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10 Best Tourist Places in Honnali


Honnali is a popular tourist destination with many lovely locations to explore with loved ones or friends. A few more well-known tourist attractions in Honnali are worth visiting if you wish to enjoy some of the region's breathtaking outdoor activities. It is a well-liked tourism destination among Indian visitors, particularly among young people wishing to engage in outdoor adventure activities in Honnali and newlywed couples.

Tourist Places in Honnali

In Honnali, the temperature and weather are ideal during the season so that you may feel good and at ease while taking advantage of the sun's bright rays, water activities, the beauty of nature, the lush greenery, and the scenery all around you, among other things. This location offers much for those seeking the top Honnali tourist attractions for their honeymoon.

About Honnali

Honnali is a panchayat town in Davanagere in the Karnataka province of India. Shimoga is 40 kilometers south of Honnali, Ranebennur is 46 kilometers north, Harihar is 35 kilometers northeast, and Shikaripur is 37 kilometers west of Honnali. Shirallakoppa is also about 57 kilometers, and Munchikoppa is about 61 kilometers away. Honnali is derived from "Honnu Alli," which denotes gold. Through this taluk flows the Tungabhadra River. Horticulture is crucial in this taluk's effort to regulate the overall population.

Due to Hirekal Mutt, also known as Channappaswamy mutt, which is independent and is currently a member of ShriShaila Peetham, this location is essential to the Veerashaiva ethnic group, who make up the majority of the Karnataka population. The spiritual leader of this organization is Sri Wodeyer Chandrasekara Shivachary Swamiji. The Second Mantralaya, also known as the Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt, is located on the bank of the river Tangabhadra.

Behind this lies a fascinating tale. When they were required to manufacture this Mutt or perform the pratistapane of the Brindavan, they arrived in a procession to Honnali while carrying mruttika from Moola Brindavan, Mantralaya. An older person wearing khadi clothes arrived, entered the Mutt's grounds, and left the area without returning. Regardless of whether he is present there, it is believed that Rayaru or Raghavendra Swamy was the one who entered the Mutt. Thus, the name "Dwiteeya Mantralaya" was given.

Tourist Places in Honnali-

1. Thirtharameshwara Temple

Tourist Places in Honnali

In the Davangere district of Karnataka, close to Honnali, you may find the Sri Thirtharameshwara Temple. Tourists spend some time at this shrine. The water source is the temple's main attraction. The water is supposed to not deteriorate over several weeks when stored and is both pure and delicious. It is also said to be pleasant and to treat many illnesses. The water supposedly flows continuously throughout the year and is said to originate in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh. It is up to you whether you believe in a supernatural source and its capabilities, but there is no reason to doubt the purity of the water.

In Shri Theertharameshwara temple, there is a Brahma idol. The deities can see the fourth face of Lord Brahma because of a glass mirror that is given. The Thirtharameshwara Temple is situated on a small hill amid much vegetation.

2. Honnali Beach / Hodbandur Beach

Tourist Places in Honnali

Viewing the captivating sunset on Hodbandur Beach's magnificent shoreline will leave you breathless. This beach served as the primary seaport under British control in India; afterward, Karwar was chosen as the location. You can take in the splendor of the Arabian Sea at Hodbandur Beach, also known as Hedbandar Beach. It is one of the safest beaches in Kumta and a highly unpopular tourist attraction.

The climate in Honnali Beach is the same as that found everywhere in the Uttara Kannada district. The most excellent time to visit Honnali Beach is during the winter season, from November to February. The lowest temperature during these months will be about 19C, while the highest will be around 26C.

Tourist Places near Honnali-

1. Kunduvada Kere

Tourist Places in Honnali

An important picnic location is Kunduvada Kere, a well-known venue. The area, close to Kundvada Village on the NH-4 Bypass route, is renowned for its breathtaking dawn and sunset views. The 253-acre-long tank, another notable feature of the region, serves as both a summer storage facility for water and a vital drinking water supply for the city.

2. Davangere's Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Tourist Places in Honnali

Since Shamanur Village is said to have originated approximately 800 years ago, Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple, an old temple devoted to Lord Hanuman, was probably built in about the same period.

This temple, located in the same village about 5 km from the city and on the same site as the previous shrine, was recently rebuilt in 2000 in the Dravidian architectural style. Due to its spiritual importance, many devotees visit the temple, especially on Saturdays when special puja is performed. Every year, beginning on the tenth day of Maha Shivratri, the locals and temple officials observe a three-day celebration called Rathothsav.

3. Bagali

Tourist Places in Honnali

Bagali is a small town not far from Harparahalli, and it's famous for its 9th-century Kalleswara Temple. Inside the temple, you'll find a statue of Lord Narasimha, and it shows off the style of architecture from the Chalukyan era. The outside walls of the temple are adorned with beautiful carvings and statues. Along with the main temple, there are several Panchalinga temples nearby.

4. Karanji Mantapa

Tourist Places in Honnali

Another historical site in the city that showcases the antiquity of its illustrious history is Karanji Mantapa, a beautiful stone carvings chariot in the middle of the Santhebennur tank.

Another significant attraction that has Kushmnada-style architecture is Pushkarani. It is reportedly constructed from red stone slabs and has been standing since the sixteenth century. It has six mandapa and 52 steps to the main entrance.

5. Anekonda

Tourist Places in Honnali

Anekonda is a destination for history buffs since it was initially used as a holding area for army elephants. It was when Betur was the capital, according to legend. The area was a sizable metropolis in the 11th and 12th centuries, serving as the capital of several kingdoms, including the Chalukyas, Gandas, Pandyas, Uchangi, and Hoysalas.

6. Bathi Gudda

Tourist Places in Honnali

This area is breathtakingly beautiful and serene. It is a high summit that offers stunning views over the cities of Davanagere and Harihar. On the top, in addition to it, are an old temple and a Dargah of Chaman Shah Wali. Devotees visit these two sacred sanctuaries in great numbers, especially during yearly celebrations, and they are encircled by infinite greenery. The hill is also home to Bathi Lake, the Bhadra Sugar Factory, and a wide diversity of vegetation.

7. Eshwara Temple

Tourist Places in Honnali

Eshwara Temple has significant historical value and is an excellent example of Hoysala architecture. Only two cells remain of the temple, which was built using mud and plaster since the south cell collapsed. The temple contains an image of Lord Shiva within the Sukhanasi gateway and an image of Gajalakshmi in the Garbh griha. You may also discover the gods Lord Subramanya, Brahma, Ganesha, and Vishnu in the minor temples.

8. Sulekere

Tourist Places in Honnali

The location is a well-known tourist destination and a significant water body; it is also known as Soole Kere or Shanthi Sagara. The pond, which Princess Shanthi is credited with creating in the 12th century, is the second-largest pond in Asia.

The area is not only a vital drinking and agricultural supply, but it's also an excellent site for picnics. A nearby temple dedicated to Lord Siddeshwara draws many worshipers all year round.

9. Comprehensive Water Supply Tank

Tourist Places in Honnali

The Comprehensive Water Supply Tank, a key location for summertime water storage, is next to the central city TV station. The 38-acre tank, which has a 45-gallon capacity, was the location for executing the first stage of the city's water supply plan in 1917. Today, it meets the daily needs of the whole city's water supply.

10. Betur

Tourist Places in Honnali

A piece of the Chalukyan architectural style may be seen at Betur, a historic place with a feel of the past. On the Davanagere-Jaglur road, six kilometers from Davanagere, is where it is said that Tribhuvana Malla Pandya's ancient capital once stood. There is also a historical temple with triumph pillars and numerous manuscripts preserving significant events, reveling in the grandeur of the past. One may see the idols of Nataraja and Nandi and those dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Best Time for a Visit to Honnali

To enjoy warm-weather activities in Honnali, mid-November to early March is the ideal time of year.

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