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Tourist Places in Narsinghpur


You can make the most of your time if you have suitable holiday destinations. You can turn your weekend into a refreshing one with no extra work because you can do it all quickly. Make sure you start by choosing a reliable mode of transport, an excellent place to stay, and a definite destination for the places you want to visit during such short vacations.

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

About Narsinghpur

In Madhya Pradesh, there is a district called Narsinghpur. The state capital, Bhopal, which serves as the district's administrative center, is roughly 250 kilometers away. The district is renowned for its stunning landscape. The district's name is derived from the name of a temple in the area. The Narmada River is the major river in the region. Other rivers in the district include the Shakkar River, the Sher River, the Ton River, and the Dudhi River. The district is where the sugarcane crop is grown. There are several sugar mills in the area. The area is also known for producing jaggery.

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

Narsinghpur is known for its sugarcane cultivation. The primary crop farmed there is sugarcane. Although many other crops are farmed there, sugarcane is the most significant. There are several locations where you may have fun. You can walk in the area and experience nature, history, and religious places. This article will discuss the district and its tourist places.

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

1. Narsingh Temple

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

Narasimha temple is one of the most well-known temples in Madhya Pradesh. It is located in the city of Narsinghpur, one of the well-known shrines in the state.The shrine is dedicated to Lord Narasimha, and Lord Vishnu assumed the form of him. The whole of Madhya Pradesh, including the state of Chhattisgarh, is visited by devotees of this shrine. The shrine is also known as the 'Narsingh' shrine, hence the name of this place.

This ancient temple is estimated to be around 600 years old. The temple is accessible by road and is situated in the city's center. Parking is available at the temple. You can visit the temple by car or bike.

Beyond the temple, you can see a large pond. Jat Sardars constructed this temple in the 18th century. You can see the idol of lord Narasimha at this temple. This temple has an underground passageway that links to the king's residence. You can visit this temple and see this idol.

2. Shri Dada Darbar Temple

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

Shri Dada Darbar Mandir is one of the most famous temples in Narsinghpur. It is an essential place in Narsinghpur on the Narsinghpur-Jabalpur highway road. This temple is easily accessible to you, and the distance between it and Narsinghpur is 7 km. You can drive or ride a motorcycle to get here.

Dulha Dev Temple or Dada Darbar Temple are the names of this temple. It is a sizable and stunning temple. This temple has been exquisitely built. You can see a stunning Dada Maharaj statue in this temple's sanctum sona.

The opinion on this temple varies from one person to another. It is said that due to the miracle of the temple, it was spared from being destroyed for the construction of the motorway. The temple complex contains a wide range of amenities. The temple is aesthetically pleasing and unspoiled.

3. Ton Ghat

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

Ton Ghat is a beautiful tourist spot in Narsinghpur's Patehara Village. The area's beauty is there for you to enjoy if you visit this location. The distance from Ton Ghat to the central city of Narsinghpur is about 30 kilometers. You can drive here. The location is accessible via a beautiful paved road. NH 44 can be used to go to this location

Another name for Ton Ghat is Chhota Dhuandhar. Here you can enjoy the natural view. A beautiful waterfall falls between some large rocks. This waterfall looks quite beautiful. You can visit this place and explore the rocks here. Take in some lovely vistas here while it's raining. You may take a stroll in the cold. This waterfall is located along the Sher River, and you can have a good time here.

4. Damru Ghati

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

Damru Ghati is one of the most popular tourist spots in Narsinghpur. This famous temple and holy place is located in Damru Valley. Gadarwara is the home of Damru Valley Garden. It's located close to the Shakkar River. You may ride a bike or a vehicle to get here. The temple has a parking area in front of it.

Damru Valley temple is located a bit uphill. Only the steps may be used to access it. Lord Shiva is honored in the Damru Ghati temple. You can see a giant Shiva statue and Shivling. Shivling is around 19 feet tall.

It is the tallest Shivling in Madhya Pradesh. This Shivling has a temple inside of it. When you enter this Shivling, you will get a glimpse of Lord Shiva. Near this huge Shivling, there is a giant Shiva statue. Many more antique statues may be seen in this area. You can view the lovely surroundings from here. You will see Lord Shiva's statue sitting in a yoga pose here. Also, there is a giant Hanuman Ji deity that is sitting here.

You can see the vast Shivlinga and Lord Shiva statues from the highway. There are several shops outside the temple where you can buy Prasad. A little manufactured pond with a statue of Lord Krishna in the center is also visible. There are many ducks in this region. Lord Shiva is a frequent visitor to this place. You can see many people visiting this place on Mahashivratari and Sawan Monday.

5. Jhoteswar Temple

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

If you're looking for a stunning and awe-inspiring temple in India, you can visit Jhoteswar Temple, a well-known and well-respected shrine in Madhya Pradesh. It's home to the Tripura Sundari Mata, honored by this temple, and visitors come here from India. This temple takes up a huge area and is situated on a hill. It's located in the Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh, and you can get to it by car or bike. The road to the temple is well-maintained and paved, making it easy. The temple itself is huge and beautiful.

The temple is only accessible by stairs, but you can drive past it too. A road leads to it, and you can park your car or bike in the big parking lot. You may admire the temple's splendor from here, which is lovely. The statue of Mata Rajarajeshwari is located here. On the roof, there's a beautiful lotus carved, giving the temple a beautiful look. Going to this temple is a great way to relax and pass the time. When you arrive, make sure you arrive before 12:00 to have a darshan with Maa Tripuri. After that, the doors are locked.

You can also visit a few other temples built around the Mata Tripura Sundari temple. You can see Hanuman Tekri mandir, Radhe Krishna mandir, Vichar Shila, Laxmi Narayan mandir, etc. These are all accessible for you to visit.

6. Barman Ghat

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

A well-known tourist destination in Narsinghpur is Barman Ghat. Narsinghpur is located around 30 kilometers from Barman Ghat. Barman Tehsil is home to Barman Ghat. The Narmada River runs here. On the Narmada River's banks is a structure called Barman Ghat. You may travel here by car or motorcycle. This Ghat is located along the Sagar Narsinghpur Highway Road. Kareli is the railroad station closest to Barman Ghat. You may travel here by train. To get here, you can use public transportation.

If you want to enjoy a boat trip, Barman Ghat is the location. You can see a huge island in the center of the river, where the Narmada divides into two parts. Boating is available here, and it's not too expensive either. It's a great place to visit for all kinds of ceremonies, and many tourists come here all year round to dip in the river. During Makar Sankranti, there's a fair that attracts a lot of people.

It is a large area where visitors can congregate and organize fairs. Barman Ghat is also home to several historical temples. You can see the Dipeshwar temple from here, located on a small island amid the Narmada River. Surajkund is also visible from here, as well as Bhimkund. Satdhara also exists here, where the Narmada River breaks into seven streams. Maa Narmadaji temple is constructed here. You can also visit Varaha temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. ISKCON temple is nearby. You can visit Barman Ghat to go on a tour and have a great time.

7. Chauragarh Fort

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

Chauragarh Fort is one of the most popular tourist spots in Narsinghpur. It's also known as Chaugan Fort. It's in the middle of Satpura hills, surrounded by a big forest. It's about 45 kilometers from Narsinghpur, and you can get there by car or bike.

Rewa Kund is the name of a pond built next to the fort. It's both beautiful and historic. This shrine is dedicated to lord Narasimha. Sangram Shah built the fort in the 15th century as a Gond king. Beautiful mountain views are available from this location. The Chauragarh Fort has a variety of areas to explore. The fort is made of limestone and stone. The historic Rang Mahal temple and the Gond King Prem Narayan's house can be seen.

By visiting here, you may witness the lovely sunset. During the rainy season, you may take a stroll here. During the wet season, you can see the lush vegetation all around. From here, you may enjoy the stunning view of the mountains. By coming here, you will be able to have an amazing time. Here is the ideal location for a trip with friends and family.

8. Ranidhara

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

Ranidhara is one of the most visited tourist spots in Narsinghpur district. It is located near Narsinghpur's Gadarwara and is about 60 kilometers away from Narsinghpur. Gadarwara can be reached by road about 30 kilometers from Ranidhara. A rough road is accessible here. You can easily come here by car or bike. Parking is available here, but you must travel a long way.

There is a temple and a thick forest all around. A small river flows here so that you can enjoy the stunning views. The area is suitable for rainy and dry seasons and is a delightful place to explore

Mountains surround this area. The lovely mountains are visible in the distance, and you can see a river flowing. On these riverbanks is where the temple is located. Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati are honored here.

You are allowed to come here and enjoy yourself. Here, the water is both clean and transparent. You can take a trip with your loved ones and colleagues. You have the option to place a picnic here. The perfect picnic spot is here. Visiting this place is an enjoyable experience.

9. Pathehra Fort

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

If you're searching for a historical tourist attraction, Pathehra Fort is a fantastic place to go. It's located in the district of Narsinghpur and is about 30 kilometers away. The fort is accessible by automobile or bicycle. It was constructed at the Pathehra village, situated along the Narmada River. Unfortunately, it's in ruins now. The fort was built by Raja Balwant Singh, a Gond king, in the 16th-17th century. It has three levels and was built using a mix of bricks and rough stone. It's right next to another fort on the river's banks.

The fort has been destroyed. The Ghat of Garru, on the other hand, is seen on the other bank of the Narmada River. This ancient Shiva temple is accessible for visits. Here is also where Lord Vishnu's shrine is located. The Garru village is where this temple is located. You can come here with your relatives and friends. This place is absolutely beautiful.

10. Hathinala Waterfall

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

Hathinala Falls is one of the best tourist spots in Narsinghpur. It's placed in the center of a thick forest. It is 46 km away from Narsinghpur. It is located on the main highway, and the distance from the main road to the waterfall is about 1 km.

Hiking is required to reach this waterfall. Both motorcycles and cars may be used to get to this waterfall. You can park your bike and vehicle on the road between Jabalpur and Bhopal. This waterfall was constructed near Vikrampur village. Hathinala Falls is a beautiful waterfall. You can see it during the wet season.

It's beautiful as it flows between big boulders, and you can see the forest from this viewpoint. It's a wonderful location to travel to and enjoy yourself.

11. Ghogharnath Waterfall

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

In the Narsinghpur district, there is a waterfall called Ghogharnath Falls. This waterfall is situated between a large number of trees. The rainy season offers a good view of this waterfall. This waterfall's water disappears throughout the summer. You'll like visiting here. Your family and friends are welcome to visit this location with you.

12. Osho Ashram

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

Osho Ashram is situated in the village of Gadarwara on the Shakkar River's banks. Gurra Ghat is a ghat that is located close to the Ashram. The birthplace of Rajnish Osho (Chandra Mohan Jain) is Gadarwara. He spent his early years here, engaging in activities like playing at the playground at Gadarwara and swimming in the river. Osho used to frequent the Osho Ashram to meditate and practice discipline starting at 14. Because of this, this place has a lot of significance in both history and culture. The Ashram is beautifully landscaped with vegetation on all sides, creating the ideal environment for meditation.

On the ghats, in addition to the Ashram, are the remains of a few more buildings. According to legend, Osho liked to meditate in this ruin, which belonged to the Shiv or Jagdish temple.

13. Shiv Temple Gararu

Tourist Places in Narsinghpur

Gararu is a stunning temple situated on the banks of the river Narmada. It's 18 kilometers from the Narsinghpur district headquarters and can only be reached through a seasonal dirt path. The temple is on a small hill in the northern part of the village.

It looks like an old-time Persian tomb made of bricks and lime. The sanctum is arranged squarely, and a path runs around it. The Pradakshina walkway, where the Shivling and water carrier are located, is built out of arches with ventilation on either side. It serves as the sanctum sanctorum's entryway.

According to stylistic criteria, the temple was initially built in the late 14th or early 15th century, and then, in the following century, Balwant Singh, the local god monarch, had renovations done. At each of the four corners, octagonal pillars were constructed for this purpose, and the walls were covered with lime plaster on the top portion of the dome, Mughal-style Kanas on the bottom, and plaster on the octagonal portion of the middle, dividing the dome into three sections with 24 subdivisions.

Ideal Time to Visit Narsinghpur

Narsinghpur may be enjoyed all year round, although getting here in the summer may be challenging; instead, visit during the colder months. Between October and March is the ideal season to visit Narsinghpur.

How to Reach Narsinghpur

  • By Air Narsinghpur can be easily reached by air. The nearest airport near Narsinghpur is Jabalpur, about 90 km from Narsinghpur.
  • By Rail The best way to reach Narsinghpur is by train. Narsinghpur railway station is the main railway station in Narsinghpur city. There are several routes connecting Narsinghpur railway station to different cities. Narsinghpur can be reached from other cities as well. A car can transport you wherever in the city, and they are available outside the Narsinghpur train stati
  • By Road Road access is available to Narsinghpur. It is easily accessible through the National Highway 26, which runs through the city, and the State Highway 22. From here, you may take the car. Bus service is also available. Here, you can get regular, government, and private buses.

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