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Tourist Places in Cochin

Cochin is also referred to as Kerala's largest city. It is located on India's southwest coast. It is a well-liked tourist destination with beautiful harbours and energetic city life. It is a significant location for watching Kathakali and Kalarippayattu dances. There are many tourist destinations in Cochin; some of them are described below.

1. Lulu Shopping Mall

Tourist Places in Cochin

The Lulu Shopping Mall is one of the biggest malls in India. A 17-acre mall featuring food courts, 215 restaurants, a multiplex, a bowling alley, entertainment areas, money exchange offices, a 5D movie theatre, and arcade games. This mall is located in Edapally, Cochin. The largest central atrium with a transparent glass roof is available in Lulu mall. The mall makes an Asia book of records in an effort to show support for Indian soldiers. To convey the message "Lulu salutes our soldiers," 5509 staff illuminated Deepavali bulbs within the mall.

2. Fort Kochi

Tourist Places in Cochin

The beach town Fort Kochi is located in Main Cochin's southwest. This town is famous for its old-world colonial beauty. Throughout the year, tourists swarm here to get a sight of how Dutch colonialism or Portuguese affected different regions of our nation. Many European-style buildings are dotted across this charming city. The Fort Kochi beach is absolutely beautiful at sunset, with many shades of scarlet and vermilion.

Places to visit in Fort Kochi are Fort Kochi Beach, Kashi Art Cafe, Chinese Fishing Nets, Kerala Kathakali Centre, St Francis Church Kochi, and Mattancherry Palace.

3. Kerala Kathakali Centre

Tourist Places in Cochin

Kerala Kathakali Center was established in 1990, and it aims to popularise Keralan traditional art, find fresh talent, and train current performers with rigorous discipline and devotion. A combination of literature, art, music, dancing, and acting is called kathakali. These all five forms combine to create this lovely dancing style, performed with command and grace. If you are willing to study this dance form directly from the professionals, go to this spot in Cochin. It also offers courses in Kalaripayattu, flute, classical music, tabla, madalam, violin, veena, sitar, and the drums.

4. Mattancherry Palace

Tourist Places in Cochin

It is commonly referred to as the Dutch Palace. This quadrangular palace was constructed in the traditional Nalukettu architecture of Kerala. The palace's flooring is stunning because it looks like polished black marble, but it has been produced in the conventional Keralan manner by utilising charcoal, burned coconut shells, lime, egg white, and other materials to give a long-lasting finish.

The Mattancherry palace has several murals depicting scenes from Krishnan Lila, the Ramayana, and various gods and goddesses in various poses. Several of the prominent murals include Lakshmi sitting on a lotus, Rama being crowned, sleeping Vishnu, Shiva and Parvati sitting beside Ardhanariswara, and Krishna raising Mount Govardhana. The royal family's firearms, swings, royal umbrellas, silver embroidered dresses, royal swords, floral-patterned royal palanquins, and royal family furnishings all are exhibited here.

5. Cherai Beach

Tourist Places in Cochin

This lovely beach is neatly tucked away in Cherai's suburbs. This is a popular beach because of its calm atmosphere and cleanliness. It is an excellent beach for swimming and other water sports due to the low tides and soothing waves. There is a lovely promenade along the beach lined with greenery with seating areas. Elderly visitors are frequently observed practising yoga, engaging in meditation, or taking leisurely strolls in the early morning or late evening to enjoy the beauty of nature along the Arabian Sea, where the Periyar River confluences. The beach is flanked by many luxurious villas and beach hotels that create a picture-postcard backdrop.

6. Wonderla Amusement Park

Tourist Places in Cochin

This is one of Cochin's biggest theme parks. This amusement park offers a variety of exciting rides like 3D rides, land rides, water rides, and more to keep visitors entertained. Wonderla contains everything a person could possibly need to rejoice vivaciously. Some of its main attractions are wonder splash, sky wheel, chikku's adventures, dashing cars, fire brigade, windmill, and caterpillar village.

7. Bolgatty Palace

Tourist Places in Cochin

It is a popular tourist destination in Cochin. On Cochin's Bolgatty Island, there is Bolgatty Palace. It is one of the oldest Dutch palaces still in use that is located outside of Holland. It is a beautiful illustration of Kochi-style architecture. Dutch traders constructed it in 1744. The Bolgatty Palace is surrounded by lush gardens, clear skies, and the unspoiled beauties of Kerela.

The palace has been transformed into a luxurious hotel for visitors, pampering them with the utmost comfort and splendour. This palace is commonly referred to as the "Honeymooner's paradise". The hotel features a location for events that can accommodate a big number of guests for meetings, celebrations and weddings.

Bolgatty Palace Charge:

  • Marina Suite: 7,100 rupees
  • Lake Front Cottage/Room with Golf View: 3,200 rupees
  • Marina View: 4,100 rupees
  • Deluxe: 4,600 rupees
  • Lake View Suite: 10,000 rupees
  • Palace Suite: 13,100 rupees
  • Kathakali Show: 375 rupees

8. Hill Palace Museum

Tourist Places in Cochin

It is constructed in typical Kerala architecture with a lavish facade, and it was once the home of the King of Cochin. As its name implies, the huge palace is situated on a hill. The palace complex is made up of 49 buildings and features classical architecture. There is a heritage museum, an archaeological museum, a deer park, a pre-historic park, and a children's park at the complex.

The enormous white structures are clean, spotless, and maintained in good condition for outdoor photography, terraced lawns, ponds, fountains and other ideal locations. The palace is renowned for serving as the backdrop for several movies.

Tips for visiting Hill Palace

  1. Wear some comfortable shoes so you may walk around the garden.
  2. In the museum, photography is not permitted.
  3. Shoes are not allowed within the main structure.
  4. There is a storage space where the shoes can be kept.
  5. A restaurant is also available inside the Hill Palace.

Things To Do at Hill Palace

  1. Discover the Flora and Fauna:
    The royal complex is home to a wide range of flora, including several medicinal herbs.
  2. Children's Park and Deer Park:
    About Fifty deer are housed in the deer park. Visitors can interact and feed the deer here. The children's park is a lovely location for pictures.
  3. Shopping for Artefacts:
    Tourists can visit the local markets to purchase regional products and artefacts.

9. Marine Drive

Tourist Places in Cochin

Marine Drive has a view of Kerala's tranquil backwaters. It is Cochin's most well-liked hangout area. It provides a nice and beautiful scene, especially in the evening. The Houseboat Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, GCDA shopping Complex, and the China Net Bridge are a few notable sites in the area. Kochi's Marine Drive is undoubtedly a shopper's paradise. This place has everything, from flea markets to high-rise commercial centres.

10. Veeranpuzha lake and Backwaters

Tourist Places in Cochin

It is located in the northern portion of Vembanad Lake. This attractive lake lies parallel to the Malabar coast. A popular weekend pastime for locals is fishing, and it is well known for growing Pokkali rice.

11. Santa Cruz Basilica

Tourist Places in Cochin

This is regarded as one of Kerala's eight basilicas. It is a famous tourist spot in Cochin. Decorative frescoes adorn the church columns. Moreover, there are seven substantial canvas paintings along with stunning stained glass windows. Some magnificently painted pictures of Christ's Via Crucis are displayed on the ceiling. The basilica's architecture is a stunning combination of Indo-European and Gothic architecture.

12. Andhakaranazhi Beach

Tourist Places in Cochin

This beach attracts many visitors, and it is situated in a coastal village. This beach is still undeveloped, untapped by tourism, and a well-kept secret of the city. The Andhakaranazhi Beach serves as a common location for Malayalam movie shoots. A brand-new bridge and an aerial walkway have been built to the sea wall for a wonderful view of an unforgettable sunset. It is the ideal peaceful retreat from the bustle of the city. Visit this place to experience nature in its purest form, which is complete with spotless sands, crystal-clear oceans, and stunning shorelines.

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