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9 Best Tourist Places In Nilambur

What can be a better place than a fun city full of nature, adventure, water parks, and a little bit of religious atmosphere? In the Malappuram district of the Indian state of Kerala, there is a significant municipality and a taluk called Nilambur. This beautiful city is situated on the river bank of the Chaliyar River, which is located close to the Western Ghats' Nilgiris region. Another fun fact about the city is that due to the presence of Nilambur teaks, a huge, evergreen tree that grows in diverse hardwood ecosystems, this place is often referred to as "Teak Town."

This town is full of a lot of greenery and nature like many other beautiful villages and places in India, which gives you a feel of nature and a fresh, healthy atmosphere which is a really calming and magical inspiration to grow more. If you are going to travel to Nilambur, you should stop at the Teak Museum, which is well-known for being the site of the world's first teak forest, which was established in the Conolly Plot roughly 150 years ago. You can even find information related to Nilambur and its nearby places in ancient British documents and information.

Organic Goldfields can be found in the Nilambur area along with the river Chaliyar. The river Chaliyar valley in Nilambur has revealed placer riches with an estimated 2.5 million cubic meters and 0.1 grams of gold per m.

The renowned Teak Museum at Nilambur is one of the best places to go if you are a nature lover who is poring through books to gather the information you so frantically need on Teak, the wonder tree. During the year, a huge crowd of people visits this museum because of the interesting wealth of knowledge that this place has about this tree. With lots of beautiful places and tourist destinations, Nilambur is a perfect place to give a shot.

1. Teak Museum

Tourist Places In Nilambur

The Teak Museum is a double-story monument with comprehensive information on teak trees and is located 4 kilometres from Nilambur town. This museum, the only of its kind in India, was constructed in 1995 on the grounds of the Kerala Forest Research Center. Numerous travellers and nature lovers are drawn to the museum by its incredible richness of data. No tourist would want to miss the magnificent exhibition of an ancient teak tree's complicated plant roots at the museum's entryway.

The beauty of Kannimara Teak, a massive teak tree from Conolly's Plot, a wooden facsimile of the historic marine vessel called Uru, and teak poles of various sizes are among the notable treasures maintained in The Teak Museum. Within the museum, a massive teak tree trunk that is more than 480 years old is tastefully exhibited. Additional features at the museum include a collection of butterflies and moths, paintings of trees being cut down, pictures, and antique harvesting implements. On other days other than Monday, the museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm.

2. Elambalai Hill

Tourist Places In Nilambur

The Elembalai Hill is a natural home for a range of species, containing animals like bison, elephants, canines, blue monkeys, deer, and feral cats. It is situated among a mesmerising environment of bamboo woodlands and a vast deep forest. The Elembalai Hill, located at the source of the Chaliyar River, which divides Kerala and Tamil Nadu, is the ideal location to appreciate nature fully.

Elambalai Hill is primarily known for being the source of the River Chaliyar. The hills are encircled by dense woodland and captivating bamboo forests, providing viewers with a truly breathtaking sight.

3. Adyanpara Waterfalls

Tourist Places In Nilambur

Adyanpara waterfall is a spectacular waterfall that is tucked in a region filled with endless springs and verdant hills. Adyanpara Falls, a magnificent cascade found near the village of Kurmbalangod, is a popular destination for visitors and those who love the lovely cloudy weather. It can be accessed by utilising the Nilambur-Ooty highway, which is situated around 12 kilometres from the town of Nilambur. The gorgeous environment, thick vegetation, and enormous rocks through which it cascades down are what make Adyanpara Falls so famous. The waterfall creates a tiny pool before falling down the rocks, which is a well-liked travel destination. You will enjoy the tranquillity of the location while taking a dip in the refreshing water.

This waterfall origin from the renowned Vellarimala range of mountains and flows for kilometres through rocky terrain and thick woods until it meets the River Chaliyar. About 300 feet high, the Adyanpara Falls are endowed with perennial rivers. This waterfall, which is encircled by an evergreen forest, gives a beautiful sight and makes a great destination for day trips and picnics with family and friends as well.

4. Connolly Peak

Tourist Places In Nilambur

The oldest and earliest teak plantation in the world is known as Connolly Peak, which is located 2 kilometres from the town of Nilambur. The name of this peak is kept on H.V. Connolly (ex-District Collector of Malabar ) and is spread over a huge and really beautiful area. Connolly and his employee Shri. Chanthu Menon oversaw the plantation's establishment in the mid-19th century. The garden was initially established in order to control the operations of the Madras Presidency's Forest Department. Connolly's Plot was crucial in helping Great Britain during World War II to get the wood it needed.

Vadapuram is the name of the location where Connolly's Plot is located in the Vadapuram, and the Government Timber Depot is also located nearby. Conolly's Plot is the perfect location for those who like to immerse themselves in the tranquillity it offers fully. It is on the side of the Chaliyar River, and in order to get there, visitors must catch a boat all across the river.

5. Aruvacode

Tourist Places In Nilambur

The tiny village of Aruvacode, which is near Nilambur, is recognised as a centre for arts and crafts. This village is famous for the beautiful ceramics produced by the local Kumbharan tribe, which draws a huge number of travellers. Artist K.B. Jinan, who started the floor-breaking Kumbham Handicraft Project, popularised this ceramic village. In this village, around a hundred individuals are skilled in the creation of traditional clay pots, garden furniture, architectural accents, and kitchenware. Aruvacode Pottery Village is the name of the community nowadays.

Those who are interested in long-term businesses will find the tale of Aruvacode Pottery Village to be incredibly motivating. Although this area had historically been home to excellent potters, the arrival of globalisation had caused its economy to crumble. Consequently, the development of less expensive alternatives caused clay pots and utensils to lose appeal. But the village's potters, under the direction of K.B. Jinan, successfully resurrected this craft. Currently, the Kumbham Handicraft Project boast more than 500 original designs. Aruvacode is a great spot to explore, and visitors can purchase Kumbham goods from the local shops there.

6. Connemara Teak

Tourist Places In Nilambur

One of the largest teak trees still standing in the world is found at Kannimara Teak, a popular spot close to Nilambur. The tree is exceptionally enormous, measuring 6.48 meters in circumference. The Connemara Teak tree has a crown height of almost 48.75 m and is thought to have been about 400 years old. There are many stories about the tree, which is important to the tribals who live in the area in terms of their worldviews.

However, one story claims that when someone tried to cut down this tree, blood poured out of the tree's trunk. The tree's name is derived from the indigenous communities' subsequent tradition of worshipping it as the "Virgin Tree." Combining the two Malayalam terms, Kanni (meaning virgin) and Mara (meaning tree), creates the name Kannimara (meaning virgin tree). This magnificent tree may be seen in the Palakkad town's Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. This place is accessible by road and is located around 80 miles from the city of Nilambur. This tree was recognised by the Indian government and was given the "Mahavriksha Puraskar."

7. Nedumkayam

Tourist Places In Nilambur

Nedumkayam, a vast area of a jungle located around 18 kilometres from Nilambur, is rich in breathtaking sights. The old wooden houses nestled with the trees, built during the British era, give the area rustic air. The oldest teak plantation in the world, which goes back to the 1840s and spans a massive area of 2.3 hectares, is also located in the forest region. It offers you a different kind of experience because of its abundance of rare kinds of plants and wildlife, brilliantly clear rivers, and lush, thick, green forest cover.

The most notable animals that live in these woodlands include bison, tigers, macaques, deer, and wild cats. The jungle region is known for its abundance of elephants, and a camp for training them is located nearby. The timber rest home, which was constructed in the forest premises during British colonial times, is still used and provides a great breathtaking view of the deer and elephant grazing in the areas.

Trails for trekking and hiking draw a lot of tourists. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve includes the Nedumkayam Forest areas. The New Amarambalam Reserved Forest, which comprises the region's dense forests, is designated as an Important Bird Area because it is home to even more than 200 types of birds and nearly all of the animals found in the Western Ghats. You must get permission in advance for entry into this area from the authorities responsible for maintaining the forest's rules and regulations, but the trouble is very well worthwhile.

8. Central Forest Nursery

Tourist Places In Nilambur

One of Kerala's four forestry nurseries, Central Forest Nursery, was founded in 1997. This was built with the goal of producing saplings of the highest calibre, including those of teak, acacia, and eucalyptus. The Kerala Forest Department is in charge of managing this nursery, which is essential to the smooth operation of the plantations in Nilambur. In the near vicinity to the town of Nilambur, near Valluvassery, is where you can find Central Forest Nursery. This well-equipped nursery produces root cuttings and root trainer seedlings of numerous well-known native trees. If you are someone who enjoys knowledge about plants and plantations, this place is one of the best places for you to visit, but even if you are less interested in such places, you should visit to try something new.

9. Vallamthode Fall

Tourist Places In Nilambur

A perennial waterfall recognised for its lovely picturesque scene is Vellamthode Falls. This waterfall is located on the top of a hill which is a well-liked vacation spot in Nilambur and provides a wonderful view of the surroundings. Located 27 kilometres from the town of Nilambur, it can be reached by car by taking the Areekode-Mukkam route through Kozhikode. This beautiful area is situated in a tribal hamlet and draws in outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Thousands of visitors are drawn to this hilltop location due to this waterfall and the love for trekking in this area. This waterfall is also in close proximity to the location of Chola Naikas, one of Kerala's most primitive tribes, which is yet another appeal.

Apart from visiting these attractive places, you can also go on shopping, swimming, and boating as the region-specific handicrafts that Nilamburi provides are highly distinctive. In addition to all this, you may also purchase various types of tea and coffee in any local market in the city. The surface water resources in this area are perfect for boating, and you can enjoy swimming on these water surfaces with the safety and security guidelines.

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