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Tourist Places in Bilaspur

Bilaspur is a significant city in Chhattisgarh, an important historical, cultural, and natural state in India. This city is home to one of the vital commercial hubs for the state. If we look at the history, we can see that the Ratanpur Kalchuri dynasty formerly ruled here. However, the city's prominence increased throughout the Maratha period. The modern representations of the places associated with the past include forts and temple structures. It is the ideal choice in terms of tourism, as there are several spots to explore. In this article, we will tell you about the tourist destinations in Bilaspur. Here is the list of the top tourist places in Bilaspur

1. Devrani Jethani Temple

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

A historical location in Bilaspur is the Devrani Jethani Temple. There are old statues that can be seen here. Here, there are two temples with the names Devrani and Jethani. From an archaeological perspective, both of these temples are extremely valuable. Lord Shiva is the object of worship at this temple. The Rudra Shiva statue, a beautiful representation of Lord Shiva, is found here. Rudrashiva's statue is quite magnificent. The entire body of this statue allows you to glimpse many faces. Both human and animal faces may be seen here. You can see the turban located on the statue of Rudrashiva, which is made of snake sculptures. This statue allows you to view the snake on its underside. Its mouth holds a crab. This is a well-known statue.

The Devrani Jethani Temple is situated approximately 40 kilometres outside Bilaspur in a town named Tala along the Bilaspur-Raipur Highway. The temple is located in a site called Tala, close to Amri Kop village on the Manihari River's banks. The Sharabhpuri monarchs of Dakshin Kosala erected these temples in the past. There are several different statues to be seen inside this stunning temple. Visitors may enjoy a stunning view of the Maniyari River, which flows behind the temple. Shivner River receives water from the Maniyari River. Visiting this place may be a lot of fun. This is a popular destination in Bilaspur.

2. Kanan Pendari Garden

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

The city of Bilaspur's Kanan Pendari Udyan is a popular tourist site. Many wild creatures that have been housed here are which you can enjoy seeing. The Babbar Lion, White Tiger, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Shahi, Wild Boar, Emu, Crocodile, Deer, Bear, and Leopard may all be seen here. You may also view the fish house, which has a variety of fish species on display. There is also a bird sanctuary where you can watch many different birds. Additionally, there is a snake park nearby where you may observe pythons and other varieties of snakes. There are also several swings built here for the kids to use. You will have a good time visiting this place. The Mungeli Bilaspur Highway is where the Kanan Pendari Zoological Garden is located in Bilaspur. By bus or your vehicle, you may get here with ease. The opening hours for this park are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and it is closed on Mondays. This park requires a charge to enter. For an adult visitor, it costs Rs. 20, while for a youngster, it costs Rs.10. Additionally, a convenient parking area is nearby. In the city of Bilaspur, this is a must-see location.

3. Bilasa Tal Vasundhara Garden

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

One of the top tourist attractions in Bilaspur is Bilasa Tal Vasundhara Udyan. Here, you can see a pond and a lot of greenery. A seating area on the pond's bank has been created from where you may enjoy the beautiful views. Dinosaurs statues, which are also available here, are entertaining for the kids. There are a lot more statues here than this one. Besides that, there are a lot of trees and flowering plants that have been planted nearby. The pond has fish that are all different colors. Additionally, the pond offers boating facilities.

The Bilasa Tal Vasundhara Udyan is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 5:00. There is a fee for entry here. For tourists, the price is 20 rupees, and for kids, the price is 10 rupees. Children's entry costs Rs. 10 and boating Rs. 20. There is also a parking cost here. It's a great location for a picnic. Tuesdays are a closed day at this park. You will like your visit here.

4. Energy Education Park

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

A popular tourist destination in Bilaspur is Urja Shiksha Udyan. This garden is stunning. Energy Park and Solar Energy Park are the other names by which it is known. This park is quite lovely and is spread out across a wide area. You may view several different kinds of colorful fountains in this park. In this area, there is also a small museum where you can explore several models of solar energy-related machinery. A little pond nearby has been planted with several lotus blossoms. Using solar and other sustainable energy sources is what it mostly encourages more people to do.

In Rajkishore Nagar, in the city of Bilaspur, next to BSNL Exchange Road, is the location of the Energy Park. You may bring your family here to have a stroll in the park. Kids will get a lot of knowledge regarding renewable resources. This park is encircled by vegetation on all sides. This park requires a charge to enter. For an adult, 20 rupees are required here.

5. Malhar

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

In the city of Bilaspur, Malhar is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Malhar is dedicated to several historic temples. Malhar is located roughly 30 kilometers from Bilaspur. Malhar is reachable either by bus or by own vehicle. Around the season of Mahashivratri, Malhar hosts the Malhar fair, which is a 14-day fair. People from many areas attend this fair since it is so large. Mahashivratri is an appropriate time to travel to Malhar. These temples are built in the tenth and eleventh centuries. In these temples, beautiful carvings may be observed. In Malhar, there are many historic temples to visit.

6. Smriti Van Udyan

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

A popular tourist attraction in Bilaspur is Smriti Van Udyan. Rajkishore Nagar in the city of Bilaspur is where this park is situated. This is a beautiful garden to visit. In this park, numerous statues look like a lot of fun. Here, kids may play a variety of entertaining activities. There is also a pond in the garden, which enhances its beauty. There are several benches placed for sitting on the bank of this pond. You may relax here and enjoy the lovely scene of the pond. Adults are required to pay Rs 20 for entry to this park. Here, you may have a wonderful time. It is a must-see location in Bilaspur.

7. Achanakmar Tiger Reserve

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

Achanakmar Tiger Reserve is a well-known tourist attraction close to Bilaspur and it was found in 1975. The district of Mungeli is located in Achanakmar Bilaspur. It is a gorgeous green forest that you can enjoy. During the rainy season, this location has a really lovely look. Numerous wild creatures may be viewed here as well. Wild creatures that house this area include the tiger, leopard, deer, langur, bison, and many others. Hills, huge forests, and beautiful green trees are all scenic here.

In the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, visitors may view many different plants. In 2009, it was designated as a tiger reserve. In this sanctuary, tourists may go on a gypsy safari. Various hours apply to Safari in this location. You can stay at one of the several resorts that are accessible here. Additionally, the homes of the many tribal groups are shown here. The trip here may be delightful.

8. Kori Dam

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

Beautiful reservoir Kori Dam is close to Bilaspur. Hills and trees line all sides of this reservoir. From Bilaspur, this reservoir is roughly 40 kilometers away. You may take advantage of the clean air by visiting here. You will have a great time if you visit during the rainy season since the area is lush with flora and the dam is filled with water. This place has a beautiful sunset view. Snail Dam is another name by which Kori Dam is known. When the dam floods here, it is quite lovely. Picnics are popular here, and many people visit.

9. Wonder World

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

The city's Wonder World is a popular tourist destination. It's a theme park here. Nearby this park lies the Kanan Pendari Zoo. You may view a scale model of the world's seven wonders here. You may enjoy boating in this small pond. Here, there are many exciting things to do. You can come here if you're visiting the Kanoon Pendari Zoo. There is a little restaurant nearby where you may get a wide range of meals.

10. Khutaghat Dam

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

One of Bilaspur's primary attraction is the Khutaghat Dam. This dam is situated in Bilaspur's Ratanpur. It is 4 kilometres away from Ratanpur to this dam. Hills surround it on all sides of the dam. Coming here during the rainy season would allow you to enjoy a wonderful view. The water in this dam overflows and flows like a spring filled with water during the rainy season.

Additionally, this dam allows you to see the island. In the evening, you may see a pretty stunning sunset. You may have a wonderful time here. The Karang Reservoir is another name for the Khutaghat Dam. For visitors, this dam is a fantastic location where you can also enjoy the garden while visiting this dam.

11. Madaku Island

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

A popular tourist attraction in Bilaspur is Madaku Island. It is a center of worship. On the Shivnath River, a little island is located here. This island is considered as the Mandukya Rishi's Tapo Bhoomi, and it is for this reason that its called Madaku Island. The Shivnath River splits into two distributaries at this location, creating a lovely island. This island is home to many historic temples and stunning natural scenery. Many Shiva temples are located in this area.

Given that the Shivnath River begins to flow in the northeast, which Vastu Shastra regard as the most sacred direction, Madaku Island has long been revered as a sacred site. The Archaeological Department of the Chhattisgarh Government carried out archaeological excavation and restoration work at this location in 2011. After the opening, a collection of 19 sandstone temples and several sculptures were discovered nearby. This period is roughly between the eleventh and fourteenth centuries. In the sanctum sanctorum of most temples, Linga and Unipeeth are placed. The idols of Umamaheshwar and Garudaseen Laxmi Narayan are situated here at a temple.

12. Bhakra Nangal Dam

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

On the Satluj River near Bilaspur, Bhakra village is where the Bhakra Dam is located. Gobind Sagar, the reservoir's name, can hold up to 9.34 billion cubic meters of water. It was hailed as "the new shrine of resurgent India" by Jawaharlal Nehru. It draws a sizable number of visitors from all across the nation. Fifteen kilometers separate Nangal town from Bhakra Dam. Bhakra Dam is located below Nangal Dam. They collectively make up Bhakra Nangal Dam.

One of the earliest government river valley development strategies following independence is the Bhakra Nangal Multi-Purpose Dam. One of the tallest dams ever constructed. The Gobindsagar reservoir is India's third-largest reservoir. It retains actual water and guards against monsoon damage to the fields. Ten power generators are on each side of it. In addition, after Tehri Dam is the fourth-largest dam. Due to security concerns, visitors to Bhakra Nangal were prohibited in 2009.

13. Naina Devi Temple

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

The Naina Devi Temple in Bilaspur is a particularly spiritual tourist site for devotees. Both tourists and worshippers visit this temple because of its prominent location on the mountain peaks. According to historians, it is the same temple where Mata Sati had given herself to Agni. This temple regularly sees a sizable gathering of worshippers.

Famous Food of Bilaspur

Tourist Places in Bilaspur

A trip to Bilaspur would not be complete without tasting some of its well-known local food. It will be fun if you enjoy the opportunity to taste the there-khurmi, rice role, chila, angular roti, or famous Doobraj rice. The local food of Bilaspur is well known. Rice, rice flour, and curd are the main ingredients in most of Bilaspur's traditional dishes.

Best time to visit Bilaspur

If you plan to travel to Bilaspur, you should also know the best times to visit. The ideal season to visit Bilaspur will be from September to February, following the end of the summer and rain. You can reach here by train or bus or land at the nearest airport and hire a cab to enjoy the trip to Bilaspur.

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