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Tourist Places in Kotagiri

Kotagiri, a charming hill town in the Nilgiris District, draws visitors from all over the nation. With an elevation of 5882 feet, it is one of the oldest hill towns in the Nilgiris. The village, which formerly housed a coffee plantation, is now a 30,000-acre tea plantation. Kotagiri, which is surrounded by expansive areas of greenery and rolling hills, provides adventure seekers with a variety of trekking and hiking activities.

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

Kotagiri, sometimes referred to as the "mountains of the Kotas," is the legendary Kota tribe's home. It has a long and rich history to the British control in India and is filled with houses of European design. One of the numerous features of this hill station is the 8-kilometre hike to Catherine Falls.

Rock climbing is an excellent activity in this area due to the surrounding mountains and serenity.

1. Elk Falls

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

On the significant route to Mettupalayam, Elk Falls, a place of absolute beauty, is located approximately 7 km from Kotagiri, close to Uyilathi Village. Visitors will be excited to see Kookal Valley in all its unique glory and full bloom if they visit the falls during the monsoon season.

2. Longwood Shola

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

Visitors may experience the nature of Kotagiri in all of its beauty at Longwood Shola. Animals like flying foxes (a giant bat that eats fruit) and Indian bison make this lush, thickly forested area home.

3. Catherine Falls

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

The Nilgiris' lush greenery and the waterfalls are perfect settings for appreciating nature's splendour. The Catherine Falls is the second tallest waterfall in the Nilgiris. People travel through the Ooty-Coonoor area to visit this popular tourist destination in Kotagiri.

Catherine Falls is genuinely a place in the middle of nature where visitors can enjoy, go on an adventurous hike, and take pictures of some of the most beautiful scenes. The Nilgiris appear to be a haven because of their green woods and tea gardens.

4. Trekking

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

Some of the state's most beautiful walking paths may be near Kotagiri. The region's most well-known route is Kotagiri-Kodanad, adorned with lovely tea gardens, lush green surroundings, rumbling rivers, and meadows. Longwood Shola and Catherine Falls allow going on brief treks.

5. Rangasamy Peak and Pillar

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

Rangasamy Hill, revered as a holy hill, is home to a sacred shrine honouring Lord Rangasamy. The peak, 20 kilometres from Kotagiri and rises to a height of 1785 meters above sea level, is held holy by the Irulas Tribe.

Numerous people are drawn to the 400-foot-tall Rangasamy Pillar, situated on the peak. Visitors have the choice to visit this peak as well as the surrounding places Karagodumattam, Kil Kotagiri, Kadasholai, and Sholurmattam.

6. Kodanand View Point

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

Visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of Rangaswamy Peak, Dolphin's Nose, Catherine Fall, and Rangaswamy Pillar at Kodanand Vista Point. Visitors will be completely captivated by the point's breathtaking views of Thengumarahada Village, the Deccan Plateau, and Bhavanisagar Reservoir, which are located around 16 kilometres from Kotagiri.

7. John Sullivan Memorial

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

The John Sullivan Memorial, which honours the British civil servant who first identified Ooty as a hill station and allows visitors to learn about the history of Kotagiri, was built in his honour.

This location was formerly known as "Pethakal Bungalow," where he lived. Today, this memorial includes Sullivan and his family's belongings, documents, and writings describing the British's influence on tribal society and the Nilgiris.

A Nilgiris Museum and Nilgiris Documentation Center (NDC) are also located there. It is possible to visit a nearby stone house, the Governments Art College, which initially served as Sullivan's final year's dwelling. The location, 2 kilometres from Kotagiri, is filled with interesting facts.

8. Green Shop

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

Green Shop is a wholly environmentally and socially concerned organization. They take care of the complete supply chain, including product sourcing, quality control, branding, promotion, and sales of organic, fair-trade, and locally produced goods. Their product line includes several kinds of honey, candles, soaps, and lip balms made from beeswax.

9. Shri Arulmigu Karumariamman Temple

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

In the temples, Shakthi cultures from various eras are seen. Arulmighu Karu Mariamman near Donington, Kotagiri taluk, Niligiri Dist, is one among these places of worship. This temple is located along the Kotagiri-Mettupallayam State Highway in a gorgeous natural setting.

The temple is older than 200 years. The Amman(goddess) is firm and grants the requests of all her worshippers who pray to her. Buses are available from Mettupalayam, Coonoor, Ooty, and other locations to Kotagiri.

10. Black Thunder Theme Park

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

A water theme park called Black Thunder is situated 30 kilometres from Kotagiri, close to Mettupalayam, at the bottom of the Nilgiris, along with various water sports, dry rides, and games.

11. Ralliah dam

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

The Ralliah Dam is situated 12 kilometres from Kotagiri on the Ooty Road. This place is unknown to many tourists. Since there is no good vehicle path, visitors need to walk 1 km from the parking area to the dam since it is located in the forest. Fantastic views of the dam and the area are provided to visitors. In this area, visitors could see bison or Malabar squirrels.

12. Quin Water Fall

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

Near Kotagiri in Tamil Nadu's Nilgiris District's Kotagiri Taluk, a waterfall known as Quin Water Falls is located. Quin Water Falls is around 5 kilometres from the Kotagiri bus stop and 7 kilometres from Kotagiri.

13. Uyillati Waterfall

Tourist Places in Kotagiri

It was a beautiful sight to behold. The waterfall, overflowing in the rainy season, seemed even more attractive. Visitors wanted to go close to the waterfall because of its beauty, but it was difficult because it was rocky, and there were bush plants all around.

How to Reach

  • By Air

The one that is closest to Kotagiri is the airport in Coimbatore. The Coimbatore airport is 47 kilometres away and has good connections to several of India's major cities. Get a taxi outside the airport to travel to this picturesque hill station.

  • By Train

Although Kotagiri does not have a railway station, the closest alternative is the Coonoor railway station, located around 21 kilometres from Kotagiri. Mettupalayam or the Ooty railway station are the other two best options. Mettupalayam is about 33 km away, and Ooty is about 29 km away. From both locations, buses and taxis are available all day long to Kotagiri.

  • By Road

Buses are available from various places, including Trichy, Coimbatore, Erode, Ooty, Tripur, and Mettupalayam.

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