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Tourist Places in Anantnag

The heaven of India- Jammu and Kashmir- is filled with striking locations and green mountains. One of these picturesque destinations is the Anantnag city, commonly known as Islamabad. It is an agricultural trading station, and here lies the southern headquarters for the large boats to assist them in navigation. The town is beautiful all over, and there are many places if you decide to visit. Some of them are given below

1. Kishtwar National Park

Tourist Places in Anantnag

Kishtwar is located on the highland above the river Chenab, and the Nagin sheer glacier flows under it. In the area, saffron cultivation is a common occupation, and a batch can be harvested during summer. The park consists of different animal species, such as Musk deer and Himalayan brown and black bears, and locations, especially the main tourist attraction of the place, Snow leopards. The park was first established in 1981. The park spreads over the land of about 400 km sq. Another name for Kishtwar is "Land of Sapphire and Saffron", and it lives up to its reputation.

The park got its name from Kishatrishi, the prosperous saint. In the mountain area of Kishtwar, precious stones like Sapphire and Quartz are found inside the Padder and Ruby Gems. The wonderful scenery of the national park shouldn't be missed, and if you are looking for a location for trekking in the high-altitude hills, this is the place for you.

2. Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki

Tourist Places in Anantnag

Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki is one of the oldest mosques in Anantnag and dates back almost 600 years. The noted scholar, Hazrat Sheikh Baba Dawood Khaki, resided at this place once and, therefore, was accepted as the main Qasi of the place. Baba Dawood Khaki built several mosques in Anantnag to spread the love for Islam around the place. The style of the mosque is Indo-Islamic, and the inner walls are filled with intricate carvings. Several abstract designs are carved out on the dome of the mosque. Many pilgrims arrive at the mosque at the birth and death anniversary of Baba Dawood Khaki

Festivals like Eid are celebrated with large crowds, and the best time to visit the mosque would be around Ramadan. The place gives you a peaceful experience and is open to both Muslim and non-Muslim populations.

3. Martand Sun Temple

Tourist Places in Anantnag

The temple is one of the most cherished locations of Indian Culture. Martand Sun temple is also known as Pandou Laden, and it was particularly constructed to worship Surya, the god of the Sun. It was built during the 8th century CE. It was established at the orders of Lalitaditya Muktapidaand later wrecked by Sikandar Shah Miri. The temple is listed as a centrally protected monument in India. After the attack of Sikandar Shah, the temple is not in good condition, but the stone walls have survived the tests of time, and the architecture is still as magnificent as expected. The large stones used in its construction are cut out in the shapes of squares and shapes.

There are many legends and historic stories passed down for generations, and as for historians, it has been a goldmine of mysteries for ages. It is a wonderful location to visit if you are interested in some historical adventure.

4. Amarnath Ji's Cave

Tourist Places in Anantnag

Amarnathji's cave is one of India's most well-known and devoted pilgrimages. People from different states of India travel long distances to get a glimpse of the shrine of Lord Shiva. The pilgrims from around the world pass through the harsh conditions to reach this cave that is located at 3,888m above sea level. The journey itself is named Amarnath Yatra. Inside the cave is a natural ice stalagmite that looks like a Shivalinga and miraculously expands during the months of May to August. The Hindu legends convey that in the Amarnath cave, Lord Shiva had disclosed the truths about life and immortality to Goddess Parvati.

The only time the caves can be accessible is in July and August. You have to pass through Pahalgam to reach the shrine. However, the journey would be much longer, and most pilgrims prefer it that way. If you want to reach the shrine early, there is also a route passing through Baltal that is steeper and shorter.

5. Ziarat Baba Hyder Reshi Shrine

Tourist Places in Anantnag

Ziarat Baba Hyder Reshi Shrine is one of the many prominent tourist attractions of Anantnag district. It is located in the Danter village, almost 9km away from Anantnag city. Another name for this shrine is Harda Reshi. As the name of the site suggests, the shrine is dedicated to a Sufi saint, Baba Hyder Reshi.

Muslim population visits the shrine in masses every year. The tombs of Baba Hyder and his 21 disciples are arranged in the Pilgrimage. Devotees have to refrain from eating meat for a certain period when they arrive to celebrate the birth and death anniversaries of Baba Haider here. Along with the tombs, the structure includes a mosque and a seminary.

6. Lal Chowk

Tourist Places in Anantnag

Lal Chowk is the well-known urban square in Anantnag town.At this place, the tricolour flag of India was first pulled up by former Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. The name Lal Chowk is particularly inspired by the left socialist Revolutionaries party that was formed during the Russian Revolution. In 1952, the monarchy system was eradicated. Therefore, Maharaja Hari Singh had to leave his position as the king of J&K. Pandit Nehru, and Sheikh Abdullah, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, had many discussions about the political reestablishment of J&K.

The open bazaar on the "Mall Road of Kashmir" is the ultimate tourist attraction from where travellers can gather souvenirs. The small shops consist of shawls and clothes made of Pashmina wool, handicrafts, jewellery, items for home décor, etc. There is also a clock tower present at the centre of Lal Chowk, which was constructed in 1980. Wooden ornaments such as wooden boxes, keychains, and bowls are precious accessories to take home from here.

Places near Anantnag

7. Sopore

Tourist Places in Anantnag

The beautiful town of Sopore is situated at a distance of about 48km from Srinagar at the edge of river Jhelum. Given the title of "apple town of Asia" or "Asia's second largest fruit Mandi", the town is the largest trading hub in North Kashmir. Sopore is home to many alluring and serene shrines, such as Shiekh Hamza Makhdoomi Tujar, Daid Moud Mundji, Baba Shukurdin Watlab, and so on. The town of Sopore was established in 880 CE by the Avantivarman.

Right beside Sopore flows the beautiful Wular Lake, which is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. This city is the largest part of Kashmir, but still, it is the most neglected city. It takes about two hours to reach Sopore from Anantnag and there is not much traffic. Sitting beside the lake with the family for a picnic feels like heaven, or if you are a lone traveller, you can feel relaxed by just looking at the lake.

8. Wular Lake

Tourist Places in Anantnag

This freshwater lake covers around 200km sq. It is situated near the Bandipora district in Srinagar. As the lake was formed by the collision of tectonic plates, the surface area of the lake keeps changing throughout the year. Tourists travel from all around to enjoy the sublime environment. Wular Lake is famous for many fun activities, such as water boating, water skiing, and other water sports. The sunset looks magnificent while thing beside the lake. Various types of fish live in the lake water, and the major source of water in the lake is the Jhelum River. It is one of the 26 most exquisite wetlands in India. It is also known as the cleanest lake in Kashmir.

Fishes like Rosy Barb, Mosquito Fish, and common carp are found in the lake as the sunshine is reflected from it. In the hilly areas of Kashmir, fish is a healthy and important part of the diet of locals, making fishery one of the most important occupations there.

If you are a nature lover or bird watcher, the place is your best option. Birds from different regions of the world are found here. It is one of the must-visit locations if you are travelling to Anantnag.

9. Kheer Bhawani Temple

Tourist Places in Anantnag

The Kheer Bhawani temple (also called Ksheer Bhawani or the Ragnya Devi temple) is located near the Kheer Bhawani springs and Baba Dawood Khaki Masjid in Anantnag. According to local beliefs, offering kheer and milk to the temple deity brings good fortune to the devotees. The Kashmiri Pandits from the Vale worship the temple deity persistently. The structure of the temple is not extravagant and classic, but the stone complex appears beautiful among all the greenery. The stories associated with the temple suggest that as a sign of upcoming misfortune, water around the stone structure turns black. Tourists come here to test their luck and witness the miracle of religious power.

10. Aishmuqam Shrine

Tourist Places in Anantnag

The Aishmuqam Shrine is dedicated to the disciple of a prominent saint of Kashmir, Noor-ud-din. Tourists come to the shrine in search of peace as Sheikh Zain ud Din had devoted his life to God and, at last, found tranquillity. Also, the shrine is situated at the top of a hill, almost 20km away from Pahalgam. When you reach the hilltop, which is about 100m above the road, you will find a deep cave leading to the crypt. Sheikh Zain Ud din lived in the 15th century AD, and his shrine is one of the most alluring landmarks of Aishmuqam village

Tourists arrive from all over Kashmir to attend the festival on the anniversary of Sheikh Zain ud Din. The crowd that gathers in the shrine consists of almost 20,000 devotees. Anantnag Railway station and bus stop are located at a distance of 30 and 22 km from the shrine. There are various modes of transport to reach this destination.

11. Tarsar Lake

Tourist Places in Anantnag

The journey to the Tarsar Lake is known to be one of the best treks in India. Tarsar Lake is an almond-shaped lake situated in the Anantnag district. It is near the Dachigam National Park, and on its south is the town of Trail. The lake is surrounded by the picturesque high mountains of Kolahoi. The green plateau surrounding the lake's blue water looks right out of dreamland. The summit of the mountain is about 4000m above the water level. This mountain segregates Tarsar Lake from Marsar Lake, which flows directly opposite to it. Therefore, the two lakes are referred to as twins.

Tourists come a long way to enjoy the beautiful trek and to have a camping experience near Tarsar Lake.

Do not forget to add these nearby places to your must-visit list. Kashmir is a state filled with natural abundance, but in Anantnag resides the otherworldly destinations that hold your mind and soul captive. After all, this place is not called heaven for nothing.

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