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Tourist Places in Kasaragod

Beautiful folk art may be found at Kasaragod's tourist destinationsâopen to courageous and demanding visitors at all times, whether they go in groups, couples, or alone. Kasaragod, with its numerous forts, wildlife reserves, temples, and breathtaking hills, is excellent in every aspect. The ideal destination offers everything you need.

1. Ranipuram

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

Ranipuram's beautiful hills in Kerala are well-known for their hiking path. Usually called Madathumala, this location is 750 meters above sea level and offers spectacular walking routes with a top cave around 2.5 kilometres long. The shola woods and monsoon forests' lush greenery has everything their untouched beauty has to show you if you're looking for pleasure.

This location is one of the significant tourist destinations in Kasaragod because it combines adventure and comfort. Ranipuram is a place for tourists of all types, whether looking for adventure or tranquillity, and Everyone is welcome to visit this location at any time.

  • Location: This area is 55 kilometres from Kasaragod.

2. Bekal Fort

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

The largest and best-preserved fort in Kasaragod, with a 300-year-old defensive system, makes it one of the top tourist destinations. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the captivating Arabian Sea from the fort's observation tower. Tourists visit the fort in considerable numbers to experience the magnificent past and be impressed by its remarkable strength. Visit, learn more about the history and go to an ancient mosque close to this fort.

  • Location: 16 kilometres (16 miles) to the south of Kasaragod.
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Entry fee: Indian citizens must pay INR 5 per person, and foreign visitors must pay INR 100 per person.

3. Parappa Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

A top tourist spot in Kasaragod and a haven for those who enjoy the outdoors. It is home to various animals, including the sluggish turtle, the prickly porcupine, the Malabar hornbill, the thin loris, and the cute wild jungle cat.

To enjoy the outdoors, you must visit this location for fantastic animal photography. Explore several unusual creatures while taking a hike around the Sanctuary.

  • Location: About 50 kilometres to Kasaragod.
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

4. Thaikadappuram Beach

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

A perfect setting for a relaxing vacation! It would be best to visit this beach during the monsoon season to see some olive ridley turtles. Observe the sunset with vibrant colours and watch the beach turn golden.

At one of Kasaragod's top tourist destinations, you may observe the beauty of nature in tranquillity or spend time with your group having fun. The beach is always open, so visitors are welcome to visit whenever they like.

  • Location: A short distance from Kasaragod.

5. Bela Church

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

This church, also known as the Ladies of Sorrow Church, has a gothic design that appeals to history lovers and anyone with user interest. Worshippers visit this Roman Catholic church because it is on the list of places with significant religious history. Bela Church is the place to go if you want to see a place that perfectly represents tranquillity.

  • Location: just a 20-minute drive from Kasaragod.
  • Time: From 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

6. Malom Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

This Sanctuary is home to gorgeous tropical wildlife, including bison, deer, elephants, tigers, and around 200 colourful bird species. You might be able to see a cobra or python if you're lucky.

Some uncommon herbs and other therapeutic plants are found in the environment. Take enough time to explore the forest; it has several tourist destinations in Kasaragod that have not yet been fully discovered.

  • Location: About a two-hour drive from Kasaragod, 64 kilometres distant.
  • Time: from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Entry fee: Adults must pay INR 20 to enter.

7. Mallikarjuna Temple

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

In the heart of Kasaragod, there is a temple Mallikarjuna Temple to Lord Shiva. The attractive atmosphere of this temple brings people inside to sit and spend some time delighting in the ceremonial acts that are a standard part of everyday life.

One of Kasaragod's most recognized tourist destinations of this temple, which the Iyer kings constructed. Visitors may be surprised to learn that this spiritual location has fascinating artwork covering its walls.

  • The location is 671123 Kasaragod, Kerala.
  • Time: The temple is available to everyone 24 hours a day.

8. Hosdurg Fort

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

It is sometimes generically called the Kanhangad fort. This fort's design attracts tourists who are passing by and who find it beautiful. Its chain of forts, constructed during the Ikkeri dynasty, is so well-known. Learn about the history and go to this fort.

Visit the well-known spiritual centre Nithya Anandashram, which is close by, if you want to experience some spiritual enlightenment. Hosdurg Fort is also one of Kasaragod's less-visited tourist attractions and is a favourite of those who enjoy history.

  • Location: 28.3 kilometres distance this place from Kasaragod.
  • Time: The fort is available to everyone 24 hours a day.
  • Entry fee: Each adult must pay INR 5 to enter.

9. Manjeshwar

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

There is a small town named Manjeshwar in the northernmost point of Kerala, in the Kasaragod district. It is 584 kilometres from the state capital Thiruvananthapuram and 28 kilometres from Kasaragod.

Amazingly constructed mosques and temples are other ancient sites that illustrate unity in various forms. This location attracts tourists in large numbers with its fantastical, poetic mood and beach area that looks like a swimming pool.

Additionally, you can participate in the local delicacy of cashew nuts at this excellent tourist destination in Kasargod.

  • Location: This location is around 28 kilometres from Kasaragod's city centre.

10. Chandragiri Fort

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

This fort, which is surrounded by ruins hillsides and is full of history, provides tourists with a beautiful sunset sight. A scenery set is calm with a panoramic view. This odd fort is square in shape and stands majestically 150 feet above the sea. While unwinding, you may enjoy the city from above.

Location: 7 kilometres from Kasaragod.

  • Time: From early in the day, from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm, everyone is welcome to visit the fort.
  • Entry Cost: INR 100 per person, with an additional INR 20 for the light and sound performance.

11. Nellikunnu Mosque

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

This area is crowded in November because of the week-long Nercha celebration that takes place there. A famous mosque that you must visit for religious reasons, and this place's hypostyle architecture attracts visitors and worshippers.

The villagers attend a ceremony known as Thangal Uppapa Uroos to remember the saint Thangal Uppapa's departure. It generally occurs in the Dul Hajj month and once every two years.

  • Location: The travel from the town centre to this area is 45 kilometres.
  • Timings: Throughout the day.

12. Kottancheri Hills

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

This place may serve as both a hiking route and a picnic area. Adventure seekers and hikers are drawn to the site's stunning view of the high-elevation jungle. Visualize yourself relaxing in tranquillity while enjoying a bird's eye vision of your surroundings, complete with picturesque sceneries.

When hiking up the hillside, many plants and animals may be seen, and its alluring beauty will capture visitors. While anybody is welcome to visit these hills at any time, it is suggested that visitors only do so during daylight hours, from sunrise to sunset.

  • Location: two hours' drive from the Kasaragod district.

13. Veeramala Hills

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

Since the 18th century, this location has hosted a Dutch fort and is renowned for its architecture. Hike around this hilly area to find other viewpoints that have yet to be discovered.

With its abundance of charming attractions, this region of Kasargod is a natural paradise for nature lovers. It is possible to visit this area at any time; however, it is suggested that you do it in the daytime.

  • Location: 10 kilometres distance this location from Nileshwar.

14. Valiyaparamba

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

This spot is a favourite among travellers looking for tranquillity. It is a lovely, leisurely backwater site, and the emerald-green lakes and lush green forests enhance the picturesque's enchanting characteristics.

If visitors enjoy water activities, go to Bekal Hole Aqua Park for a thrilling, exciting experience. A great place to go swimming and fishing on a day trip!

  • Location: The travel from Kasaragod is one and a half hours.
  • Time: Although anybody may visit this seaside island at any time, sunset or sunrise are the ideal times.

15. Ananthapura Lake Temple

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

This temple, well-preserved for surprising reactions due to its unique construction, is carved with legendary tales from the Puranas and a secret cave connecting to a pond. However, this location is one of Kasaragod's most popular tourist destinations.

It is located in the centre of a lake, and travellers are attracted enough to go there. A crocodile by the name of Babiya dwells in this area. It is stated that Babiya protects the temple and does not create any trouble because it has no interest in human flesh. But it's better to avoid touching it!

  • Location: Karela's northern point is about six kilometres from Kumbala.
  • Time: 5:30 am to 12:30 pm and then 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

16. Ajanoor

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

Visit this village to understand how a rural panchayat operates. As a village that has seen an uprising, there is plenty to see and learn. Ajanoor is the perfect place for intellectual geniuses. Meet the people, observe how rural Kerala functions, and learn the little-known yet fascinating details. If visitors search for serenity and spirituality in nature, Ajanoor is the place for visitors.

With such beautiful locations, visitors can get a good look at rural culture and learn more about them. There is a calm atmosphere, which draws visitors from close or even far.

  • Location: Kasaragod is 40 minutes away.

17. Kareem'S Forest Park

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

Kareem's Forest Park, widely regarded as the top private place in the nation, is a haven for those who value nature, science, biology, the environment, and Ayurveda. If you love the outdoors, you see this magnificent beauty.

This area, around 23 kilometres from Kanhagad Town, is home to various medicinal plants, animals, and plants. It resembles a combination of multiple animal species, including insects, birds, reptiles, wild animals, amphibians, and microorganisms.

  • Location: East of Kanhangad town, 23 kilometres away.

18. Kumbla

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

Today a renowned Gopalakrishna temple resides at a place with a glorious past that formerly held the Raja's palace. 13 kilometres from Kasaragod, this location attracts a large number of worshippers all year round.

This location was once known as Kanipura, but it eventually adopted the name Kumbala since this dynasty's monarchs dominated the area and significantly impacted it. This historic place is renowned for its calmness and is home to historical artefacts.

19. Cheruvathur

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

The birthplace of a remarkable poet who wrote sonnets and melody works is officially known as Kuttamath Nagar. This location is perfect for the visitor if they enjoy modern paintings. During the tourist season, people go for an adventure and enjoy the day from the chaos of the city.

If you want to escape the busyness of the cities, Kasaragod, a charming tiny village, is the ideal place to go.

  • Location: The distance from Kasaragod is 42 kilometres.

20. Nileshwar

Tourist Places In Kasaragod

Nileshwaram, located between the Nileshwaram Puzha and Thejaswini Puzha rivers, is commonly referred to as the Kasargod District's cultural centre. The town, which has the Arabian Sea to its west, is stunningly gorgeous and a fantastic place to be.

The town is particularly well-known for holding many historical temples that are very valuable and significant. Nileshwar is the ideal location for anybody who wants to experience Kerala's rich culture and customs and see some ancient architectural masterpieces with their family members.

How to reach Kasaragod

By Air

The closest airport to Kasargod town is Mangalore, which is 65 kilometres; Kozhikodeode, which is 200 kilometres away, serves as the nearest international airport. Outside the airport, taxis are easy to reach the preferred destination.

By Road

The National Highway 66 passes through the town, making Kasargod reachable from other cities because of its well-maintained road system.

By Train

The town of Kasargod has its railway station, which helps link it to several important cities throughout the nation, including Goa, Chennai, Jaipur, Jammu Tawi, Surat, Mangalore, Kochi, Trivandrum, and Coimbatore, among others.

By Water

There is also a sea connected to the city of Kasargod through Kasargod Port.

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