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6 Best Tourist Places in Kolli hills

The Meaning of the Name: Silappathigaram, Manimekalai, Purananuru, and Akananuru are only a few of the great Tamil literary works that mention the Kolli Hills. Around 200 CE "common (or current) era", Valvil Ori, regarded as one of the seven greatest philanthropists in the history of Tamil Nadu, took control of the area.

Many poets have written songs about his bravery and skill with a gun, and his exploits are well-known in legend. Ori is credited for using a single arrow to kill many wild creatures, including a lion, bear, deer, and a boar. The local god Kollipavai, also known as "Ettukkai Amman," is credited with guarding the hills.

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

Legend says that when the sages searched for a tranquil destination to perform their penance, they settled on the Kolli hills. When the philosophers started their rituals, the demons invaded the hills to stop penance. The sages prayed to Kollipavai, who in myth is said to have driven the demons away with her alluring smile.

The Kollipavai Temple is still revered today, and the locals honour her smile. Because of the natural and less-travelled environment, the mountains frequently appear as a spooky location in modern stories. The villagers said that Saptha Kannigal may still be heard in several places (The Seven Virgin Angels). Kolli Hills' features are as follows:

Hills and Hairpin Bends:

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

Kolli Hills, one of India's most beautiful mountain ranges, is located in Central Tamil Nadu and extends over the Namakkal and Tiruchirapalli districts. Tamil speakers call it Kolli Malai because of the Goddess who formerly protected the entire region.

The mountains cover a roughly 280 square kilometre region and range in height from around 1000 to 1300 meters. Furthermore, these hills are a part of the Eastern Ghats, a mountain range that primarily parallels Southern India's east coast.

One must travel through the strange Hairpin bends to get to the impressive mountains and enjoy the breathtaking view. The 70 hairpin bends of Kolli Hills Road are both dangerous and fascinating.

The majority of young people, especially those going on weekend getaways, choose to go by bike with their friends since it is a fantastic experience that allows them to take in the stunning sky, the aroma of the plant species, and the challenging route to their destination. The destination is also accessible by bus and rail.

Due to its numerous hairpin curves, Kollimalai Hills is challenging to drive but is not particularly risky compared to other ghat roads. The road's steepest stretch is an elevation that begins in Karavalli and finishes in Solakkau. When travelling, one must take all necessary precautions to keep themselves, their family, and their friends safe.

Ideal Season to Visit:

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

Except for January, when temperatures in Tamil Nadu drop due to the height of this gorgeous location, Kolli Hills may be visited throughout the year. The weather in Kolli Hills is pretty lovely in other months.

Therefore, the best way to experience Kollimalai is from February to December. An ideal time of two to three days would be sufficient to discover the most useful of the Hills as there are just a few attractions.

The Treasure of Herbal Medicine:

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

Aside from their historical importance, the mountains are surrounded by evergreen forests. For farming purposes, more and more forest land is being destroyed. Black pepper, jackfruit, bananas, pineapples, oranges, tapioca, and other spices are among the farm products of the mountain ranges. The primary diet of the tribal people that live in these mountains is rice, along with various minor millets and little millet.

In addition to being frequently bathed in wild honey gathered from these mountains, the jackfruit found on these mountains is highly recognized for its flavour and aroma. Since Kolli Hills is well famous for its medicinal plants more than anything else, the Farm is worth a visit.

Ayurveda and Siddha therapies use a vast range of medicinal plants and herbs. The Unani medication is fostered, grown, gathered, and given to other city areas. With the spring and monsoon, the mountains are covered in a lush forest. The Government of Tamil Nadu is in charge of three reserve forests: Ariyur Solai, Kundur Nadu, and Pulianjolai.

Residence for animals:

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

This area's vast and diversified forests are valuable for the Flora & Fauna. Many rare tree and plant species may be found in these forests. The Southern Eastern Ghats' Kolli Hills are reported to contain the most extensive area of evergreen forest in the region.

This area has several silver-oak estates, fruit orchards, and coffee plantations. Kolli Hills are home to various animals, including sloth bears, barking deer, slender lorises, Indian pangolins, jackals, mongooses, and palm civets.

There are also numerous unique species of lizards, uncommon non-venomous snakes of the Uropeltidae family, including the recently discovered Uropeltis rajendrani, Rhinophis goweri, and these lizards are all native to the Kolli Hills, including Hemiphyllodactylus kolliensis and Hemidactylus kolliensis.

Tourist Attractions in Kolli Hills

1. The Arapaleeswarar Temple:

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

The Valvil Ori, who had roots in the first century CE, erected the Arapaleeswarar Temple. The temple, which is devoted to Lord Shivaand is a crucial stop for tourists visiting Kolli Hills, is a living example of the superb Dravidian architectural style. Lord Mahadev is the main god.

The Arapaleeswarar temple, which is believed to have a hidden path to the Lord Mahadev temple at Rasipuram, is why the mountain is famous as a pilgrimage destination. According to legend, Valvil Ori, who ruled over this region in the first or second century, constructed this Lord Mahadev temple.

Lord Arappaleeswarar is honored in the poem "Arappaleeswara Sathakam." This temple was said to have existed even during the Sangam era. According to tradition, the Shiva Linga in the temple was allegedly discovered when a farmer was ploughing his field. According to legend, the farmer struck the Shiva linga by mistake as he was plowing, which caused blood to pour out of the statue. On the Shiva linga, the alleged little wound is still apparent.

2. The Botanical Garden

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

The Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Kolli Hills. This is located in Tamil Nadu's Namakkal District, 3 kilometres from Semmedu. It has a Children's Park, a breathtaking outlook, eco-friendly homes, and a lovely rose garden. Visits to this beautiful garden are welcome Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Pets are not permitted on the Botanical Garden's property. This destination is a must-see when planning a trip to Kolli Hills.

3. The Tampcol Medicinal Farm

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

The destination is on the route from Semmedu back to Vaasaloorpatti. The farm is well known for having a large variety of medicinal plants. It's a lovely destination to stroll around and relax, and the Tamil Nadu State Government oversees its management.

At this Farm, various herbs are produced, including shrubs and plants, which are beneficial for medical purposes.

4. A Trek to Agaya Gangai Waterfall

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

One of the top attractions of Namakkal, Tamil Nadu's Kolli Hills, Rasipuram Taluk, is the Agaya Gangai waterfall. The distance from the temple's sides is one kilometre. There are 1302 stairs to travel down (and back up) to reach the waterfall, which has an incredible structure of natural beauty. The steep and exhausting steps provide the guests with a unique experience.

The journey down to the falls and the climb back up take around 30 minutes and 1 hour, respectively. The waterfall has a 300-foot height and provides a fantastic vista. According to the water flow, a pond-like area is next to the rocks. To experience the waterfall's spray, people must enter the pond to get wet. There is a knot in a rope.

Tourists are led through the pond to get to the waterfall safely. Guests are permitted on and off depending on the amount of rain and water in the falls. There isn't a cost to enter. Every day, millions of people visit the location.

5. A Stroll into The Siddhar Caves

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

Kolli Hills is surrounded by diverse scenery and has a definite spiritual vibe. One such destination is Siddhar Caves, where just one or two tourists are permitted inside at one time. Additionally, there are many medicinal plants around these caves to provide tourists with a tranquil environment that is good for their mental and physical health.

6. A Ride at Vasalurpatty Boat House:

Tourist Places in Kolli hills

This is located around 5 kilometres from Vasalurpatty's city centre in Tamil Nadu's Namakkal District. This location is well-known for the boathouse constructed on the artificial lake, one of the most popular destinations in Kolli Hills.

One of the most remarkable experiences in Kolli Hills is the peaceful lake here encircled by the vibrantly green hills. The destination is open from Monday to Sunday, from 6 am to 6 pm. The entrance cost to enjoy the lovely boat ride at Vasalurpatty Boat House is INR 5 per person.


One of Tamil Nadu's most breathtaking tourist destinations is said to be the Kolli Hills. It is a location that brings physical and mental peace to the body and minds. This is a highly suggested location to go to on the weekend with family and friends to relax.

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