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Tourist Places in Dandeli

If anyone wants to go to different places and experience many once-in-a-lifetime things, such as some nature walks, scenic flora and fauna, cultural bliss, and adventurous sports, then the tourist spots of Dandeli will be the perfect places for him. Dandeli, which is positioned in the northern part of Karnataka, offers an ideal combination of scenic nature walks, vibrant experiences, stand-out water adventurous sports, and mystic fauna and flora, and all of these indeed provide the ultimate peace of mind to anyone. The best part about this place is that one can get all the experiences mentioned above in one site, i.e., Dandeli. Dandeli is counted among the most visited tourist places in the Indian tourism sector, and it is also a perfect escape for all those who want to run free from mundane city life for some time. This place is only mere hours away from Goa and easy to reach, and this is one of the reasons that tourism is very much popular here. For the people who live in Southern India, this is a perfect weekend spot where they can come for a picnic, hiking, trekking, water sports, and many other things to enjoy their weekend with family or friends. This article describes some of the best tourist places of Dandeli in brief and talks about the speciality of these places.

1. Molangi Falls

Tourist Places in Dandeli

A beautiful picnic spot and an ideal place to swim out of the stress of hectic city life, Molangi Falls is one of the popular sightseeing sites in Dandeli. It is positioned in the midst of luxuriant and dense green tropical forests and is amongst the most refreshing sites to explore in Dandeli. Molangi Falls meet the enormous river Kali, and this is the location where rafting ends. It is a perfect spot for visitors to spend some real precious time with their loved ones to make their bond stronger with them.

2. Dandelappa Temple

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Positioned in Ganesh Gudi, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, Dandelappa Temple is amongst the most important attractions in the Dandeli, devoted to Dandelappa, as the name implies. This shrine is one of the oldest shrines in the town that attracts devotees and pilgrims throughout the year. Also, according to the people living in this town, it is deemed that if one worships God Dandelappa, his prayers are accepted, and desires get fulfilled with Lord Dandelappa's Love and blessings.

3. Shiroli Peak

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Shiroli Peak is a worth witnessing tourist attraction in the town and is concluded to be the highest peak in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. There are many things this place offers to its visitors, like trek routes, because of the location's altitude, and enable excursionists and sightseers to watch the striking view of sunsets. Last but not least, it allows travellers nationwide to witness and sink in the charm of the far-reaching Western Ghats. This is a perfect place to explore for nature admirers, photography lovers, and adventurous people, as it includes some of the exciting activities to do in the town.

Entry charges - No entry fee

Best time for travelling to Dandeli - Throughout the year

Opening hours - 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

4. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is another worth-watching location in the town and glorious enough to provide a home to a surprising range of fauna and flora. Numerous resorts and camps are opened inside the sanctuary; the place has begun attracting a large number of vacationers and nature admirers throughout the year. A tour to Dandeli is considered incomplete without visiting this sanctuary. Visitors can enjoy various activities inside the sanctuary like safari tours, mountain biking, cycling, eco-tourism, trekking, and coracle boat rides.

Entry charges - Indian Adults - INR 200, kids below five years - No charges, Children between 5-12 years - 50% on tariff, INR 100 for foreign adults, INR 500 per person for trekking and rafting guide.

Best time for travelling to the sanctuary - Between September and May

Opening hours - 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

5. River Kali

Tourist Places in Dandeli

The mighty Kali River attracts a large number of adventurous travellers throughout the year as this place offers many types of adventure sports and activities, including Kayaking, canoeing, and white-water rafting. No big deal for a tropical zone, but river rafting does not at all loses its glamour. This is the reason why River Kali is amongst the most promising places to explore in Dandeli and to stronger one's bond with nature.

Entry fee - varies with the seasonal rush

Tips during the visit - Wear comfortable outfits and walking shoes

6. Sykes Point

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Located in Ambikanagar - Bommanalli Rd, Lalguli, Karnataka, Sykes Point is a lavish and fascinating attraction offered by Dandeli to its visitors. Placed on the top of one of the most alluring hill stations in the state, Sykes Point is known for its captivating and enthralling scenes of the silently flowing Kali River. Also, this is an ideal spot for bird-watching. Witness the breathtaking sunsets from the hillock and luxurious green dense valleys, and sink in the calmness of this atypical yet beautiful destination.

Entry charges - No entry fee

Best time for visiting Sykes Point - Between October and February

Visiting hours - 5:00 am to 7:00 pm

7. Shivaji Fort

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Shivaji Fort is an unblemished place for trek enthusiasts and heritage lovers. Located in Haliyal Taluk, Uttara Kannada, this is another preferred attraction in the town to visit. It is deemed to be once erected by the Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Maratha Head back in his times. The fort boldly possesses ingenious warring techniques and plannings executed by the soldiers to achieve victory in the ongoing war and safeguard the fort from rivals and enemies.

8. Sri Mallikarjuna Temple

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Erected before the Shivaji Fort, Sri Mallikarjuna Temple, is another most important and age-old place in the town. It is located in GaneshGudi, Uttara Kannada. The distance of the place from the city's centre is 20 kilometres. Various pilgrims visit this place throughout the year to witness the incomparable architecture of the shrine. This great Dandeli sightseeing site always leaves viewers in awe.

Nearby spots - Supa Dam, Dandelappa Temple, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

9. Kodasalli Backwaters

Tourist Places in Dandeli

The Kodasalli Dam is considered a tranquil and serene getaway and is listed among the top spot to travel in Dandeli. Placed at a distance of 23 km from Dandeli, the dam is built over the river Kali. The blubbery Sathodi Waterfalls support the water pool. There is a tremendous outlet for setting up camp and trekking along the backwaters. One can enjoy the astonishing scenes of the surrounding lake and the woodlands. Visitors can get some awesome pictures clicked in the delightful and hazy environment.

Entry charges - None

Ideal time to explore the location - 2-3 hours

10. Disney Park

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Disney Park is the best place for a person on a family trip and travelling with children in Dandeli. Kids are surely going to love this place where they will get to enjoy playing with Disney's characters. It is positioned in the lush green teak woodlands in Dandeli and is situated in the town.

Entry fee - INR 20

Opening hours - 9 am to 6 pm, (Monday to Sunday)

11. Magod Falls

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Positioned over the Bedti river, which flows in the Magod Village of North Karnataka, the Magod Falls cascades from a height of about 200m at a distance of 81km from Dandeli. The water flowing down into two steps refreshes every stressed mind with its charismatic and beauteous scenes. Children love the calm ambience of the location, and this is the reason why this is another perfect picnic spot for families and vacationers. Also, it is a trekking paradise for adventurous travellers.

Nearby attractions - Kavadi Kere, Jenukallu Gudda

Best time for visiting the falls - Between October and January

12. Anshi National Park

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Anshi National Park is another tourist attraction in Dandeli, which is extremely opulent in flora and fauna at a distance of 55 km from Dandeli, located in the Uttara Kannada district. Wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts find this place a sparking attraction to explore. While touring Dandeli, take your children for a safari ride in the national park, which is home to many endangered species such as in animals, Mouse deer, and Indian Bison, in reptiles, rat snake, python, and king cobra, and in birds, Yellow-footed pigeon, and Malabar hornbills. In Asia, it is considered that this is the only place where a black panther can be seen in its natural habitat.

Nearby attractions - Mahamuni caves, Kara Valley, Rudrakshi Mandap, Devbagh Beach, Ulavi Channabasaveshwara

Opening hours - 6:00 am to 8:30 am and 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm (Monday to Sunday)

Best time for visiting the National Park - Between November and June

Entry fee - Indian adults per head INR 200, foreigner adults per head INR 1000, 50% off on tariffs for kids, Trek guide usually costs INR 500 per head

13. Syntheri Rocks

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Positioned nearby to the Ulavi Temple, Syntheri Rocks get to be a must-visit for all the worshippers who visit the temple at first. This place is a granite structure drawing attraction from visitors throughout the country to see this simply sophisticated abode of various bird species, particularly pigeons. Located in Gund, Karnataka, at a distance of 35 km from Dandeli, it is an appealing place for witnessing the huge impressive rocks made of granite. Visitors can easily reach the Syntheri Rocks either by hiring a jeep or walking down around 200 steps from Ulavi Temple.

Opening hours - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

14. Sathodi Falls

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Located in Balagar, Karnataka, at a distance of 34 km from Dandeli, Sathodi Falls is another best destination to explore near the town. The fresh mountain breeze and the bird's-eye scene of the water flowing down from a great height make this waterfall an ultimate attraction for travellers who want to experience a restful and soulful breakout from hectic city life. A one-day picnic at the astounding Sathodi falls disappears the melancholy of the daily grind.

Entry fee - INR 5

Best time for visiting the Sathoda falls - Between July and November

Tips during the visit - Carry food and water along and be careful of leeches

15. Kavala Caves

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Located in Lalguli, Karnataka, 25 km away from Dandeli, Kavala Caves is a surreal yet important spot to explore near the town. Visitors go down 375 steps to witness the aged Shivlinga formed by some volcanic activities inside the extrinsic Kavala Caves, and the Kali River enters the caves from 40 feet down. Pilgrims throughout the nation visit these places, particularly on occasions like Shivratri. Kavala Caves offers photographers and nature enthusiasts a striking view of the phenomenal creation of nature.

Entry charges - INR 10

Opening hours - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

16. Ulavi Temple

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Ulavi Temple attracts a large number of devotees every year and is one of the best spiritual attractions in the town. Placed in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, 35 km from the bus stand, this shrine is covered up by forests on every side. While the woods offer visitors an ideal place for a safari, with many tigers, elephants, cheetahs, and cobras, the shrine itself holds a special place. The shrine has been built in Chalukya style and is said to be the samadhi place of a Lingayat Saint, Channabasveshara, in the 12th century.

Additionally, the caves and natural geographical attributes such as stalactites are worth witnessing.

Entry charges - N/A

Opening hours - 8 am to 6 pm

17. Kulgi Nature Camp

Tourist Places in Dandeli

The location of Kulgi Nature Camp is Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, 12 km from the bus stand, and is a perfect spot for nature admirers. One can enjoy water sports in the nature camp or simply do one of the popular activities such as jungle trekking, rafting, safari, and rock climbing. The camp is enveloped by unblemished environs and possesses a lot in terms of dwelling place. There are tents, dormitories, and cottages for guests, and they also provide a close-up view of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Entry fee - Between INR 5000 - 9600

Opening hours - 6 am to 6 pm

18. Supa Dam

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Positioned in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, 25 km from the Dandeli bus stand, Supa Dam is constructed on the Kali River and is known for its hydroelectricity plant. The elevation offers visitors to enjoy the panoramic scenes of the river as well as the town. The dam is crucial for farmers as it provides an adequate amount of water for crop irrigation. The area around the dam is blanketed with woods, and the edges are an ideal place for picnics. Also, one can go boating or just witness the blubbery river.

Entry charges - No entry fee

Best time for visiting the dam - Between June and December

19. Mini Tibet

Tourist Places in Dandeli

As the name implies, Mini Tibet fittingly makes one feel like Tibet. Located in Mundgod, Uttara Kannada, 80 km from Dandeli, this is a known place to explore the town. Erected in 1996, Mini Tibet undoubtedly displays the ambitious Tibetan culture of the refugees and somewhat mirrors their deliberation. One should surely explore the Tibetan Monastery while travelling in Dandeli as it is considered one of the most beautiful attractions to visit in the town.

20. Kavadi Kere

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Situated in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka, 60 km from Dandeli, Kavadi Kere is on the way to Magod Falls and is an alluring tourist attraction amongst locations around the town. The picturesque charm of the lakes in Kavadi Kere makes one feel a picture coming to actuality. The reflections of the hills and the sky showcased by the clear waters are matchless. There is a shrine of Goddess Durgadevi placed lakeside, witnessed by numeric pilgrims.

21. Sri Tulaja Bhavani Temple

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Located in Haliyal Taluk, this beautiful shrine is dedicated to the female deity Bhavani, who is deemed to be an incarnated form of the female deity Parvati. Sri Tulaja Bhavani Temple is quite famous among denizens. The shrine features a peculiar stone-carved idol of the female deity, and the spiritual aura of the place is genuinely admirable.

Entry fee - No entry charges

Opening hours - 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

22. Jenukallu Gudda Sunset Point

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Located in Magod, Karnataka, Jenukallu Gudda Sunset Point is another gratifying site to explore in Dandeli that offers a perfect getaway to nature admirers. The sunset point features tempting scenes of sunrise and sunset, and the unblemished charm of the surrounding aura is truly hypnotic. One should not forget to pack snacks before heading to this beautiful destination, as they won't find anything to eat at this place.

Entry fee - No entry charges

Timings - NA

23. Dandakaranya Park

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Located on Main Road, Nearby the Dandeli bus stand, Dandakaranya Park was once an eco-park, and today it is more of a theme park. This place was erected to stop the invasion of forest land. Park has statues of many Hollywood actors and fictional characters. Statues of The Transformers, Charlie Chaplin, and many characters of the Avengers are kept in the park. Also, statues of Chhota Bheem and Motu Patlu are there to amuse the children. The best time for visiting the location is between November and March.

Entry fee - No entry fee

Opening hours - Between 9:30 and 6:30 pm

24. Moulangi Eco Park

Tourist Places in Dandeli

Situated in Moulangi, Dandeli, this is amongst Dandeli's best tourist attractions to explore during the summers. It is a must-visit destination in the town, with beautiful bamboo trees and numerous camping spots. Visitors can enjoy various activities here, including rock climbing and trekking in the jungle. The site is quite captivating and provides one an opportunity to see nature up close. One must explore this wonderful location if one wants to have a gratifying and rewarding family getaway.

Entry fee - No entry charges

Opening hours - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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