-a-lifetime journey up the Brahmaputra, one of the world's longest rivers, towards the nation's northeast. Rafting in the wilderness is an amazing experience. Visit Tuting, a strange place where the Brahmaputra, one of the world's major rivers, begins to churn with true adventure. The main trek begins from Tuting's upper Brahmaputra (Siang) river. A 180 km stretch of the river from Tuting to Pasighat is covered by the rafting trip, which gurgles and navigates the rapids while gliding through secret gorges, remote canyons, and impossibly dense tropical rain forests. The journey is not just great joy but also a remarkable experience because it takes place in nature at its best.


Dibrugarh, one of Assam's most popular tourist destinations, provides visitors with various lodging choices. Some upscale hotels in the city provide a comfortable stay with cutting-edge amenities. In addition, travelers on a limited budget have a variety of inexpensive motels to choose from. If not Amolapatty, then Dibrugarh is the next best spot to look for lodging options.

How to Reach Dibrugarh, Assam?

There are excellent road, rail, and air connections to Dibrugarh. It has canals that connect it to neighboring Assamese districts.

All four modes of transportation?air, rail, water, and road?connect Dibrugarh to other regions of the nation. The best way to go to Dibrugarh for those traveling from distant states or other countries is by flying. Mohanbari Airport, 15kilometres from Dibrugarh, has excellent connections to all significant cities, including Delhi and Kolkata. The railroad is also one of the greatest ways to go to Dibrugarh. The town has a railhead connecting to all other towns and cities in the nation. The town is also easily accessible from neighboring cities like Guwahati, Itanagar, and Tezpur via the road and highway networks.

1. Airway

The Dibrugarh airport is situated in Mohanbari, 15 kilometres from the city center. Shillong (Meghalaya), Guwahati (Assam), Bagdogra & Kolkata (West Bengal), and New Delhi can all be reached directly from the airport. Although the frequencies may not be high, the flights operate every day.

2. Railway

One of the largest train stations in northeast India is in Dibrugarh. It is well connected to important Indian cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Kochi, Kanyakumari, Trivandrum, and many more through the eastern rail network.

3. Roadway

Assam is connected to nearby states and cities by national roads 15, 17, 27, 29, and 37. Buses from the government and the commercial sector run frequently between Guwahati and Dibrugarh. All day long, shared tempo travellers may be found travelling between Guwahati and Dibrugarh. Since the Bogibeel bridge was built, Dibrugarh has had access to the Brahmaputra's northern shores, ultimately leading to Arunachal Pradesh.

4. Waterway

Dibrugarh and the Dhemaji district are connected throughout the Brahmaputra River by ferry services. Even opulent cruises depart from Guwahati and return from Dibrugarh.

How to Commute Within Dibrugarh?

The best intercity transportation is a rickshaw, which is readily available and costs very little. Within cities, car and cycle rickshaws are available, and you can select one based on the distance to be traveled and your available money. Another common option is the city bus, which runs only during the daytime but covers the entire region. Additionally, there are cab services.

Best Time to Visit Dibrugarh

The best time to visit Dibrugarh is between October and March if you want to get the most out of your vacation. The deep jungles and temples can be visited most easily during the winter, leaving visitors with lifelong memories. In reality, the Dehing - Patkai Festival is held in February, increasing the number of things to do for visitors in town at that time. Additionally, the two well-known festivals of Poi-Nen-Chi and Poi-Nun-Hok are also observed around this period. Dibrugarh has a subtropical monsoon climate and is best visited in the winter.

The monsoon season in Naharkatia is gorgeous for the tea gardens. At this moment, the surroundings are green and the skies are cloudy. However, heavy downpours could somewhat thwart your vacation plans, so be sure to have a raincoat and an extra set of clothes! If you intend to travel during the summer, remember to stay hydrated because the summertime highs are around 35 degrees.

The tea harvest seasons are between March and June. These months are the finest times to visit Dibrugarh if you want to tour tea estates and have a cup of freshly harvested flush. For pruning and upkeep, the tea plantations are closed from December to February. However, they are still clearly visible from the outside.

A lot of rain falls heavily in Dibrugarh from April/May to September during the monsoon season. After the monsoon would be a perfect time to visit Dibrugarh if you want to view the vegetation in all its splendor. Remember that rains have problems, such as the Brahmaputra River floods and problems with waterlogging in low-lying places. During this time, even national parks and safaris are closed.

The harvest festival known as Bihu signals the conclusion of the harvesting season in Assam. It is observed with great fervour and excitement. The Bihu celebrations are also the ideal time to visit Dibrugarh if you want to immerse yourself in Assamese culture. April marks Rongali Bihu, October marks Kongali Bihu, and January or February marks Magh Bihu.


In addition to the attractions within the city of Dibrugarh, there are several nearby locations that one may visit while traveling there. The Brahmaputra River flows through the area in all its splendor, and its banks are lined with various stunning locations begging to be explored.

The area has several national parks and protected sites to enjoy visiting. Not to mention, Assam's tea plantations contribute to the area's overall natural splendor. In addition to the numerous attractions in Dibrugarh, visitors may want to think about going to the neighborhood markets to sample the region's mouthwatering cuisine. As a memento of a trip to this stunning location, it is possible to purchase locally manufactured items on the way back from the city.

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