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5 Best Tourist Places in Hemalkasa

India's Hemalkasa is a tiny city that may be easily explored in a single day. This town has few things to do or places to go. There are also fewer lodging alternatives because the town is tiny. Before leaving for the nearby cities, people frequently think about stopping there. Stop here for a fast meal and take a little break from your journey.

Tourist Places in Hemalkasa

The best things to do close to Hemalkasa are listed here. Therefore, you may choose which nearby place to visit for a beautiful trip the next time you're in Hemalkasa.

Popular Places Close to Hemalkasa

1. Hemalkasa Lok Biradari Prakalp

Tourist Places in Hemalkasa

An animal orphanage, a hospital, and a school are all part of the Lok Biradari Prakalp (LBP) community project, run by the Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora, in the Chadrapur district. Baba Amte, a social worker, began it on December 23rd, 1973, intending to help Madia Gond develop holistically. It lies in the Gadchiroli District's Village of Hemalkasa in the Bhamragad taluka State of Maharashtra.

The LBP project is 60 kilometers (km) from Allapalli and 160 kilometers (km) from the district headquarters of Gadchiroli. Dr. Mandakini Amte and her husband, Dr. Prakash Amte, who are in charge of acting as the project's director and medical officer, respectively, earned the 2008 Ramon Magsaysay Community Leadership Award.

2. Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Hemalkasa

The Sanctuary makes a significant contribution to India's forest cover. The Sanctuary's main attractions are certain endangered species like tigers and leopards. Visitors of all ages will like this location since it offers something for everyone to enjoy. Chinkaras are among the species that may be found here most regularly. Other creatures that are simple to identify in the reserve are the wild boar, nilgai, deer, and sambar.

3. Charpala Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Hemalkasa

Maharashtra's Gadchiroli district is where you will find the Charpala Wildlife Sanctuary. It spans an area of approximately 140 km2 and is characterized by dense forests with occasional grassy patches. The Pranhita River marks the western border of the Sanctuary, while the Markhanda and Pedigundam hills surround the area from the north, east, and south.

The Sanctuary is situated at the confluence of the Wardha and Wainganga rivers, and during the monsoon season, river water surges and flows into the Sanctuary through various streams. It is home to prawns, turtles, and fish, and it is well known for its riparian habitat, which supports a thriving population of fish, prawns, turtles, and diverse avian and aquatic species. The Sanctuary also boasts serene and scenic locations.

The Sanctuary is filled with various shrubs, climbers, grasses, and dense teak tree forests, and it is home to a wealthy wildlife population. Tigers, leopards, bears, wild dogs, deer, and sambars are some animals that call the Sanctuary home. Managing the Sanctuary falls under the responsibility of the Chief Conservator of Forest and Field. The Sanctuary is best visited from February through May.

4. Glory of Allapalli

Tourist Places in Hemalkasa

Allapalli Forest Range compartment number 76 is the location of The Glory of Allapalli. The distance from Allapalli to Bhamragad is around 16 kilometers. It is a plot of permanent preservation that is kept up for research on Allapalli forests in their natural state. The property was developed in 1953 and has a 6 Hector square area. You may find many trees in the Van Vaibhav region, including teak, tendu, dhawala, Kusum, and yen. Medicinal herbs are found here, including gunj, tarota, and gulwel.

5. Markanda Deo Temple

Tourist Places in Hemalkasa

Markandadeo village is a revered shrine to the Hindu god Shiva and a popular destination for pilgrims from Maharashtra and around India. It is located in the Gadchiroli sub-divisions of Chamorshi Tahsil. The village has roughly 1000 residents. On the Vainganga River's bank is where the village is located.

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