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13 Best Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur is situated in the eastern part the Uttar Pradesh. It is the land of medieval mysticism and ancient glory. It is famous for its cultural importance and is popularly called as "cradle of Buddhism". The name Gorakhpur has been taken from Gorakhnath; a saint who traveled across India and has written a number of texts. It is filled with wonderful temples and monuments. The magnificent temples form the center of tourist attractions. Some places which are the center of tourist attractions are:

1. Gorakhnath Temple

A saint named Gorakhnath is credited with giving the city its name. Gorakhnath traveled extensively throughout India and wrote several texts that are now considered part of the Nath Sampradaya canon. In the Nath tradition, the Gorakhnath Math is a temple of the Nath monastic group located in Gorakhnath. Guru Matsyendranath is credited with establishing the Nath tradition. A large building houses this math center in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is open to the public. The temple hosts a wide range of cultural and social activities and serves as the city's cultural center, among other things.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

In his honor, a shrine known as Gorakhnath Mandir was constructed. The musical Light and Sound Show, which takes place in the evening, has become the main attraction in recent years. Gorakhnath was an ascetic who was a follower of the Nath Sampradaya, and the Gorakhnath Temple was built in his honor. They performed Gorakhnath's daily rituals within the confines of this temple complex. Many Gorakhnath devotees still come to this temple, known as the Gorakhnath Math. This temple is also home to the tomb and prayer seat of Gorakhnath, and it is still visited by many of his devotees. The festival of Makar Sankranti is the best time to visit this temple because it is celebrated grandly.

2. Railway Museum

A museum is an excellent place to satisfy your insatiable desire to learn about the past by studying artifacts from different eras. The Railway Museum in Gorakhpur is a must-see tourist attraction for people of all ages, but especially for families with children. The Railway Museum, located near the Golf Course, tells the history of the North Indian Railway through its exhibits. It is accomplished by displaying several old coal-burning trains and demonstration trains at this popular museum in Gorakhpur. Heavy machines and engines are also on display to tell the story of the world's largest rail network, which dates back to the 1800s. Lord Lawrence's Stream Engine is the most notable exhibit at this well-known tourist destination in Gorakhpur, and it is the most impressive of all.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

This engine was built in London in 1874 and transported to India via the sea in the following year. It was also the first engine used by the North Indian Railway, which dates back to 1872. It also has a gallery that displays items such as the uniforms worn by railway workers throughout history, clocks, furniture, a library, a photo gallery, and other items. The Toy Train, which is a major tourist attraction in Gorakhpur, adds an entirely new dimension to the uniqueness of this major tourist destination. It is a popular attraction at the museum, designed specifically for children. They can hop on board these toy trains and have a good time on the ride. This location's food plaza, magnificently housed in a railway compartment, is another highlight. A visit to the Railway Museum is unquestionably a highlight for tourists visiting Gorakhpur on vacation.

3. Geeta Vatika

In Gorakhpur, well-preserved treasures are abundant, and people from all walks of life have been enchanted by discovering the city's famous landmarks. With its riches to be discovered in every nook and cranny, Gorakhpur represents India's medieval grandeur in all her majesty. The Geeta Vatika is one location that has served as a proud icon for both locals and visitors to the city for many years. This religious monument, which is around 4 kilometers from the city's train station, serves as a memorial to India's great history and a place of worship.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

Gita Vatika is a revered holy place in Gorakhpur, and it is open to the public. This area, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna, is an ideal option for anybody who wants to concentrate and rest their mind and spirit in a peaceful environment. Many situations from the Bhagavad Gita are shown in this Vatika, and if you have read the sacred book, you will know many of them. The devotees gather in the morning and evening for prayers that provide inner calm to their hearts and minds. You should surely include the pilgrimage site of Gita Vatika on your itinerary if you are searching for peace and are a follower of Lord Krishna.

4. Imambara

It is one of the most important places to visit in Gorakhpur for history enthusiasts, and it is one of the most important places to visit in India. The Imambara, constructed in 1717 AD by Hajrat Saint Roshan Ali Shah, is a significant landmark in Gorakhpur. In the background of this monument, there is a fascinating story that will leave you speechless. Visit Imambara during your vacation to learn everything there is to know about the monument and take in its architecture's beauty. While a visit to the Imambara is worthwhile throughout the year, it is especially worthwhile during the month of Moharram, when the procession begins from here. The silver and gold Tazia kept here have garnered much attention. An ever-burning smoke fire, known as Dhuni, is maintained at Imambara continuously.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

Thousands of believers flock to the Imambara throughout the year to receive the blessings of Syed Raushan Ali. This location has also served as a Sufi center for more than 300 years. The core concepts of its inception have been preserved throughout time, both in the monument itself and in its tradition. The Imambara is an undisputed testament to India's rich history, as various kingdoms have come and gone, leaving their mark on its culture and history.

5. Veer Bahadur Singh Planetarium

The Vir Bahadur Singh Planetarium is one of the most impressive attractions in Gorakhpur, and it is well worth a visit. A visit to Vir Bahadur Singh Planetarium should be on your list of must-see tourist attractions if you are intrigued by the Moon, the Sun, and the Planets. For all visitors, this magnificent planetarium organizes three shows per day, and each of these shows is something that you should watch if you want to learn more about the solar system. Take public transportation to get to this location. The shows are held at 1 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm on weekdays, and you can easily get there.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

The Veer Bahadur Singh Planetarium, located on Taramandal Road in Gorakhpur, is a popular tourist destination and a popular place of interest for locals. Stepping into this planetarium gives the impression of being transported to another world entirely. Take a joyride through the fascinating world of stars and planets and broaden your horizons in the field of astronomy. This location stands out as a fantastic source of entertainment and provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Take your children on an educational tour of this state-of-the-art planetarium equipped with the latest technology. Please remember to take advantage of the magical shows organized here every week. You should stop here if you travel to Gorakhpur from anywhere else in India.

6. Arogya Mandir

The Arogya Mandir is a well-known spiritual and health facility in Gorakhpur, and it is open to the public. V.D Modi, a naturopath, was the one who started it all. It is a location where chronic disorders of the mind and body are treated using natural healing techniques and yoga in their purest form and where the mind and body are rejuvenated. The Arogya Mandir has earned prominence as a center for Vipassana meditation practice. Arogya Mandir invites a diverse range of patients from neighboring and far-flung regions.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

Arogya Mandir is well-known for treating various health problems using natural approaches and yoga. The primary goal of this spiritual and wellness center is to equip everyone with a fitness program; as a result, a 10-day vipassana course is provided to the majority of the patients at the facility. This course keeps track of everything from nutrition to one's sleep pattern. It assists practitioners in providing patients with the most appropriate therapy. The Arogya Mandir is well-equipped with all contemporary conveniences, ensuring that all tourists are completely comfortable throughout their stay.

7. Kapilvastu

When relics of Buddha were discovered during excavation at Kapilvastu Stupa in Kapilvastu, 97 kilometers north of Gorakhpur on the state highway-1A, they decided that the site should be established as an International Buddhist Pilgrimage Center. Lord Buddha spent 29 years of his early life at this location. There is a large stupa on the site, where the Buddha's remains were found during excavations.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

It is possible to observe the ruins of monasteries and palaces in Ganvaria. There are also several other ancient religious sites of worship, such as the Shivling, Narahi, Kubernetes, and Palta Devi temples, all popular tourist destinations. The temple of Narahi is devoted to Surya, the Sun deity, and it was constructed in the Konark architectural style.

8. Kushinagar

Kushinagar, located 51 kilometers east of Gorakhpur on National Highway No. 28, is a popular international tourist destination closely associated with the legend of Lord Buddha, the Founder of Buddhism. There are four sacred places associated with Lord Buddha, and this is one of them. Buddha delivered his final sermon at Rambhar Stupa in 483 BC, after which he attained Mahaparinirvana (salvation). He was cremated there. It is 6.10 meters long and is made of monolith red sandstone from the 5th century A.D., which was used to construct the temple's reclining nirvana statue of Lord Buddha. In this sculpture, 'The Dying Buddha' is depicted reclining on his right side with his face turned towards the west.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

It is a sacred pilgrimage site because it is the final resting place of Lord Buddha. Among the other attractions in Kushinagar are the Indo-Japanese Temple, the Myanmar Temple, the Chinese Temple, the Thai Temple, the Korean, Sri Lankan, and Tibetan temples, a 15-acre meditation park, and a museum.

Installation of a massive Buddha sculpture, carved out of a single block of stone, depicting Buddha sitting under the "Bodhi Tree" in a pose known as the "Bhumi Sparsh Mudra" (Bhumi Sparsh Mudra) (Earth touching attitude). The inscription at the statue's base is believed to have been written in the 10th or 11th century.

The Ramabhar Stupa, also known as a Mukutbandhan-Chaitya, is the cremation site of Buddha and is located in India. On the Kushinagar-Deoria road, this location is 1.5 kilometers east of the main Nirvana Temple.

9. Lumbini Museum

The Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, was born in the famed gardens of Lumbini in 623 B.C, which soon became a pilgrimage site. Ashoka, the Indian emperor, erected an inscribed Ashoka pillar at the temple. Nepal's oldest inscription is on this pillar. The site is one of Nepal's most popular tourist attractions for history buffs and Buddhists alike. Near the pond in Lumbini, a tree known as the Bodhi Tree is draped in prayer flags. Wishes are made here in the hopes that they will come true. To grant each wish, they attach a flag to the tree.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

The atmosphere is serene, making it a popular spot for people to meditate. Buddha's mother used to bathe in Mayadevi Pond before giving birth to him. It is located inside the Maya Devi temple complex. The first bath of Siddhartha Gautama is also said to have taken place here. The Mauryan and Kushana era artifacts are on display at the Lumbini Museum. Lumbini is depicted in religious manuscripts, metal sculptures, and stamps throughout the museum's collection. Across from the Lumbini Museum, the Lumbini International Research Institute (LIRI) houses research facilities dedicated to studying Buddhism and religion more broadly.

Archaeological remains associated with the birth of the Lord Buddha are now the centerpiece of Lumbini's development as a Buddhist pilgrimage center.

10. Tarkulha Devi

The Tarkulha Devi Temple is a well-known pilgrimage destination for followers of the Hindu faith. Tarkulha Devi was the Ishta Devi of independence warrior Senani Babu Bandhu Singh, also known as Senani Babu Bandhu. Every year, on the eve of Chaitra Ramnavmi, a large fair is organized that lasts for a month.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

Tarkulha Devi Temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area of Chauri Chaura. There is a temple here around 5 kilometers away from Chauri Chaura. According to tradition, the temple has long been linked with the famous liberation warrior Shaheed Bandhu Singh. In addition, a memorial has been erected in memory of Shaheed Bandhu Singh.

Formerly, he used the Guerilla warfare technique to fight the British. The Tarkulha Devi Temple is said to have been a place where he used to sacrifice the skulls of his enemies. His last detention by the British resulted in his public hanging at Ali Nagar Chauraha in Gorakhpur on August 12, 1857. People claim that the hangman was unable to hang him seven times because the rope broke on each occasion, thanks to the favor of Tarkulha Devi. It was only the eighth time that Bandhu Singh prayed to Mata Tarkulha Devi that it was successful.

11. Maghar

It is a town in Uttar Pradesh and a Nagar panchayat in that state's Sant Kabir Nagar district. Kabir, a poet-saint from the 15th century, whose samadhi was constructed by Hindus and mazaar by Muslims are located adjacent to one other. Mazaaar was previously referred to as 'Margharan,' which translates as "abduction on the road." The town was abandoned as a consequence, and no one wanted to visit there. Once upon a time, a saint being harassed by robbers cursed the town, declaring it would be a desolate wasteland that would offer nothing to be looted. It is reported that Kabir meditated here and that it poured throughout his session. From that day on, Maghar was no longer a desolate wasteland. Moreover, Kabir decided to die in Maghar to dispel the myth that he would go to hell after death.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

Some think Kabir sent a message to the world, warning people not to mindlessly follow the tradition of travelling to Varanasi to reach moksha.

This location has a connection to Saint Kabir, according to legend. It is where he was last seen alive in this earthly world. Following his departure, his students were able to find only fragrant flowers, which they used to create two shrines for Saint Kabir. The monuments are hardly a hundred meters apart from one another in this location.

12. Kushi Forest

Kushi Forest is well-known for its stunning surroundings and its peaceful atmosphere. As one travels farther into the woods, the ambience becomes even more enticing, and anybody may succumb to the beauty of the natural world. They may also find a miniature zoo inside the park. It offers a heaven for the spotted deer to rest. Nature paths are developed by the forest authority so that visitors may get up and personal with the stunning biodiversity. Camping is also permitted in this woodland up to a specific point on the perimeter.

Tourist Places in Gorakhpur

Kushi Forest, located near Gorakhpur, is a captivating site surrounded by lush greenery, including Sal trees, and offers a tranquil setting. The peaceful atmosphere of these woods never fails to captivate a large number of people regularly. Campers will find it an excellent location for their camping adventures under the stars. Furthermore, it has a zoo called Vinod Van in its immediate vicinity, which is nice. A visit to Kushmi Forest is an excellent investment of time and money. Kushi Forest is well-known for its stunning surroundings and its peaceful atmosphere. As a person travels farther into the woods, the atmosphere becomes more inviting, and anybody can be tempted to submit to nature. They may also find a miniature zoo inside the park. It serves as a haven for spotted deer and other wildlife. The forest authority has established nature walks to inspect the beautiful species carefully. Campers are welcome to stay in these woods until a certain boundary is reached.

13. Vinod Van

Gorakhpur has many breathtaking and magnificent tourist sites, such as Vinod Van, that are well worth visiting in 2022. The city boasts a diversified culture, stunning and extraordinary landscapes, the greatest sightseeing spots in Gorakhpur, and many neighbouring weekend getaway locations from Gorakhpur, making it one of India's most popular tourist destinations. Gorakhpur is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Travellers may plan a vacation to Gorakhpur to see Vinod Van, which will provide them with an unforgettable experience. Vinod Van, one of the most popular sites in Gorakhpur, will take your breath away with its spectacular sceneries and beautiful vistas. ClearHolidays is an outstanding online travel resource that offers good online travel guides and travel information to assist you in planning your trip to Gorakhpur, India. You will also get information on the best restaurants in Gorakhpur, directions to the nearest restaurant from your location using Google Maps, things to do, places to visit, hotel offers, outdoor adventure activities, and weekend destinations in Gorakhpur. A variety of great outdoor adventure activities are available in Gorakhpur for adrenaline addicts to participate in and have fun exploring. Locals may also take advantage of various neighbouring weekend destinations to enjoy short weekend getaways with their families and friends.

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