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9 Best Tourist Places in Kinnakorai


The village of Kinnakorai is a must-visit if you want to travel to the rural outskirts of India in its southern area. If you want to learn about lifestyle, culture, history, nature, and much more, visiting this specific village in Tamil Nadu, an Indian state, would be an enjoyable experience.

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

The Nilgiri Mountain ranges make the area more gorgeous and worthwhile to explore. This specific village's agricultural features are likewise highly unique. Numerous plantations would be present in the area, and many locals could rely primarily on these plantations for their daily needs.

About Kinnakorai

This village in Tamil Nadu is famous for its coffee and tea production. The climate and geography of the hill station make it a great place to grow both crops. But recently, the coffee production in the village of Kinnakorai has started to decrease, so people and plantation owners are switching to tea as tea has been doing well in recent years. Another fantastic thing about this village is its untouched rural charm.

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

People's connection to each other and their connection to the environment and natural resources is something you should experience at least once in your life. It would also be the perfect natural place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. If you are looking for a peaceful hill station holiday, this is the place to choose because it is full of perfect peace and happiness, unlike other hill station destinations in Tamil Nadu, such as Ooty.

Another essential thing to know before visiting this place is that it is a place of political oddities, which may surprise people unfamiliar with it. The plantations and agricultural fields in the village, which add to its beauty and make it a popular tourist destination, are not owned or controlled by the Tamil government.

1. Location

This specific hill town is situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The hill station village is in the District of Nilgiris. The well-known hill station of Ooty is located in this same District. Kinnakorai is situated near the hill station of Ooty, even though there are many contrasts between the appearance and atmosphere of the two towns.

2. Weather Conditions

The weather in the village of Kinnakorai is comparable to that of Ooty. However, it is frequently more challenging and unpredictable. In this specific hill station, precipitation is given throughout the year. This region is known for its pleasant, chilly environment, which has summers that are just mildly hot.

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

1. Ooty

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

Most visitors that travel to the south Indian area like this as one of their favored hill stations. This hill town in the Nilgiris area of Tamil Nadu is officially known as Udhagamandalam. Ooty has a larger year-round tourist population than the other hill station towns in the south Indian side.

One of the great activities in this place is the flower exhibitions held in the town. Several tales concerning the colonial era this town experienced may be found throughout its history.

2. Pykara (Ooty)

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

The Pykara River is the main one in the district and is very holy to the Toda people. It starts at the top of the mountain and runs north through the mountains before turning west near the plateau's edge. It drops into a series of impressive waterfalls, with the last two being 55 and 61 meters tall.

It's about 20 kilometers from the city of Ooty, and you can find the lake at Pykara on the road to Ooty (about 21 kilometers away). It's a great place to go boating, and there's a restaurant too. Wenlock Downs is a great spot for picnics and is especially popular with the nation's moviemakers.

3. Avalanche (Ooty)

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

Avalanche is 28 km from Ooty town by Emerald Lake and surrounded by virgin forest. Along the route that goes through Emerald Camp from Ooty to Upper Bhavani, there is a breathtaking view that is both inspiring and enjoyable. At the top of the mountain at Avalanche, there is a view over the reservoir and Avalanche Valley. In some places, shoals are so thick that the sun cannot penetrate them. Avalanche is home to a large variety of birds. Bird watching in Avalanche can be very rewarding for bird watchers.

4. Glenmorgan (Ooty)

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

Glenmorgan is a famous tea estate that used to be known as Ooty. It's about 35 kilometers away from Ooty. Singara is a popular spot for tourists to have picnics, and Pykara is about 4km down the hill from there. It's got a beautiful lake in its forebay, so it's a great spot to take a picnic. The rest house at Glenmorgan has a great view, and you can see Mysore in the distance, the Moyar Valley, the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary, the power station near Singara, and more.

5. Doddabetta (Ooty)

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

The highest hill in Tamil Nadu, Doddabetta, is 2,623 m above sea level. It is about 10 km from the bus station of Ooty. 'Doodabetta' literally means 'Big Mountain' in Badugu language.

It offers panoramic views of the Nilgiri hills range and is located at the intersection of the Western Ghats and East Ghats. Thick Sholas surround it. Another attraction provides panoramic views over the entire area of the district and even beyond. The sunset from this point is breathtaking.

6. Kinnakorai Point

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

If you're looking for a peaceful place to relax and take in the beauty of nature, then Kinnakorai Point is the place for you. It's 2,295 meters high so that you can get a great view of the misty slopes, tea fields, and the Nilgiris. The Manjoor Road has fantastic hill views and is a great way to get there. Plus, the twists and turns of the road can be pretty wild. You'll need to take a short hike through some tea farms full of lush greenery to get there. When you arrive, you'll find a simple one-story building where you can take a break and enjoy the view.

No shops near the Kinnakorai viewpoint exist, so take some food and drinks. The area is surrounded by forest, and there is a risk of seeing wild elephants and leopards, so returning to your car before dark is essential. You may come across people from Nilgiri hills-based tribe, Badaga, on your way.

7. Muniswarar Temple

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

After your lovely journey, you should pay your respects to the neighboring Muniswarar Temple, a historic temple devoted to the form of Lord Shiva. The villagers attach great importance to this temple, and it is believed that accidents in this area have decreased since devotees started visiting this temple.

8. Mulli Viewpoint

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

It is also a popular tourist destination for individuals fascinated by breathtaking landscapes. Given that it is a viewpoint, you might have to hike a fair distance to get there and enjoy the breathtaking vistas it offers. Another well-known sight is the Gaddai Dam, just 7 kilometers from the dam to the viewpoint.

9. Sengottaraayar Malai

Tourist Places in Kinnakorai

In the vicinity of Kinnakorai Hill Station, this is one of the most significant camping spots. You would have coffee plantations and pleasant weather with you the entire time.

Ideal Months to Visit Kinnakorai

January through March, June, July, and December

How To Reach Kinnakorai

  • By Air
    International Airport in Coimbatore is the closest airport.
  • By Train
    Thudiyalur Railway Station (TDE), the nearest railway station

Things to Keep in Mind When Visiting Kinnakorai

Be careful to have safeguards to protect yourself from unexpected showers and thunderstorms because the weather may be somewhat unpredictable. When heading to this hill station destination, pack a good pair of shoes because you must walk a fair distance to experience this region's woodland beauty and village aesthetics.

Keep a high-quality warmer with you if you visit this destination in the winter or monsoon for a more comfortable trip. As you explore the residential portions of the village, it would also be beneficial if you could conduct a little study on the history and tradition of this hill station location. It will make you feel more at home.

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