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43 Best Tourist Places in North Goa

North Goa is where the Goan party culture is most widespread. North Goa is the hub for enjoyment, with the most international tourists, fantastic concerts, crazy dance clubs, authentic restaurants and shacks, hippy marketplaces, and relaxing yoga classes.

Tourist Places in North Goa

More than 11 different beaches connect North Goa's more than 30 kilometres of shoreline, which draws many tourists from across the globe. North Goa, which begins at the Terekhol River, is home to some of the finest beaches, including Vagator, Anjuna, Calangute, and Baga Beaches, as well as several impressive landmarks, including Querim Beach, Arambol Beach, Chapora Fort, and Mapusa.

Compared to South Goa, this neighbourhood has a stronger tourism focus and attracts more international visitors. Similar to other regions of Goa, Konkani is the primary language used, followed by Marathi. The vast majority of the population is skilled in Hindi and English because of the increasing tourism. Some popular places in North Goa are referred to here.

1. Vagator Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

The year-round isolation of the crescent-shaped beach that is famous for Sunburn. One of the most delicate things to do in North Goa is the crushed rocks that surround the shore.

In Vietnam, there are many traditional celebrations. There are two portions of the beach, one of which features a flea market and several food shacks. Vagator Beach is notable for its striking red rocks, exciting and the most well-liked beach.

  • Location: Goa's Vagator
  • Time: 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Famous for: sunsets and cliff jump

2. Anjuna Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

The beach is Palm Shaded. It is situated between the Aravalli hills and is one of North Goa's best beaches. It is renowned for its spectacular perspective and the Wednesday flea market. Recently, the little village of Anjuna in North Goa has drawn interest for its villas and homestays.

Keep close to the shore and enjoy this beach's breathtaking sunsets. Anjuna Beach is one of the most sensitive places to go in North Goa. If visitors wish to attend the regular trance parties held on the beach, it is one of the most significant spots to go in North Goa at night. On the beach, there are several shacks and pubs where visitors may eat and drink.

  • Location: Goa's Anjuna
  • Time: 12 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Known for: Nightlife, trance music, cafes, and parties

3. Calangute Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

Calangute Beach is gorgeous, and many tourists regard it as the "queen of beaches." Shopaholics on the main road alongside the beach, great stores of beautiful handicrafts from Indonesia, Tibet, and Kashmir stack up. Visitors may stay cool by taking a beach dip or drinking beverages in the shacks. During your Goa vacation, spend some leisure time on the beach.

  • Location: Goa's Calangute
  • Time: 12 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Famous for: Water sports are well-known.

4. Sinquerim Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

This sandy beach is one of the top North Goa tourist attractions. It is a favourite of adventure seekers because it provides the best chance to experience Goa's water sports, including scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, and more.

Visitors may discover the historic forts the Portuguese erected to protect themselves from any attack by sea route, in addition to visiting the beach and participating in thrilling water sports.

  • Location: Sinquerium in Candolim, Goa
  • Famous for: Water sports are well-known.

5. Candolim Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

The most popular North Goa beaches are all ranked Candolim Beach. There are no stores, eateries, or other forms of the store. It features a pacific sea and a tranquil and lovely beach; the main draw is the back sands covered with bushes. And is one of the most important places to see in North Goa.

There is no more good location for couples than Candolim Beach if they are on their honeymoon. It provides a tranquil setting and beach activities, including water sports, meditation and fitness centres, and spa stores.

  • Location: Candolim Beach Road in Candolim, Goa
  • Time: 24-hour period
  • Known For: Sunburn Music Dance Festival

6. Arambol Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

This beach with the hills is isolated and delightful for lovers to have their ideal evening if you're exploring things to visit in North Goa. This beach's beauty and serenity place it among the greatest in North Goa.

Arambol Beach is a rocky, sandy beach with a gorgeous, trendy atmosphere. This beach needs to be on visitor agenda if they want to see Goa in its hippy phase. One of the most excellent sites in north Goa to see in two days is here.

  • Location: Goa's Arambol
  • Time: 24-hour period
  • Popular for: Hiking

7. Mandrem Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

Mandrem Beach is the most excellent beach in North Goa if you're searching for a destination with amazing views. Goa's undiscovered beach is less crowded and ideal for a campfire gathering with friends. Mandrem is a beach with white sand and crystal-clear water where you may locate local fishermen.

The best time to visit this location is during high tide since that is when its splendour is at its most stunning. This beach, one of the places in north Goa where couples should go, is between Ashvem and Arambol beaches.

  • Address: Mandrem, Goa
  • Time: Hours are 8:30 to 10:00 pm.
  • Famous for: stone carvers and Goan feni.

8. Fort Aguada

Tourist Places in North Goa

It is one of the top tourist attractions in North Goa and the fort that is visited the most out of all the Goa structures. Fort Aguada, formerly a Portuguese residence, is now a prison. While visiting, be sure to take in perspective from the lighthouse.

Fort Aguada, one of the most valuable and significant forts built by the Portuguese, is so big that it spans the whole peninsula at the southern point of Bardez. Another reason to go here is to see the beautiful views of the Arabian Sea. It is one of the best locations in North Goa to visit in the rainy season. It is a popular location in North Goa in addition to the beaches.

  • Place: Fort Aguada Road, Aguada Fort Area, Candolim, Goa
  • Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Known for: sightseeing.

9. Church Of Mae De Deus

Tourist Places in North Goa>

The Church is one of the well-known tourist destinations in North Goa, and its magnificent Gothic design will fascinate visitors. This 1873-built Church seems like it belongs in a fairy tale. The Church's surroundings, in addition to its architecture, are stunning.

It is one of the most popular family holiday spots in North Goa. It would be best for visitors to see this Church at night when it is wonderfully lighted. The Church is among the nicest in North Goa to visit.

  • Location: The address is Chogm Rd in Saligao, Goa.
  • Time: 9 am to 12.30 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm.
  • Known For: sightseeing and religion

10. Temple Of Bogdeshwara

Tourist Places in North Goa

The Temple of Bogdeshwara, one of North Goa's most significant temples and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, is a masterwork in and of itself. Thousands of people come to this monument, which is hidden away behind greenery, to have their prayers heard.

Every year, in December or January, the temple hosts a fair known as "Zatra." Attending Lord's ceremonies and achieving peace and tranquillity at the temple can take several hours. In North Goa, this is among the most excellent locations.

  • Location: The address is Calangute, Mapusa Rd, Mapusa, Goa.
  • Popular for: Religion

11. Chapora Fort

Tourist Places in North Goa

Chapora Fort, another masterpiece of Portuguese construction, is a must-see destination in North Goa and is a well-known tourist destination in the region. The Portuguese thought they ruled there for more than 150 years, but today, all that is left are the ruins.

The beautiful views of Anjuna and Vagator Beaches at this position make it worthwhile to visit. It is a fantastic place to take pictures and spend some quality time. Additionally, there are two tunnels which the Portuguese built as an emergency exit.

  • Location: The address is Chapora Fort Road in North Goa.
  • Timings: Always open.
  • Known For: Sightseeing.

12. Casino Palm

Tourist Places in North Goa

It is one of the most well-known casinos in Goa that allows guests to try their luck. It is situated in North Goa, close to the Calangute seashore. Enjoy playing games like roulette and other electronic ones at a casino that will transport guests to Las Vegas. The casino also features a stylish bar and comfortable lounges where guests can enjoy the nightlife. The locations provide the top activities in North Goa.

  • Location: The address No. 7/129-B, Saunta Vadoo, Calangute-Baga Road in Bardez, Baga, Goa
  • Timings: Always open.
  • Known for: nightlife and gambling
  • Entry fee: 1000 rupees

13. MV Caravela

Tourist Places in North Goa

The first-of-its-kind floating casino in Goa combines two fantastic things: gaming and cruising. Goa has a beautiful location for the first offshore casino from Mandovi Beach. While enjoying a delicious meal and an evening cruise, sail around the seas.

  • Location: Dayanand Bandodkar Road, RND Jetty, Noah's Ark, Panaji, Goa
  • Time: 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.
  • Known For: The Casino

14. Casino Pride

Tourist Places in North Goa

Casino Pride is the best location for individuals who appreciate gaming and nightlife. It is a casino near Mandovi beach, which is always filled with a crowd, and There are several options for spending someone's money, offering the most outstanding gaming in India. It's possible to enjoy yourself on the trip even if you're not a gamer. The tastiest cuisines are available for eaters to eat there.

  • Location: Captain Of Ports Jetty, River Mandovi, Panaji, Goa
  • Timings: Always open.
  • Recognized For: nightlife

15. Anjuna Market

Tourist Places in North Goa

Anjuna Market shopping will be enjoyable if visitors enjoy flea markets. Get all the stylish hippie items visitors can think of, including clothing, accessories, totes, jewellery, and trinkets.

The market is held every Wednesday, and it is impossible to miss buying the beachwear there; they are inexpensive and excellent. The location is renowned for providing Goa's most significant shopping experience.

  • Location: Goa's Anjuna
  • Time: Wednesday hours
  • Well-known for: street shopping

16. Bicholim

Tourist Places in North Goa

The main area of pottery is located at Bicholim Market. Select some handmade items and engage with the potters directly. There are almost 150 stores in the market. It is another one of the street markets where you may purchase goods made locally, such as clothing, ceramics, jewellery, fresh food, and other items.

  • Location: Goa, Bicholim
  • Famous for: the pottery market

17. Club Cabana

Tourist Places in North Goa

Club Cabana, which sited on the top of Arpora Hill, is where you go to get crazy and party all night long. This location has gained popularity among tourists because of its open, expansive terraces and swimming pool available 24/7.

Dance to the finest music that fantastic DJs have selected just for you. The most significant part is that this location organizes Ladies' Night on Wednesdays, giving women free admission and unlimited refreshments.

  • Place: Arpora Hill, Arpora, India
  • Time: 9:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.
  • Recognized for: Nightlife

18. Aguada Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

While Fort Aguada is renowned for its beautiful views of Aguada beach, it also draws tourists with its pure surroundings and historical castle background. This place is among the top tourist attractions in North Goa for great sightseeing.

The beach is well-known among newlyweds. Make a trip to the neighbouring lighthouse. From a distance, it provides some stunning views of the beach. Try and visit this place and take in the splendour.

  • Location: Goa's Aguada-Siolim Road
  • Timings: Always open.
  • Famous for: lighthouse, relaxing

19. Baga Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

Baga Beach is the hub of Goa's major attractions for a fantastic North Goa tourism experience. The footprints on the white sand are being washed away by massive white waves as the breeze continues to play with the palm trees.

Banana boat rides, parasailing, and sunbathing are some of the most popular activities at this beach. The months of November through March are the ideal times to travel.

  • Location: The Baga beach is within a 15-minute drive from Mapusa and 30 minutes from Panaji by vehicle.
  • Timings: Always open.
  • Known for: Cafes and nightlife

20. Bom Jesus Basilica

Tourist Places in North Goa

One of the most popular tourist destinations in North Goa is the famous Bom Jesus Basilica. It is one of Goa's grandest aspects, with Baroque architecture and exquisite artistry made of basalt decorations.

St. Francis Xavier's bones are housed at the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is why it is so well known. All around the Roman Catholic world, the Church enjoys excellent fame.

  • Location: Goa's Bainguinim, Old Goa Road
  • Times: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Famous for: Sightseeing and religion.

21. Chorao Island

Tourist Places in North Goa

As its Sanskrit name, "Stunning Precious Stone," reflects, Chorao Island is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in North Goa. From a little town of Portuguese noblemen, this Island has developed into a charming area with a few churches and old mansions. Being Goa's largest Island, Chorao Island outsells 16 other islands in terms of drawing tourists.

  • Location: 3 kilometres from Panaji
  • Time: Are always open
  • Famous For: relaxation and enjoying
  • Price: 10 INR

22. Grand Island

Tourist Places in North Goa

It is one of Goa's most unique yet exciting tourist destinations. It provides an excellent experience for water sport enthusiasts since it is connected to the best Scuba Diving locations.

Shelter Cove, Suzy's Wreck, and Bounty Bay are a few places close to where visitors may go scuba diving. Visit this Island in Goa for a day's journey if you want to go snorkelling.

  • Known for: adventure, scuba diving, and surfing

23. Club LPK

Tourist Places in North Goa

In North Goa, there is a nightclub called LPK. Those who want to dance all night can do so in this well-liked place with a sizable dance floor. A great atmosphere and pleasant audience are both present. LPK is unquestionably one of the top clubs in Goa if you're searching for a good time.

  • Time: 24-hour period
  • Known for: Nightlife

24. Morjim Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

Morjim Beach, also known as Little Russia Beach in Goa, is one of the top tourist destinations in North Goa. A calm area in North Goa is Morjim town, sometimes known as Little Russia, because of the Russian immigrants who settled there.

The beach is a beautiful location to relax. The beach also serves as a breeding and hatching site for one of the world's most facing extinction turtle species, the Olive Ridley sea turtle.

  • Location: Morjim, Goa
  • Time: 24-hour period
  • Well-known for: Surfing

25. Querim Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

Querim Beach, one of North Goa's top tourist destinations, is a unique beach situated a few kilometres north of the region. It is one of Goa's most spotless locations, and the beach is tranquil and unexplored by the majority of tourists.

It is advised to bring your food because there aren't many food shacks in this area. However, there is a drink store just before reaching the shore. On this beach, take in a gorgeous sunset.

  • Location: Located in Arambol, Goa, close to Terekol Fort
  • Time: 24-hour period
  • Known For: Relaxing

26. Coco Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

One of Panjim's most popular tourist destinations is Coco Beach, charmingly bordered by palm trees and where visitors can take in nature's breathtaking sights. In addition to the fantastic water activities, boating is another activity that you can enjoy at this beach.

It is one of the must-see locations in North Goa since one may go scuba diving and discover the world under the ocean's surface or enjoy the excitement of water skiing and paragliding.

  • Location: Nerul in Goa
  • Time: 24-hour period
  • Known for: Water sports

27. Vainguinim Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

Vainguinim Beach is a beautiful place to visit and is well-known for its silver sand beach. With its emerald-blue sea and fascinating marine life, this beach is undoubtedly a pleasure for visitors. The beach is one of the must-see locations in North Goa and includes various trees, home to multiple bird species.

  • Location: Panjim, Goa, 7 kilometres south of Panaji Center
  • Time: 24 hours
  • Known for: Less crowded beach, charming setting, and bizarre sunsets

28. Mangueshi Temple

Tourist Places in North Goa

Mangueshi Temple, one of Goa's most significant and busiest temples, has an unquestionable splendour that enchants worshipers even from a distance. The Goan architectural style sits in this area, keeping up with the flow of time. An eye-catching Deepastambha, an unusual 7-story octagonal light tower painted white with golden arches, attracts attention.

  • Location: 22 kilometres from Panaji, Goa
  • Time: Hours are 6 am to 10 pm.
  • Known for: Religion

29. Miramar Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

The Miramar beach, one of Panjim's must-see sights, is where this beach is well-known for having a variety of lovely palm trees. This beach is a fantastic site to enter into a soothing atmosphere because it is located near the point where the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea meet. Jet skiing, water skiing, water gliding, and other adventure sports are available here to enjoy to improve the place's attractiveness.

  • Location: Near Dayanand Bandodkar Marg, 3 km from Panaji Center,
  • Continuity: 24 hours
  • Known for: water sports and fishing

30. Siridao Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

One of the most captivating sites in Panjim is this North Goa beach, sometimes referred to as the Shiridon. The "Shell Collectors Beach" is a well-known area of sandstones at the entrance of the Zuari River.

Many oysters and pearl shells are available, along with the rarest shells. There are also several strange tunnels. A "Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth" built on a hilltop further increases the splendour and attraction of Siridao Beach.

  • Location: Siridao, Goa, next to the Zuari Estuary
  • Time: 24 hours
  • Known For: Pearl shells

31. Goa State Museum

Tourist Places in North Goa

Many treasures and an extensive collection of artefacts are kept in the Goa State Museum. This trend of all Goa's museums analyses Goa's war for independence and things related to religious expression, the state's printing history, lottery printing, cultural studies, modern and Christian art, furniture, and sculptures. These screenings feature brief movies highlighting different Goan cultural, anthropological, and historical topics.

  • Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road in Panaji, Goa
  • Time: 10 am to 6 pm are the hours.
  • Renowned For: heritage and history

32. Butterfly Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

Millions of butterflies may be seen soaring over the hilltop at Butterfly Beach, which is its most fantastic characteristic. The golden shores and blue ocean create a picture-perfect setting with palm trees and crowds of butterflies.

This magnificent beach is well renowned for being a place to see some dancing dolphins, crabs, and goldfish. Visitors will have a fantastic opportunity to witness the most beautiful and magical sunset visitors will ever see from here at Butterfly Beach.

  • Location: Butterfly Beach is in Goa, south of Vasco City.
  • Time: Hours are 6 am to 10 pm.
  • Well-known for Goldfish

33. Dona Paula Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

One of North Goa's most spectacular locations is Dona Paula Beach. This old village offers gorgeous locations and plenty of opportunities for sunbathing while resting on the peaceful beaches beside each other clear blue seas.

Tourists choose to travel to this location to experience water activities like parasailing and kayaking, in addition to the excitement of beaches like Dias Beach and Dona Paula Beach. Additionally, the retail centres are active and have sparkling names for restaurants and bars to draw customers.

  • Location: 6 kilometres from Panaji city
  • Time: Hours are 6 am to 10 pm.
  • Known For: Sightseeing

34. Titos

Tourist Places in North Goa

One of the most significant spots to visit in North Goa for people who want to experience the original and crazy nightlife of Goa is Titos. Many people go to Titos, one of the attractions in North Goa, to take in the city's brightly illuminated nights.

Visitors won't miss out on any enjoyment because there are many sectors. Titos, the nightclub, is the place to go whether you want to dance to all the Bollywood tunes, sing along to the classics, or engage in some beautiful food.

  • Location: Baga, Goa
  • Recognized for: Nightlife
  • Hours: 6 pm to 3 am.

35. Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

Tourist Places in North Goa

The region of North Goa is not just for partygoers. It is also a popular destination for individuals who cannot get enough of church architecture or the peace and beauty it conveys. One such wonderful place of worship in Goa is the Church of Our Lady Immaculate Conception.

This Church is as magnificent as it gets, featuring a stunning combination of traditional white Baroque architecture and Portuguese design with a touch of Goa here and there. The zigzag staircase, the sizable bell, and the fascinating sculptures provide spectators and tourists with an outstanding experience.

  • Location: Panaji, Goa
  • Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, and 3 pm to 5:30 pm.
  • Recognized for: Architecture

36. Grande Island

Tourist Places in North Goa

The Grande Island is yet another must-see attraction in North Goa. This Island captures the hearts of many with its swinging palm trees, incredible marine life encounters, and breathtaking sunsets.

Along with its extensive length of white beaches, this Island is recognized for offering thrilling water sports, including snorkelling, sea walking, swimming, scuba diving, and many more. It is one of the best places for anyone who wants to view beautiful underwater life.

  • Location: North Goa's Anjuna Beach
  • Hours: Constantly open
  • renowned for: waterfalls and dolphin spotting

37. Reis Magos Fort

Tourist Places in North Goa

Reis Magos Fort is one of North Goa's most unusual and undiscovered tourist attractions. The hilltop fort has a lengthy history and is located there, and it has been a home for Portuguese rulers and other notable people for four centuries.

The fort has a rich history and is gradually becoming a significant centre of culture in North Goa.

  • Location: Bardez, Goa is the place.
  • Time: From 9:30 am till 5:00 pm
  • Known for: The hilltop sights are well-known.
  • Entry cost: 50 INR

38. Chapel of St. Catherine

Tourist Places in North Goa

The Church has a Renaissance-influenced architectural aesthetic. It's an antique structure that Portuguese commander Afonso de Albuquerque ordered the construction of a historic system back in 1510.

This location is among the greatest in North Goa because of its wealth of character and rich history. The structure's iconic atmosphere has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Location: North Goa, in Goa
  • Hours: 6 am to 6 pm.
  • Popularity: Historical importance

39. Ashvem Beach

Tourist Places in North Goa

As one of North Goa's most beautiful locations and a short distance from Morjim Beach, Ashvem Beach is a fantastic destination for photographers and those looking for quiet. If you want to photograph Goa's pure beauty during sunset and sunrise, consider visiting at night or morning.

  • Location: North Goa, Goa
  • Timings: All day long
  • Known for: Perfect beauty

40. Mahalakshmi Temple

Tourist Places in North Goa

The Mahalakshmi Temple is an architectural beauty. This ancient temple in North Goa features a black stone Lakshmi idol and is designed with a pillared hall and a silver arched entryway. The temple goes back to the 15th century. The temple combines twenty-four wooden panels depicting events from the Bhagavata Purana.

  • Place: Bandivade
  • Hours: every day from 6:30 am until 8:30 pm

41. Shri Shantadurga Temple

Tourist Places in North Goa

One of Goa's most outstanding temple complexes is Shri Shantadurga Temple. The Gaud Saraswat Brahmins' favourite deity, Goddess Durga, is honoured by the dedication, and Vishnu and Shiva are connected via the help of the goddess Shantadurga. The temple's centrepiece is a gilded palki (palanquin) on which the god is wheeled during the Mahapanchami festival.

42. Corjuem Fort

Tourist Places in North Goa

In Goa's Aldona village, next to the River Mapusa, lies the inland fort known as Corjuem Fort; it was erected in 1705 by the Portuguese. One of Goa's most compact forts is known locally as Khojuem Fort.

Despite being a relatively undiscovered location, it has recently become more significant due to the expansive views it provides. It is also one of only two forts that, despite being encircled by Portuguese and Mughal emperors, is still standing and mostly undamaged.

According to history, the fort has seen many conflicts and has protected the town of Corjuem from several attacks. Despite being in ruins, it is nevertheless lovely in its current form and narrates the tales of a bygone period.

43. Houses of Goa Museum

Tourist Places in North Goa

In the Houses of Goa Museum, maybe find A beautiful collection of houses from Goa's Colonial era. An outstanding representation of a ship-like structure is the museum itself.

The museum, which Gerard de Cunha planned and built, has furnishings, things for the home, window and door frames, railings, ceramic tiles, and other remnants of the Goan way of life during the period when Portuguese architecture was famous.

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