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7 Best Tourist Places in Kodagu

Beautiful teakwood and sandalwood forests, foggy hills, and endless acres of tea and coffee farms can be found in Kodagu. Kodagu sometimes referred to as Coorg and nicknamed "The Scotland of India," is a picture-perfect landscape of dispersed towns and villages that maintains traditional beauty.

Tourist Places in Kodagu

Outdoor pursuits like trekking, fishing, and white-water rafting are perfect in Kodagu, and popular celebrations like Keil Poldu (the worship of weapons), Cauvery Shankaramana (the return of the river goddess), and the Huttari (harvest) festival are also held there. Here is the list of tourist places in Kodagu.

1. Tadiandamol Mountain :

Tourist Places in Kodagu

Tadiandamol, the second-highest mountain in Karnataka and the tallest peak in the Coorg area, is a hiker's dream. At the height of 1,748 meters, the grassy ground and gentle slopes entice you with their picturesque appeal and tranquil ambience.

The Padi Igguthappa Temple is a significant attraction to this area. The main god of the indigenous Kodavas is Igguthappa, who is worshipped in this region as the "Giver of Grain." It was built for the The Kodagu Ruler Chikka Veera Rajendra who needed a secure place to live because the British were after him. One of Tadiandamol's top tourist destinations is Nalaknad Palace, built in the late 1790s. Some of the activities for tourists are as follows:

i) Trekking:

One of Kodagu's most popular adventure activities is trekking from Nalaknad Palace to Tadiandamol Mountain. The Tadiandamol Trekking Trail is around 7 kilometres long, is rated "Easy," and can be finished in a single day. Since camping is prohibited on Tadiandamol, hikers must return before night. Trekkers will enjoy breathtaking views of the Shola forest range and its valleys. Tadiandamol is located 260 kilometres from Bengaluru and 43 kilometres from Madikeri.

The distance to Kannur International Airport is 90 kilometres. Twenty kilometres from Tadiandamol in the town of Napoklu, public transportation is accessible. The beginning site of the trek, Nalaknad Palace, may be reached from Napoklu by hiring a vehicle.

ii) Accommodations close to Tadiandamol:

The most incredible places to stay at the base of this location are Kings Cottage and Palace Estate, two well-known bed & breakfasts. Near Tadianamol is a luxury resort called The Tamara Coorg. There are more hotels and homestays in various areas of the Kodagu district.

2. Trek to Nishani Betta:

Tourist Places in Kodagu

Nishani Betta is a stunning peak close to Talakaveri. Amazing 360-degree views of the Brahmagiri hill range may be seen by climbing to this top. Other attractions are as follows:

i) Hike up the hill behind Talakaveri:

From the Talakaveri temple, climb the Brahmagiri hill by more than 400 steps for a sweeping view of evergreen trees. The mountain will be covered in white mist and clouds during the monsoon season or early morning hours, creating an excellent environment and scenery.

ii) Kunda Betta trek/sunset view:

Kunda Betta, a well-liked hiking spot 50 kilometres from Madikeri, offers breathtaking sunset views. Water rafting is a well-liked adventure sport to partake in, Dubare.

iii) Cauvery Nisargadhama:

Tourist Places in Kodagu

A stunningly beautiful riverine island cut by the Cauvery River, Nisargadhama is accessible by crossing a hanging bridge and is situated 2 km from Kushal Nagar. The expansive 64-acre island has been transformed into an eco-park, creating interest with its breathtaking natural beauty. Visit the deer park and orchidarium, take a boat trip, and there are many more things to see and do in this area.

iv) Dubare Elephant Camp :

Tourist Places in Kodagu

Dubare Elephant Camp is the ideal location if you enjoy spending time with elephants. The Dubare Elephant Camp, which used to serve as the Mysore Dasara elephants' training camp and is tucked between the Cauvery and the reserve forests, is a wildlife enthusiast's dream and a tourist destination.

The Camp, a distinctive eco-tourism destination established by Jungle Lodges & Resorts, strives to preserve and safeguard. Participate in camp activities like feeding and washing the elephants while seeing them in action and learning about their behaviours. An experienced naturalist is on hand to discuss the various facets of elephant biology, ecology, and history.

3. Nagarahole National Park

Tourist Places in Kodagu

National Park of Nagarahole, a 640 sq. km. wildlife sanctuary located midway between the Mysuru plateau in Karnataka and the Tamil Nadu Nilgiri Mountains. The sanctuary is home to several types of birds, flora, and wildlife, including giant carnivores, reptiles, gaurs, deer, bears, and smaller animals.

It also has the largest herd of Asiatic elephants in the world. In Karnataka, it is also a prominent tiger reserve and the focal point of Project Tiger and Project Elephant's conservation efforts. Some major attractions of this place are:

i) Wildlife:

Tourist Places in Kodagu

Since Nagarahole is a notable Tiger Reserve in Karnataka, it is a must-see national park for nature lovers and photographers. Bengal Tigers and Asiatic Elephants are highly likely to be seen on the jungle safari. Wild Dogs, Leopards, and Bears may all be found in great numbers at Nagarhole National Park.

Wild gaurs, wild boars, sambar deer, antelope, spotted deers, and other bird species are examples of herbivores that are frequently sighted. Teak and Rosewood trees are abundant in the Nagarahole National Park.

ii) Nagarahole Forest Safari:

Tourist Places in Kodagu

The Forest Department offers two wildlife safaris each day from 6 am to 8 am and 3 pm to 5 pm, beginning from the Veeranahosalli Gate and Nanchhi Gate, respectively. It is advised to reserve in advance because slots are frequently restricted.

Visit the official page at for additional details about the Nagarahole Forest Safari, including rates and contact details.

4. Abbey Falls:

Tourist Places in Kodagu

In the Kodagu area, Abbey Falls, also known as Abbi Falls, is a well-known waterfall. A stunning panorama is created as the river Kaveri plunges around 70 feet over broad rocks. Abbey Falls has a more extensive fall area than other waterfalls in Karnataka, which produces stunning vistas.

Abbey Falls is also famous and convenient to reach because of its proximity to Madikeri city. Abbey Falls is open from 9 am to 5 pm. The Abbey waterfalls may be seen from a height thanks to a hanging bridge. Bathing or swimming are prohibited in Abbey Falls. There is tiny parking available.

Abbey Falls is close to several prominent tourist destinations in the Kodagu region, including Talakaveri (50 km), Raja Seat (7 km), Dubare Elephant Camp (40 km), Golden Temple (38 km), and Kaveri Nisargadhama (31 km).

Abbey Falls is around 6 kilometres from the town of Madikeri, and Madikeri is 140 km from Mangaluru and 250 km from Bengaluru city. The closest airport to Madikeri is Kerala's Kannur International Airport (90 km from Madikeri). Excellent bus connections are available from Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Mangaluru to Madikeri. Once at Madikeri, tourists can rent cabs to tour the city's and Kodagu's attractions.

The Kodagu area and Madikeri town have many homestays, inexpensive hotels, and luxurious resorts.

5. Iruppu Falls

Tourist Places in Kodagu

The Iruppu Falls, surrounded by lush forests, are at their magnificent best during the monsoons. The spectacular falls, beginning in the tall Brahmagiri hills, plummet 170 feet in two distinct stages.

The Iruppu Rameshwara Temple, which attracts a massive crowd of worshippers yearly during the Shivaratri festival, is another prominent attraction here.

6. Harangi Dam:

Tourist Places in Kodagu

This Dam, a stunning reservoir in North Kodagu, is perfect for a romantic weekend. The first Dam to be constructed over the Cauvery River was the Harangi Dam. Harangi Dam is a well-liked destination for picnics, particularly after the rainy season.

7. Chelavara Falls:

Tourist Places in Kodagu

In the Kodagu area, there is a tall, milky waterfall named Chelavara. A stream of the river Kaveri formed the tranquil Chelavara Falls, which has a 150-foot fall over a rock that is claimed to have the shape of a tortoise. In Cheyyandane town, near Talakaveri-Virajapete road (State Highway 90), you can find Chelavara.

Chelavara Waterfalls should be explored at any time of day. However, Chelavara Falls is not suitable for bathing or swimming due to the water's depth of around 100 meters and the unpredictability of the rock profile at the bottom.

The beginning location for the Tadiandamol walk, Nalaknad Palace, is 13 kilometres distant. In addition to a trip to the Chelavara waterfalls, Bhagamandala (38 km), Talakaveri (45 km), and Madikeri city (37 km) are frequently explored.

How to go to Chelavara Waterfalls:

The distance between Bengaluru and Madikeri is 260 km and the distance to Kannur International Airport is 80 kilometres. The Chelavara waterfalls are 21 kilometres from Virajapete town, where public transportation is available. You may rent a cab or a jeep from Virajapete to get to Chelavara Falls.

Several house stays are available within a few kilometres of Chelavara Falls as a place to stay. The Tamara Coorg and Club Mahindra Virajapete are two opulent hotels located 12 kilometres from the waterfall. In several locations in the Kodagu area, there are more lodging possibilities.

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