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8 Best Tourist Places in Bhachau


Bhachau is a city in Gujarat's Kutch district. Bhachau was one of the numerous towns severely damaged during the Gujarat earthquake in 2001 and the earthquake that struck Anjar in 1956.

Have you ever travelled to a new location and experienced awe? It occurs in Bhachau for many guests. Even though Bhachau may not be as well-known as other Indian cities, do not be deceived. Bhachau is a newer, more minor, and lovely tourist site worth a trip. You might be shocked by some of the unusual activities and locations you can discover in this undiscovered location. Some of the major Tourist Places in Bhachau are as follows:

1. Dholavira

Dholavira is an archaeological site near Khadirbet in the Bhachau Taluka of Kutch District in the western Indian state of Gujarat. It gets its name from a modern hamlet located 0.62 miles (kilometers) south of it. The location also referred to locally as Kotada Timba, is home to the remains of an Indus Valley civilization metropolis. Dholavira has experienced earthquakes on numerous occasions, including one that was especially devastating around 2600 BC.

Tourist Places in Bhachau

Mansar, in the north, and Manhar, in the south, are the two seasonal nallahs or streams that flow through Dholavira. The trip to Dholavira is breathtaking; it passes through the Great Rann's salty desert plains, where you may see animals, including chinkara gazelles, nilgais, the giant antelope in Asia, flamingos, and other birds.

2. Roha Fort

In the Kutch region's Nakhatrana Taluka, the fort is situated on the outskirts of Roha Village. It served as Roha Jagir's residence. Abda (Jagirdar of Abdasa), provided shelter to 122 Soomra Rajput princesses, but he died while fighting with Allaudin Khilji. So, all the princesses sacrificed their lives in sacrifice and entered samadhi here, so the location was referred to as Sumari Roha.

Tourist Places in Bhachau

The distance between Roha Fort and Bhuj is around 50 km and covers almost 16 acres. It rises to a height of 500 feet above sea level.

Roha is an unusual site guaranteed to be popular with history buffs and hikers. It is thought that the well-known Gujarati poet Kalapi spent much time writing his beautiful verses atop this peak. The poet was influenced by the location's peaceful and serene environment.

The fort complex is an architectural wonder with many and ornamentation on every nook and cranny. The building's design reveals that the king's and his queens' residences were joined by a lengthy, raised passage covered in intricate wooden jaali work. The lace-like sculpted walls gave those inside a good view of their surroundings but prevented outsiders from seeing inside.

The building had several modifications, and renovation work was done in spurts. It is now a well-liked eccentric vacation spot for everyone who likes history. This 500-year-old fort has a covering cast over it by nature. Curious travelers can admire the exquisite architecture of the royal residences, visit the temple, and learn about the history of Roha, a formerly beautiful and prosperous region.

3. Vijay Vilas Palace

The palace was named Vijaya Vilas Palace after Prince Patel, the Maharao of Kutch, who built it as a summer retreat for his son and heir, the Yuvraj Shri Vijayaraji. The palace construction was a significant undertaking in 1920 and ended in 1929.

Tourist Places in Bhachau

The palace, constructed out of red sandstone, has all the hallmarks of Rajput design and is eerily similar to the palaces in Orchha and Datia. For the construction of the palace, artisans from several regions of India, including Rajasthan, Bengal, and Saurashtra, as well as the Mistris and Suthars of Kutch, were enlisted. As a result, the palace has the aesthetic imprints of various religious traditions.

The former royal family currently resides on the first floor of what was once the Kutch kings' summer palace. The castle also features a private beach with upscale tents that tourists can hire. The palace has been appropriately preserved, and several Bollywood feature films have used it as a backdrop.

The palace's highlights include:

  • Inlaid tile work
  • Remarkable stone carving
  • A well-kept garden
  • Intricate prison work
  • Spectacular water streams
  • Murals

4. Prag Mahal

One of India's most magnificent buildings, Prag Mahal, is situated on the outskirts of Bhuj. The 19th-century structure was constructed adjacent to the well-known Aina Mahal and is conveniently located in the middle of the city. The impressive palace boasts Corinthian pillars surrounding it and windows in the Gothic style.

Tourist Places in Bhachau

The second-tallest clock tower in the nation is located atop the magnificent Mahal, and it boasts an incredible outlook from its summit. Archives and personal artifacts of the royal family are on exhibit in a portion of the palace that has been turned into a museum.

The majestic palace is primarily constructed of red sandstone, which is imposing and gorgeous. The walls include magnificent art and elaborate carvings, but the most astounding feature is the jaali work found in the jharokhas, which is stunning. Prag Mahal is also well-known in Bollywood and has appeared in several films, including Lagaan, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, and other Gujarati productions.

5. Lakhpat Fort

The world is full of cities and villages that once flourished but are now empty. One of these locations in Gujarat is Lakhpat. The distance from Bhuj is the longest, but you can have a great time because of the picturesque scenery and comfortable weather.

Tourist Places in Bhachau

The substantial stone bastions and high walls of the walled town of Lakhpat are impressive. The nearly 7 KM long fort wall has 4 gates and 2 windows. The nearly-complete fort walls, built in 1801, provide breathtaking views of the enormous Rann.

6. Mata no Madh

There is a Maa Ashapura temple in Gujarat called Mata no Madh, 138 miles from Bhuj. West of Kakkadbhit is where you will find Mata no Madh, a historic temple devoted to the Kuldevi of Jadeja. Twice, earthquakes destroyed the original temple, which dates back to the year 1200.

Tourist Places in Bhachau

Sunderji Saudagar constructed the temple that endures today. This building has been built with extraordinary luxury and better size. Visitors are treated to a stunning perspective of Bhuj's skyline thanks to how distinctive the main temple is. At Mata No Madh, many significant religious events occur, and Hindu holidays like Diwali and Navratri are enthusiastically observed.

7. Narayan Sarovar

Narayan Sarovar, which bears the name of Lord Narayan, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, is a sacred and heavenly destination of worship for Hindus. It is magical to catch sight of the sea, the temple, and the setting sun. Additionally, it is one of Hinduism's five holiest lakes. Various birds, including egrets, herons, and plovers, are also visible.

Tourist Places in Bhachau

Lord Narayan, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, reveres Narayan Sarovar, considered among the holiest lakes to Hindus. The Panch-Sarovar group of five lakes, which includes Mansarovar, Bindu Sarovar, Narayan Sarovar, Pampa Sarovar, and Pushkar Sarovar, is 100 kilometers from Bhuj and is revered by orthodox Hindus as a hallowed pilgrimage site. Hindu mythology holds that the lake was created when Lord Vishnu's foot touched the ground at a specific location, and water spurted out, making it a lotus. The lake is surrounded by numerous temples, including those built by Maharaj Deshalji's queen, Laxminarayan, Govardhannathji, Ranchodraiji, and Laxmiji.

8. Shri Ashapura Mataji Mandir

The Ashapura Mataji Mandir is a well-known place of devotion for locals and serves as the primary temple for the Kutch region of Gujarat. Although Ashapura Mata has several temples, the one in Kutch is the original and draws many worshippers daily.

Tourist Places in Bhachau

The Gujaratis believe that the goddess is a reincarnation of Annapoorna Devi, while the Sindhis revere her as their Kuldevi. It is a well-known destination to visit if you are in Kutch. People come there to pay homage to the goddess from all over Gujarat and even from as far away as Mumbai.

How to Reach Bhachau

If you plan to travel by air, you must know the several airports connecting to Bhachau. Bhachau is 32 kilometers from Kandla Airport, 69 kilometers from Bhuj Airport, 97 kilometers from Jamnagar Airport, 120 kilometers from Rajkot Airport, and 200 kilometers from Porbandar Airport. If you travel by train, the closest rail station to Bhachau is Anand Pur.


Bhachau tourist destination offers a variety of lovely locations to see while sightseeing with loved ones or friends. There are a few other well-known tourist attractions in Bhachau that you can visit and try out while enjoying some of the stunning outdoor activities there. This is a well-liked tourist destination in India, particularly for newlywed couples and young people wishing to engage in outdoor adventure sports in Bhachau.

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