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Tourist Places in East Godavari

A tourist place is a place of attraction and interest that exhibits natural or built beauty, historical significance, and natural and cultural value and offers amusement and leisure.

Significance of Tourist Place

  1. It plays a key role in strengtheningthe economy
  2. It has immense potential to generate new markets and create employment opportunities for youth.
  3. The state spends a lot of money on promoting tourism and has deployed its resources to strengthen this sector.
  4. Apart from economic gains, it also strengthens social and cultural contact between societies and people.
  5. Tourist contributions are a significant source of foreign exchange reserves.

East Godavari

East Godavari district is situated in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The area has been ruled and flourished under great ancient and medieval Indian rulers like the Great Mauryas, Eastern Chalukyas, the Sathavahanas, Kaktiyas, the Cholas, the Reddy Kings, Musunuri Chieftains, and Kutubshahis. Later it came under the hands of colonial masters. The district is rich in culture and tradition and one of the main centers of attraction of point in the state. They have a higher GDP ratio compared to other districts. The district came into existence after it bifurcated from the West Godavari. The area has a close association with the river Godavari. The areas contain a major part of the delta area.

Godavari River

The Godavari is the largest river in South India. The river crosses both the state of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and becomes powerful and uncontrollable at Rajahmundry. The Godavari originates from Nashik, a district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Tourism in East Godavari is divided into four parts:

  • Religious Tourism
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Engineering Tourism
  • Forest Tourism

Religious Tourism

Sometimes it is also called Pilgrimage tourism. The main aim of the tourist is to witness temples, mosques, and Churches. It is a pilgrimage place full of varied and rich shrines and temples. The place has significant historical importance, and some of the famous and visited pilgrimages that are present in the East Godavari are:

1. Ryali

Tourist Places in East Godavari

The place is situated 38 km away from Rajamahendravaram. It is a blissful place between the rivers Vashitsa and Gowtami.

Jagnadh Swami is constructed with black stone. Tourists can witness Mahavishnu in front and Jagan Mohini on the backside and can also see Urvasi, Garuda, Rambha, Narada, Thumbra, and the Ganga. The shrine is also called "Swayambhu".

2. Bikkavolu

The temple is devoted to the Sri Vinayaka. The structure of the main deity present in the temple is 7 feet tall. It is a Swayambhu. The place is situated 40 km from Rajamahedravaram. It is said that the idol was placed in 849 A.D., and it is increasing from time to time. The pilgrims say their wishes into the ears of Sri Vinayaka. Pilgrims are amazed to witness when the water comes out from the left leg of the Sri Vinayaka.

3. Gollala Mamidada

Tourist Places in East Godavari

The place is situated 45 kilometers away from Rajamahendravaram. Lush green fields and coconut grooves surround the location. Suryanarayana Swamy Temple is located here. The temple is spread across 16 acres and 170 feet high gopuram. Sometimes it is referred to as "Chinna Bhadrachalam". One hundred carvings are scripted on the temples, each carving exhibiting different epics and mythologies inspired by various gods and goddesses. It is thrilling and exciting to watch and consumes a lot of time to see every carving.

4. Markandeya Swamy Temple

Tourist Places in East Godavari

It is one of the oldest temples containing Lord Shri Shiv's deities and other gods in one place. The temple was reconstructed in 1818. As the temple is near the ghats, the pilgrims prefer to take a dip before entering the temple.

5. Korukonda

Vaishnava Divya Kshetram is an ancient historic temple devoted to Sri Vishnu. The place is situated 25 kilometers away from the Rajamundry. Swayambhu idol is placed on the top point of the mountain, and it is accessible after a long journey. The temple was built 800 years ago.

6. Royal Mosque

Tourist Places in East Godavari

It is located in the Rajamundhry and was constructed in 1305 A.D. by the Sumera Sahib(Mohammad Bin Tughlaq's son). The monument is very ancient, and it is very joyful to watch. The structure is a symbol of brotherhood and religious tranquillity. The architecture is 700 years old.

Cultural Tourism

Culture has been the magnetic force and inspiration for many tourists to travel toward the east Godavari. Culture is a major driving force that brought people from different walks of life to this magnificent, serene, and blissful place. Some of the cultural tourist hotspots present in east Godavari are:

1. Pandava Metta

The place is not familiar and well known to the people. It is a hill rock present near the Peddapuram. Peddapuram is a tiny town in the district. The structure exhibits the story of the exile period of the Pandavas. It is believed that they stayed on a hill while going to the Rameswaram. This reason is stated for the naming of the hill.

2. Peruru

It is a tiny rural area near Amalapuram (East Godavari District). The place is filled with ancient and heritage structures. The place is accessible from Rajahmundry and takes 3-4 hours.

3. Konaseema Festival

This traditional festival is celebrated with much rigor, grand fanfare, and on a massive scale. The fests bring people from different parts of the globe and people from its surrounding district. The festival exhibits its glorious tradition and magnificent tradition. Replicas of the prominent temple are built, and numerous cultural programs are scheduled in this way.

4. Manyam Jatara

It is a three-day fair that showcases the culture, tradition, and customs of our tribal community. East Godavari district administration has taken an effort along with the Integrated Tribal Development agency to promote tourism they conduct "Manyam Jatara". The Manyam Jatra is held with the participation of 60% of local tribes, and 40% of people are from surrounding districts. Numerous food and mind-blowing bamboo products are lined up for exhibition at this grand fair.

5. Kakinada Beach Festival

The beach has been renamed after NTR and is a tourist favorite destination. The events bring in a huge number of people to witness the fest. The major attraction point is the arrival of guests and superstars from the Telugu Film Industry. The horticulture adds extra flavors and vibe to this festival. The water sport is held with the help of the Goa State Administration, and the Aqua Sector is a special point of attraction.


Forestry and Wildlife are the primary goal of any tourist to watch on tour. The name eco-tourism suggests that the tourist is keen to visit places like nature to create awareness among the people of the cultural and environmental impact. Some of the Eco-tourism hotspots that are present in East Godavari are:

1. Kadiyam

The place is 14 away from Rajamundhry and is filled with lush green nurseries. These nurseries have a wide number of species in them. The tourist can buy different kinds of plant species from the nurseries. The flower show, which is organized, is stunning and worth watching. Many plants that include agricultural and home garden purposes are sent to different parts of the world.

2. Papi Hills

It is a Rajahmundry- Bhadrachalam boat way. It is a magnificent tourist place that is filled with dense forests. A National Park is available there that contains spotted deer, tigers, leopards, and samba. A suitable package is given to the tourists for staying at affordable costs in the huts of Papi hills. Tourists can witness the sunrise and enjoy the boating ride there.

3. Rampachodavaram

A tribal, rural area 50 km from Rajahmundry is enriched with natural beauty and 26 km from Maredumilli, filled with waterfalls and intense forest. It is a suitable place for nature lovers.

4. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary has 35 mangrove tree species, making it the place 2nd largest mangrove forest in India. Tourist can locate more than 120 species of bird that is present 18 km far from the Kakinada. It is popular for saltwater crocodiles, and the sandpit is a major tourist attraction; it is 18 km long. Tourists can use a ferry in the backwaters of the Godavari and Gowthami rivers.

5. Konaseema

It is a dream destination for nature lovers, and the place is an oasis of enchanting beauty, tranquillity, and peace. By looking at the surrounding, you could witness the most fertile lands and its associated swaying coconut trees, eye-feasting palm trees, and magnificent landscape. The place is filled with artistic temples and greenery. The place is also famous for its delicious cuisine and amazing blend of spices and fresh seafood.

6. Maredumilli

The area has a special place in the eyes of eco-tourist as it is part of the eastern ghat and rich in biodiversity. The enclosed tourist area is Maredumilli-Badrachalama Road. The jungle is present at the Valamuru river and has a mythological significance as the people believe this is where Vali- Sugriva fought. A rest house was built in 1914 and named "Abhayaranya Forest," and the rest house has all the required facilities.

Engineering Tourism

The city has many engineering wonders that are striking and awesome to the mind. This engineering has a massive significance as it seeks to enhance a person's knowledge and give great importance to transport, communications, commerce, and development. Apart from giving amusement and knowledge to the people, these engineering marvels have taken districts to newer heights in development and progress.

1. The Havelock Bridge

Tourist Places in East Godavari

It is also sometimes called the old Godavari Bridge, and it helps in passing trains between Howrah and Madras. The old three bridges are spread across the Godavari River at Rajahmundry. The building of the bridge began on 11 November 1897. The name of the bridge is derived from former Governor of Madras, Sir Arthur Elibank Havelock. The area has been turned into a tourist zone.

2. The Fourth Bridge

It is a four-lane bridge constructed with the aim of decongestion of traffic jams that happen on the present Rail-cum-Road Bridge. The bridge's construction has reduced the distance by 50km between Chennai and Kolkata.

3. The Cotton Bridge

The engineering marvel which has been constructed in 1850 in observance of Sir Arthur Cotton, a British irrigation engineer. The bridge is constructed over on Godavari River.

4. Road Cum Rail Bridge

The bridge is built over the beautiful river Godavari, and it is the third largest in Asia. The construction process was initiated by the Southern-Central Railway, which is 4.1 km long; the development of the bridge commenced in 1970 by Braithwaite, Burn, and Jessop construction company. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, then Former President of India, inaugurated the bridge on 16 August 1974.

5. Arch Bridge

Godavari Arch bridge was constructed to replace the Haverlock Bridge. Its development work commenced in 1991 and was completed in 1997. The trains started operating on this bridge in 2003. The bridge spreads across the Godavari River and is situated on two channels, the Rajahmundry and the Kovvur. It is also referred to as Kovvur- Rajahmundry Bridge.

Forest Tourism

The district's forest cover is 32% which is 336 sq. km of land. This has opened various windows of opportunity to the local population and has become a tool to promote forestry management and support local communities. Thus, the district has immense potential for the development of forest tourism, and it is one of the rapidly growing tourist hubs in the East Godavari district.

Traveling in this region will give you a soothing opportunity to interact with local plants, species, and animals of this region who have been living for hundred years. The pleasure you will get is beyond words, and the psychological benefits are immense and countless. Some of the fascinating and popular forests present in the area are:

1. Rampachodvaram

The place is widely credited for its deep penetrating jungles and eye-soothing waterfalls, and its beauty is accessible through the jeep. It will give you an exhilarating experience while you drive in the forests. It is just 82 km far away from the Kakinada. This atmosphere and surroundings are famous among the local filmmaker for their natural beauty.

2. Addateegala

It is 67km far from Kakinada, and the area is filled with streams, forest-clad mountains, and deep gaping valleys. The place has many tribes with cultural and linguistic differences under its protection.

3. Seetapalli

Popular Sri Bapanamma Talli Temple is famous in Seethapalli. The place is 75 km away from the Kakinada. Seetapalli has no railway stations. So, tourists board the train from a nearby railway station, i.e., Seetapalli.

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